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Is 3:30 realistic for my first marathon (VLM)

Posted: 07/01/2013 at 17:01

Hi Gaz, that is seriously high mileage, I'm averaging 145 miles a month - obviously thats going to change in the next few months! 

Thanks Lardarse that makes sense!

Daniel - Can I just join the 3:30 pen even if I put down 4 hours or are they really strict with where you stand? Did you find it really congested? 

Thanks guys! 

Is 3:30 realistic for my first marathon (VLM)

Posted: 07/01/2013 at 11:39

Hi all,

Thanks for all your replies.  I really cant remember what time I put down when I entered knowing me I always go cautious and probably put down 4 hours.  I always do this for any race I enter then get really frustrated by the congestion and people running a lot slower than myself - so could this be a problem at London?  Am running a half in March so that is a good idea about seeing my time then to see if i've improved. 

GazOC:- What mileage did you do in your Marathon training, as our times are really simular.

BarryB:- Am following the advanced training plan that came with the london Marathon Magazine, it involves running 5 times a week, building up the long run by 15 mins each week and the longest run you do is 22 miles that is in week 13.  

Am confused if this is the right plan for me as looking at it I am already running at the standard of week 5, have started at week 1 as just dont want to get injured - anyone recommend plans that they are following/followed?

Thanks for the help - feel a bit out of my depth and quite daunted by the 26 miles, really want to prepare and train properly and to the best of my ability! 




Is 3:30 realistic for my first marathon (VLM)

Posted: 05/01/2013 at 14:48

Hi all,

Am running my first marathon (london) in April and am after a bit of advice please.  According to several different calculators they are giving me a finishing time of around 3:15, I think this is unrealistic so am basing all my training paces (am using the Mcmillan running website) on a finishing time of 3:30.   Has anyone else found these pace calcultors to be accurate for a marathon? Obvioulsy this is my first and being London I don't know how congested it is?  

My pb's in the last 6 months are:- 5K :-20:25, 10K:- 42 Mins, Half:-1:33.

Thanks for any advice I just dont want to get myself injured thinking I can acheive an impossible time! 



Have the Brownlee brothers ever done a half marathon or marathon and what time?

Posted: 15/11/2012 at 17:36

The Brownlee brothers are complete legends!  My favourite event of 2012 was watching them in the triathlon.  Would love to see Alastair just run a 10K to see what he is capable of!

Wierd Pubic Bone Pain

Posted: 01/10/2012 at 14:00

Hi all,

Thanks for all your replies, I ran the HM (Glad I took the risk in running as did a pb of 1:33!)  really wierdly felt no pain at all - I was dosed up on ibpofen and paracetamol, and today the pain isn't there either, am off to club tonight to see If I can get a name of a good physio so I can hopefully get a diagnosis.  Fingers crossed it is spd that flares up during the month and nothing more serious!


Wierd Pubic Bone Pain

Posted: 29/09/2012 at 08:51

Hi all,

Well I'm not pregnant - Big Phew!!  I did have SPD with my first daughter 6 years ago was on crutches too for the last two months - The pain is similar from what I remember perhaps thats been agrivated by over training slightly?  

Iron Pingu:- That did spring to my mind - glad to rule that out!! 

Joolska - Hi Julia, am only going on Monday nights at whitehall atm, although Chris is trying to get me to come to his sessions but OH does footie training thoses nights - I'm sure I'll win the battle eventually and get there! So will def say Hi when I see you.

Crimson:- When you get a flare up do you continue to run or rest? And did the pain feel quite sharp? 

Thanks for all the help so far!


Wierd Pubic Bone Pain

Posted: 28/09/2012 at 17:41

Crimson:- Don't think its anything to do with menstrual cycle although that has been a bit weird this month!

Joolska:- Yikes hope I am not pregnant already have two small kids... mmm and see my reply to crimson above - mmm might get that checked! Thanks for your reply I know what you are saying about not racing, am going to go out tomorrow just for a gentle run to see, will make a decision then.  P.S is that a Bristol and West AC top you are wearing? I've just joined them!

Wierd Pubic Bone Pain

Posted: 28/09/2012 at 17:34

Max's mum:-The sports therapist mentioned the adductor muscle, but the pain feels more like in the pubic bone - although she said it was all connected?

Iron Pingu:- The pain has all been on the same side, its right in the middle of my pubic bone (of all the places!!) about two inchs accross.

Any ideas?

Wierd Pubic Bone Pain

Posted: 28/09/2012 at 14:10

Hi All,

Really hoping someone might be able to help;- Two weeks ago I felt a sharp pain in my pubic area, the pain went so I ignored it and carried on training, the next few days the pain/niggle came back more in my groin/bottom.  I did 11 miles on saturday and it hurt around the front of my pubic bone again for the first 2 miles or so, the pain then went and run was fine.  Went to RC on Monday did efforts pain was kinda on and off, ran last night pain was there. Saw a Sports therapy person and she couldn't pin point the pain just said that she thought I was a bit tight in my groin.  I'm running a half on Sunday which I know you will all say is stupid but have trained so hard that I'm going for it.  The pain isn't bad enough (yet?!) when I run that I want to stop but its there and I can feel it.  Anyone had anything like this?  Have done Dr Google and a stress fracture is leaping out at me so am praying that its not that.. Will get Sunday out of the way and see someone but just wondered if anyone has any ideas as to what it could be?  Thanks for reading! 

Do I need to introduce more Speedwork?

Posted: 01/09/2012 at 18:37

Thats great thanks again will report back in 4 weeks with hopefully good news!? 



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