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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/02/2015 at 16:16

Hill reps before 7am! ,no thanks

Interesting about the neutral shoes and getting tired, hadn't thought about that. I'll probably use the neutrals for a marathon at some point, not for Barcelona though.

mowzer - Great report, I must start noting down the events as they all sound great.

sk - Surely must take the champs place at London ?

Not much to report here, still undecided on the 10k race this weekend. Little bit of my cold still lingering but nearly gone. I may just go and have a go at parkrun instead, shorter effort (easier on my lungs), cheaper (easier on my wallet). No footy for me tonight which feels a bit odd (tweaked something last week in the back of my thigh) so will head out for a run instead. 17 more miles to make the 100 this month.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/02/2015 at 11:51

shades - I've not gone further than 26.2 or done any doubles so can't really comment from experience!, just think I'd prefer a double over a 50 miler. Not sure any would be enjoyable though.

sk - I've done my last 3 runs in the rides and liking them so far. I've only ever been for a gait analysis once (curiosity!) and she said I'm neutral on one side and slightly over pronate on the other (wonky in other words) and said to either use neutral or mild stability. So it's my first venture into neutrals. I want to try the Kinvaras as well (4mm drop) so will see if i can find them cheap and use them for shorter stuff.

Did you taper for the half at all ? to go sub 90 mid marathon training must be a big confidence boost. 3:15 then ?

Great to hear you're back running Iain, GENTLY does it! ,stay away from the fast group and ease your way back in.

Only just remembered I entered 'Tour of Merseyside' , 6 races in 7 days = 52 miles. Will be a tough week. Starts with a road Half ,10k xc, 10m flat, rest,5m flat ,10k xc & 12m mixed. A good mix of races & will be difficult to judge how fast to go.!tour-route/c1os8

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 23/02/2015 at 13:49

Nice PB sk ! ,very quick time. What does a champs place at London get you then ? The pacers are good, but always crowded around them and a little bit soul destroying when you see them dissapearing into the distance

Liking the dog Big_G , I'd love one but I have the wrong job. Grew up with dogs and always enjoyed them. Maybe in a few years time. Hope to see you running again soon.

In my neck of the woods then Annie, I'm over on the Wirral. imo you should go for the sub 2, you've done plenty of long stuff so the endurance should be there.

Good luck with the 50 shades  (there's a book title in there somewhere!), doubt it's something i'd ever want to do. But do want to do a double marathon (over two days).

I'm full of cold, all bunged up and hopefully it won't go down to my chest. I'm just doing easy runs at the moment, edging towards the monthly target. Bought some new shoes, using Saucony Guide's and now trying the Rides, 2 runs in and liking them. They feel a little lighter (new shoes are always lighter!), but otherwise very similar.

May do a 10k race this Sunday, but will see if my cold clears up first. Not sure how late I can leave the entry, but it's only 5 miles away from me so shouldn't be a problem.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 18/02/2015 at 12:24

If I'm doing a long post then I'll type it in notepad/word etc and just copy/paste it in here. I've lost a few posts too, really annoying.

It's difficult to get into your head that going much slower for the LSR is a good thing, very hard to keep it slow for the first few miles also. Think it's ok to do the occasional LSR at a faster pace, especially when nearing a target race as it gives the confidence that you can just maybe do it. Those runners you mention Big_g must be exhausted after a training run, and will only lead to injury and a fatigued race day.

shades - It's not the dark mornings that's the problem, it's anything before 7am. I had an earlyish night last night and was awake at jsut gone 6, so I know what I need to do , good idea to cling film the battery bit. I'll have a nosey in Home Bargains next time, could be useful to have a couple at that price.

Liking the resevoir pics, really is good getting out on the trails.

7 easy ones for me last night. Right calf a little tight, so had a little stretch a couple of miles in. The stretch that I certainly felt was the soleus stretch (pushing against something with knee bent), felt much better for the rest of the run. Made sure I stretched afterwards also, feels better today.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 17/02/2015 at 08:38

Go do a gentle 3 miler Big_G, you'll feel better for getting out.

Wish I could get back in the routine of morning runs, but into the late night & get up last possible moment routine at the moment ,this morning would have been lovely. Sounds a bargain headtorch Shades, Aldi/Lidl ?, just watch out if it's raining as the seals on cheap stuff don't tend to work!

You've got Jocelyn in your pocket now mamafox. Well done on the time & for winning a prize. Giant biscuit sounds way better than a trophy.

Coach Mowzer! ,what does that now allow you to do ?

Out for a run later, should have just enough light to do 3 off road and then see how I feel for 2 or 3 more. Only on 51 for the month so have some running to do to make the 100.

