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Adidas Adidas Adizero Adios Boost

Posted: 24 April 2014
Overall: My "staple race" is the Cannon Hill 5k parkrun which is fully on tarmac but includes a number of tight turns. Whereas on other racers I've had occasional hairy moments and even a fall especially in wintery conditions, with the Adizero Adios Boost I've never felt close to the limit and corner "on rails" at full speed.

I don't know how important the "boost" is compared to the standard Adizero Adios's as I haven't tried them.

For me the fit and weight are fine, and I see no reason to look for other road racers any time soon.
Given how long they've already lasted and probably will last, the price, though steep for racers, is not too exorbitant.

I would recommend them for any road race especially where grip may be an issue.