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TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 22/10/2014 at 13:09

I have to agree that Labour aren't looking government-material. And the Blair government encouraged PPP, thereby making public bodies borrow money at an inflated cost and being tied in a contract that heavily favours the private businesses.

But the recession was not totally down to the government of the time. You could even argue that a Labour government would have much better than the Con-dems in recovery. That policies have been made because of the Conservative ideologies has been admitted by them. They want austerity policies to be made permanent. So the poor, disabled and young will lose out. That is not a Britain that I want.

Will Labour be better than this government? It can't do much worse.

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 22/10/2014 at 07:50

Occams kat, I think you are on the wrong thread. What are your ideas on pay and equality in Britain?

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 21:22

I pleased that there has been a lot of discussion. I know no-one is going to change their minds, though. I read arguments against the ideas that I believe, and they did not persuade me  Some have even taken it as an opportunity to take the mickey.

But I am encouraged that some take the opinion that society needs to be fairer to be prosperous, and maybe we will not get a Conservative government in the May general election!

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 15:25

Ideally all the schools should be good.  Even I am not telling anyone what they should be doing or where they send their children.

But maybe it is not a good idea for a democracy if most of the government (and MPs) all have gone to the same few schools.

So, as a Project Manager, you are probably overpaid.


TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 15:05

Dave, what do you do for a living? I would genuinely be interested to know.

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 14:04

Dave, I was arguing that in this country, like most others, some are 'more equal than others'. The people in the top positions are far more likely to have had parents who gave them an advantage.

You wouldn't believe it, but I do have a professional job! In the public sector!

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 21:34

I went on the march, and it was good to see so many unions and professional bodies united to show that we are against the pay freeze, and against this imposed austerity. A lot of workers marching were in jobs that put them in the frontline, and saw for themselves real poverty and hardship (social workers, nurses for example).

I'm glad some of you believe that our society has equal opportunities, and that if a person works hard they are bound to do well in life. I believe that some people have an advantage throughout life due to their parents' wealth. But, really, I am not envious of them. Rather, I would like everyone to have a good education, decent housing, access to the best the NHS can give them, and support when they fall on hard times. And Britain can afford this if everyone pays their way.

And, yes, I would like FAIR PAY, NOW.

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 13:18

I don't think supporting policies that promote equality is the 'politics of envy'. A more equal society is a happier society. Less social problems.

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 10:29
RicF wrote (see)

Our society has developed in such a way, that the moment anyone reveals that they have anything at all, there's a whole industry out there determined to relieve them of it.

Give them half a chance and they'll strip you of everything you've got and everything you've borrowed to get.

Poor people are good targets for this. They are by circumstances often desperate. They are subject to every form of leverage known. Can't pay the rent? get out!

The wealth 'thing' is relative anyway. Go to some countries and the locals take one look and know you are rich. "But I'm not rich!", 'You're from Britain aren't you?', "Well yes, but I'm not rich". 

'You're from Britain. You're rich!'.

The march shouldn't be about getting paid more. It should be about ridding ourselves of sharks.


Of course we are talking about 'relative' poverty. But don't you think that the poorest people should be able to participate in society?

And this government especially, is using our money to shore up companies and making sure that these are profitable. If they aren't, then we pick up the bill and pay to take the unprofitable bits back.Companies are not left alone to 'sink or swim'.

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 10:22
Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see

'Why do you exclude the disabled? are we not entitled to question their salaries? or is tit only fair for you to question the salaries of many hard-working managers'


I excluded those with disabilities because I assume that even slow workers earn the minimum wage.

But is it really fair that some directors earn the minimum wage (per year) in just one hour? Are a few people really 'worth' 120 times someone else?


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