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Mizuno Wave Inspire 8

Posted: 09 April 2013
Overall: I have always had big problems finding trainers that fit. I have very broad feet, very flat arches (maybe collapsed on the left). I'm also somewhat overweight for running and have had long term Achilles problems in the past. Mizunos are the only shoes I could find that fit me with any kind of comfort. I still get blisters quite easily where my flat arch rubs, but they are great for runners with wide feet. I also tried Wave Nirvana, but whenever I got injured, it was wearing those, so I tend to avoid them- something about the back of the shoe didn't seem to agree with my achilles.

Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4

Posted: 23 April 2008
Overall: Only had these a couple of weeks, but out of many pairs which I tried on in the specialist running shop, only these felt at all comfortable. I have one foot which is quite broad and flat and was getting blistered insoles off my old pair of Asics. Have run up to 10 miles in this new pair with no blisters and they feel great on the road with good stability and support.