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Longest Day (Ironman) 2004 - Carl's thread

Posted: 12/10/2014 at 18:56

Great finish Barlos, congratulations, you can chill out now and enjoy the Island.

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 09/10/2014 at 08:24

I raced (whimpered round the course like a moron) our first cross country race of the season yesterday, the first proper exercise I've done since outlaw, it seems I have overdone the recovery phase, so much that I seem to have recovered my large gut from the late 90's. Bike has been dusted off and parkrun is back on the diary, and as soon as I have emptied the biscuit tin its going up the loft!

Longest Day (Ironman) 2004 - Carl's thread

Posted: 06/10/2014 at 19:24

Good luck Barlos, go easy with the mai tais especially on race day 

Outlaw 2015

Posted: 01/10/2014 at 10:00

My only plan was to make the swim cut off this year which I did (give or take 3 mins) in 2hrs 3 mins, I was fairly confident I could do the bike as I did a few longuns at weekends and I didn't do any training for the run, the furthest I ran was 13 miles once in the Avenger half.

I will be repeating the same training plan for next year even though I will keep telling myself that I will do more training, I know full well I wont

Challenge Weymouth

Posted: 17/09/2014 at 10:36

Great reports Hof and Cheggers, that swim sounded awful, was the bike course along the coast roads?

I've got this one on my to do list 

Outlaw 2015

Posted: 05/09/2014 at 11:59

now all sold out

The Humble Brag

Posted: 05/09/2014 at 07:28

I have started a revolution at the pool, in the morning everyon seems to pile in the slow and middle lane, so I have begun "owning " the fast lane (I am slow) happily stretching out in my own lane.......untill some slippery eel types start ducking me on the way past, then I skulk back to the old ladies with the flowery hats

Outlaw 2015

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 13:21

The lovely Sarah from OSB just sent me another link even though I'm an idiot, yay I'm in now too, thanks Sarah

Outlaw 2015

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 10:23

I just entered the wifey, just about to enter myself when it became clear that only I pre registered and the link is for one person only.......doh

hopefully there's a space left for me tomorrow 

Training for a shorter Tri

Posted: 29/08/2014 at 18:04

Outlaw opens on Tuesday 

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