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Timex 50 lap Ironman Sleek - T5B721

Posted: 19 October 2007
Overall: A sturdy, reliable watch which has beeb "tested to destruction" by me (and I still can't destroy it!)

While it's not a HRM or SDM, a good running watch is an invaluable item for every runner - it's not always practical or even appropriate to use a SDM/HRM and this watch is far more reliable than any SDM or HRM can ever be! It's also got some nice styling, so can be worn as an everyday watch, or taken on a sporting or active holiday if you don't want to take a 'best' watch.

Leppin Energy Boost

Posted: 22 February 2007
Overall: I wish the manufacturer would get their distribution sorted out - PSP22 is good, but this is better!

Dans-ez Minimal Bounce Bra

Posted: 27 December 2006
Overall: 'cost per wear' of each of these bras must be in fractions of pennies - and they are dead comfy as well (I'm an A cup though, so not a difficult size when it comes to sports bras).

Nice soft fabric, but seams can chafe under the arms when worn by itself for long runs in hot weather

Nike Air Zoom Elite 2

Posted: 11 March 2006
Overall: OK, this is how good these shoes are: Sunday, I run a 5 mile race - flat - in normal trainers , at 7:30 pace. Four days later I run a 10k - hilly - in these trainers at 7:20 pace. I put at least 5 of those seconds down to these shoes.

Lore Of Running by Timothy Noakes

Posted: 08 March 2006
Overall: Much writing on sports science subjects has been - rightly - criticised for its lack of academic rigour and research - this is one of the few books I'd trust in an emergency.

And every now and then, Tim Noakes throws in a cracking joke.

Inov-8 Mudclaw 270

Posted: 08 March 2006
Overall: It's great to see new thinking in fell shoes but for me, the traditional styling suits me better. Think I'll be using these for XC next season and buyring a new pair of Walshes for fell running

Garmin Forerunner 201

Posted: 08 March 2006
Overall: Simple interface and easy to use.

Found the 'speed' less useful than the 'distance' - I am very clumsy, and I don't like glancing at my watch when I'd running as I'm likely to hit the deck. Its USPfor me is to be able to tell me how far I've run - great for LSD runs.

It works really well as a bike computer - and taking it snowboarding is a real laugh (but quite scary - 60km/h!!

Feet in the Clouds: A Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession by Richard Askwith

Posted: 18 January 2006
Overall: What I couldn't understand was why did he join Keswick when there were some equally good fell running clubs closer to his London home? (especially as he keeps complaining in the book about the distance to travel for club nights). What was wrong with joining Dark Peak?