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Posted: 03/09/2015 at 23:54

Newark is fairly flat Gul from what I remember of the area. What's the name of the event?

Think positive G-Dawg, short & sweet track session.

Nice tempo paced session Abbers, I take it that was before you ate anything 

7.5 weeks is ages Slokey, especially if yo are getting consistent week in week out training.

Sometimes MP is tough to knock out Lorenzo, but good to get a good hilly session in.

I'm sure you;re still holding onto some good form OO52.

8 miles tonight with 6 @ 6.56 av pace. Been concentrating on more slower running recently so made a change to get a bit speed going.

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Posted: 03/09/2015 at 12:49

Well done on the 10k PB BikeIt. I prefer running at night, but all the night races are in the summer in daylight. A night race would be awesome.

Great mileage GM

Good mileage too VTrunner and hope the rest fixes you.

Gul - sorry to hear of your woes too and likewise hope the lower mileage and rest sorts you out.

Good run PJFizzle.

10.5 miles XC round local park last night at 11pm in the dark with my head torch on. Very spooky & quiet!

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Posted: 02/09/2015 at 18:03

A good link to the pacing website PMJ, something I'd like to do at some stage.

Yes the Equinox race is supposed to be equal light/night time. The only thing to take into account at night is the cold and dew, but weather will be a big factor too so got to be prepared with changes of clothes etc. It's hard to know what some runners did in their longer laps as it is chipped timed when you finish a lap you can go off the course. So you are free to sleep/eat/toilet/massage etc. I think the guy that won it certainly didn't sleep, but probably had a few rests here and there. My tactic is the run/walk theory, starting at a really easy pace and never getting under 8.30 pace and hope for the best. I'm not planning on sleeping (but that may change at 3am!) as I think the stiffness in the legs will set in. As far as distance is concerned, they advertise it as a 10k course, but last year we were all measuring just under at about 5.95 miles per lap. But there were a few tight turns, so the magic number would be 17 laps to ensure 100 miles to be on the safe side.

I'll also be trying a product called Tailwind which is a calorie, hydration and electrolyte drink. Salf has used this on her Ultra/trail runs and swears by it. So that's a good endorsement for me!

Looks like your training is going well PJFrizzle

Nice 2k session there Slokey

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Posted: 01/09/2015 at 23:46

Sounds like you have the balance right Slokey of eat, eat, drink, exercise repeat. The weight will come off soon.

Good luck with the 1.40 pacing job PMJ. Do you have to carry one of those flags? Event I'm training for in the Equinox 24 in just under 3 weeks, although I might do a marathon too in late October.

A good month of running indeed there Badbark. Impressive mileage and results for the month.

Nice bit of trail running there GM and enjoying it too!

Nice bit of weekend activities Abbers.

I've found the back to back weekend long runs a good way to build up the endurance over the weeks. And doing this longer 24 training has been a good psychological boost too that I can do it. Although it has also prompted me to look at diet/food and water intake too.

My wife would kill me if I entered Commrades Poacher...

Cracking session there Jools and some good long term plans with the running. I'd love to do New York, but have heard it's quite expensive?

That 3 months notice is a good chance to looking out for something new G-Dawg. Sound like a rough 10 miler there, but I bet you're glad you finished it.

10 miles last night made up of 3 x laps round the local park with 8 @ 7.35 pace and the last 2 @ 8.30 pace. Then 10 miles tonight with 7 miles XC at the running Club. Can't get connected to Garmin Express at the moment after updating the software, so might have to uninstall and try again. 

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Posted: 30/08/2015 at 23:50
Sorry to hear your bad news G-Dawg and hope you find something soon. Keep thinking positive.
Interesting parkrun result Birch. A group hug at the end?
Hope your rest had helped your niggles Gul.
Good over distance run lorenzo.
Great race report Badbark and good luck for your 4 marathon goal.
Nice solo/team 5k race Jools.
Uber mileage this weekend with a 24 hour training challenge. Started klwith 15.5 miles on Friday night at 11pm, got home just after 1 am and had a shower and some food, then off to bed for a 4.5 hour kip. Out at 7.15am and ran a 3.45.xx marathon (with a 0.3 mile warm down). I was planning to another run in the afternoon then evening but life got in the way and ended up going out just after 6pm and did another 18 miles. So scores on the doors was 60 miles in 22 hours and a total of 101miles for the week. Surfice to say today has been a rest day.

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Posted: 28/08/2015 at 00:41

Good paced tempo miles Abbers and a good one to build on.

VTrunner, an impressive 10 mile average pace there and even better that they felt comfortable. I think if you can knock that out with the fatigue in your legs it's a good sign of improved fitness. Just think if you had a bit of a rest and have bouncy legs!

10 miles tonight with 8 x 300m hill reps in the middle.

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Posted: 27/08/2015 at 13:13

VTr the lean, mean, marathon machine. Good excellent monthly mileage.

Interested to know how many calories you burned too Lorenzo in your 16.5 miler.

Abbers, sounds like something from Dr Who "found a 40 minute turbo window"

Nice 14 miler there PJFrizzle and a good ace.

15 miles last nice at a steady 8.06 pace. A bit of a late one and didn't get back home till after 11pm.

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Posted: 26/08/2015 at 13:24

PJ Frizzle - a good marathon paced 10 miler there. I wouldn't worry too much about weekly mileage. Your 60 miles is a decent weekly amount and probably what i was doing back in the Spring. The actual sessions you do are more important than a weekly total. Good luck for Berlin - a fast course!

A good dreadmill interval session Abbers. Box ticked if it was 5k PB pace.

Hope your glute is more supple tomorrow Gul

Enjoy the football G-Dawg and stay on your feet.

Bad news on the physio trip Leslie. 12 weeks sounds a long time, but hopefully you'll be running again in time for Xmas.

10 mile tempo run last night which ended up @ 6.49 av pace.

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Posted: 25/08/2015 at 00:13

Yes Abbers, peddling with no stabilisers is one thing, stopping with brakes is another and remembering to put your foot down at the same time.

Running 6 miles & carrying blackberries is an interesting combination MsE. Are planning a homemade pie

A good paced 7 miler G-Dawg, is that 1 mile per pint drunk yesterday?

Training for the Equinox 24 in September Speedy. Trying not to think too much about what I've signed up for!

Shame you are thinking twice about Abo Lorenzo, but I guess you know the indicators early on. Gul's Autumn Shakespeare looks a fast course?

10k recovery run tonight in a slow 8.43 m/m pace.

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Posted: 24/08/2015 at 13:52

That's a good session to start the week Gul, could be just a blip on the Garmin if you know the 1 mile route is correct? The Autumn Shakespeare looks interesting, is round a race track?

Good target to have BikeIT and I wold imagine 12 weeks should be enough time given your endurance from earlier this year! I think my target running pace will be at least 9m/m if not a bit slower.

A good weekend there Abbers. I remember the same with my young lad, having to run by him without his stabilisers pretending to be holding on the the seat

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