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Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:13

Ooh, PB, well done!  Was the 6:02 first mile chasing Muddy?

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:18

Excellent idea. You should also be able to compare your Kenilworth and Nottingham times to calculate what the difference would have been between your times had you run both Maidenhead and Bristol.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:04

No no DT, you're doing it wrong. For maximum irritatingness you have to pick a race you are not doing, preferably on the same day, and calculate what your Kenilworth time would be 'worth' had you done the other race instead. A good choice in your case would be Maidenhead.

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:36

Well done Tommy; that certainly does sound like 'fun' all right...

I think the 400 after the 800 was harder than the 800 after the 400 in the end. At least for me!

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 07:52

Haha. One's father, then. Mine was born in Hastings though.

Anyway. I did a track session! And it was 4* (800 (1 min) 400 (3 mins) 400 (1 min) 800 (3 mins)). I was so excited not to be doing a 5th set that I ran the last 800 in 2:44.

Overdone it?

Posted: 23/08/2016 at 16:21

If by that you mean 'did you google "how to get Malaysian citizenship" and then read about it on Wikipedia' then yes, I did. The female national record has stood at 2:49 since 2000, so I'd have a chance of being their fastest current woman, but sadly it's your father than has to have been born there.

Overdone it?

Posted: 23/08/2016 at 14:37

Hahahaha, yes, that sort of bollocks.

Edit: yes, but it was very hot. Though I still think I wouldn't have come last. Sadly though I have checked and I can't get Malaysian citizenship through my mother, so there goes my best chance of qualifying under the 'we haven't got any qualified athletes' rule.

Overdone it?

Posted: 23/08/2016 at 12:39

No, of course not, but when you want to beat those times on a faster course, you can just go and run on a faster course.

ETA: by the way, it's not the knowledge that you could run better on a faster course that's annoying, it's the arbitrary calculations some people do, sometimes to the second!

Overdone it?

Posted: 23/08/2016 at 12:31
Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)

I'm sure Lit will have appreciated all these hypothetical calculations. It's been a while since I've been able to enjoy wasting some time calculating whether a PB is on or not.

No no, I am fine with using a race performance to estimate what might be possible in another forthcoming race. That's sensible. What's annoying is people using a race that they did do to produce an (always extremely flattering) estimate of what their time would have been 'worth' if they had done a completely different race at the same time. For example: 'I ran a 25 minute parkrun today but it was a bit muddy and there was a dog in my way, and also there was a million feet of elevation gain so that's worth about 15 minutes on a flatter tarmac course with a tailwind, so I'm pleased with how I'm in amazing PB shape'.

If you want to know what you would have run in an entirely different race, you can just do that race instead.

i'll make the mistakes so you don't have to

Posted: 23/08/2016 at 10:02

There is a place for fitness/training blogs, and it's mainly within a community of other fitness bloggers, who are interested in each other's training. The main mistake practically ALL bloggers who come and post links to their blog on here is to do it when they've only just started and have only got a few posts up (one in this case) and no interaction with other bloggers. No-one is going to start following a new blog by someone they don't know - they *might* look at a reasonably well-established blog, read back through several posts, and decide to follow it if it looks interesting. But most new blogs aren't going to last past the first few weeks anyway. So my advice to the OP would be:

- accept that no-one is going to read your first few posts, but focus on keeping your blog for your own purposes. If you're still finding it useful after a couple of months, it's more likely others will too.
- build up your audience FIRST before trying to publicise it more widely. You'll do this by following other personal triathlon and fitness blogs using your blogging ID, commenting on them, and generally interacting with other people who like blogging.
- once you have some followers, some regular interactions in your comments, and a bit more of an online presence, you might consider asking other people to read your blog, but do it selectively: for example, if you've participated in regular training threads on here and made some friends, those people might be interested in reading more about your training.
- think about what tags are actually for and use them more selectively. Again, you'll get the hang of this by reading other people's blogs.

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