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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 13:06

Good to see you back on the thread Emmy, congratulations.

Shades - That's convenient timing for Budapest, fancy there being a marathon on whilst you're there. Enjoy.

Mowzer - I had to google Mablethorpe as well, bit of a mission to get to for me (up & down the country is much easier than straight across), but I'll put it on my maybe list. Nice sub 4.

When's your marathon Mamafox ?

I'm finding it hard not to run too much this week, feels a bit strange. I cut back a little last week as well so hopefully will save the legs a little. Weather looking good in York for the weekend. I just need to get the pacing right to give myself a chance. Finish work today and head up tomorrow morning. Going to the Harrogate baths/spa place tomorrow evening.

re the losing posts thing, I nearly always type the message in notepad or gmail (as that automatically saves it) then copy & paste it in here.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 16:34

If you can't run 3.5k pain free then how are you going to run 42k ? you're just going to do yourself a lot more damage.

Book another one in the Spring and build up for that. Would recommend doing some 10k's/Halfs along the way.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 15:06

Oh forgot to say , got a rejection for London

Well done Keith on getting in, jammy sod

Lily - Yorkshire gets good reports, so I'm looking forward to it. Sorry can't advise about the Achilles/Hokas, but think it's very much a slowly slowly approach and gradually build up. Good luck.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 13:33

Great pic of you & Emmy, wonder where she'd got to. Yes, spectating is hard work & I'd much rather be running & definitely a yes to getting the goody bag and t-shirt. I've got my Barcelona one from the year I was injured for it, most expensive tee shirt I own . Your far more sensible than me, I'd have run the marathon & just accepted it would have been a slow one, but definitely the sensible decision and your body will thank you for it. But you should try and find another one as you're in good form. Even a spring one to give you more training time.

sk - That's a great run to go sub 40, well done. cheeky by your dad to suggest the course was short! I remember you trying to go under 20 for the 5k, and I think the rough guide for 10k is double your 5k + 2mins.

Shades - Plenty of rain up here this morning, think autumn has well and truly arrived.

Mamafox - You crack me up ,some great prizes in France though.

17m trail race went well, the first 7 miles were really enjoyable as it was my kind of terrain. Then we merged with the 'b' race for the last 10m, terrain turned a little flatter and was more crossing fields, so although enjoyable not as good as the first part. 2h50 odd, but didn't race it. Plan was to enjoy the downs & go easy on the flats.

21:01 at parkrun, 6 secs slower than pb but felt much stronger than last weeks 21:19.

Easy week this week & Yorkshire mara on Sunday. Heading up on Friday lunchtime & staying in Harrogate. I'll attempt a sub 4, but not that confident. But I haven't put in the long runs so my own fault really.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/09/2015 at 13:26

Afternoon all.

Very moving post Big_G, glad you had a special evening, can't be easy.

I've not been asked the time before when out running, but can imagine replying I can tell you my current pace/average pace/lap pace/heart rate/average heart rate/altitude/time ran/miles ran but I've no idea what the time is

Nice half Mamafox, you must have been confident of the doing that time what with the Pork cooking! what's your pb for a half ?

Since I've been on this thread, I'm not sure Mowzer has had a weekend off, machine.

I like the sound of Granola dust, we've had a cake morning at work today so plenty of carbs

It's that tricky time of year, clothing wise, not as cold as I think it's going to be. So normally shorts & tee, but have worn a short sleeve compression top underneath a couple of times.

I've had an easy week so far, plan to race parkrun tomorrow and then go easyish on a 17m trail run on Sunday. 2 weeks until York marathon. Accommodation now booked, staying in Harrogate Fri & Sat.

Forgot all about London ballot, magazines may start going out next week. Not holding out much hope of a place though. ~250k people with ~15k places (by the time all the elites/gfa/celebs/charity etc have been taken out), odds not good.

Enjoy your weekend all, have a good one at Barnstaple Shades.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/09/2015 at 12:06

Shades - Amazon are very good for returns, the live chat thing is good as well. I normally use Google to find things on their site.

Big_G - With the half, I know I can run at that speed, I just need to run longer. Amazing how quickly you can get cold with a soaking, quite enjoyable sometimes though.

sk - 48th Lady & 10th AG in the GNR is impressive, must have been at least 15-20k ladies ?

Hello Louey, sounds like you're all set for Abingdon. Are you local ?  (I'm from Oxford so I know Abingdon very well).

