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Posted: Yesterday at 21:57

I thought you might have run it Birch. Wondered about whether doing a bit of solo running nearer the end might be tough. How did you find that?

Great report Slokey - you should be proud of that time AND a 9 minute improvement too! Just did a bit of cyber stalking on the photos and there is one of you coming down the finishing straight and I can see my day glow orange shirt in the background! Spooky.

Well done on your excellent time too JF2, just had a look too but could't see any bright orange t-shirts lurking in your photos!

Official time has come in a bit lower too at 3.03.42 (55 second PB)

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Posted: Yesterday at 13:48
SlokeyJoe wrote (see)
"Thanks Death Punch" - not a phrase I ever expected to see written down love it.

Yes, made me laugh too after I read it back!

G-Dawg - Would be interesting to see what plan your mate's coach comes up with too

VTrunner - I had a 500ml bottle of sports drink the day before and a neara full one on the drive up to Manchester in the morning, so I think I was okay? I've had the twitches before and they have led to bad cramps in the race later and stopping to stretch didn't help ease it as the rest of the legs started ceasing too. So I knew from experience what was potentially on the cards.

Interesting pnts about he higher mileage Leslie

Good luck for London Poacher if you give it a go - you might surprise yourself! Think age can be a mental thing too as I don't feel my age (and don't act it too!).

Sounds like you had a great race plan and race too JF2.

Good report ssc and glad you got a great time too. Sounds like you mentally toughed it too.

Still a few aching leg muscles Gul, but a bit better than yesterday. Workmates are laughing at me going down the stairs to the toilet.

Been looking at an Autumn marathon (but need to discuss with Mrs KR) and Chester or Mablethorpe look like options. Anyone done Mablethorpe?

Thanks for posting that info up Badbark. I thought the pace of the longer runs would be a lot slower. Not surprising you include the weights too, like a few other have mentioned. I think this could be something I need to take up. Looks like you have found the right balance.

Good 22 miler Leslie, can;t remember the last time I had a 10+ hour sleep!

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Posted: 20/04/2015 at 13:29

Another great session there Gul - you seem to like those 3 x 2mile reps!

That was a big jump up in mileage Badbark with good results. What was the slow running m/m pace you did on those runs? I would imagine doubles would be the way to go to get all that in? I know Race Jase does 3/4 days of doubles a week to get his mileage in reading his blog.

MsE, think you must be confusing me with someone else, as I didn't do any running the day before let alone a Parkrun? That would be crazy

Legs feel a bit battered this morning and it's a struggle waling down the stairs. WIll go for a walk tonight to loosen them up a bit.

Thanks Death Punch - I've been there before a few times, so I know the warning signs

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Posted: 20/04/2015 at 00:46

It would have been beautiful and mildy romantic if we'd all run round together holding hands and skipping over the finish line together. Trouble is you can't always see peoples numbers when you are running.

Great time Fraser & JF2 - a great weekend for the thread for results

Got to the start with about 30 seconds to spare after a last minute pee in the bushes. Had to climb over the barrier to get to my pen (which was not policed) so was probably at the back of the Start A area and a bit congested too. Was ok with this as I wanted a more sedate first mile which then came in at 7.03. Next 10 miles went by quite quickly averaging 6.55/6.56 pace which felt comfortable and was with a group of runners going at a similar pace. Tried not to look at my watch much and felt I was gauging my pace well. Got to halfway in just over 1.30 and felt fine and still in control and the miles were still ticking off sub 7 minute mile pace which was a bit slower than I'd hoped for by then. When I got to mile 15 I could start to feel a few twitches in my calves. I had the same thing last year which I ignored only to have it comeback and haunt me for the last horrible 8 miles.

I took the decision to ease off the pace for a few miles down to 7.10 - 7.15 pace in the hope it would settle. Luckily it did to the point I felt I could keep going and hold that pace, hoping I could push on later. As I got to 20 miles I could still feel the calf muscles twitching, not knowing if they would suddenly spasm like they'd done before. So the next few miles were a bit tentative. As I got to mile 24 I decided it was sh1t or bust time and if they were going to go they would have by then. It was a tough last few miles digging deep and I was glad to have made it without stopping. But felt frustrated at the same time as I felt I had been holding back due to the calf twinges, but knew at the end it had been the right thing to do. I had the most excruciating massage afterwards by 2 blokes at the same time, my calves where all over the place and so knotted. A few swear words were muffled into the towel as I lay face down

Pleased to have got a PB (at the age of 46), but disappointed not to get sub 3. Made we wonder about what I can do to rectify this on the way home. This time round I"d been averaging 60+ miles and done 7 x 20 milers, so I knew I'd got the endurance runs in. Maybe I need to do some leg strength work in the gym (don't do any gym work) and more core work? Maybe I need the change of approach as TR suggest, as I've used training up to now that might not be at the right paces. Thanks for the offer TR - I may well take you up on that!

Still waiting for the official results to come up, but Garmin time of 3.03.48. First 15 miles @ 6.56 av pace, last 11 miles @ 7.14 av pace.

Looking forward to hearing about VLM next weekend, let's hope we get a good few PB's too!

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 19/04/2015 at 23:21
Great PB Malcs, a great improvement. Looks like you are steadily (10 minutes!) chipping away. Sub 3 next time!!
Great PB and sub 3 sore quads.
PB too today at Manchesterof 3.03.48 (garmin). Got some calf cramp twitches from mile 16 so had to ease off the pace to get round.

RW F7 – Searching for 3:09

Posted: 19/04/2015 at 22:40
Well done Rich, so glad you made it to the start line AND got a sub 3.30 result. I know it has been tough but you stuck at it. Hope this sets you up well for an autumn marathon.
Got a PB today and was hoping to go sub 3, but got some calf cramp twinges from 16 miles and had to ease off the pace to make sure I made it in 1 piece.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 19/04/2015 at 14:48
Well done Slokey!!!
PB for me too today, 3.03.48 (I think didn't stop garmin immediately). Was going ok then got a few calf cramp twitches from 16 miles so had to ease off the pace to get round. Will do a report later. Fraser was going very well from when he went past at halfway....

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Posted: 17/04/2015 at 18:29

Might not be a massive benefit but there's caffeine in other things too MsE like chocolate & coke. Personally, I've just cut out loads of coffee and black tea - not sure how of an effect that will have?

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Posted: 17/04/2015 at 14:49

I'm a big Green tea drinker too MsE, usually have about 5 mugs a day at work. Trying to drastically reduce my caffine this week by not having normal tea or industrial strength coffee that I also have - although the Green tea still has cafffine not as much as normal tea or coffee. I got some caffine gels for Sunday, one of which is a double expresso gel - so looking forward to that hit!. That egg white omelette sounds interesting, I presume that wasn't actually IN the omelette?

Feeling a bit bloated too Slokey, just been home for a big pasta lunch, now faced with a lunchbox full of delights this afternoon, then dinner!

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Posted: 16/04/2015 at 22:59

Got my bottle of Beet juice in the fridge nicely chillin'. This one has passion fruit in it (glass bottle not carton) and didn't realise until I put it in the fridge, so should be a bit sweeter. Been eating like a horse today too Frazer and didn't have dinner till 8.30. Just going to keep it tomorrow then ease off Saturday.

Went out for a 3 miler tonight with my gel belts on & loaded up and they are feeling okay. Just need to remember to put vaseline at the bottom of my back. Seem to recall having bad chaffing there last year from the belt.

Sounds like you have the taper sluggishness Birch!

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