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Can you recommend a garmin please?

Posted: 22/01/2012 at 16:10
Ok great thanks all! Your advice has given me real help in deciding, don't think I could spent another week searching and reading up on Garmins!

Can you recommend a garmin please?

Posted: 22/01/2012 at 14:34
Ah sounds good, have looked on amazon and they come with a heart rate monitor - Anyone know if they are they worth using?

Can you recommend a garmin please?

Posted: 22/01/2012 at 14:06
Will look at the 305 thank you, does it beep at you to tell you if you are running too fast/slow when doing interval training?

Can you recommend a garmin please?

Posted: 22/01/2012 at 12:10
Hi all,

Am driving myself crazy looking at all the different garmin watches available so can anyone recommend one for me please? What I'm after is the following:-

An accurate mileage

Something that I can programme to do interval training - (If there is such a thing?)

I don't want to spend a fortune but am quite serious about my running and am after something to help me improve.

I've been using a nike+ for years and although it's great to track your runs the mileage is very inaccurate.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

p.s I have very small wrists so don't want a huge watch.

how to train after a half marathon to keep fitness up

Posted: 27/09/2011 at 08:26
Thanks guys, well you have motivated me to train hard and maybe get close to 1:30! Thanks for your great tips, it's been a real help.

how to train after a half marathon to keep fitness up

Posted: 26/09/2011 at 15:01
Ha! 1:30 In my dreams I'm 34 seriously sleep deprived thanks to my two small kids, Think my time has passed..... mmm 1:30 could you imagine!!

Was thinking of joining a running club, I've been running on my own, think I would enjoy the company and extra motivation.

So should I do the intervals/speed/hill repeats during the week and just mix it up a bit?

how to train after a half marathon to keep fitness up

Posted: 26/09/2011 at 14:14
Hi all,

After some advice please regarding training, I've recently done the bristol half marathon following a sub 1.45, 10 week training plan and did it 1:39:08. Am not planning another half until Bath in March. (when i will follow another training plan)

What training should I do to keep my level of fitness, Is the following acceptable or should I just keep following the last few weeks of the training plan?

Monday:- Rest
Tues:- 5 miles easy
Wednesday:- Rest
Thursday:- 6-8 miles Race pace
Friday:- 3 miles
Sat:- Rest
Sunday:- Long Run 10 miles

Thanks for any advice.

Bristol Half Marathon 2011

Posted: 11/09/2011 at 17:56
Well what a change in the weather, I was absolutely boiling at one point! Got a pb 1:39:08 for me, so really pleased. Thats dreadful about the runner being given treatment, really hope they are ok?

Yes agree about the water think there was some just after 10 miles then that was it, that hill at 11 miles also needs to be re-thinked!

Yep goodie bag was rubbish, tshirt and medal good though!

There are some seriously fast runners out there! Was amazing to see them bombing down the portway! All round, I throughly enjoyed it!

Well done everyone!

Bristol Half Marathon 2011

Posted: 08/09/2011 at 17:05
Well that is just typical about the weather! I'm not good running in the wind - rain I don't mind but wind no thanks!

Had a sports massage today to ease a very slight niggily hamstring so going to rest today then do last run tomorrow a very gentle 2 miles, then thats me done!

Lets keep our fingers crossed that the weather takes a turn for the better!

Bristol Half Marathon 2011

Posted: 06/09/2011 at 11:20
Hi All
Just found this tread! So exciting its getting near now! This is my second time of running Bristol ran 1:56 in 2008, Ran Bath half in March this year and ran 1:42.

My Target:- beat PB 1:42
Predicted:- errrr 1:45???
Dream time:- 1:39:59 (So desperate to get under 1:40)!!!!!

Yikes! Got major nerves writing the above down!!

Just hope its not windy like today! Or hot - can you imagine after the crappy summer we've had - I'm not used to running in heat!!!
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