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Posted: Yesterday at 23:31

Cracking time Madbark, especially given the conditions. Were you going all out in this one?

G-Dawg - I'm amazed that the Grim has been postponed. Having done it a few years ago, it surely can't be down to the conditions as the grimmer the better. Perhaps they're using the area for some sort of emergency training?

I'm back in action with a couple of nice easy runs through the woods - 7 miles on Saturday and 4.5 miles this morning. Have worked out that a 16 week London schedule will start on 2 Jan so I'm just going to have a fun time and enjoy myself with nothing structured during December before embarking on things in earnest in the New Year.

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Posted: 25/11/2015 at 00:01

Good to see that SJ is back in action and congrats to Abbers for making it into the local Hall of Fame.

Good pacy run from GM as well. Sounds like a head torch should be on the Xmas list.

Thanks for the suggestions - it's a good thought to consider upping my mileage although my concerns are two-fold. Firstly, the impact it would have on speedwork and recognising that that sounds a bit feeble, the second reason is the more practical one of hours available in the day and the time to rest and recover.

As it is, I average about 6 hours sleep a night, so trying to throw another 20 miles a week into the programme would mean either 30 mins less sleep a night, 30 mins less family time or getting in to work 30 mins later each day. So, if I want to hit 70-80 a week, I've somehow got to work out how to do the last of these (not impossible, but a real challenge with everything going on at the moment) or simply reprioritise the other things in life. Obviously the ideal solution is to find a job which doesn't involve a 75+ minute commute each way!!!

Enjoying my post marathon rest days  - up in Manchester at the mo having met up with elder Lorenzito and hearing the tales of student life up here!!

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Posted: 22/11/2015 at 22:11

GM - sounds like you might be tempted by the 24 hour run?   Don't think you shouldn't be too disappointed by the parkrun - a tricky course and 50mph winds makes for tough conditions.

I didn't run with a Garmin - just a normal watch and I hit the lap button on every turn so I had no idea of the pace until I got to the turning point. I knew that 22:30 was 3 hour pace and that when I hit 3/4 of the way round in 2:20 I had to do the last lap in under 50 mins to hit 3:10 but that was about as far as the calculations went.


Comrades 2016

Posted: 22/11/2015 at 20:09

Just dipping in to say well done to all those folks who have already secured their qualifying times for next year - you can now just relax and enjoy the training for the next 6 months!!!

Phoenix Riverside Marathon for me this morning - ended up with 3:09:30 although trying (unsuccessfully) to go off with the leading group led to a tough second half and a 4 minute positive split.

That said, I definitely won't be toeing the start line in P/burg but will be keeping tabs on how everyone's getting on between now and then, and on the big day itself.

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Posted: 22/11/2015 at 19:10

Good luck with the dreadmill BI - sounds like you've got things set up well.

Happy anniversary Madbark - amazing how much progress you've made in the last 6 years.

Fishy - hope that the hip holds out OK. I've still got a couple of years to go before I hit the big 5-0!!

So Phoenix Riverside Marathon for me this morning - an out and back route along the Thames towpath from Walton Leisure Centre to Hampton Court Bridge; 3.275 miles each way so a total of 4 laps for the marathon and 2 for the half (which Mrs L did).

No elevation to speak of, but it was pretty chilly at the start (long sleeved top and gloves for the whole race) and there were a few icy puddles en route. Also the surface  fluctuated from tarmac to that sort of stony footpath that's a bit unpleasant to run on.

Anyway, having seen that the winner last year did it in 3:02ish I thought I'd try to set off with the leading group and see how long I could hang onto them for. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake as they ended up coming in in 2:55 and the pace was far too much for me and I got dropped off the back fairly early on and paid for the too-fast start later in the race.

In a nutshell, the 4 laps were (roughly) 46, 46:45, 47:15 and 49:30 (a 4 min positive split). As you can imagine, the last lap was a bit tough although I did manage to pick things up in the last 100m to gain a position in a "sprint" finish.

Overall, reasonably satisfied with 9th place in 3:09:30 for my 3rd fastest marathon but still about 2 1/2 mins down on my PB.