Wrexham village bakery half marathon

Posted: 16/02/2015 at 16:03

The (hard earned) loaf was very nice

Liked the inclusion of the video, nice touch.

jdojoby - you can check your time with the video!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/02/2015 at 15:08

By the sounds of it you'll have no problems shifting the DD place. It'll still be there next year, I may even be tempted myself. Have you got any marathons booked ? if not then book one in for Autumn as a target. It's difficult to eat just 1 or 2 jaffa cakes once that box is open!

Very relaxed ha ha  , I was finished literally. Right calf a little sore today, went out for a lunchtime walk and it had eased off after 10mins so all good i think. Just a bit of tightness. Didn't feel it at all in the run yesterday, always seems to be the morning/day after a run. Stretch & roller time.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/02/2015 at 12:37

Nice little touch with a video of the finish & links straight in to the right place. (normally have to pay for video) ,no laughing at my form

Quite good watching the leaders finishing, Vet50 came 3rd in 1:11:10 !!! not bad at all.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/02/2015 at 12:30

1:40 - Suppose that has to be the next target!  ,would be happy to just go under 1:45 again though.

sk - If it's painful on top of your foot then lace your shoes so you miss the holes where the pain is. I've done this mistake before, felt fine during the run but then had what felt like a painful bruise on top of my foot & couldn't figure out where it came from.

Light drizzle is lovely to run in, much milder now.

Big_G - I got the chest infection about 8 weeks before my first Marathon, turned out to be Whooping cough. I didn't run for about 6 weeks then did a couple of easy runs but if I got out of breath then would have a coughing fit! Still ran the marathon but knew I had to go very easy (5:17). I then just did easy runs until it eventually cleared up. You seem to have taken anti biotics/medicine very early so that will help. I didn't go to the docs until 2 months in. I would say go for a run, but just go very easy and don't stress your lungs. Sounds like you've already made your mind up about DD, do it next year and do the 10k instead is def the right choice. You don't want to be hobbling round!

Wrexham Bakery Half - No confidence going into this, mainly due to calf issues and training taking a hit. Keith would approve of my dietry preperations - Friday night we had an Indian takeaway & a bottle of fizz (bed at 3am), bacon butty Saturday morning, subway saturday lunch and a chinese takeaway Saturday night followed by a mates birthday party so another late night. So enough to get me through a quad probably . Race start at 11am but had to register beforehand, so porridge & coffee for breakfast then a little reluctantly headed out the door.

Arrive at half 9 and register, I now have an hour to kill. Pin my number on & listen to the radio for a bit. Temperature is ideal, a touch chilly, no wind. The start line is half a mile away so trying to get the timing right and not having to hang around too long in a tee shirt needed 30secs of planning. I decide to do a very slow 1 mile 'run' to the start and time it perfectly. 2 mins and we're off.  I've no idea what pace/time to go for so decide to just get into a 'feels about right' rhythm. This was about 8:10 which surprised me (I thought it would have been around 9's) so thought pb may just happen.

The course is a small loop followed by a slightly bigger loop so some bits are repeated, so a mile in you also see the 5 mile sign & at 1 & 4ish miles you go past the finish . The 2nd loop is nice winding country lanes and I'm still feeling good, half way ish and my average is 8's. I'm now thinking a pb is in the bag & just maybe a chance of sub 1:45 ,8's certainly not feeling as easy as they did. Miles 7 to 11 were excellent and now picking a lot of runners off which just boosts you even more, i knew the last mile was slightly uphill so was a case of hanging on. Mile 11 to 12 was by far the toughest mile and I thought I may just miss out.

I then seem to get an extra bit of energy from somewhere,probably knowing it was the last mile & also how close to 1:45 it was going to be. Then the finish line came into view and the clock was still showing 1:44:xx, crossed it dead on 1:45:00 so knew my chip time was 20 odd secs better than that. Job done. Only ~£14 to enter, no goody bag/medal/tee (not expected at that price!) but you do get a lovely fruit loaf. I'll be back next year.

Splits -

8:13,8:05,8:04,8:04,7:55,7:57,7:50,7:47,7:58,8:05,7:52,8:10,7:54 and apparently 6:40 for the last bit, although my garmin doesn't do anything below 7:00 so must have been a malfunction

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 15/02/2015 at 20:03

That sounds a tough run sk! That must be around 3:10-3:15 pace.

i love the Zoo, Chester is the local one and it's very good. One of the best bits is the bat enclosure where you're in the enclosure with them. They'll sometimes clip you as they fly past. Not been for a while. Good your chest is clearing up, I had mine for 4 months a couple of years ago, was a right pain.

pb today , it used to be 1:49:33 and now 1:44:38. I'll write a bit more tomorrow, but very pleased. 

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