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P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 22:22
booktrunk wrote (see)

Ok so if 1 goes wrong just step off the track? Still gives you a shot at the second marathon. 

Yes, that'd make more sense to me, though it would have to go very noticeably wrong very early. And so wrong that I wouldn't have planned it that way - would need to look for a second marathon afterwards. This actually sort of happened to me in the autumn with my target half marathon when I fainted during the race - I entered another half seven weeks later (to give me time to get over the post-viral fatigue and sprained ankle). It was far from ideal, though - I got a PB, but nowhere near what it would have been if the first race had gone right. I was still not quite 100%, but had timed my training to peak massively for the first race so would have struggled to get back to that level anyway. Plus I'd run 12 miles of the first race before passing out, so still had to recover as if I'd raced the whole thing.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 21:27

Doesn't make sense to me. If marathon #1 goes wrong, and you run the rest of the marathon, you've still done a 26.2 mile LSR, some of it run quite hard. If the reason we don't go above 20-22 miles in training (and then not often) is that such long runs are hard to recover from, you're not going to be in the best shape for your second attempt. You then end up with two under-par marathons rather than just one.

Delete that cheating thread!

Posted: Yesterday at 20:57

Nah, I reported some horrific racism the other day and got an out of office (moderator on holiday). Someone must have come in specially.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 17:21

Well, you know what you need to do, which is what booktrunk said - spend 6 months re-building a decent base and then start a training schedule for a marathon next spring. But you don't want to do that because you'd have to do more running instead of weights, target one marathon rather than doing lots, and follow a structured plan with mostly easy running rather than doing hard sessions all the time with your mates. It'd be like doing loads of the stuff you find boring and none of the stuff you actually enjoy about running. So it's fair enough to decide you don't want a sub-3 marathon enough - but no need to beat yourself up about it. It's not like you wouldn't be capable if you chose to.

P&D Spring Marathon Training Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 17:08

Well, arguably also me and 15W, who suggested that maybe the sub 3 was a bit of a stretch this year and 3:05 might be more realistic.

Team GB

Posted: Yesterday at 17:01

It only counts if you have run faster than Samir in the same half marathon. 

Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 16:40

Don't worry, I don't plan to get him started. I know how WAVA works. I just don't think it's that useful to compare how good I am at various distances given that I'm comparing myself to one world record holder (female, perhaps imaginary) at one distance, and a different one (also perhaps imaginary) at another. And I don't think you can claim it shows I'm 'better' at 5k than marathons when a man running the exact same times alongside me in both races would be 'better' at the marathon.

10 year old son 5k time - 20min 3 seconds

Posted: Yesterday at 16:36
Millsy1977 wrote (see)
I think the lack of a follow up tells you everything you need to know.

Not really. She came on here for some advice, got the advice, and said thank you. That seems perfectly satisfactory for her. The kid probably went to a parkrun and had a nice time, just like lots of kids do.

Optimise your training with the right soundtrack and get the result

Posted: Yesterday at 16:31
PJFrizzle wrote (see)

An essential part of the marathon training plan is the soundtrack, heres some tips that have worked for me and have some science behind them.      


Pay attention, Phil. It's behind the tips, where you can't see it.

sub 3 training plans

Posted: Yesterday at 16:09

Me & you are mavericks, Also-ran.

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