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Northern Ireland Running

Posted: 29/12/2004 at 18:22
no i dont Mrs TAZ.
still very much a plodder,10 minute miler.
usual run 3.5 - 4 miles 3/4 times a week around pond park/prince william/ballymacash area or hillsboro park.
maybe consider a club when my fitness/ability is improved.
how about you?


Northern Ireland Running

Posted: 28/12/2004 at 18:38
lisburn runner here too!!!!
suppose i should be lisburn runner and not belfast runner as my login name.

starting out,two weeks now

Posted: 22/04/2004 at 10:13
did my first runinthe rain last night,and it was great.
was just a light rain and no wind,kept me cool on my run.
really enjoyed it,although no doubtits different if its blowing a gale in your face and lashing it down but lastnight was fine.
my times improving still for my usual 2.8 mile route so im gonna go out in car and see how i can adjust it to get it up to 3 miles.
ultimately i want to look at doing 3.5miles regularly.
as for rest days i hate the thought of not running daily and although im still a beginner i find it hard to go back if i take a day off.
so i'm aiming to run daily.
had new shoes two weeks now and seems they have worn in nicely and coupled with new way im lacing them they feel like running in slippers.
very happywith everything right now except my chocolate addiction!!!


starting out,two weeks now

Posted: 21/04/2004 at 19:05
david gotto,allsports,stranmillis.

they are on asics approved list of shops.

hope this helps.

in meantime im about to go out and do my usual 2.8miles.
gonna have to adapt it soon to take in 3miles.thsts my next goal.


starting out,two weeks now

Posted: 20/04/2004 at 18:04
went out todasy at 430pm,felt quite energetic after a bit of gardening.
two sausage rolls and stuffed bacon and brown sauce and coke and sticky donut at lunch made me guilty as hell!!!!
did myusual 2.8 miles route in 29 mins and although my knee was sore after 1.5 miles it eased off as i got closer to home again.

also worked out secret to avoiding numb feet during my run.
lace trainers a bit looser.
felt a bit odd because i am so used to wearing my workboots tightly laced but it was like running in slippers when i got used to it.

so bareating the rubbish at lunchtime im pretty happy.


starting out,two weeks now

Posted: 20/04/2004 at 09:40
just had 4 days off abecauseof glasgow trip.
gothome on fri night and felt a bit flat on saturday and didnt run and same on sunday.
just couldnt face it,dunno why because before i went my enthusiasm was bubbling over.
so yesterday (monday) about 530pm i put my gear on and did 2.8miles on a different route around home with flatter uncracked potholed footpaths.
it was a hard slog and i got in at 30 mins although i had to wait at traffic lights which i have to admit proved a welcome one minute respite.
hard to believe howeasy it is to lose the motivation buthopefully now i have one run over me it'll be easier this week.
had some pain in right knee again but no numbness in left foot which i used to get.
laced my shoes a little less tight.
looking forward to my run this afternoon around same route.
just going to keep building up slowly for another 3 weeks thenafter 8 weeks see if ican push out to four miles.
there is a 10 k race in lisburn in june,id love totake part so if imimproving after the next 3 weeks i'll put in for it.
i dunno if anyone reads this or not but its a good way for me to keep an online diary of my training to reflect back on and of course take in the helpful advice offered.


I did my first jog!

Posted: 14/04/2004 at 10:36
ive only started taking an acitve interest in my fitness 4 weels ago.ten years ago i was playing football regularly and then came marriage and kidsand laziness and nites on sofa with a few beers and tubs of pringles etc....

but now 4 weeks into running iveseen and felt improvements,the way i look ,the way i feel, i even sleep better at night and feel more energised at work,its amazing.

but it is slow,but very rewarding.

after my first run i thought no way i just have to accept thats the shape i am and put up with it.

but my familyhave a poor history of heart trouble thruogh the generation and im determined its not gonna catch me,my father had his first heart attack when he was 37!!!
thats only only 3 years older than i am now!!!

so i guess i have my motivation.

but its so easy to find the time to train.
i often wonder how i spent my evenings.
now im able to find an hour each evening to go and run.
dont sit on the sofa and watch the soaps,put your training gear on and go out into the fresh air nad do what you can.

forget the neighbours they dont matter,just you and your loved ones matter.


starting out,two weeks now

Posted: 14/04/2004 at 10:28
managed to get 2 miles in this morning before i go to glasgow.
couldnt bear the thought of not having made an effort.
went first thingthis orning when i got out of bed and to be honest i struggled,it was a real effort.
andhad some more pronounced pain inmy right knee.
so a little disappointed.
but i also must admit i dont stretch,i just get my gear on,open the door and away i go.
so i need some advice on stretches,any illustrated guide out there on the web!!!

also been wearing a waterproof top that i used to wear when playing golf and its sweating me too much.

is this a good or a bad thing,i dunno??
i drink a lot of water throughout the day maybe 2ltrs but after a run with this waterproof top on it takes ages for me to cool down,so maybe just gonna run in two layers of tshirts,see if staying cooler helps.

also my times have picked up butid rather go further than do the same circuits quicker,gonna have to figure out how to pace myself a bit better.

for me its all about my breathing,as soon as i find my rythym,im fine,i guess i need to just slow down a tad or maybe just pushon a bit further at same pace.

anyway enough from me off to get the boat to scotland.

gym gear packed so at least i will goto excercise bike in gym.maybe a rest from running help my soreknee.


Belly buster

Posted: 13/04/2004 at 12:00
i use my mobile phone nokia 8310,very small,decent sound and of course if u get into trouble on a run u can phone for help.

also its about 2 years old now so can be bought cheaply on ebay etc


starting out,two weeks now

Posted: 13/04/2004 at 11:58
into my fourth week now......
following easter sunday rest day and a choc fest on easter monday (yesterday) i went for a run last night totry and repair the damage.

ran my regular 2.8 miles route and did it a minute and a half faster than before.

felt a real spring in my step all the wayround and was very rewarding to see my time improved.

just a little pain in right leg/knee but nothing to concern me,more a fatigue feeling!!!

so im well pleased.
probably do a wee bit further tonight and see how it goes.

off to glasgow tomorrow,staying atglasgow thistle hotel,just wondering is it a safe place to run in that area??

couldnt bear to have to go back to the treadmill,would sooner not run at all!!!

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