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Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 (W)

Posted: 13 November 2009
Overall: I think when you find a shoe that suits your needs and does everything you want it to, you should stick with it. I like this as a long run shoe and will probably go with the Adrenaline's for the shorter runs!

Shock Absorber Impact Level 4 Bra Top

Posted: 02 November 2009
Overall: I have found something that suits me better now so I probably won't pay the extra tenner these cost, but I think its a good bra from a trustworthy name. They do eventually "give" though and it's ibvious when its time to chuck them out!

High5 Energy Gel

Posted: 28 October 2009
Overall: If they work for you then fine. But I still believe you can't go wrong with power bar. And when there's hundreds of people discarding them at once they don't half stick to your trainers!

Science in Sport Go Gel

Posted: 19 October 2009
Overall: Worth picking up if you want something simple that does the trick in a race and is quite easy on the stomach.

Lucozade Energy Gel

Posted: 16 October 2009
Overall: I personally didn't feel any noticable difference after taking these. Power Bar Gels with caffeine are far superior.

Shock Absorber Flexiform Underwire Sports Bra

Posted: 21 September 2009
Overall: Stay well away if you're planning to do any significant mileage in this and you've actually GOT boobs. I'm throwing mine in the bin (and yes it does fit)!

PowerBar PowerGel

Posted: 16 September 2009
Overall: I've tried most energy gels and this is the one that doesn't send me screaming for the nearest loo. £1.25 in your local supermarket. You can't go wrong....

Asics GT-2140

Posted: 03 September 2009
Overall: I'd probably go for the Mizuno Wave Inspire again if you held a gun to my head.