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Posted: 08/02/2016 at 01:36

Good Ultra tactics there Poacher, can't believe she even admitted what she was doing!

A good long run Gul and mileage for the week.

Still a good weeks mileage there Lorenzo, sometimes it is tough to hit the pace on given don;t let it get you down.

A tough pace to run that slow PMJ especially i think as it can change your running form. Yes, got Manchester down as my target race on April 10th. Good to see the consistent weeks are coming back. Like the 20 mile pace you did there yesterday.

Probably not a bad thing Birch missing Dewsbury and resting the knee.

Like the burning picture Badbark. Your stalker seemed very close in that image. Impressive 10k time and WAVA stats and like you say 2 weeks from a marathon too.

Building up the mileage steady there Leslie.

16 miles for me on Saturday and a tough one on paper with 12 miles @ MP. First 2 were steady @ 7.37 av pace, then I managed to slip into a 6.4x groove which I wasn't expecting. Overall pace for the 16 miles was 6.51 and the 12 miles @ MP came out at 6.44 av. Another 67 mile week and I was tempted to go for a 3 mile run today to get to 70, but thought a day of rest might be better.

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Posted: 05/02/2016 at 13:25

Abbers, I've not seen the weather until now you just mentioned it. Looks like it will be wet tomorrow indeed! Re kids birthday parties, it was my youngest 9th birthday last week and we had a sleepover in the local tennis club with 18 kids. It also tied in with my running club presentation night at the pub up the road. I dropped hints about nipping out for a quick pint - didn't go down too well so I didn't go. However it turns out I won the Outstanding Male performance award and also a Gold standard grade award too. A bit gutted now I couldn't pick them up on the night.

Nice early start and good mileage for the week GM. 6 runs in 6 days is good and consistent too. To be honest mid 60's is about right I think for weekly mileage for me and I think it only peaks at 70 (P&D 55 - 70 schedule)

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Posted: 05/02/2016 at 09:05

Beer & curry are full of nutrients 00, so explains the good week you are having. I'd say do some the VLM course as G-Dawg suggests if you are staying in Canary Wharf.

Nice double Hilly.

Grim challenge sounds intriguing G-Dawg, hope you enjoy.

13.1 miles last night @ 7.15 pace then 7 easy miles this morning with 6 x 100m strides. Unintentional double I guess (and 20 miles) with 12 hours and a bit of sleep in-between.

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Posted: 03/02/2016 at 23:16

I like the sound of that alternating pace session Freemers and your Mini Zatopek session looks good too Gul. Do you have a beep or a buzz on the watch to signal the starts/finish?

A bit more cultured there GM with the drink choice. A good paced MP 10k section there dodging the tourists. Weekly mileage is averaging around 66 at the moment.

Impressive swimming Abbers, 1 mile is a long way to swim, don't know how do it.

Nice 15 miler there G-Dawg, a good distance mid week.

5 mile recovery run tonight.

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Posted: 02/02/2016 at 23:25

Nice negative split on your MLR Gul

Impressive holiday running GM, hope you are enjoying a few sangrias too!

Tasty lunchtime run Abbers and good hard mile pace.

Good barefoot BikeIT jnr triathlon BikeIt, must run in the genes.

Moonboot sounds intriguing Minni. Hope it's doing the job with your stress fracture. How long will it be till you get the green light to run again?

My 2nd double day yesterday with 6 in the morning and 5 in the evening. Nice 15 MLR tonight running to the Club, Club run then home again.

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Posted: 01/02/2016 at 23:59

Good to see you out early again Gul - nice long run

Good weekly & monthly mileage Bad bark. Well done on the marathon talk name check

Solid weekly mileage though 0053 - I think you have the advantage of previous sub 3 London marathons in the bank/legs

A credible long run Hilly if you have been under par all week. Still good time on feet.

Top weekly mileage BikeIt - endurance looks like it is building up well.

Bloomin hec Jools, 272 for the month is going some! and matched by the accidentally in form SBD - welcome back.

Had a good progressive 20 on Saturday with a mixture of 10 @ MP + 20%, 4 @ MP + 10% and 6 @ MP miles. Came in at 2.28.00 (av pace of 7.24) so chuffed with that. 66 miles for last week and guessing at 250+ miles for January.


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Posted: 28/01/2016 at 23:52

A good way to increase the mileage BikeIT. Like the smoothie invention.

Still sounds a good session there Gul, with the short recoveries too. I'm usually on auto pilot in the mornings, hence why I never go out running, but strangely find it ok at the weekend?

A good combinations of runs there BB. I'm liking the P&D so far and hope it works out in the end.

Looking good on your tempo run Abbers with Sunday and Tuesday still in your legs.

SJ, just checked out that race and it looks incredible - well done for getting in! How are you going to train of that?

Splendid 1k reps session G-Dawg, nice and swift.

11 miles tonight with 6 miles at half marathon pace (av 6.26 pace for the HM miles).

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Posted: 27/01/2016 at 13:40

Seems like you are building up nicely Hilly, I'm sure the pace will increase as you progress through the training.

Good to see your progression in marathons G-Dawg and 10 by the end of the year os a good round number

Impressive posting time Jools, hope the 10 miler went well.

Not planning to do regular double Gul, just once a week over the next 3/4 weeks if I remember my P&D schedule correctly. TBH I fnd it tough getting up early midweek especially when I have 3 lots of packed lunches to get done too before getting ready and off to work.

Impressive build up week Birch and must be interesting to look back at what you did in that build up. But like you said you were in marathon training. I think the WAVA grading is a great benchmark when you start getting into different age groups and just shows the level that you were running at last year.

Are you going to do a Forest Gump run on 10th Feb Badbark

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Posted: 27/01/2016 at 00:42

I liked seeming those stats Birch, thanks for posting. Makes me wish I'd kept more of a record over the years - only been running since 2001. I suppose Garmin Connect is my only record. What was your best year of running and why? Trvia fact - currently you have run over 25% of the distance from the earth to the moon (225,623 miles away)!

Welcome back Hilly. Looks like a good succession of recent weekly mileage. What's your long run looking like at the moment?

Like the grunge stuff too VTrunner

Good 10 miler G-Dawg after that weight session last night.

Nice double GM, probably a good decision with the current bad weather.

15 miles tonight @ 7.26 av pace (MP + 10%). First 3 miles were tough as into a strong headwind and uphill, but got into a good rhythm and the miles ticked by.

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Posted: 26/01/2016 at 17:08

Nice half marathon PB BikeIt

I like your Damp January theory G-Dawg Aparently it's bad for you to give it up completely as you are more likely to binge in February and try and catch up.

Good hilly 20 and weekly mileage Lorenzo

A good first place record Speedy. We have another Parkrun in Leicester if you are ever there on a Saturday - just let me know.

Good first 20 miler VTRunner and big weekly mileage

Well done on the shadow following marathon Badbark. The worse thing to have someone stuck to your shoulder.

Some great historical 10 miles being quoted. I think it was down to the fashionable running gear of the 80's that helped these times.

Hope your spin class didn't get you dizzy GM

Good early 12 miler though Gul. I did my first ever double yesterday with 6 am & 5 pm. Just glad I didn't have to do any pace early on. Although I did feel more refreshed in the day?

Did my first 22 miler of the campaign at the weekend @ 7.48 av pace, so good a bit of a long one done. 66 miles for last week.

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