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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 16:36

Enjoy Big_G, sounds an amazing place to be already, it will be a great experience I'm sure. Get the runs in early.

Mamafox - We've got one of the pop up tents as well, & yes it can be interesting putting them away , it's all about lining the right coloured dots up & not pure luck and anger apparently. It's great at campsites though when you see others struggling with all the poles etc. , we pull up & the tent is pitched & BBQ on within 2 mins.

What on earth are you strimming! 

Good luck with the massage Ian, it will help.

Not much to report here, running going ok. Will see how the legs are tomorrow at parkrun. The dog is called Arlo by the way Shades, previous owners named him.

Have a good weekend all.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 12:15

Did 4 with the dog today, much better with the lead we've got now. He's not great with other dogs, as in he'll shoot off across the park/road etc and not listen to anything I've got to say! not good. It's all playful but he's quite aggressive in the way he does it. Just needs to socialise with other dogs more. So off lead is restricted to remote places & as you say he probably covers twice the distance I do.

We've got a gopro harness for him!, which should be fun. Can see him returning back to me minus the gopro though

Vietnam will be an amazing trip. My daughter gets back from China tomorrow, I've got the day off so picking her up around lunchtime. I'm hoping to fit a longish run in in the morning, so plan is to do 2 or 3 with the dog and then head off on my own. Depends what time I get out!

You should easily go under 2 Jugula.

Hope that calf is ok Ian. Give it a massage (plenty of youtube vids). 

Not too far away from the win then Mowzer.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 11:36

Goodto catch up with you after Ian, great to be so close to a pb considering the training miles. You may find you'll get a pb during a taper. 

Im Hoping to race parkrun next week, that's if I can get the miles in mid week. Plan is to race it one week and make it into a longer run the week after to try and get the best ish of both worlds. I'd like to get at least 3 runs in of 15-20 miles before the 20 mile race (3 weeks before Loch Ness), should see me ok on the day for a sub 4 attempt.

Amazing how the humidity levels suck it right out of you, it's where experience really helps as you ignore pace and run to feel.

I'm not brave enough to parkrun with the dog yet, although the lead we've just got him stops him pulling but he does try and get it off now and then. I'll try a few runs with him and go from there. 

Tricky couple of days in the tdf for Froome! I won't say anything further in case of spoilers. 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/07/2016 at 17:27

I'm disappointed you didn't do a double Mowzer. But seriously that's incredible, and a great time as well. How far away from the win were you ? and you've done a recovery run. 

Well done to you as well Steve for the first steps into madness

Great reports from you both.

I was out the door just before 6 this morning, and it was already warm. Lovely morning, then as i got to about 3 miles in, the sky went dark and thunder started. It then completely hammered it down and gave me a soaking which was very nice.

I'm passed last weeks mileage already this week, not difficult though.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/07/2016 at 18:05

Was a very good run from you Ian, looked strong for the finish.

I managed sub 7's for the first 3 half miles and then not so good , quite surprised i came in at 21:37, not too shabby. Feels a long way back to sub 21's though.

Good to hear your running again Keith, fingers crossed all is well.

That's consistent splits Cal, if only you could have found some legs for the last bit!

May do a 12 in the morning, there's a group running the last leg of the tour. A lady picked up an injury on the Friday and couldn't run it, so they've arranged it for her to do.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 14/07/2016 at 14:34

Arghh just lost a post! the page refreshes every now and then and when it does it loses focus on the window that you post in. If you happen to press backspace then post is gone, really annoying. I normally type into notepad/word/email and then copy it onto here after.

My understanding (limited!) of intervals is that the recovery shouldn't be longer than the interval. Also when starting doing them, you would start with a longer recovery and then shorten it. But with .5 mile, if going flat out then I wouldn't want less than 90secs. I've done 1min on 1min off and the rest felt really short!. Although the main thing is consistency & hopefully when measured over time they should be getting quicker, in theory anyway. This is where I need a club, I always make an excuse not to do them on my own.

Ian - There's some great running all along the Wirral way, loads of paths that lead off make some good loops. Nice views over to Wales as well.

Final tour time 6:44 , so 17 minutes off last years effort. 65th out of 320ish. All here (gun times) -

The guy who won it, always starts every race from the back, quite astonishing as there's some very quick runners in the tour. Think he's been second for the last 3 years, but he would have probably won it on chip time.

We got the dog on Sunday, seems to have settled with us ok which is great, we were quite concerned about new people/surroundings. He needs some training, but mostly ok. Biggest problem is other dogs, in that he'll shoot off towards them and then bounce/bark around them. It's just play, but way too aggressive so we keep him on the lead in busy parks. In quiet places he's great off the lead and comes back when called , doesn't go too far and just generally explores but always checks where we are. The wife has booked him in for some classes (for us & him!), so hopefully we can sort that. 

I did a 2 mile run with him yesterday morning, and although he pulls a little bit, he was very good. Didn't stop all the time to smell stuff. Again the problem was other dogs, he just goes mad and pulls really hard to get to the other dog. Won't do parkrun with him just yet. 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 09/07/2016 at 13:44

That's how my splits go most weeks Big_G!, but now and then I'm able to hold on and get the other splits closer to the first. Never got a pb from going out easy.

Well done Ian, getting serious now . Keep chipping away, you'll be under 21 soon. I need to find a 10k to do, my pb is 47:30 ish from 2 years ago. Think I've beaten that a few times during longer races now though.

