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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 11:23

No idea on the injury Keith, does sound like bruising though.

Big_G - You don't get the long run benefit splitting it like that, but you do get the running on tired legs benefits. So I see it as something inbetween .

Shades - Is the Boston event just a 'do as many laps as you can' in 12 hours ?

Really enjoyed last nights 6 miler, mixed terrain with a bit of everything. I did a 1 mile very easy warm up with a few ooo's and ahh's as the legs grumbled a little. Mad flat start on hard pack for almost a mile & then it dropped down an access ramp onto a rocky/pebbly short bit of beach, I overtook loads in that 100mtrs, everyone just seemed to be very cautious over the rocks. Then it turned into mainly sand but quite pebbly also. Quite a few line choices, none seemed any easier though and legs were hurting, sand was soft so feet were sinking on each footstep which just sapped energy. We had 1.5 miles of along the beach! ,then finally off the beach breathing hard, back onto tarmac but uphill so not much rest bite, 3 miles. Steadily getting steeper & then an offroad climb with steps that seemed to get bigger. Finally topped out and then a steep twisty steppy/muddy/loose downhill section which I loved but was way too short, flew down it with a big grin

Back onto tarmac for a short stretch then back onto the hard pack flat path to the finish. Felt surprisingly good and 3 of us running together so no-one wanted to ease up, that really helped. Cheeky little bit at the end where you get within 30mtrs of the finish and you can hear the timing chip bleeps, but you had to go left round some twisty paths with a couple of slippery bridges thrown in.

Splits - 7:15 , 8:39, 8:28, 8:52, 7:29, 7:31   (48:26)- Easy to spot where the Beach/Hills were. Pleased with the last 2 miles  (faster than my last 10k splits).

Position 67th for last night (91st for the half), so think I'm around 80th overall -  (number 276)

10 flat miles tonight on a disused railway, so hard pack gravel. Going to be mentally tough as the course goes out 2.5 miles turns, then back to the start (halfway) then 2.5 the other way.  Under 1:20 would be very nice, but expecting more like 1:25.



Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 06/07/2015 at 12:42

sk - Well done on another 1st & another pb ,your boy is quick as well. But I think you're right not to push him too hard every week. Hard to balance it & keep a competitive edge but also he needs to enjoy it & avoid any burnout.

Sounds a good marathon Shades, it can be sometimes nice to have some rain. I don't mind once I'm running.

Half went OK yesterday, a touch warm but not too bad. 1:48:57 which is my 2nd best time. Ran very even splits & just tried to keep it easyish, last 2 were tough though.

Legs a little tight this morning so will see how tonights 6 mile off roader goes. There's a stretch along the beach which will be challenging. Not sure of the rest of the route but I've done quite a few runs around the area so shouldn't be any surprises.

82nd out of 182 so far  (Just male) or 93rd out of 282 overall.  Will try and stay in the top 100 overall.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 03/07/2015 at 15:02

Freshly squeezed apple with ginger is great, gives it a nice kick with the ginger in.

We've got a pet rat Shades

Perfect bit of carb loading there Big_G, it's hard to hold back at a BBQ.

Looking forward to a few miles tonight, plotted a rough route that I've never done before so will see how that goes.

Then may do a couple tomorrow, but probably won't happen & then the Southport Half on Sunday, 9am start and about an hour away from home. Hopefully not too hot.

Have a good weekend all.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/07/2015 at 13:29

You can't bank time in a marathon, unless you really know what your doing. It's so hard going off slowly though & being very disciplined with your pace in the early miles. I've been through halfway in 1:50 & 1:52 in my last 2 marathons and finished in 4:03 & 4:21 !  I Would have maybe gone sub 4 in both had I gone off at 9's rather than 8:30's .

I think ideal pace for sub 4 is 9's. Easier to calculate splits and allows for extra distance.

Shades - Yes the races are in the evening next week, all at 7 I think.

sk - Nice to be out early this time of year. I did 4m last night at half 5 & it was a tad warm. Half my water bottle went over my head at the end

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 30/06/2015 at 13:30

ET - I normally use Fetch to find races -

Good shout on doing the Marathon Big_G. Just need to get the long runs done & you'll breeze sub 4   ...race calculators would have you sub 3:30.

8 last night, still felt a bit of a struggle but not too bad. Hoping it cools down a bit for Sunday's half.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 29/06/2015 at 10:06

Sorry about your fall Shades, good news about it not affecting you running and great that you have a shiny new pc.

SK- Thinking of sub 19 ? , nice win

Big_G - To get that close to your pb, when you were a little uncertain is excellent. You'll have loads more confidence on the next one.

After 2 weeks of very little running, it's a struggle now!. Did parkrun & just didn't have the legs for the second lap & came in 2 mins slower than normal...ouch.

Have the Tour of Merseyside next week(6 races in 7 days, 52 miles) , so that starts with a half marathon this Sunday (Southport).

Also a parkrun is starting on the 18th July, which is about a mile from my house , looking forward to that.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 04:58

4 miles done in Turkey! And posting before Shades . First run in over a week , everything hurt in the first mile then got into a rhythm. Still quite warm at half 5.

Nice report Mowzer, could be just lack of fluids/salts/food. Enjoy your hols.

Great pics Big_g, a good friend to have. Having the rhino chase you would improve your 5k time by quite a margin.

any running to report Emmy? Or are you taking some well earned rest.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 21/06/2015 at 11:08

Current pace will always be unreliable. I set my garmin to .5 mile auto laps and display my pace for each half mile splits. .25 is the lowest I would go. 

Also on my display I show overall pace, find that combo works well with keeping the pace easy. 

Another pb sk, it's all that marathon training.

Big_g , that's a great time for a 5k on your own. Easily low 20's in a race. 8's seem a good idea for the half, & just see how that feels after 3 or 4 and go from there.

Still not managed a run out here, not really priority though . Ideally need to be out at 6 am & don't think I've woken up before 8 yet, and it's too hot by then. 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 19/06/2015 at 22:24

Kids are great ,I've got that move it song in my head now.

For the half Big_g I'd run it on fee, otherwise as mentioned use a parkrun time if you want a pace to aim for.

old pc Shades? Shame you're not up this way, I'd take a look. 

Looking back at Liverpool mara, I just think it was too soon after a tough run at Windermere, didn't really taper & was a humid day. I still enjoyed it and learning every time I do one. 

Not managed a run here yet, Turkish bath this morning with a massage & lounging by the pool, it's been a tough day .

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 18:01

Mad week so far, supposed to be on holiday!. We booked a week in Turkey this afternoon, fly out in the morning . May get a little running done out there but will mainly be recharging. I'm still doing loads of work on the flat refurb, just about finished laying the kitchen sub floor today.

Liverpool mara didn't go too good, just didn't feel right early on and knew I would struggle. Went off a bit quick as well which probably didn't help. Couldn't seem to keep cool & nothing in the legs. 1:51 through half way & 4:21 in the end & walked about 5 miles I reckon ! Just one of those, move on to the next one. 

Well done on the 10k pb sk, close to sub 40!.

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