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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/12/2014 at 21:58

Icy pavements make it tricky, you can get those spikes that clip on your shoes which are supposed to be good, never used them personally. I always head offroad in the snow/ice but harder to do in the evenings.

Weekend off mowzer! enjoy.

No little ones with me at parkrun today, they changed the course due to ice so all offroad & 3 laps rather than 2, only about a quarter of it is on pavement anyway. Turned out to be very muddy and corners were tricky, not much grip at all. Really good fun & had a nice 'tan' on my legs at the end ,although I got a PB (for that course) the course was short (2.93 I made it), I was about 40secs faster I think so I maybe would have beat it anyway but would have been close.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 12/12/2014 at 13:14

Few mince pies will sort you out Iain  

Think I'm running parkrun with the little one  (and maybe her friend) so will be a slow easy one. Lots of rain recently and most of it is on Grass (now mud probably!) makes it quite heavy going but more fun.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 23:45

Hope the leg works out ok Iain, will be worth getting checked out. 

Finally got myself out the door for a wet and cold but enjoyable 8 miles, first 2 or 3 seemed hard work but nothing unusual there and then got into a rhythm. 

Will do 3 or 4 tomorrow and then parkrun on Saturday.



Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/12/2014 at 17:52

I'm sure the cat has a ball like that somewhere.

Good idea that Big_g, made me laugh. Great pics. I should join the pair of you, I really cba this week, not been out since the Santa Dash!, need some motivation to get out of the door. 

I Will go out tomorrow eve   ....maybe.


Barcelona Marathon 2015

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 13:05

I'm in.

I entered the 2013 one but was injured so can only speak from a spectators point of view and it's very easy to get around to various points. My brother ran it and enjoyed the course. Little bit drizzly that year but probably ideal for running. Slightly uphill finish. All well organised and Expo was good, I still got a t-shirt

Barcelona is a great city, shame that Barcelona will be playing away that weekend (we caught a game in 2013), they play Real Madrid the weekend after if anyone is staying that long!

Staying near the harbour, hotel Oasis I think it's called. We'd normally just use Air BnB and stay around El Gotic. 


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 08/12/2014 at 13:48

Cracking time at the parkrun for SK jnr , how often does he run ?

mowzer - great run , rubbish drive home. 

Iain - Don't be daft, you've run a marathon in under 3 hours, how does that make you not a sub 3 runner ? Unless that was you swimming across the river as a shortcut in Chester

Rest up Khani, you'll be back in no time, just don't rush it.

It's never a good start to the weekend when you get woken up by the wife shouting that there's no Heating/Hot water, no pressure in the boiler so a run round checking for leaks. Soon found the culprit to be the downstairs hall radiator dripping away from both ends into the cellar. No choice but to drain the system. I had missed parkrun by now but thought If I don't go out for a run now then it won't happen, so did a nice 7 miler. Remembered half way round that I wouldn't be able to get a shower when I got home!

Couple of hours of plumbing and all sorted, then discovered we'd lost another Guinea pig overnight ,down to 1 now from 4. Lost 3 over the last few months, but they are quite old. With family due to come and stay and the wife having a busy weekend we really didn't need the extra complications.

Santa dash on Sunday was great fun, all dressed up in our santa suits we ran the 3 miles from home to the Ferry terminal, got quite a few funny looks and lots of cars beeping at us , ferry was full of Santas which looked great. Roughly 8500 runners was quite a sight bobbing down the road, very congested at the start but found a little bit more room about half a mile in so was able to run. All very enjoyable. 

We then went ice skating as the first hundred santas were given free entry ,really enjoyed that. Nice roast dinner & a few bottles of red rounded off a good day.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 02/12/2014 at 14:50

Have a look on the Fell runner forums for head torch reviews

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 02/12/2014 at 13:41

Afternoon all.

Just had a quick catch up on the thread, a lot going on!

Well done Moore on the double, still not sure I want to do one but it's an itch I may need to scratch . How did the legs feel starting the next day ? 

Congrats on the Trophy SK, I can only dream of trophies

Big_g - Some hard times for sure, Happy Birthday for yesterday.Good consistent track running, I like it when times are like that.

I really don't like doing the same loop over and over, I'll repeat bits but to lengthen runs sometimes I'll do figure of eight kind of loops and reverse bits, so although I'm running the same bits of road i do them in a different order or other way round. If that makes sense. Confusing to look at after!

The little one brought her friend along to parkrun this weekend so they ran together so it gave me the chance to have a go. No legs though and the going was soft/muddy, 23:45 so only 12 secs slower than my fastest at that course which surprised me as I kind of gave up on it, the girls came in at 31:30ish. Will head to the faster course this weekend & see if i can improve.

Into work late so did a Lovely 9 this morning. Santa dash on Sunday.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/11/2014 at 11:01

Mowzer - Sounds like just another 'normal' marathon from you! epic. If the jacket used to be waterproof then it may just need re proofing.  Great report.

Must be frustrating for Steve Way, all the effort he puts into training only for the day to go wrong. Did very well to complete. The 40 mile training run he did made me laugh, 100 laps of his local village green ,nutter but sounds a great bloke.

Some good training hours going in the Khanivore, hope it all pays off.

Achilles behaving itself Big_g ? 

Who'd have thought a 5k could be complicated! ,I do tend to over think\analyse things though ,cheers for the feedback. I just need to keep going to parkrun regularly, hopefully in time 7min/miles will be easy!  (ish)


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 23/11/2014 at 10:41

26.2 for fun Khanivore, you're starting to sound like an ultra runner! Quite hard to do the walk run thing from the start.

nice parkrun clag, at least the wind was against you first.

You sound well prepared for Portsmouth Jugula. Gels every 45mins is what I've done in the past, I use shot bloks now roughly one every 15mins and maybe a gel or two at 12 & 18, normally as i come into a water station so I can wash it down.

Did princes parkrun yesterday which is in a park but all on footpaths, it's basically 2.5 laps of a slightly undulating course (garmin reckons 40m of ascent/descent).

Finished in a PB of 22:47 , so that's the 23min barrier done. 22:30 is the next target in 2 weeks time.

Not sure what to do warm up wise, yesterday I did 2 easy miles before with a few short sprints near the end. Then did 2 easy after. So may play around with this and see what happens.

What does everyone's splits look like for a parkrun ? I tend to go off too fast and then can't hold the pace, so splits yesterday were 7:13,7:21,7:28 avg 7:19.

if i do it as km splits then it tells a different story I think - 4:36,4:19,4:45,4:28,4:37. 

Slowest mile was the last one , but slowest km was the middle one...May just show where the uphill bits were. 

Low 7's scare me a bit and sub 22 is around 7min/miles, I much prefer long plods to short and fast, but want to get used to that hanging on feeling So finding it challenging..

Out early for 4.5 today, lovely and quiet. Bacon butty after sets the day up nicely. hopefully the F1 and footy all go to plan. Bit of painting and a guinea pig to bury first.

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