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Which half-marathon time to aim for?

Posted: 22/03/2013 at 14:15
Hiya, all your times are very similar to mine, by the sounds of how your training is going you will smash your 1:38!

I ran a 1:38 half, then my next half I decided to pace for 1:35 on the day but by mile 8 I knew if I kept going I'd get a 1:33.

So perhaps pace for 1:35, 7:15 m/m see how you feel and push on if you can. What half are you running is it a flat course?

Good luck I think your going to do really well!


London Marathon 2013 - Runners & Supporters

Posted: 28/02/2013 at 18:01

can you add me please? I'm running not sure how to add myself to the list without cocking it up!

Thank you

London marathon-chest infection

Posted: 27/02/2013 at 18:10
Hiya, I've just recovered from a chest infection which turned into pneumonia - so no running for 16 days (was really quite ill)

I'm also marathon training, my longest run before I got ill was 16.5 miles and was running the same weekly mileage as you.

After the all clear from my gp I did my first run Monday 6 miles which felt good so went out yesterday and did my LSR and managed 15 miles, I actually could have gone further but didn't want to push it. Amazingly I felt great, no lack of fitness or stamina, breathing all good!

So please don't worry,( I was panicking big time about not running) rest up and get better you will be surprised how quickly you can bounce back.


Nutrition webchat this Friday

Posted: 26/02/2013 at 14:10
Hi Ruth

Am having trouble knowing if im eating enough. What should my daily calorie intake be whilst marathon training I don't know if this helps you answer but I'm 36, 5ft 4inch and weigh 8 stone. I'm currently running 45+ miles, 5 times a week. I'm also a busy mum of two small girls so don't tend to sit down much!

Thanks for your advice


Two weeks out due to illness

Posted: 22/02/2013 at 19:54
Cheers guys really good advice! Would def prefer to miss a few miles than the event! So will take it steady and review in a few weeks.

PipG - thanks for encouragement, how awful to get ill like that last year after all that training! Best of luck for London, fingers crossed we both stay injury and illness free!


Two weeks out due to illness

Posted: 22/02/2013 at 14:07
Hi all, I know no one has a crystal ball but after some advice please, as im peed right off!! Two weeks ago after running 16.5 miles I had what I thought was a bit of a head cold, so rested the day after, the next day I felt Ok (ish) so did a steady 6 miles - big mistake I then went downhill rapidly and got diagnosed with a chest infection which turned into pneumonia, was in bed for 9 days solid. Have now been told im ok, when i asked doc about running she shrugged her shoulders and said ill leave that one up to you! (Very helpful -not) I feel great compared to how I did, so my question is how do I resume my training? (Am running vlm) I was on week 6 of my marathon training running 40+ miles a week have done several long ones of 16+ do I go back a couple of weeks or am I really just going to see how I go? This is the longest time I've ever had off in 3 years! Normally run 5 days a week 30-40miles when not training so am praying I've not lost too much fitness? i guess I'm after help from anyone who's been in this situation or similar? Thanks for help, Katy

Opinions on a race memento please.

Posted: 22/01/2013 at 17:19

My local 10K race gives away a mug with the race date and time on it, (it also has sponsors name on the back) I love my mug use it everyday - I think thats perfect!  Another local race gives out water, bananas and a choccie bar.

If a race is £10 I wouldnt expect a momento to be fair, I know that many would though!  

+1 for Cake and a drink - YUM! 

Good Luck!

Running in the snow . . .

Posted: 19/01/2013 at 15:13

Did a very slow 5.5 miles in the thick snow this morning, quite slippery along the pavements and going down hills but managed to make it to the park in one piece so just did several laps!  Really enjoyed it! Saw loads of doggies, and one other runner who was practically sprinting along the very icy pavement   

how to train with a partner that doesn't understand why

Posted: 18/01/2013 at 13:56

Hey Ed,

I am in exactly the same position!  I have two small girls 3 & 6 and my partner is a total c**k when it comes to my running, he snipes, moans and generally gives me a hard time about it, I now go to a running club where he seems to think we all put our keys in a pot and off we go,bumping and a grinding - he calls it the swingers club!  

I am currently marathon training 5 days a week, trying to fit it in with looking after the girls and generally being a slave to the house (and his severe ocd)  - This is why I love to run, it is a total destress.  My partner plays football every saturday and trains 4 times a week - have I ever moaned at that no, its about give and take, but he cant see this! 

My advice would be to just ignore her, and carry on what you are doing, especially if she does her own thing.  

Can you run on a morning before work or during lunchtime or after work if you have showers there?  I would just explain that you would appreciate her support, butter her up a bit saying I know this training bugs you but its only 12 weeks etc.  Or get her to start running.  You could also say as im going to be training lots why dont you have sunday mornings to yourself to do longer horse riding or some time out (obviously after you've done your run!!)  yes it is time consuming but would she prefer to have a husband thats a fat couch potato?

Good Luck



Is 3:30 realistic for my first marathon (VLM)

Posted: 08/01/2013 at 17:27

Ziggy:- How funny, the same time - good luck with your training!

s3tjj:- Hi, thanks for the advice I'm with you on just wanting to complete it and will def enjoy it! 

Millsy1977:- I think you are exactly right that perhaps some runners just dont have a clue what to expect and think its going to be easier than they think so they just put down any old finishing time.  When I ran my last half a girl I got chatting too said "ohh your white pen, I'm coming with you" when I asked her what time she was hoping for she said "I'll be lucky to get under 3 hours" when I said oh no that is the fast pen sub 1:30 she said "yea it dosnt matter" I then went on to explain about her holding faster runners up etc and still followed me, and she finished in 3:22! so frustrating! 

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