Yes you're right, I do seem to thrive in race conditions, not sure where the pace comes from! , struggle to run at 9's in training

I Just need to put in the training effort for a decent Marathon, pretty sure there's at least a 3:39 in me somewhere. I'm not even sure how I get round off no long runs . My best plan would be to enter a few 20's (not that many about though) ,as I struggle with the long runs on my own at the moment, just not in the right place mentally when I head out the door.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 14/09/2015 at 12:45

Great time SK, I might stick my name down for GNR next year. Reasonable chance of getting in ? ,4 seems a lot of Gels for a half. I normally carry one but don't always use it.

Tough times shades, but as you say, having a date on the flat probably helps to get on with it. I really don't like paperwork & having to call around & avoid it as much as possible.

Big_G - Plenty of long runs in the bank & you're in good form, do your taper the way you've planned. Eat\drink well and you'll have a great marathon I'm sure. Good that you've kept this weekend free, although a run will do you good. Take care.

5m xc on Friday, really enjoyed the 2 lap course (apart from the slightly uphill bit on grass into a headwind, only 100mtrs or so though) ,half the lap on open paths/grass and then into trees for the 2nd half, nice rooty, slightly muddy, pebbly kind of trails. 2nd lap was quite dark and was hard to pick out trip hazards. Finished in 37:27 for 5.08 miles. So my 5m road time in July was 37:26 so very pleased.

Just did a very easy parkrun on Saturday, 27:25, found it hard to stay slow.

Wirral Half yesterday, very light rain on my 1 mile trot to the start, which I thought was ideal but the sun soon came out. I was stood next to the 1:40 pacer at the start, but didn't think it would have ended well . Plan was to go under 1:45 again (1:44:38 current pb). Got into a nice rhythm early on, but by mile 4 I was very hot, no breeze at all, thought it may go downhill from here. Kept up a good pace and seemed to recover by mile 6 (10k runners split for the finish!) & had a good few miles, and then struggled again from 10-12 but finished ok in the last mile.

1:42:55   , so getting closer to the 100 minutes. I need to start adding long slow runs in again, I don't do many over 10.  I'm more confident of knocking 3 mins off my half time than I am of knocking 1 min off my 5k time (for a sub 20).

Spent the rest of the day decorating, which although didn't feel good at the time, I think it has helped me today. A little sore, but not too bad.

Next up in two weeks, is a 17m trail run (Sandstone Trail),so that'll be my long run for Yorkshire marathon.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 11/09/2015 at 13:49

Mucky run Mamafox    ,great prize, wouldn't last long at our house.

Mowzer - I've not even looked at Yorkshire logistics yet! ,probably make a weekend of it and go up Friday night. Stay in the area somewhere. Never been to York/Harrogate so should be good. I must get round to looking at the route/profile as well.

Yes it does feel warm again Shades, quite nice out in the morning.

Have a 5m xc race tonight, should be fun. 2 laps, quite flat i think on grass/mud/gravel. Will then go easy at parkrun tomorrow, may do a mile of it quicker & a half to round the weekend off. Would love to sneak under 1:45 again, but think I'll run out of steam, we'll see.

Have a good weekend all & good luck to those racing, I know sk is doing the GNR.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 08/09/2015 at 12:49

I think 3:45 is a good pace to go off at as well. You can always speed up after 20 if it's too easy  

Streetview is very useful, I use it a lot to find where footpaths start & see if there's a path on country roads etc. Congrats on not getting lost sk. The relay race must seem like chaos.

You're a machine mowzer, another great report.

Early 6 miler for me, I'm trying to get out in the mornings more, rather than evenings. Finding it quite hard to switch though, but getting there. Really foggy this morning & got quite wet from the moisture in the air. Enjoyed it.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 07/09/2015 at 13:26

That's a cracking time Big_G & although you slowed, it wasn't by that much, so only slightly to quick at the start I think. So hard to judge. Must be hard for you now, wondering what pace for the marathon. I think you'd 'breeze' a 3:45 , 3:30 is well within reach but would take a lot of confidence to go for that.

Last two times travelling to Oxford I've had to go through Wolverhampton!. Glad the foot was mainly ok & you had a good weekend.

Mamafox - Made me laugh what you did for the BIL, something like that would really help me on a long run, so I hope it worked for him also. Yes the Ardeche was lovely, If I do it again I'd get there earlier and stop more frequently on the way down for swimming.

Trying to get back into things post Holiday. I have a busy week coming up, 5m XC on Friday evening & will do an easy parkrun on Saturday and then a local half on Sunday. I've also entered a 17m trail race in 2 weeks time (Sandstone Trail), which I'll just enjoy and use it as training for Yorkshire/Snowdon.

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