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Nike Air Pegasus

Posted: 24 October 2005
Overall: just ok

Nike Air Kantara

Posted: 24 October 2005
Overall: a no no from me

Saucony Grid Trigon 2

Posted: 24 October 2005
Overall: I have tried various makes and models and for me (big bloke, slight overpro, high milage), def the best so far, bought 2 pairs of responce and 1 durable when they were cheap afetr mk3 was released, now I wish i hadnt got the durable as the extra weight and bits do make it slightly more cumbersome, but still a great shoe for long training runs, my 1st set og response lasted 3 maras and clocked up over 1000 miles before they got replaced, set 2 are well over 500m and still going strong.