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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/01/2017 at 07:30

SK - er something i should have grown out of by now Its been around for several decades and now resides on Sky. Its just one of the 3 main shows they do each year. Royal rumble itself is one single match where a new persin enters every 2 minutes and it has 30 people in total.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 09/01/2017 at 18:27

I clocked a little bit under 28 mins for my 5k which was a little bit over 3 miles in actual fact. They are repeating it in mid march so perhaps i'll go again.

Shades - Still get occasional grumbles in stomach and did get that during the run too. Next consultant appt is Jan 30th but i need to change that as i'll not be awake early enough to get there as its royal rumble wrestling day before so i'll g to bed 4amish Week after is superbowl which is similar timing.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 07/01/2017 at 13:05

Erm the diagnosis probably remains tendonitis and i am guessing the lengthy lack of running has resolved it albeit i have only ran 4 or so times so i need more time to tell properly. I shall be limiting it to upto 4 miles but probably more like 3 and not that ofte, ideally every 3 days at the worst although i did go out last night in the dark and SK knows from my strava kinda ran into a sheep in a field

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 07/01/2017 at 12:40

How do people i still live

May be a bit fatter but so far i have ran a few times this year without pain in my dodgy foot, the other one has hurt for the first few but that was due to a self inflicted problem caused by 2 bottles of wine in 2 hours and then 4 missing hourse between being dumped into a taxi drunk to actually getting home Somewhere in that time i fell over banged head and smacked left foot badly.

My 10+ year old mountain bike had a puncture before xmas which was probably caused by the semi terminal issue of a dozen or more broken spokes so i opted to get a brand new hybrid as a early xmas pressie to myself so been dabbling on the bike more and more. Its somewhat faster than the old one albeit not had the weather and/or time to go out properly.

5k tomorrow so will see if i can manage sub 30, did do a park run in november in low 28 something and as its a mile from here on the cycle tracks i run/bike on alot i know its flat so i should really manage 28 mins again. However i intend going out on the bike in the morning for a hour or so as well and the 5k is 1pm which is not a usual training time for me.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/08/2016 at 10:29

Shades - I get the odd grumble yes, cos the original follow up appt was moved back a few weeks i was out of pills so it was getting worse but when i resumed after my appt its been better again. Will have to see what the consultant says and maybe reduce my fat levels a little Although i have been eating no different to the way i have always eaten.

Less amusingly i was running bath a while ago to have a bath before going to visit mother who is at grans and failed to spot the boiler not working. I have since noticed this and BG will be here between 12 and 6 today so i had to ring mother to postpone. Will see when they turn up and go later on or see if i can take half day off of work tomorrow or wed. Zero power to boiler as light is off plus there is water dripping slowly from the boiler. it prob pissed down last night with wind blowing it down exhaust again.....

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 18/08/2016 at 18:08

How do all

Mini update on gallstones or not as the case may be. I recall saying ultrasound showed nothing obvious and today i had follow up appointment. Simple answer is not got a clue other than inflammation of liver/gall bladder area so referring to consultant which is 2-3 months wait approx being i not bothered going to Newcastle with its 4-6 week wait.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 19:20

Shades - I was gonna say i have heard nothing about Boaton but Mowser already answered. First i hear is when Peter mails the forms out. Obviously i'll not be doing it this year and if its moving to a track probably not again unless i did 6 hour one being track ultras disagreed with my legs twice now.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 19/07/2016 at 18:42

Shades - yeah right just as hot up here today as down south yesterday Mainly cos it hotter overall off course. Train was 30 mins late by the time i got off with several slow bits cos of hot rails and a breakdown in Lancaster.

Some of the coaches had non wokrking aircon too so when getting off i was near to one and it was somewhat hot shall we say and er smelt a bit. Rain, hailm thunder etc sonepoint in the next 24 hours will sort it out back to normal temps.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 18/07/2016 at 21:48

Shades - Hols, like they'd ever let me loose in corporate HQ

Hot it is..... Even now, no wind to blow thru room still back home tomorrow to the marginally less warm.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 18/07/2016 at 09:12

Despite living in london for 4 years for the first time i'll be going to the british musuem today. And er planet hollywood later on for dinner It is a meal offer with the tickets to ripley's so its allowed

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