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Seejays Strollers

Posted: 15/10/2014 at 07:46
Ta Kev
Going to road test my waterproof cycling trousers later today!!!
Ness x

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 14/10/2014 at 10:53

Ha Ha Kev you said it!!!!! Very very very wet 4 miles this morn!!!!

off to Portsmouth next weekend forGSR - hope the weathers kind!!!

nessie x

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 01/10/2014 at 07:23

Lol Kev - us OAPs we're in bed by then!!!!

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 29/09/2014 at 06:53

the weather is amazing just now - caught the sun yesterday running - did 7.5 miles but it wasn't s good one - was running on empty as I had one of my 'funny tummys' !!!! (

still, better than feeling poorly in freezing cold winter weather!!! Lol

ttfn ness x

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 25/09/2014 at 10:45

Hi kev training all going ok - getting in a few cycles as well - riding horse and walking doggies so I'm kept busy and hopefully fit!!!!

ttfn nessie

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 18:44
Toby well done on the GNR
I'm doing the GSR in October - hope the weather is kind and not too windy!!!
Ttfn nessie

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 07/09/2014 at 13:56
Hi Kev there was a stinker of a hill in it and a bit uphill towards the finish!!!
Hope you ok?
Ran this morn for 4 miles - just contemplating doing another half Mara?
I know I must be bonkers!!!!
Ness x

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 26/08/2014 at 10:19
Hi guys - severn bridge half Mara done on Sunday
On Monday in that dreadful rain I cycled from Salisbury to Gloucester - I was gutted to have to pull up at 88 miles- I was soooooo cold and lips had gone blue and I was wobbling all over the road so Don said enough is enough and took me home - was very disappointed not to have done 100 - only 12 miles short but I was struggling

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 18/08/2014 at 08:02
Hi guys
Hope u enjoyed peace from having no iPad Kev!!
11 mile run yesterday with a PB !!!!!!
This weekend is duathalon so fingers crossed )

Seejays Strollers

Posted: 07/08/2014 at 07:08
Good to hear from u Toby
Good luck with for your run in 5 weeks
Sounds like you've been busy - hope your daughter does well )
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