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Posted: 03/03/2015 at 19:55

As a beetroot juice lover, I have to admit to never having heard of let alone tried beetroot jam.

a. Where can you get it from?

b. Has Minni ever tried making it?!

Good stuff from Abbers and Leslie.

Hill reps in the rain for me this morning. 

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Posted: 02/03/2015 at 19:53

I'm with SJ - the only debate is which kind of jam. Good news on the interview and the running run.

Glad to hear that Gul is back on the road and raring to go.

Great XC'ing from OO and MsOO. How did she finish 9th with the 4th quickest time? Good luck to her in the National Schools XC (is that the one in Blackburn) - younger Lorenzito missed out on a place in the Surrey team by a couple of positions and about 15s. 

9 commuting miles for me today - nothing special to report.

For those of you that are interested, entries for Abingdon (18 Oct) are now open. 

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Posted: 28/02/2015 at 12:59

MsE - sounds sensible to me if you don't run the HM tomorrow. I suspect you'll do more harm than good. Better to get an easy run in and try and shake it off before the Surrey Half.

On the subject of the Surrey Half, for both MsE and G-Dawg's benefit, elder Lorenzito is playing in one of the brass bands en route and I think that the band is still open to requests for pieces at requested times, so if you fancy running past to the sound of the Rocky theme let me know and I'll put in the request!!

Good parkrunning from PMJ - glad to hear that sensible head cut in!

GE - glad you enjoyed the Battersea Park run. I've done a 10 mile and 10K there on a Saturday morning and while it doesn't score highly for scenery, it's very well organised, a good standard and definitely has PB potential.

Long run all done and dusted this morning - I'd set my Jantastic target at 25 miles, but when I set off just after 6am I had the thought about a marathon plus run and tailored the route accordingly. 

With a tough climb up the side of Leith Hill around the half way mark I started to  regret the decision but having got back with just over 27 miles on the clock and then refuelled, I'm glad I pushed to get the extra couple of miles in.

Upshot is it's my longest ever training run on the back of my highest ever February mileage (213 miles) and takes me to just over 60 miles for the week so far. What's not to like about that? Suspect tomorrow will be a very gentle recovery run!

Good luck to Jools and anyone else running in Bath tomorrow.

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Posted: 27/02/2015 at 23:09

GM - sounds like a good night's kip will do you the world of good.

Nice tempo stuff Abbers.

JF2 - taking it easy and still managing sub 7 pace is good going. What would your LT pace have been?

6.5 miles across various commuting runs today - taking it nice and easy before tomorrow morning's long 'un.

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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 19:53

G-Dawg - great stuff. Sounds like you should be targeting a super fast PB at the Thames Meander now. 

Just for the avoidance of any doubt, my intervals session was on the day before today's 11 miler. It just took me 24 hours to recover and bring myself to share it with you!!


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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 11:36

Good to see GE getting back into the swing of things - nice MP run there.

Speedy stuff in tricky conditions from MsE as well.

GM - hope you recover quickly. Sounds as though it's been an up and down week so far.

GD - I'm a bit more relaxed that some other folks on here about the Thames Meander question. As long as you take it very easy, I'd have thought you'd be OK and it's a pleasant route along the banks of the river. I can't vouch for the conditions underfoot at the moment but my recollection is that it's footpath pretty much all the way. My only concern would be whether you'll have given your body enough time to recover from the Surrey half the previous weekend, especially if you've giving it your all that day.

Don't get too excited about the medal though!!

Jools - which orchestra are you part of? My sister in law has just joined one in Bristol.

Gul - please reassure everyone that the barbers wasn't open when you ran there!!

Gritted my teeth yesterday morning and ran my first intervals session in a while - 1600/1200/800/400/200, but only gave myself 5 out of 10 for the performance.

Decent 11 miles this morning though.


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Posted: 23/02/2015 at 07:45

Speedy - ouch! Hope that it's nothing too serious.

Sounds like you're enjoying the tri training Minni. I'm sure I read somewhere that one way of making the bike-run transition easier I'd to make sure that you're doing a high cadence in a low gear for a few minutes before the transition as this gets your legs ready for the run. 

Great MP miles PMJ - looks like you're in fine shape.

Gul - as a suggestion, why don't you try running SSM without a watch / Garmin and with a plan to relax and enjoy it, rather than setting any kind of time target? Feels like you need to get a "no pressure marathon" under your belt.

Impressive long runs from RFJ, Wool and JF2, along with another loony session from SJ!!

Surprised myself a bit this morning. Went out early doors on a rolling (rather than with hills) 8 mile loop with the aim of getting around MP by feel and ended up with an average pace of 7:07 which was a good 10s / mile faster than anticipated. On top of that, my thigh has been feeling a whole lot better so it seems that the stretching and the massage ball have been having a positive effect.


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Posted: 22/02/2015 at 12:26
Another chilly run this morning- gloriously sunny once the sun came up but it was an early start thanks to younger Lorenzito being in a badminton tournament.

Still, a good 8.5 miles in the bank to get me up to 45 for the week.

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Posted: 21/02/2015 at 22:09

MsE - cracking stuff at the Nationals today. The results are on www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk. Well done to Jools as well - the thought of a XC race with that many people is mind boggling.

Great mileage there Leslie.

G-Dawg - I wouldn't be too disappointed with 22 @ 8:15, especially on the back of a tough week.

Fab time at the athletics today - seeing KJT and Greg Rutherford is such great form, then watching Mo break the 2 mile world record was amazing (especially when you consider he ran 3:59.5 for the second mile) and the icing on the cake was younger Lorenzito managing to get a selfie of him and Mo taken by Mo himself. Both Mo and Kim Collins came out after the event to see the people who'd waited behind and chat and sign autographs - true ambassadors for the sport!

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Posted: 21/02/2015 at 10:23

... and the thread cruises sublimely through 40,000 posts. Is there no stopping us?! Likewise the magnificent TCCSTF team - great going folks.

Good news to hear that both Gul and Minni are back up and running, and hopefully BI will be back to full strength shortly.

Back in Blighty after an enjoyable few days in Reykjavik - although we didn't get to see the Northern Lights there were plenty of other highlights including a trip into some lava lubes and a very pleasant morning in one of the municipal swimming pools relacing in a hot tub while it was snowing.

Managed to get out for a couple of short runs there and just about managed to avoid freezing various parts of my body off. Below freezing before the wind chill factor was taken into account, but still went out in shorts. Thanks Jantastic!!

Up early this morning for what I thought would be a warmer run, but when I got up to the top of Box Hill it started snowing again for a sense of déjà vu. Still, 15 miles in the bag and another 100% Jantastic week.

On my way up to Brum to watch the Indoor Athletics - first time ever to an indoor athletics match so all very exciting.

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