So onto the last day of the tour, a wet out and back 12 miler along the coast of the Wirral. Did a 1/2 mile warm up and legs not feeling too bad. Last years time of 1:41:07 means I can't go easy if I want the full house of beating all last years times.

Decide 8's will be a good place to start = 1:36. Actually felt very comfortable for the first 5, then there's a half mile on the beach to the turn around point, this was tough, soft sand and very wet. Happy to get to the turn around and begin the half mile back across the sand to finally get back on the path for the final 5.5 miles.

I was now starting to feel it, but still running ok, then at about 9 miles it seemed like the whole week just suddenly hit me. Quads were tight, calfs were tightening & now just a case of getting it done. Finally got to the 11 mile point & at 11.5 the finish comes into view. Manage a little burst of speed to cross the line. Job done , that was tough.

1:35:42 ,7:59 average. Nice. 77th place today. Overall not updated yet.

Splits - 8:00,7:53,7:52, 7:49,7:45,7:57,8:10,7:55,8:00,8:10,8:16

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 09/07/2016 at 08:08

Day 5 of the tour. 6 mile xc ,two laps.  First half of the course is the best, up, down, mud, twisting and turning it's just a great place to run, but then the course heads out on a path, under the motorway and basically around the outside on a path of a normal park, this half is a drag and is where i get re-overtaken by the roadies , it then heads back to the other side, up a hill and down a nice undulating path before a steep downhill with a 100mtr flat takes you back to the start.

So 45:41 to beat! Start line is at the bottom of a 30-40 seconds grass climb, which sorts a few out from the off, I settle in to a to fast pace as usual and play the 'try and hang on' game. Think you kind of have to on a course like this as you don't want to be too far back on the narrow twisty stuff.

Halfway in 21:58 (62nd place)which i didn't know until I saw the results, I barely looked at the watch. I was trying to hang on to a couple in front of me, passed a few people on my terrain and got passed on the boring bits . Never did catch the two in front and was well and truly spent at the finish.

44:22 and 59th place. Moves me up 1 place overall to 65th.

5:08:30 total time. Which gives me 1:51 to get under 7  (last year was 7:01)

Last years time for the 12 miler was 1:41, last one to beat. Weather was hot last year, it's raining today. I'll try and go at 8's for a 1:36 ish, but under 1:40 I'd be delighted with.

I love watching the tour live, I've been a day or two behind all week. Annoyed i caught the result of yesterdays, as I've not watched it yet.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 08/07/2016 at 09:52

Ian - I would just add in an easy run and let your body get used to the 4th run before doing anything 'fancy' with it. View across the Mersey was lovely last night.

Enjoy Tenby Shades, long time since I was down that way. 

Day 4 of the tour - Didn't feel great yesterday, bit of a dodgy tummy and just generally a bit run down. My time of 37:26 from last year was looking a tough one to beat. Completely different course from last year, which was on roads and did a loop, very slightly undulating. This year was an out and back along the Otterspool promenade heading towards Liverpool, dead flat & straight, I knew it would be a mentally tough one, I don't like out and backs!. It was also optional fancy dress night (I don't do fancy dress), so about 50/50 do it. Lots of pics on Facebook if you find the Tour Of Merseyside group.

Did my usual mile warm up and groin just slightly hurting, but that seemed to ease after half a mile. Wandered up to the start where there was quite an array of costumes to admire. Then down to business. As it started just off the prom, there was a couple of bottlenecks in the first few hundred metres, so I started near the front. Mad start & seemed to get overtaken by quite a few, even though I felt like I was sprinting!, it's quick at the front!. Settled into a pace but it was already hard work. 6:35 first half mile, that's why it was hard work! First mile came in at 6:48.

The turn around point took an age to get to, just trying not to look to far ahead and keep going, finally get there and start the return. I'm trying to keep with the little group that's 20-30 metres in front, can't close in on them though. I'm now really struggling and still 2 miles to go, hot and tired, legs don't want to play. Distraction of the fancy dress runners still going the other way helped, but I was just willing my watch to buzz for another half mile completed.

An extra little out and back at the end really didn't help & then up a little ramp and across the grass to the finish. I'm done in, and need to catch my breath for a few mins. Grabbed my bag and some refreshments and went and sat on a grass hill to watch the rest of the runners coming in. I could have slept there quite happily

36:46 & 70th place (I was 70th overall but it hasn't updated with last nights yet), so 40 secs quicker than last year, but don't think I'll try to run a 5 miler like that again. My splits last year were quite even, this year they were 6:48, 7:16, 7:24, 7:26, 7:34 a near perfect reverse progressive run  Last years were - 7:14, 7:35, 7:31, 7:24, 7:18.

Just hope I can find some legs for tonights 6m cross country, my second favourite of the week. A nice uppy downy twisty course, hopefully with some mud thrown in. Then just a 12 miler in the morning, another out and back coastal run.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 07/07/2016 at 11:47

Big_g - Do you just run hard on the intervals or is it a calculated pace you're trying to hit ?  ,I notice they are around 20min 5k pace.

Still got some running fitness then Mamafox

Cal - We've got a pet rat that makes an incredible amount of noise for such a small thing, that scratching noise gets irritating!

Rest day yesterday, but was asked If I could play footy to make up the numbers. I did a mile easy run beforehand and played in goal for most of it, but did manage to tweak my groin again, not bad but I need to stay away from footy for a while .Feeling generally quite drained.

5 miler tonight , 37:30 ish to beat from last year. It's a different course form last year but both flat & the wind has died down, so no excuses

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