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Posted: Yesterday at 15:29

Sneaky 16 miler there G-Dawg. Sounds like you're getting some last minute specific training in. Given your recent form, I suspect you'll be the one waiting for me at the end with a cuppa and a cake.

Was over in your neck of the woods this morning as I decided to do the Woking parkrun - I like the course as it's got a mix of hard surface and trails through the wood (which were a rather muddy especially on the third lap) and plenty of twists and turns so you're not looking at the same view for very long. 3rd time I've done it and a course PB (19:35) and second fastest parkrun this year so quite pleased with that. Only downer was being beaten on the final sprint by a bloke in a Spiderman costume.

GM - there was a guy from Jersey over for the parkrun, but I restrained myself from asking whether he knew you.

Impressive Freedom parkrunning from you there Gul - no way I could go that fast on my own.

OO - hope you enjoyed Lewisham parkrun. Always nice to do a different one. I've done 15 different ones so far.

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Posted: 18/10/2016 at 23:02

G-Dawg - haven't really got a target for Beachy Head other than to enjoy it. I'm not in peak shape at the moment so on the basis of adding 30-40 mins to a normal marathon time, I'd be happy with anything around the 3:45 mark. Are you planning on wearing road shoes or trail shoes. I'm probably going for the latter.

Good going on the track session there BTW

I'm also looking at a 12 week training programme for London as a. I find I run out of steam just before the end of a 16 week one and b. it would tie nicely in with base building as a result of C2C in mid-January, a couple of weeks rest and then into the programme in earnest.

GM - sounds unpleasant. Fortunately most of the dogs around here are still asleep (or at least their owners are) when I'm out in the dark.

OO - whereabouts in south London were you thinking off. Banstead Woods is a nice one if you're in that part of town.

Poacher - good tactics for the C2C there. I remember it being a bit tricky for the first half so tagging along with a group makes alot of sense. Could you be tempted by it?

A big fat zero for me this morning - mud beckons tomorrow.

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Posted: 17/10/2016 at 23:41

Leslie - a good kick up the proverbial there. Thanks! I'll have 2 months to prepare post Beachy Head so should be OK.

Gul - I think C2C in January will be ultra number 6 (excluding training runs)

SEdan - welcome. Plenty of inspiration on here. We must have been very close at London in 2015 as I went round in just under 3:07. Which county XC champs are you surreptitiously targeting?

About 7 miles of commuting runs today including getting absolutely drenched between the office and the station on the way home. Alternative sport spectating this evening as I went to watch Surrey Scorchers take on Loughborough Lightning in the National Badminton League as part of a birthday treat for younger Lorenzito.

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Posted: 16/10/2016 at 23:37

Welcome back Speedy - I saw on FB that life has been throwing plenty of stuff at you, so good to hear that you're still getting some good mileage in.

Sounds as though you had better weather than most of us GM - it was pouring down here this morning.

Good runs today from Leslie, PMJ and OO

I was also XC racing yesterday - the club is back in Div 1 in the Surrey League so there were plenty of quick chaps around. The course itself was bone dry and more like a trail run than XC, so most people ran it in road shoes rather than spikes. I felt pretty ploddy, especially on the first lap, but the overall pace wasn't too bad.

It was a marked contrast this morning following the rain overnight and during the run - I met up with a mate and younger Lorenzito came along as well. 10 miles in total to take me up to a rather paltry 38 for the week after a busy few days.

Have signed up for the Country to Capital Ultra in the middle of January - 45 miles or so from Wendover down to Little Venice. It was my first ever ultra a few years back so hoping to pace it a bit better than I did then!

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Posted: 13/10/2016 at 23:15

Gul - I'd agree with Leslie about the GFA, but surely it's an ideal opportunity to treat Mrs Gul to a weekend in London for your anniversary?

Great shout on the canal suggestion Poacher - I picked it up on the bit between Deansgate and Oxford Road and headed east, sometimes on the towpath and sometimes having to get back up to street level if the towpath ran out. Only had time to make it out to Miles Platting and while it wasn't the most scenic run I've ever done, it was one of the most interesting and I kept thinking how it must have been when the canals were teaming with boats. Memories of O level history and studying the Industrial Revolution came flooding back.

The 20m mile run through the night along the canal sounds good fun as well. Like the two-bike combo.

Back down south now, so another muddy run in the dark tomorrow as last minute training (the mud, not the dark) for a XC race on Saturday.

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Posted: 12/10/2016 at 19:25

Sounds like a decent workout to me PMJ. 

Gul - sorry to hear you weren't successful for London. Have you started looking for other spring options yet? 

Question to Poacher, SJ and any other Manc lads out there.  I'm staying in the centre of town tonight and after ideas for a run tomorrow morning.  Along the canal looks to be the best bet,  but is it better to head east or west? 

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Posted: 10/10/2016 at 23:05

G-Dawg - great news re Beachy Head. See you down there.

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Posted: 10/10/2016 at 22:17

Gul - I'm delighted for you. It was a just reward for all the miles you've put in at crazy hours. Bodes very well for the end of the month.

GM - nice double. You're going to have to get yourself over here some time!!

Poacher - spotted one for you. How about this: http://www.fireandiceultra.com 

6.5 miles today in various commuting stages. Legs were still a bit tired from the weekend.

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Posted: 09/10/2016 at 19:46

Jools - with a time like that you mustn't and shouldn't be harsh on yourself. Feet up time now and enjoy the rest of your time out there. A huge WELL DONE to you.

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Posted: 09/10/2016 at 11:51

Leslie - I'd probably describe the campaign as unstructured!! Nice session there with some great variety at the end.

I couldn't resist the temptation to meet up with a couple of mates for a Sunday morning run so added another 12 trail miles onto the tally to bring me up to 53 for the week.

Hope Abbers is running well this morning and Jools has a stormer later on. 

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