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Fun Runs overpriced?

Posted: Today at 15:14
cougie wrote (see)
I like that you said your kids aren't earning a wage. If this was in Victorian times they'd be able to pay their own way.

Only after they'd paid me their keep 

Fun Runs overpriced?

Posted: Today at 15:13

Oh, if I begrudge it I sure as hell won't pay it Cougie, but 400m around a playing field for £3? Where the hell are the overheads! 

Maybe it's just me as a parent and someone who is willing to give their time without financial reimbursement for a few hours a week. I have marshalled, as have my children, and I also coach kids at football driving miles around the county and giving up my spare time with no intention of ever taking a penny for doing so (yes it's my choice).

There are plenty of parents who will pay it as their kids will kick their shins until they get their way, I just don't get why people are happy to rip off kids. It costs my children £2 for an hours football coaching, £3 for 45 minutes swimming (both with qualified coaches in proper venues). 


Fun Runs overpriced?

Posted: Today at 14:56

Having got our three kids running on a regular basis through parkrun and fun runs at events I have been growing more and more frustrated at the cost of my children entering the so called 'fun run'. 

This used to be something lots of event organisers would put on before, during or after the event for a bit of fun (the title 'fun run' always gave it away). A lollypop at the finish was suffice reward. There are of course some great fun runs, with marked out courses that clearly take organising and time so fair enough to cover costs etc but some are only 400m around the field and they want £3-£5 a time for a child who isn't even earning a wage (don't get me started on the unemployed and fatties getting free gym passes). 

The Olympics, Commonwealth games and recent European championships have made them sit up and take notice over the last few years and they no longer sit there telling dad to turn off this boring rubbish know as athletics. Mo Farah and Usain Bolt are as popular in my house as Drogba and Messi these days which is great as I see these people as fantastic role models for my children.

I feel some organisers are taking advantage of the situation. The last couple of events we have attended they have not run as the cost has not been justified in my opinion. I have a real problem with paying for something that has cost the organiser nothing to put on other than a couple of sticks in the ground to run around and 5 minutes of their time to line the kids up at the start.

Your thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.



Shoe deodorant

Posted: Today at 14:13

Leave them in your shed? 

Apparently tea bags are pretty good, god knows where I read it but i'm going to try it myself. 

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: Yesterday at 13:54

3 mile recovery run today, nice and slow. 

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: Yesterday at 13:52

3 mile recovery run done. Did my homework and McMillan site said 9:49-10:30  pace when matched against my 10k. Although I feel pretty good i'm clearly fatigued so the pace wasn't as painfully slow as it maybe would have been on another day. I did find it extremely difficult during the last mile though (to keep it slow) and ended up with 9:40,9:47,9:33. That'll do for me, easy run planned for tomorrow but we'll see.

August - 67.19

2014 - 629.25

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: Yesterday at 11:18

Thanks Grendel, good luck with the running club, something I have been considering myself lately as I feel it would really help. Fair play to you getting out for a run, hope it made you forget the pain for a while.

Thanks slinger. Hope you have a nice run, will be out for a 'recovery' run today. Felt like I paced it just right last night. Didn't have my usual burst over the last half mile but the splits suggest i'm pacing much better now overall and the legs felt pretty heavy towards the end. You can keep being interested about 10 miles at that pace mind, at least for a while 


Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: Yesterday at 00:00

Welcome to the thread Br1an 

Hope you don't have to suffer for long Grendel, that does not sound pleasant. 

Quick catch up, I promise to have a proper catch up over the next couple of days. Got home from our holiday today and were almost straight out the door again for the Exeter 10k. A very warm evening but almost perfect conditions.

Mrs JR and I set off for a warm up, about a mile with a few strides to get the legs ready. When the race started the pace from people around us felt so slow we ended up passing quite a few and finding some space before I realised we had set off a little quick at 7mm so eased a little before clocking 7:55 at mile one. Bang on target and hopefully allowed for the lost time at the start as it seemed to take an age to get over the start line where I started my watch. Mile two was clocked at 7:55 too so all going well. Felt comfortable and going well as we looped back to wards halfway. As we entered the third mile and an exposed path with a field either side a pretty annoying headwind made it a little more difficult to keep pace but mile three went in 7:58 although working a little harder. At halfway everything was looking good, although the arms were pushing a little more and mile four finally ended in 7:57. By now I was working but also aware there were just two miles left and no reason I couldn't keep going at the pace, remembering all those training runs, the hill reps etc. Being a two loop race that bloody headwind was there again but I worked the arms a little more and mile five was bang on 8 minutes. Mile six was hard work but 7:48 was very pleasing as was the fact I was overtaking some seriously skinny people over the last couple of miles! I did manage a bit of a burst at the end but was just so pleased to see the clock displaying under 50 minutes. I clocked 49:11 but expect a few extra seconds due to the start. Definitely sub 50 either way and extremely pleased. Mrs JR was just outside 50 minutes so a sub 50 target for Taunton next month.

RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 23:57

Nice running, and climbling, Clag 

The rest clearly did you good Juggler, I also did my fastest 10k tonight, the Exeter 10k in 49.17 (my watch). First time under 50 minutes for me so well pleased with that.

Cracking mileage (as always) jason 

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 10:36
Some great running going on here. Really bad WiFi so will catch up when home. 2.3 easy miles this morning with a couple of strides to stretch the legs. Feeling a bit like I've been on holiday eating too much and doing too little despite the running. Home tomorrow with the exeter 10k in the evening.

Happy running
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