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Posted: Yesterday at 23:43

Speedy - a top 10 is a top 10 as far as I'm concerned! What do you reckon has made the biggest contribution to your improvement over the last couple of years?

On the Run Britain website, I'm ranked no.1 Male V45 in my postcode. Can I claim a podium spot for that?  

However I do quite like the fact that I was 1967th overall on Sunday and I was born in 1967.


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Posted: Yesterday at 22:18

May 10 - Marlborough Downs Challenge 20 miler - MsE
May 11 - Fred Whitton Challenge - SJ - no crashes 
May 18 - Richmond Park marathon - Marrows no target
May 31 - Kent Roadrunner - Gul Darr 3:08
May 31 - Stockholm Marathon - Lorenzo more evenly paced than London
Jun 1 - Comrades - Poacher - Bike It sub 8:20 
Jun 1 - Walled city marathon - Leslie H 
Jun ? - Swim length of Ullswater - SJ - no drowning
June 8 - RunJersey half marathon - GM sub 1:28 
July - Thunder Run - Minni, MsE
July 27 - Outlaw - SJ - 10:xx 
October - Yorkshire marathon - Poacher, Minni TBC
October 5 - Jersey marathon - GM sub 3:10.
October 19 - Abingdon Marathon - MsE - to get to the start line injury-free

Marrows - did I see from your Power of 10 that you did the Self-Transcendence 10K after VLM last year? I'm very tempted to have a crack at it this year. What was the race like?

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Posted: Yesterday at 18:04
Bet he drinks beetroot juice by the gallon.

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Posted: Yesterday at 08:14

Ant - glad you're feeling so positive. Is the reference to "What a day. See you next year" directed at us forumites or the Spanish lass you bumped into? Brave decision to take her back on the train to your mum's for a quick dinner!!

Yhsif - custard rather than cream. A very yummy apple pie to follow the lamb shanks and chorizo. Sounds like a beautiful run yesterday.

More impressive progression from Gul. Any more tune up races between now and marathon day? I can't remember what the list said.

MsE - have you settled in to your new place yet?

My legs aren't quite so achey this morning so made it out for a gentle 3 miler.

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Posted: 14/04/2014 at 23:16

Clearly bowled over by his wit, charm and the photos of his running attire, Mrs L responded to Poacher's suggestion to construct another pie, this time for pudding last night! 



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Posted: 14/04/2014 at 15:48

Maybe they just got confused and thought that they both needed to get under 5 hours rather than it being a combined time. Easy mistake to make?!

Definitely Ant's foot. 

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Posted: 14/04/2014 at 08:16

Poacher - famous last words. I can already picture you in the 100 Club running top!

PMJ - sorry it didn't work out for you yesterday. Take some time to reflect - one bad marathon doesn't make you a bad marathon runner. 

Marrows - cracking performance with super consistent splits. No wonder you're pleased. What's the next goal? I was looking at for pink crop tops at the start but couldn't see you so had to settle for next best and try and spot Ant when we joined up with the red start. 

My early thinking on the plan for the next 12 months is a summer combination of shorter stuff (with the aim of taking making inroads into my 39:55 10K) and plenty of miles on the bike in preparation for my ride up to Yorkshire to watch the start of the Tour de France.

Is a sub 3 on the cards for next year? I'd love to do it but I'm not sure it's doable just yet - 7 mins is a big chunk to take off, but I'll get a half in the diary for the autumn (possibly Gosport again) with the aim of getting down to 1:25 and see how things look then.

Just looking at the results from the crew on here, and thinking about something that Poacher said yesterday, is there any strong evidence to show / prove that women are better at running even splits than men? Or is it just the ability of those on here?!

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Posted: 13/04/2014 at 19:08

Quick post from me as well!

Cracking performances from OO-51, Speedy, Lit and purple Martin. Just hope you lot don't defect permanently to the sub-3 thread.

Delighted with a PB by well over 4 mins, coming in at 3:06:53.

Report to follow shortly, but right now I feel I deserve a glass of wine.

Great to catch up with the crew in Chandos for a quick pint afterwards - sorry I was finding it so difficult to stand!

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Posted: 12/04/2014 at 11:57

All getting very close now! All the very best to everyone running tomorrow - looking forward to catching up in Chandos and hearing the tales of heroism and battling the difficult sections.

Jools - hope the rehearsal goes well and you won't be missing the fun and games too much. 

Great photo Ant - will be listening out on the next edition of MT for the reference to you! I'll keep an eye open for you tomorrow as the two starts come together. I'm in Pen 2 so should get over the line fairly quickly and am still planning to start at 7:05 pace (or 22 mins per 5K) so hopefully I'll see you before too long.

Minni - hope to catch up with you somewhere on the green start. I'm aiming to get there in good time to allow all the pre-race anxiety to work its way out of the system. What time are you planning on arriving? See you near the bag drop around 9.15?

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Posted: 10/04/2014 at 20:43

I'd agree with Speedy re Expo - maybe it's because I've been a number of times, but it lacked the wow factor. Even the London marathon music that normally makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end was very quiet as you went in. No Comrades stall either.

I couldn't justify shelling out £160 (which included the discount) on a new running jacket, but still managed to come away with a few things, a number of which contain beetroot. 

Also, I wasn't asked for a blood sample. 

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