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Absolutely Gutted having to defer London with 2 weeks to go

Posted: 08/04/2013 at 17:50

Cheers guys, it is the worst feeling in the world not knowing whether run or not - I guess what I wanted was the physio to say 'thats it your out' but he hasnt said that.  Will get myself booked in with him this week, see what he says.  

Oh yes it was the boyfriend material shout and obviously Pudge calling him a dick!  Sorry David!

Really thanks for the advice and support 


Absolutely Gutted having to defer London with 2 weeks to go

Posted: 08/04/2013 at 16:50

Grewella:- Good luck with your knee, fingers crossed for you!

Pip:- Really sorry to hear your story, pesky dogs, really hope you get better asap and can get a marathon done?  You are right it is the worst feeling in the world at the moment, the school mums think I'm mad - crying because I cant run a Marathon.

Well this morning I was all ready to push that defer button but after reading your replies perhaps I could give it a few more days of rest and stretching? 

I'm just so worried that if I continue to rest and then risk running on the day I will either do myself long term damage, take a really long time (not what I've trained for) or have to stop and give up - which I'd hate.  I guess no one really knows whats going to happen on race day whether fully fit or not. 

Thanks for all your replies and support - some have most definatley brought a huge smile to my face!  just what I needed!!! 








Absolutely Gutted having to defer London with 2 weeks to go

Posted: 08/04/2013 at 10:08

Morning all,

So after training for months beating off a bout of Pneumonia and the norovirus I picked up a knee injury on my last LSR of 22 miles.  Tight Hip flexors pulling knee out.

I have had intensive physio, he thinks I should rest and I'll be ok to run on the day as I have done all my training.  I've been out a few times and cannot run past 6 miles due to the pain. So am not prepared to go to VLM and then drop out or run in terrible pain and not be able to run for months after.  

To say Im gutted is an understatement, I've been totally committed to training, I've got two small children and have spent every spare minute I have running.  To have to pull out so near is just so upsetting, after all that training I've done and in the most horrendous of weather.

Just wanted to have a rant on here as just embarrassed myself at school by crying in front of other mums.   







How to fix my glutes/knee?!

Posted: 06/04/2013 at 09:52

I have a simular problem tight hip/groin area which has really affected my knee.

I'm seeing a physio who says I have tight hip flexors, weak medial glutes which has now caused ligament inflammation on my knee.

I'm doing hip flexor stretchs three times a day (have a look on youtube) and to strengthen the glutes I have a Band (think yoga) that I put around my ankles and push my leg out - might have to look up that as well my description is useless!

Hope that helps


Knee pain whilst running

Posted: 31/03/2013 at 10:17
Hi rakhee,

I've got a knee problem too but very stupidly ran 22 miles with and now I've quite possibly ruined my chance of running london. So definitely take 19 as your longest don't push it between now and the 21st and if you feel pain stop, and rest up! You've done the right thing by cycling and resting.

Best of luck, enjoy your day


Terrible knee pain after 22 mile run - vlm looming!

Posted: 30/03/2013 at 11:26
Oh dear yes does sound like we are all falling apart especially frustrating after training for so long and in the most horrendous of weather!!!

Bradders and bigeater:- glad you are both being sensible and have eased off - good luck to you both!

Chilli72:- that sounds like a nasty injury, can I just ask what are your symptoms? And how did you feel running your marathon? You must be cheesed right off, wishing you a speedy recovery!

Have just been out in my bike and feel no pain in my knee going to rest from running until next tues at least. Damn Knee!

Terrible knee pain after 22 mile run - vlm looming!

Posted: 29/03/2013 at 16:48
Thanks for all your replies!

Saw a physio and he said I have very tight hip fexor and weak medial glutes, which has caused my tight groin and affected my knee.
Have exercises to do he said I could try a 5 mile run today - well managed 2 miles pain was too bad to run on feeling totally peed off and sad today! I obviously need to rest much more.

Camlo you are right I should have stopped at 16 miles, thinking back it was so stupid and stubborn of me to continue I just had in my head 'must run through pain and do 22' totally stupid mentality am/was aiming for sub 3:30 but now I'll be lucky to get to the start! p.s. I like a good telling off us runners need it sometimes!!!

Alsorun, thanks I keep hoping that 3 weeks it can all loosen up and with the exercises ill get there!

Physio seemed to think that I could still run london guess Its just a waiting game now. Keep everything crossed for me!!



Terrible knee pain after 22 mile run - vlm looming!

Posted: 27/03/2013 at 15:40
Hi all, Am running vlm my first one, training has gone well, my last 5 LSR have been the following:- 18,18, 20,20 and yesterday 22.

Saturday I did fartlek training of 7 miles on the road, my groin felt tight nothing else, saw a sports therapist Monday night she thought it was my back - gave me a massage said I was ok to run.

Tuesday I set off, after 5 miles my groin felt tight, I ran on by mile 16 my groin pain had been replaced by knee pain, that got worse and worse I managed to run 22 miles but if I'm honest the pain was grim - today I can hardly bend/swing my knee, I'm getting a stabbing pain where the spongy bit is, (when you bend your knee, the outside of the kneecap at the bottom, where you can feel a spongy/holey bit) there's no swelling or bruising. I've not had any problems on my previous lsr's.

Am seeing a physio in the morning but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? Am feeling really distressed and anxious at the thought of missing the marathon after training so hard.



Hip/Groin/Buttocks Pain...3 weeks until 1st marathon..HELP!

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 16:46
Hi Sarah,

What a nightmare but try not to panic hopefully your physio can give you some really good advice and treatment. Also don't worry about your fitness I had 16 days of not running in feb due to pneumonia and got straight back to running with no loss of fitness at all.

Your at your peak of fitness having done all your long runs so your in a better position than you think.

I too am running a marathon in 4 weeks and have groin/hip pain after a fartlek run on sat it felt like I'm dragging my leg when I run am seeing a physio tonight too. I have been in a foul mood about the whole situation as its so near now don't want anything to go wrong so can really sympathise with you!

Good luck let us know how you get on and what he says.


Which half-marathon time to aim for?

Posted: 22/03/2013 at 16:59

I've not done a half since, am marathon training at the mo, once that's done I'll be back to half training and really hope to crack sub 1:30 but we will see!

Keeping everything crossed for you!
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