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Posted: Yesterday at 19:57

ssc - 3:15 is a possibility, but I'd suggest trying to do something similar in more favourable conditions to give yourself the confidence of consistently doing 7:20ish miles. I can't remember, but are you doing London?

Talking of which, has anyone got an up-to-date race list?

Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 16:59

RFJ - was looking out for you at the start but couldn't see you. Sounds as though you had a good run with steady pacing, and a similar experience to me in a. getting trapped in the traffic at the start and b. nearly getting run over, in my case by a big black Range Rover who clearly felt that runners had no right to cross the road. 19 mins is a massive PB so a big well done.

As for my race report:

I only live 30 mins away so it wasn't so difficult to get there in decent time. The aim was to run to feel - no watch, no Garmin and to aim for 7:15 pace (MP) for the 15 miles - I had thought about the 21 mile (i.e. an extra 6 mile lap) version but for various reasons decided against it.

A bit congested for the first mile or so so probably lost a little time weaving in and out, but soon settled into a rhythm - the first few miles were slightly uphill so I made sure I didn't waste too much effort.

I caught sight of a fellow Dorking runner (who told me his marathon PB is an agonising 3:00:01!!) around 5 miles and gradually caught up with him and found out that we were doing around 7 min / miles so yet again my ability to judge pace by feel wasn't working! That said, I felt good and we ran on together, joined by another runner to make a sociable bunch of 3. 

At 9 miles there were a number of Dorking marshals whose encouragement gave me a second wind and I pulled away as we went off road for a bit. I suspect that the pace fluctuated a little bit depending on the terrain of the course, but I still felt comfortable up to 13 miles when it felt as though it was time to push a bit harder.

After a climb up to about 14.5 miles, it was a pleasant run down to the finish (via the 180 degree turn mentioned by RFJ) and came over the line with about 1:44:20 on the clock which equates to 6:57 pace so surprised and rather pleased with that, together with a top 10 (9th) finish in the 15 mile race.

Rather more curiously, the results on the screen in the refreshments area had my time down as 1:41:20 but I'm pretty sure that that's not correct so have notified the organisers accordingly.

Time for a quick massage (a mere £5 for 10 minutes) then back out onto the course to see Mrs L come in 4 mins quicker than she'd done last year so happy days all round.

Not sure what this means in terms of London - I'm determined to run it without a watch, enjoy it and see how things turn out, but I'd be pretty disappointed if I didn't end up with a sub 3:15.

Back to Comrades training for the next couple of weeks, then an off-road 10K (one of the Club Grand Prix races) the weekend before London.



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Posted: 28/03/2015 at 20:26

GM - he managed 18:49 today although he was a bit disappointed with the time as he's gone sub 18 before.

This weekend's random country for cooking is (believe it or not) North Korea so we're going to give Onban (a chicken and rice soup) a go. 

You're very wise to be taking it easy at the mo.

RFJ - see you at Cranleigh tomorrow. I'll be doing the 15 mile and wearing 992 in either a Dorking and Mole Valley vest or a set of waterproofs depending on the weather. Good parkrun performance from you there.

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Posted: 28/03/2015 at 18:12

Hope it all goes well tomorrow SB.

Big mileage there Birch.

Leslie - good discipline and pacing.

SJ - 4 hours on a turbo? Aaargh!

Another cracking performance from the OOs and a decent one from PMJ as well. Never easy to do a fast session the day after a long one in my book.

Parkrun for me this morning - ran without a watch and was aiming to take it relatively easy (HM pace?) as I've got a race tomorrow morning. Unfortunately a combination of the competitive element and a complete inability to judge even the starting pace properly meant I ended up in 8th place with 19:38 (i.e. a lot faster than HM pace). The positive I'm taking out of this is that it's less than a minute off my PB and didn't feel that hard.

That said, I was still some way behind younger Lorenzito who ended up on the podium in 3rd place with a new age group record for the parkrun.

Weather looks sh!t for tomorrow's race but hopefully will still be able to hit the Jantastic target as I'm treating as a 15 miles at MP pacing opportunity. 

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Posted: 27/03/2015 at 06:20

Gul - go easy on yourself. 5 miles at sub 7 pace isn't too shabby. Think I'd struggle for that at the moment.

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Posted: 27/03/2015 at 05:48
Green start for me. The "not quite so fast" GFA.

Enjoy no. 100 OO52

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Posted: 26/03/2015 at 23:35

Blisters - it's all heading in the right direction. Comeback marathon in the autumn perhaps?

Easy run along the banks of the River Kelvin this morning - 5 miles at just over 8 min / mile pace. 

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Posted: 25/03/2015 at 08:11

Wow Blisters - mightily impressive. How about a special thread one for consumption at Chandos at the end of April?

OO52 - Paris in the spring sounds very pleasant. 

9 hilly miles for me this morning. On my way to Glasgow this evening so hoping to find an interesting route for running tomorrow morning.

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Posted: 24/03/2015 at 20:03
SJ - I'm taking that as a compliment!!!

Comrades 2015

Posted: 23/03/2015 at 22:38

Time for me to stop lurking and poke my head up - I think I might have posted a few months ago but with just over 2 months to go, it's time to join the thread in earnest. First Comrades for me, so very much taking advice from all the wise folk on here and gunning for a Bill Rowan Medal, although finishing with a smile on my face is definitely goal no.1

Training seems to be going OK so far - nothing like the race schedule of some peeps on here as I've only got a local 15 miler next weekend and London in the plan, but I've  managed to do 8x20 milers so far in 2015, including a 27 and a 31 mile run. 

Very much looking forward to 31 May (and 1 June even more!) - just need to stay injury free from now until then.

Good luck to all the folks with races coming up.

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