I now need to think carefully about how I might modify the training programme to have a serious crack at a sub-3 at London but it's clearly going to take a pretty big change. I think I've proved that my body can cope with 60+ mile weeks without getting injured, but I suspect that I need to be building more speed work and threshold runs into the programme and cutting back the miles a bit. Perhaps the up to 55 miles P&D might be worth a go. I'll be taking it easy for the next week or so, and letting my body (and toenails) recover / fall off

On a more positive note, Mrs L managed a PB in the half, so it's not been too bad a day. 

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Posted: 19/11/2015 at 22:57

Fab stuff Jools - leaving the rest of us for dust on here!

Good news SJ. 

Being in that pre-marathon week, it's time to start to knocking back the beetroot juice - not quite the champagne I'd rather be consuming today as I'm now a year closer to V50 (although not quite there yet!); will save myself until Sunday evening!

It always feels a bit odd in the final week but have kept things going with 4 x 3 min reps on Tuesday, 5.5 easy miles yesterday and a short birthday run this morning - am planning a 4-5 miler with 2 miles at MP tomorrow morning.

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Posted: 15/11/2015 at 22:59

Good racing out there today folks.

Top marks to BI for toughing it out and digging in deep. Not sure about VTr's request to see the blister though!!!

Great stuff too from Fishy - very consistent pacing. I wish I could do a 4 lap race (of any distance) with all the laps within 1% of each other.

Birch - sounds like a gruelling course today. The VoGit trophy is getting closer!

Very impressive from OO (and Minni?) over in Cumbria - how much of the speed to you put down to training and how much down to the post-cuddle adrenalin?!

10 mile race for me as well - the Epsom 10. Dry this year (compared to the pouring rain last year) but windy in places although I don't think it was up to the 40mph gusts that the forecast suggested. A course of 2 halves - the first 5 miles very undulating and the second half flatter including a gentle incline to the finish alongside the racecourse grandstand.

The plan was not to go balls out given the marathon next weekend, but to take it steady for the first half and pick up the pace in the second. Suffice to say that pinning the number on nearly scuppered the plan but when I was told we'd done the first (admittedly downhill) mile in 6:30 I thought I better take it easy for a bit. 

No idea what I got to halfway in as I wasn't wearing a watch but a finishing time of 67:53 (only a minute or so down on last year) was pretty pleasing and I now just need to make sure I don't go mad over the next week and get plenty of rest.

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Posted: 08/11/2015 at 17:03

Just 3.5 miles recovery run for me with some strides thrown in for fun. Takes me to just over 55 for the week with a 2 week taper about to start.

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Posted: 07/11/2015 at 12:11

Another manic week so just about managed to stay abreast of all the posts without having time to write anything myself. 

So, a belated congrats to Minni - sounds like you had a sehr gut time and great to hear that your mojo is well and truly back. Wonderful report - was with you all the way!

GM - how's the injury responding to all the twisting and turning?

Gul - a 4.12am start?! Jeepers.

Fortunately, despite all the travelling I've managed to squeeze in a few runs this week including a 9 mile run out from Inverness to the Culloden battlefield and back, and an 8 mile run up the coast from Wick.

Sneaked another 20 miler in this morning - 90% of it off road, very wet and muddy in places and pretty hilly to boot. Thoroughly enjoyable and takes me just over the 50 mile mark for the week with a fortnight to go until I toe the start line. 

Anyone racing tomorrow?

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Posted: 01/11/2015 at 21:56

Meadower - that's a fab 10K time. Blasted through the 40 minute barrier. Looking back over my in the first few months this year, I was around the 50 mile a week mark, with some weeks topping 60 although that was more about getting the miles in as par of the Comrades preparation. I think I've been a bit more structured this time and (touch wood) avoided injury so far.

VTr - sounds like it was a good idea to miss the race today and take it easy for a bit.

Finished off the week with a 5 mile local XC race which (if the distance was correct) came out at a decent pace. Am pleased to report that I finished one place ahead of younger Lorenzito, although I think my cause was helped when he took a wrong turn and probably did an additional half mile or so. Still, the results are the results and I have now regained my place as house champion! Can I retire happy now?! 

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