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Posted: Yesterday at 22:52

Bad news there Poacher, are you not completely ruling out Comrades, is there still a chance?

With the bigger picture MsE, that's probably a wise decision. Shame about missing out on the Trail mara, sounds fantastic. A night time marathon sounds interesting...

Good miles there VTrunner, are you putting anything on your blister area - vaseline to ear the rubbing on a tender area?

8 miles with 10 x hill reps in the middle tonight and glutes feel it a bit not sitting down!

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Posted: Yesterday at 13:38

Hope you get your issues sorted out Gerrad, what you need is a target race to aim for even if it is a soft target, gives more reason to getting out the door. How is the Yoga helping, do you feel stronger since starting it in Feb?

Sounds like you have a plan Bike_It, good luck!

Good news on the new contract Abbers, you'll soon fill those 3 hours with better things, and think of that petrol money you'll save!

Good luck with your 10k Jools and hope he man flu shifts from your system in time.

Hope your mojo comes back PMJ.

Nice little progressive 5 miler last night in 32.10. First mile in 6.49 and last in 6.09.

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: Yesterday at 13:26

Good running and pace Scott. Going through the New Forest sounds ace a break from the norm of tarmac.

Good weekly mileage Chicksta and the light bright mornings make it easier to get up and out. Enjoy your weekend away.

Don't know how I'm going to fit in my running over the weekend. Looks like it will be an early morning LR on Saturday, then not sure when else. Got friends staying Sat & Sun then we're away till Tuesday - so very sporadic and sums up my pattern of running over the summer.

If there were 3 key P&D training runs per week to do what would they be? I know there are cycles, but I'm in base building mode at the mo.

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: 20/05/2015 at 13:36

Thanks for posting that link Ferg - some good reading & lots of great info.

And also 15West, a great thorough explanation too

Some good sessions being done and I like the 6 x 1k reps, although not done that one for a while. You guys still seem to be knocking out good mileages too (Millsy). I need to get back into the base building phase as the longest I've run since Manchester is 13 miles.

Well done on your 10k Scott and other racers.

Managed a PB for a local League race on Sunday. A bit of an odd distance of 8 miles and did 52.26. I tried to pace the first half as there were a few hills and one brutal one at the halfway point.

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Posted: 19/05/2015 at 22:45

Very pretty  VTrunner. can we have a Badbark time-lapse style recovery video of this?

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Posted: 19/05/2015 at 13:22

Birch - you've got to go for that Club v60 time!

Good Parkrun time 0052

Good quotes MsE, thanks for posting.

Well done on your sprint Tri Minni, the first of many I'm guesssing!

Good 10k time PMJ, with the lurgy lurking.

Sounds like you are putting in some good training G-Dawg

Looks a good blister VTR - go on pop it...

Good luck for the weekend running Badbark. Do you have to double carb load for that?

Did an 8 mile league race on Sunday and got a PB 52.26. Don't know of any other 8 milers so nothing to compare it against and it's the 3rd year on the trot I have run this. It's got rather a brutal long hill which takes you to 4 miles, and coincidentally there was an ambulance waiting at the top of the hill! Slowest mile was 6.48 and fastest 6.08.

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Posted: 15/05/2015 at 13:40

Like the hilly water Blisters!

Glad to hear you're back in the field again Gul and a good session too.

Good week of training Slokey.

I hope you can wash your trainied GDawg. I like the sound of the 1k relay teamwork and well done on the sub 40 time in those conditions under foot.

Exciting news MsE on getting to do the MsE in Psychology. So tell me about your childhood... (strokes chin)

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: 14/05/2015 at 13:37

I think you are certainly right about the consistent training MsE - week in week out uninterrupted training. Good you have a coach that is wise to the P&D and can help to tweak for you. Re the cramping, now you mention it, I don't recall many females having an issue with cramp? Maybe it's just men of a certain age group?

I like bananas! Crisps and G&T too!

Madbee, I think most people get cramp after finishing a marathon / when stopped. It's the cramp whilst running that is the curious issue.

DrDan, must frustrating with the injury flaring up on the longer run. If the shorter 3-4 miles is better to cope with, stick with that. My physio said once is was better to come back with more regular smaller runs, than to try and leapt back up to higher mileage (although you can't say 7 miles in too long). It might be worth trying a 2 miler one day then 5 the next to see if a slight increase has any effect?

Booktrunk - Good to know entries open end of May. I've done the half about 6 times as I live local and regularly run the half marathon route as part of training, but never run the full.

Going to see Horrible Histories at the theatre tonight and I think I'm more excited than my kids!

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Posted: 14/05/2015 at 13:21

MsE - I don't think it was a psychological thing? Although knowing you are aiming for a specific time does hang around in your head a lot. It's more not having a goal race at the moment and no pressure on the structure of the training. And it's good not to feel if I miss a training run or 2 that it won't have an impact on the bigger picture. With other social events this week I think I'll just about manage 30 miles. But I'm happy with that. Going to try and build back up 40 milers from next week. Hope your ankle is back to normal and good that you are focused and building up to your trail marathon.

I think you are right about the consistent consistency Birch and am sure the back to back campaigns helped a lot.

Went out for a 5 mile run last night and was back to normal @ 6.37 av pace. Dunno what happened on Tuesday, must have been a bit of my wife's current illness lurking about?

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: 13/05/2015 at 13:35

Thanks for the welcome guys - feel like a newbie so apologies on some obvious questions I might ask...

15 West, yes I did the Asics comp back in 2012 and have been using that schedule albeit tweaked since. This Spring I used a Club mates schedule which helped a lot and was a lot different to what I'd done before.

Thanks MsE, your progress has been very inspirational and partly why I want to try out this P&D training, I know Jooles has had great success with it too.

Millsy - I think I'm the same too and like to trail some of the principles for this Autumn. Sounds a good paced run with the MP. Were those MP miles at the end?

Scot - if you are looking for an Autumn mara abroad, Amsterdam is a good one (but filling fast). Current marathon PB is from Manchester this year of 3.03.42. I was going ok till mile 16 when I could feel cramp twitches in my calf and had to slow the pace down.

Good spree of Ultra running there Booktrunk - don;t know how you do it! I might see in Leicester in October. That's the marathon I'm looking to do.

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