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Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 07:20

Thanks for the welcome. Glad I don't need to rush and find accomodation as I generally find as soon as an event opens for entry then hotel prices go up and rooms disappear!

Iron Rach please post a link for your blog as would love to read it. I do a bit of swimming and biking also. My next big event is the half distance LCW in July in Tenby, bricking it as my swimming and cycling has been sidelined since Nov due to marathon training .  

Itching to get back out for a run after Sunday but have told myself to wait until Sunday to allow my body to recover, shame about the fact it's driving me insane.

Paris Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/04/2015 at 20:27

Hello all, can I join you all .

After running my 2nd Brighton marathon on Sunday and deciding never again, I have somehow signed up for Paris - weak willed yep that's me.

Looking forward to joining in the madness and learning lots. First question is where to stay and how soon to book up any suggestions?

Brighton Marathon 2015

Posted: 18/04/2014 at 10:23

I am back in again for next year, with the aim of enjoying the full 26.2 miles rather then the first 21miles and then the last .5 of a mile . This year was my 1st full marathon bu will be aiming for a GFA next year as got my sub 4 this year (just!) 3hr 59 and 21 secs.

Going to concentrate on triathlons over the summer, with the odd 10k thrown in. Will probably book Barnes Green HM in September before building the mileage back over after that.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 09:55

Huge well done to everyone  much respect to all.

Lit, bloody hell you must've be literally flying round the course - agree with DT you'll be going pro soon!

Wenty sorry to hear about your fall, that is really shit. Heal up and get back out there to smash your goal, do consider MK as booktrunk suggested to lay the ghosts to rest.

Well I am back in for Brighton Marathon next year, and will be following P&D properly this time. Have a summer of Tri's and shorter distances and will probably look to race a HM September time before building my mileage back up from there.

Good luck Chick and Booktrunk - no pressure like  



P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 07/04/2014 at 08:22

NN I was the Lisa with the black Tri vest, I hope that when you saw me I was still running rather then the run/shuffle/walk that I perfected at mile 22-24 

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 06/04/2014 at 20:17

15west did post a couple of pages back. I have been lurking as had to bail out of p+d again due to threatened injury. Plus this thread moves far too fast 

Ran Brighton, thought I would take a 'wenty' approach and go hell for leather, lasted until mile 21 when wheels fell off. Managed to hold on with fingertips for my sub 4 - developed a walk/run/shuffle for a few miles and then picked it up from mile 25. Fuck did it hurt, but achieved what I set out to. Will aim for better pacing next time round though!

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 06/04/2014 at 19:32

Got my sub 4 as well (just) 3:59:21, this was on the back of avoiding all speedwork due to another threatened stress fracture. Over the moon as its my first marathon and I now have a time to beat.

Fabulous results to all who ran today, looking forward to hearing how you all get on next week 

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 04/04/2014 at 20:32

Nose Nowt wrote (see)

When was the last time we saw my fellow Brighton-runners post on this thread?

icklemichael - sub 3:00 - 18/70
mace - 3:05 18/70 with some fiddling about
Nose Nowt - 3:40 - 12/55
andrew heley - 3:45 - 18/55
Lisa 123 - sub 4 - 18/55
Super Moo - sub 4 - 18/55

Anyone staying in the Travelodge?


Still lurking just not posting as had to bail out of P&D. However will be running Brighton on Sunday and hope to be around the 4 hour mark 

My #asics262 Journey to Paris: Sub 4 James

Posted: 07/01/2014 at 20:30

James did you manage to get a cycle ride in today?

I did your Wednesday interval session this evening, good fun but a little tough in the headwind at times so time was a little slower and averaged about 4.42 mins per 1000m - swim session and recovery run planned for tomorrow evening.

My #asics262 Journey to Paris: Sub 4 James

Posted: 05/01/2014 at 08:45

Hi James just found this thread, took me a while 

I have very similar times to your PB's so will be following this thread with interest. I too am now into tri's following getting a stress fracture earlier this year whilst training for Chester Marathon which basically forced me into alternatives whilst I wasn't able to run.

I am currently following P&D 55mpw but am feeling that it is not quite manageable with my swimming and cycling as well, as already feeling shattered so may swap plans.

Good luck with it, and stick to the paces recommended as this was my downfall and cause of injury - trying to build endurance at too fast a pace!!

edited to say I have no idea why my smiley face still has a santa hat on!

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