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ASICS Super Six: Peter (Sub-3:00)

Posted: 20/12/2010 at 20:33
85 mins MM! Nice work- are you still getting coached??
So is Windy right- will you be doing a spring marathon?
I have a spring marathon in mind. Keir- unfortunately life got in the way a bit and haven't been able to race much.
Planning on doing the boxing day 10k in poole to see where i'm at.

Peter: where do you live? I am sure I read that one of the sub 3 contenders was from dorset way.

ASICS Super Six: Peter (Sub-3:00)

Posted: 20/12/2010 at 19:05
Rsalter- Good (ish) How are you? are you doing a marathon next year?

MM- How the devil are you? I am doing a marathon next year (I did say NEVER again, but hey, doesn't everyone) I would be happy with a PB though this time!

ASICS Super Six: Peter (Sub-3:00)

Posted: 20/12/2010 at 17:40
Good luck Peter. I will be following this thread and the sub 3 dream


Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Richard (sub-3:15)

Posted: 01/06/2010 at 18:18
Ok now you are showing off Brilliant.

BR-Yes I did the Netley 10k but didnt feel 100% recovered. If there was a sneaky marathon no 2, I would do it Matchstick style and not tell a soul...as I do believe one of the main reasons that it went do wrong at the VLM was the pressure.

Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Richard (sub-3:15)

Posted: 31/05/2010 at 21:00
Fantastic news MM. This is brilliant.
Your last marathon until next time huh

Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Christina (sub-3:00)

Posted: 27/04/2010 at 12:10
BR: 4 most important lessons;

1) Have more then a 16 week build up. I think because I had time out after my IM I lost some base fitness. If I had kept the running up I think I would have been in better shape at the start of the 16 weeks.

2) Everyone has lots of different ideas and methods for training. Have a plan that you have complete confidence in and know why you are doing each and every session...what is the point and what are you going to gain from it- know what pace you should be going.

3) Never underestimate the marathon. You can not cheat it. Aim for well below the marathon predictor times for 10k and 10mile and 20 mile races to hit sub 3.

4) Have fun in training as it becomes a massive part of your life

Paul- Shame i didnt spot you! Thank you for all you guidance.
Yes perhaps I will do some shorter races for a while and see where I am at with them.

Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Christina (sub-3:00)

Posted: 26/04/2010 at 20:06
Thanks to everyone for there support...and well done to everyone too..

R salter- Gutted for you..so close- you will nail it next time.

For me I felt ok up till half way and came in at around 1hr 31. then my quads started cramping up and i began having some really negative thoughts..Ive never had that sort of pain in my quads before so it was just strange for me..I wonder if it was my change of shoes, or dehydration, or lack of cycling (not strengthening my quads)..I really don't know but from that point onward it was a real struggle to keep going at any pace.

At mile 17 i started getting stitches and had to stop and stretch at one point as i started to hyper ventilate..at that point i just thought, i'm just going to drop back at a pace that i can complete this marathon at and not receive medical help!!

At mile 22 i passed 3 of my club mates who were walking...2 were supporting a guy who was well on for sub 3 at mile 22 then hit a brick wall...I felt really emotional at this point because he deserved it so much and it was such a horrible thing to see.

i kept going at a steady pace with everyone passing me...up to the finish. I made it to the finish and just felt rubbish...

Regarding my pacing...Yes I probably could have gone quicker if i had started slower- but I wanted a sub 3, that was my goal, and the whole point for me, so I had to go at the pace-I am glad i did otherwise I would never have known whether or not I could do it.

So im obviously gutted, and can hardly walk still- well have to do everything straight legged! I can't even think about doing the whole thing again..but if I did I would;

a) Pick a smaller, quieter marathon that was less stressful than London
b) Not put as much pressure on myself as i did and Relax a bit more about it all

Being part of the supersix has been great and have really enjoyed the forums.. thanks everyone for taking time to write on them and supporting everyone.

I haven't heard from Paul since middle of last week- so Paul- hope you are ok?

Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Christina (sub-3:00)

Posted: 25/04/2010 at 18:39
Writin this on a train so apologies .. Will write properly later or tomorrow.

Firstly welldone to all who completed the marathon... It's such a tough event As I was reminded today.

Secondly welldone to all those who got PBS and sub 3 s. Awesome.

Thirdly it was great to meet some forumites today. Rich at start, Swiss phil, lorenzo .. Kitenkat and more. I'm so sorry if I wasn't chatty on course. I was having a very bad time.

Fourthly... I had a teribble day, really bad. Was goin for it first half and did 1.30 then everything went wrong and did 1.50 second half... So 3.20
my quads cramped up and I had to even stop at one point as pains in my chest... So I need some reflection time
to top it off my world record beat today... Mah.

Will write again soon. Enjoy the celbrations everyone

Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Christina (sub-3:00)

Posted: 24/04/2010 at 08:10
Well i went to bed early but didn't sleep at all well...a small 26.2 miles playing on my mind a tad...Least i rested my legs though....

Good luck again everyone...

Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Christina (sub-3:00)

Posted: 23/04/2010 at 21:34
no way!! missed that.. will look on i player..must of been me!3.13.13...

Thank you...hopefully will still have them super powers
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