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VLM Rejection Support Group

Posted: 28/09/2012 at 10:38

id love to know how much of the thousand runners raise actually go to work on the charity. After they have paid loads for the contract with vlm for places (few years ago some one said £400) then paid wages to people who work at the charity. etc etc. It was my 4th rejection and off to edinbrough i hope to run for a small local charity that supports me and my son. Its just the finances of getting to and from and having pay for accomondation as have no family close by to crash at like i do in london.

Iv said i have given up on going vlm but my partner told me carry on entering  then do it for my self if i ever get in. i only ever wanted to run just one full in my life and then local half and 10km to just keep fit. we have see how i feel in april when ballot opens again. i hate people get in on 1st attempt as well when people have waited years. think everyone should experience one reject letter and you should only get in once through ballot system not multiple times. If want do it again then get a charity place and give others the chance. this probly me with vlm blues again.

BIG HUG to all us rejects


London marathon 2013 -I'm in!

Posted: 28/09/2012 at 10:27

Had my 4 th reject so off to edinbrough it is but going have look at finance as no family living in scotland so got accomondation and more expensive travel to pay for. My prtner said not give up on the ballot but my plan was to do one full in my life then just stick to home half and 10km. I believe in london you got more chance of higher sponsorship as people are aware of this, but just have raise the most for charity that is small local and close to my heart. My son is already climbing snowdon for them in 3 weeks and got over £100 so sure its possible

First Half next Sunday - Tips?

Posted: 26/09/2012 at 09:23

What time are you looking at. I will be there and going have to run slower than i want as got tight calf and chesty cough. Been told not to run but i am doing as stubborn. If you start to feel tired start dedicating each mile to a love one, you wouldnt want let that love one down would you? It is a flatter course and usualy great support. There was 7000 people who had entered the other day according to the radio (but not sure if that figure includes mini run to). being your first just enjoy. I 1st did robon hood in 07 in 2hr39 saying that will be my worst half ever and it was as got time down to 2hr04 in 10. Had 20 months off running and came back in may this year. im hoping 2hr 15. There also pace markers if that helps you. deep breaths, relax run your own race and enjoy. If coming up night before enjoy my home city there small italian dolcie on broadway street id recommed if you like independent restaurants, its opposite cinema

Robin Hood Half - What is the course like? How many hills?

Posted: 25/09/2012 at 14:46
Its a new course Ian have U seen it or done it. If so we still going up huge hill at uni we use to go up.

Robin Hood Half - What is the course like? How many hills?

Posted: 21/09/2012 at 10:28

It is mainly along the water ways of nottingham. They will be hills over train line bridges and im expecting the uni one, but its pritty flat looking at the map and knowing the area(i live here) I am really looking forward to it even though i have tight calf thats pulling my shin at the mo. Where are you coming from? I have been running with the sweatshop who sponsor it and trainig wise we have mainly done water ways and about once a month we do 4 repeats on a hill so hoping they have trained us right. lol Good luck. whats your exprcted time?

calf muscle cramping, half marathon next week...HELP!

Posted: 21/09/2012 at 10:20

what race you doing. Im in exactly the same situation as you and just put a thread on. Iv been see physio and he told me some exercises but decided to finish without injury next week will be more beneficial as got another onger race 4 weeks after the half. Mine left calf to and we worked it out to be my glute muscle that is lazy and causing the issue. Im stretching and using a tennis ball on the knots.When ever im stood still i be strtching bus stops. Standing on tip toes while brushing teeth etc. He then said to ice well when i can to but think im going use deep heat on race day and maybe ibruphen on race day morning. Let me know how you get on. Its robinhood im doing.

Do I have shin splints or stressfracture? Help please!

Posted: 21/09/2012 at 10:09

my tight calf is really causing pain in my shin at the moment. The tight calf due to weak glute muscle. The other week it stop me running. Iv been told stretches to glute and calf. tennis ball on sore part as presure thing as stretches the muscle. ice cubes rubbed into the shin and ice pack on the calf after training. Im racing next week so no rest for me. Hope you get it sorted as mine is really painful and slowed my running down so I know how you feel

Target: London Marathon 2013

Posted: 21/09/2012 at 10:03

iv just downloads oasic training plan which starts nov up to race day. I be running 3 times a week. Its free and iv alredy pinned it onto my wardrobe so my partner will force me to run on those days it says especially on the cold dark days that are in very near future.

Im waiting on my 4th attempt at the ballot but if i dont get into london its edinbrough for me as joints are starting to say no to long distance running. either way i be running a full for the local charity that helps me with my autistic son. good luck with everything and hope it helps

How do you cope without support from your partner ?

Posted: 21/09/2012 at 09:57

I not read the other comments but through running it gave me the confidence to get rid of the what now ex husband. He told me I would never run a half marathon, why do i waste my time when i should be at home. he use put me down all the time. 8 months after starting to run i left him and never looked back. Iv doing my 12th half next week 2nd kilomarathon next month and hopeing my 1st full in the spring. I am a better and fitter person without him.

my new partner cycles next to me looks after my son while i train. He looking forward to being there when i race even made the effort to surprise me at a start line when i knew he was up north that day. He left early to be there for me.

this is just food for thought but relatioship is about supporting each other how ever that may be

calf again

Posted: 21/09/2012 at 09:47

I have been to the physio about this and we have narrowed it down to the fact i have a weak glute that is causing me the issues. My calf is that tight it is pulling on my shin. he given me a glute exercise and a calf strtch which iv always done. told me stretch it well before and after runs holding stretch for a minute. He also said use a tennis ball on the most painful areas and ice cube on my shin bone.

I be stood at bus stop etc stretching. Pritty much whenever i think about it but nothing seems to be making a diffrence. I have new trainers and had the insloe foot mould done as well plus compression socks. This calf has cost me loads recently and i have a half on the 30th then london kilomarathon next month.

Has anybody else got some advice i could give a go. At the moment I am looking to getting around the half without injury. Then got 4 weeks to try and sort things for the kilo. Top my fretting off iv got a cold. lol

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