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Up & Running Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon

Posted: 12/11/2014 at 22:18

runlozrun:  Bedford Half sounds great, but unfortunately working in Holland then, dammit!  Even worse you go to the Netherlands for 2 weeks and can't find a flat half marathon anywhere!

Up & Running Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon

Posted: 08/11/2014 at 11:39

Also looking for a space PM or email me  Thanks Guys!


Boston Marathon 2014

Posted: 16/08/2013 at 09:11

What are the chances of actually getting a space if you have only just beaten the qualifying std in the younger age groups?  Has anybody got in with a tight qualifying time? I was a good 10 mins under last year but a shocking London this year has seen me only 2 mins below now.  Have got another marathon lined up at the end of Sept but I guess this will probably be too late!

London Marathon Good For Age

Posted: 02/07/2013 at 07:36

I entered last tuesday and have heard nothing yet.  I am slightly concerned that there was no way of checking what you had loaded before you hit submit?  I know I have qualified and have entered via GFA before (when I knew exactly what was going in the post!!!) but a bit worried that if didn't load properly then I won't be accepted.  Anyone else still waiting for the email 7 days later???


Fairlands Valley Challenge Ultra Marathon 50K (plus 12M, 18M, 26.2M options)

Posted: 24/06/2013 at 21:02

Hmmm I was planning on using this as a training run on the way back from visiting friends in London, however I have never been to Stevenage so I am not going to be able to recce the routes beforehand.  I ran Trail 5-4-3-2-1 in Salisbury last year, does anyone have any experience with both to see how this compares?  I don't mind taking the instructions and having to do some navigation/map reading but I don't want to do this the whole way, or I might as well go run somewhere else for free!

London Marathon 2014 GFA

Posted: 26/04/2013 at 17:39

Yep thats what I thought until I called them up to see if I squeeze some info out of them as to how much the margins are going to change by.  Apparently when the ballot goes live on monday, the GFA times will be published at the same time, which makes far more sense.  Will wait to see if that actually happens.  From previous applications you usually have until July to get a GFA application in.


London Marathon 2014 GFA

Posted: 26/04/2013 at 08:06

OT:  Did she say that you should enter the ballot and then enter via GFA if you do meet the qualifying standard?  it appears they are not going to publish the qualifying times until well after the ballot closes.  I thought I would be OK for next year but not so sure now, ran a disappointing 3.33.56 on Sunday due to a problem I have had for the last few weeks, last year ran a 3.25.23.  I guess it also depends on how long your times are good for?  Hmmmm!


Snowdonia marathon 2013

Posted: 19/04/2013 at 08:55

Good luck to all at VLM this wkd!!!  Hope you all get the times you are hoping for.  Up until 6 weeks ago training was going well, now its all fallen apart!!!  May see you on green Brer as I am also coming off that start.  Whatever happens its going to be a brilliant day as usual  Good Luck Guys

Race the Train 2013

Posted: 26/03/2013 at 20:37

Probably!!!  Its 14ish miles and they are 14 tough miles!!!  Is the marathon road or offroad ???  Depends what you are hoping to achieve from the marathon, if your going for a time and racing it hard then racing the wkd before isn't usually recommended.  However, Race the Train is a cracking race, so you could always give the marathon a miss and do this instead



Llanelli parkrun

Posted: 23/03/2013 at 11:23

Congrats Guys, will come over and check it out at some point in the next couple of months

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