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london 2012

Posted: 27/04/2011 at 13:25
When u register the weekend of the race so plenty of time to sort summet out if u get in. Id be shocked if i get in as dont think it will ever happen

london 2012

Posted: 26/04/2011 at 18:50
When a mate did it they asked for id when registering wich usually had dob on it so i would if i was u.

london marathon 2012

Posted: 26/04/2011 at 07:23
I enetered at 230am as i woke so thought id check see if its open as going on my hols when child wakes up and wasnt leaving till i was entered. Iv entered last 3 years now. So hoping third time lucky.

london 2012

Posted: 26/04/2011 at 02:39
Im done now as woke up and thought id check rather than roll over go back sleep. Kid be happy as wwe can go on our holidays when he wakes up. I was refusing to go till i had got my name in the draw. Good luck all of u.x

london 2012

Posted: 24/04/2011 at 09:59
Iv looked and know its tue but no time as to when. Love that long answer. Its made me laugh. Well I had 9am in my head but may try earlier as going away that day and refuse to leave til im entered. May never make it. Lol

london 2012

Posted: 24/04/2011 at 08:10
What time does the ballot open on tue morning? 3rd time lucky I hope.

london marathon

Posted: 17/04/2011 at 21:35
Iv done loads of halfs but the atmosphere of london is great. Iv never known such atmosphere for full. Notts full the 2nd part iv been told is lonely. Well 1st part u only get support in key areas of tourist attractions. Well we have to see what sept oct brings me and how I know what time I have.

london marathon

Posted: 17/04/2011 at 21:15
Its about what I thought. Good for age no chance im not good enough. To finish in 5 hours will be fab for me. At the min im having a year break from racing halfs but hoping from sept I may be able start thinking a marathon could be in me. I have a bit more me time to trainwhich this year I knew id not have so took option to run for fun not race. Its been great to look at the weather and not go. Lol

london marathon

Posted: 17/04/2011 at 19:34
How much average do you have to raise for a charity place in london marathon. With the ballot system being pot luck now rather than 6th year u deffo in I doubt I ever get a place that way. Next week will be my 3rd year of applying. Well done to all of you who completed the distance. Enjoy your rest

Newark Half-Marathon

Posted: 09/08/2010 at 14:41
It the first half iv done and i was sick at due to the heat. I did though my 2nd best time ever. (dont have a clue how) I admit i had to walk for a while after being sick. It was a slow start but given me the confidence at robin hood i will break the 2 hr barrier as i should of yesterday if i hadnt stopped. Plus id never done this course before so didnt know what to expect while robin hood be my 4th time. I enjoyed the run.
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