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Can this work?

Posted: 01/10/2013 at 23:59

Stoneacre - looks good but slightly too much for me atm, (6 days training...I'm use to 4 and don't want to do more than 5) Also, I like to go to gym straight from work so will have 1 hour of gym time before tennis!!

Also-ran - I agree with what you're saying about a Parkrun before the long run, so thinking of moving the long run to Monday, so with this in mind I've thought of the following....


Mon - Long run

Tue - Rest

Wed - Treadmill work (hills+speed) and upper strengh while I wait for tennis

Thu - Easy run (8-10 miles)

Fri - Rest (find it hard to train on Fridays too)

Sat - Parkrun / lower strengh @ gym

Sun - Easy run (less than Thu)


This seems pretty well balanced and should suit me down to the ground. Tbh I'm probably thinking too much about this and just need to go out and do it and see what happens :P

Can this work?

Posted: 01/10/2013 at 13:57

Hey thanks for the responses. cougie I have been following the Bupa beginners then Intermediate half marathon programmes which are always the following...

Mon: Rest day
Tue: Easy/recovery run
Wed: Tempo run
Thu: Rest day
Fri: Speed
Saturday: Rest
Sun: Long


So the changes are: Swapping Friday speed to 5k race on Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday are swapped and added tennis in!



Recovery run after the rest day because of the long run on a Sunday? I could do the recovery run on the Monday but then would I recovery in time? Tempo runs would be not as fast as the Parkruns, but longer distance.


Can this work?

Posted: 30/09/2013 at 23:26

I'm trying to design a training schedule that fits my lifestyle and just wanted to see what some of you runners think of it! Will it work?


My Requirements:

Most weeks I will play tennis for 1 hour, (I need to pick a day with my tennis partner, it can be Mon-Thu) and Parkrun 5k timed runs, (these will always be on a Saturday). I'm also trying to incorporate some strength training to reduce possible injuries and help general fitness. Ideally I'd like to do my long runs on a Sunday too. 


My Goal:

To finish a half marathon in under 1 hour 45 in March next year. I've completed two so far this year with times of 1 hour 52 then 1 hour 50. 


My Schedule:

Mon = Rest

Tues = Recovery run: 25 min jog to the gym, then legs strength at the gym then 25

min jog home

Wed = Upperbody strength training then 1 hour tennis

Thu = Tempo run

Fri = Rest

Sat = Parkrun

Sun = Long run


I'm not looking at running times and distances yet. I want to work out what to do on what day first. I will of course increase this over time. So does this shedule look like a it could work?? I love to run with a shedule by the way, If I don't have a shedule and a goal I simply won't do it! Thanks for looking. 

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Can this work?

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