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Comrades 2015

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 16:50

I managed a fairly relaxed Rome on Sunday. Jogging through to km 37ish, started to struggle by 38 only, got to 40 and took a longish break at the feed station, probably cost me a minute or so, ran 3:52:31 with a 9 second negative split. If my energy drops wouldn't be back in London I would have gone through to the finish without any trouble, I think.

Weather was bad, rain for most of it, but at least it wasn't a downpour like we had at 6am. Start was a clusterf..., but we were relaxed about it. Without it I would probably gone 8:30s and died, it was good to b stuck. I really need to work on self control.

Legs were slightly shot on Monday (due to cobble stones?), but walked about 15k including a vatikan tour and all the steps up. Today I ran 10k and it felt OK. Wouldn't want to do much more, but will rest now until an easy run on Thursday. On Saturday I have to hammer parkrun for Jantastic, messed up last week (dfyb).


Rome Marathon

Posted: 22/03/2015 at 16:00
Well, that was a wet morning. Getting to the start was a chaos and we got stuck in the channel to get to pen c when the start happened and d was released. Started with the 5 hour pace maker, by km 33 we got the 4 hour one we wanted to run with.
3:52:31 with a probably very even split for each 5k segment.
Just had a nap, now some more sightseeing and refuelling coming up.

Rome Marathon 2015

Posted: 19/03/2015 at 21:45
Huyton Culchie wrote (see)

Weather looks just right too...

No idea where you are looking, I see 17 degrees and rain. If the rain isn't too strong it should be fine, taking rain over wind any time. But just a nice cloud cover would be good, then turning sunny once we finish.

Comrades 2015

Posted: 15/03/2015 at 18:23

21.5 - 20 - 18; Well that is a taper I haven't done for a marathon before 

The 18 miles today were in 4 hour marathon pace, same pace I will try to run in Rome next week. Didn't feel that hard, and (or but???) I didn't take on any nutrition yet. But it was important to control myself and not just go running hard again. Much easier without a number attached and thousands of people around.

As for the shoe discussion, I sorted out my flat a bit. I am really into Brooks Adrenaline:

 Cut down to 8 pairs now 

Comrades 2015

Posted: 10/03/2015 at 23:21
Slow Duck wrote (see)

Lars - the fewest long runs I've done in training for Comrades is 3 marathons...

I am fine with 3 marathons, just don't want you all to talk about 35 mile runs and more 

I have done 4 20 mile runs so far, going to run 3 marathons an about 3 to 5 more 20 mile runs. Easter is going to be a back to back experiment.


Comrades 2015

Posted: 10/03/2015 at 22:45

Lowrez, I have about 10 pairs of Brooks GTS 14. I also have 2 new pairs of GTS 15 and I don't like them (yet). I think I might thane to nurse a couple of 14s to Comrades if I don't get on with the 15s soon.


As for long runs, do people train a lot over distance? I am running my 1st 26 next week, just wondering where to go from there.

Comrades 2015

Posted: 08/03/2015 at 15:39
Mr K wrote (see)

Talking of parkrun - I hope to see you all at North Beach (Durban) parkrun on the 30th



I haven't worked out which one to do, I have been told NOT to do one. So I will be taking my barcode 

Comrades 2015

Posted: 07/03/2015 at 17:48

I did the usual NYD parkrun double, so drove up there and to St. Albans. Won't run up there until  October XC in Stevenage, or possibly the Half Marathon in Hitchin at the end of June.

Comrades 2015

Posted: 07/03/2015 at 16:18
GarthM wrote (see)
My poor Lab. Ella was really miffed to miss her Panshanger Parkrun this morning. It's been the highlight of her week since New year.
"Jog on friends...." ????

Did you do Panshanger on NYD? due to lack of toilet facilities that was my worst run ever. Well, between ultra runners we talk about these things, don't we?

Comrades 2015

Posted: 06/03/2015 at 21:30

Just had a good read through the last few pages, and I missed this post before

lowrez wrote (see)

COWIES HILL - 14km from the start - climbing 137m in 1.5km

FIELDS HILL - 22km from Durban – rising 213m over a distance of 3km
BOTHA'S HILL – just after half way – rising 150m over a distance of 2.4km
INCHANGA - winds relentlessly for 2.5km and rises 150m
POLLY SHORTTS - 80km from Durban – a rise of 100m 1.8km in length

Thanks for collating it Lowrez.

Some quick math shows them as a mile at 9%,  then 2 miles at 7%, and then the rest a bit over 6%. so the 4 to 5% of coach Parry might make it seem a bit low.

To compare, the zigzag climbs 120m in 2.5 km, making it 'only'4.8% steep. But I could combine that with a parkrun trip. Strava has it at 5%( ) with the fastest guy doing just under 10 minutes. Must hav been when Andy (also Serpentine) won the Ballbuster Duathlon.


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