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10k! Am I completely mad?!?

Posted: 08/07/2005 at 15:52
I'm so glad you have asked that Geri G! I've been wondering that myself!

London - getting home

Posted: 07/07/2005 at 13:58
Just spoken to a family member who's in central London and he's been advised to stay in his office for the time being.

10k! Am I completely mad?!?

Posted: 07/07/2005 at 13:51
Thanks, for the tips- started last night with about 4k round the garrison near where i lived, I've also measured on the map how I can increase my runs week by week. I'm actually less scared and very excited now. So thanks very much.

On a completely different note- love and best wishes to all affected by the incidences in London.

10k! Am I completely mad?!?

Posted: 05/07/2005 at 13:26
Hello! I am a relative newbie. I've run three 5km (Race for Lifes) this month and in a moment of madness decided that I needed a new challenge. So I've entered the Cancer Research 10 at Audley End House and I have from now until 11th September to double the furthest I've ever run.
I am having serious doubts- I'm not really sure where to start stepping up my training. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Any Essex runners out there?

Posted: 15/04/2005 at 15:59
Spooky! Must be part of some mass chelmsford to colchester exodus! Hope you're enjoying uni- my brother is at Essex and loves it. I'm doing the RFL there in July (also doing the Chelmsford one as well).

I've heard of the Springfield striders but just the name 'strider' has already counted me out! Keep me posted on the running clubs and I'll make some enquiries as well...

Any Essex runners out there?

Posted: 15/04/2005 at 14:09
Hello Eleanor,

I'm moving in Colchester in June so please post if you find a beginner friendly running club. I am currently plodding the park in Chelmsford on my tod.

Also got my trainers from the sweatshop bit of Harrods (get me!) but they were brilliant in there and unsuprisingly told me that they I am very heavy footed when I run so I have some fantastic cushioned trainers (adidias supernova cushion) and haven't had any probs since.

Good luck with the running!

Yet another newbie!

Posted: 08/04/2005 at 13:46
Congratulations Cariann. I've just started running again and am totally with you! Does anyone else find that its not just the face that does the beetroot but you're arms as well? Or is that just me?!

Best wishes to your mum- hope she's doing well.

First Race on Sunday

Posted: 08/04/2005 at 13:42
I've got my first (simce I've been running again) race next month- a ploddable 3k fun run. So much repsect for doing a 10k.

Like Fiona says just enjoy it- when I used to run in my fitter days I used to love the smug satisfaction of achieving a new distance or time, even though I never really achieved a very good position in the field.

Just have loads of fun and good luck. It will be great.

London Lucozade Hydro-Whatist Challenge

Posted: 07/04/2005 at 15:34
Well, there's no point in over doing things, is there now?

London Lucozade Hydro-Whatist Challenge

Posted: 07/04/2005 at 15:18
It's in september- loads of time!
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