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Lucozade Energy Gel

Posted: 13 November 2006
Overall: Used this in the Langdale 1/2, despite being guided towards jelly babies on the forum. Would not use it again felt no gain after use.

Polar S625x

Posted: 07 March 2006
Overall: The s625X by polar, has revolutionized & invigorated my running beyond compare. Most notably, my training has diversified to include interval training, heart rate exertion exercises & calculated lap times whilst out on the road, rather than on a track. I am now able to expand my, once routine, measured running routes to include bike rides with the kids & also bridal way routes with my wife on horseback, whilst still being in control of my weekly running schedule. Once back home, I am able to download myriad pieces of information onto the computer to dissect & muse over. I have discovered ways to increase speed whilst reducing heart rate by analysis of exercise sessions on the PC. Reducing stride length & running economically with an upright stance has led to dramatic improvements in my PB’s. This progress, I have been able to monitor using Polars excellent software, which is included with the product.

The measuring pod itself is extremely robust, weather proof & lightweight, you don’t realize it’s on your shoe. It is easy to transfer from shoe to shoe, however the changing of the AAA battery every 150 miles or so is a bit fiddly. The accuracy of the pod in measuring distance is unerring. I completed my local 10K fun run with my watch reading 6.20 miles; you can’t get much more accurate than that. I do find however that the slower the pace, the less accurate the watch gets, maybe 10 strides difference in a mile, still far more exact than the old map & string routine!

I purchased the watch when it first appeared on the sceene and therefore paid a premium. The watch is now very reasonablly priced & I have no quarms in recommending it highly.

The Polar s625X has kept me motivated, keeping to my running schedule, & has improved my technique & times, what more could you ask from a watch.