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Physio webchat with Sarah Connors

Posted: 07/03/2014 at 19:13

Hi Sarah

just wanted to say thanks for your great advice really appreciated! 


Runners Knee and 6 Weeks 'til London! Help - Advice Needed!

Posted: 02/03/2014 at 10:00


i think I might have a bit of this too - I'm also running london, Been trainng 5 days a week, longest run 18 miles.  I saw my physio this week as my knee was feeling slightly creaky but only after running, he said i had tight quads that were probably irritating the knee cap, he massaged them and told me to keep stretching.  But as the week has gone on both my knee feel sore but only after running. 

what does your knee pan feel like? Do you get it when running? 

I would get to a physio for some advise and definite diagnosis, they can give you excercises to do.

try not to worry about putting on weight, you'll probably eat less if you do have to rest, I had to take 2 weeks off running last year due to illness and didn't lose any fitness - worse case scenario you can still cross train or swim to keep your fitness up.,



Physio webchat with Sarah Connors

Posted: 26/02/2014 at 16:29

Hi Sarah,

am 7 weeks away from my marathon, training is going well - last year I had to defer 3 weeks before due to soft tissue swelling from itbfs. (Eventually solved with cortisone)

Im currently experiencing a very slight niggle in both knees in the middle under the kneecap, i can only describe it as feeling creaky!? and only when bending and going upstairs and only after a run, some days it's there other days nothing. 

I ran 18 miles yesterday with no pain. Im foam rollering daily, spend hours stretching/ doing strength (work glutes especially) i have a sports massage every 2 weeks.

obviously am worried this niggle could turn into something worse - what should I do training wise? Thank you for your help 


Pubic bone area

Posted: 03/02/2014 at 13:14


just saw your title and was going to put my old post on but booktrunk as done it for me! 

I had this back in oct 2012, really painful putting on my pants hurt and I couldn't stand on one leg as that was agony! I was referred to a physio and had X-ray which showed everything looked normal.  Physio thought it was osteitis pubis, and tight hip flexors. I was very lucky that it cleared pretty quickly I took lots of ibuprofen, and did lots of strength excercises ( have a look online) stretching of the hip flexors and took complete rest for 1 week. 

Was back running and touch wood the pain has stayed away but I do a lot of stretching and core/strength excercises religiously every day! 

Good luck,  if it dosnt clear up after a few days I'd see your gp or pay for physio if you can, especially as you are trainng for a marathon, they can assess you and give you the right excercises to do. 




Posted: 25/01/2014 at 17:26


I had pneumonia about this time last year whilst training for a marathon. I felt dreadful and couldn't get out of bed for 9 days and was being monitored by my gp. I ran again after about 15 days once my gp gave the the all clear, she warned me that I'd really struggle but surprisingly I was ok and managed 6 miles.

Go to your gp to make sure the infection has gone -tell them you are intending to run. don't run until you've ate properly for a few days and just take it steady. Hope you feel better soon, it's a nasty illness, so make sure you are fully recovered! 


Physio webchat with Paul Hobrough

Posted: 24/01/2014 at 17:02

Thanks for answering my question paul and for giving me an excersise to do.  Will start them tonight! Many thanks again, kind regards katy

Physio webchat with Paul Hobrough

Posted: 23/01/2014 at 19:09

Hiya, last year I had to defer from marathon one week before due to knee pain. private mri diagnosed this "soft tissue oedema beneath the iliotibial band at the level of the lateral femoral condyle in keeping with iliotibial band friction syndrome" after 3 months of rest, glute, hip and general leg strengthening - the pain was still there so I had a cortisone injection back in june which was amazing no pain since. i have regularly been running 30+ miles a week since. I am marathon training again - building up my long runs am upto 15 miles, however my knee is very slightly achy again. 

any tips how I successfully train this time around? Am still doing lots of strength/stretching and regular sports massage.  Am i always going to have a weakness there?  would be really gutted if the same happens again! Any help gratefully received! 

Thank you for any advice


Garmin 620 help!

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 10:08

Thanks for replies i coukdnt get the back off to replace the battery so my watch is currently on it's way back to garmin they tried various resets and un pairing and repairing the hrm no good, as the product is so new they haven't come across this problem yet So the watch has gone back  

hopefully they will resolve the issue asap, as can't wait to use it! 


Garmin 620 help!

Posted: 28/12/2013 at 12:28

Hi daeve,

thanks for your reply, yes am wetting it in the 3 places, i also went out and ran for 10 mins then tried to pair it but no joy! I did wonder about the battery bit annoying if its that after costing so much money! 

Garmin 620 help!

Posted: 28/12/2013 at 11:37


Got given the garmin 620 as a Christmas pressie - amazing piece of kit! Unfortunately I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to anything too technical and am having the following problems:-

it won't pair the HRM I've tried everything, it just keeps saying 'hr monitor must be worn to connect' which it is! On the front screen of the watch there is no heart so I wonder if I've turned something off?? 

Also just been for a run and the only data field recording anything is the time! Distance and pace are there but just showing zero. really frustrating spent ages whilst out stopping and starting trying different data screens but no joy!

is there anyone with this watch that can help I have read the manuals but getting very frustrated! 

thanks for anyhelp!



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