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Posted: 24/07/2016 at 23:05

Moof - absolutely gutted for you. Are there any other ones you can do over the summer to capitalise on the training?

SJ - sounds as though the last leg was super tough but well done on battling your way through it. I take my hat off to anyone who can get through an Ironman.

Poacher - another decent run from you there.

OO / Jnr OO - congrats to both of you. Must have been a good tussle between the two of you.

Managed to get 33 running miles in during the week before picking up my new bike on Friday morning and taking it for a couple of spins over the weekend. A problem with the right shifter which left me stuck in the smallest cog at the back (not great for hills) meant I had to take it back for a replacement on Sunday morning (I was not impressed) but all now seems to be sorted so hopefully I'll be able to get a few bike miles in over the summer.

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Posted: 20/07/2016 at 22:56

You lazy so-and-so Gul!!!! 

Hope you enjoyed the graduation OO.

More strong reps from you Leslie.

Hope you enjoyed your swim Moof - who's taking bets on the weekend's result?

6.5 commuting miles for me in rather warm conditions today - it was noticeable how many people decided that they didn't want to sit next to me on the train!!

Also, a quick one to see if anyone is interested in a ticket going spare for the Anniversary Games on Saturday - we got one for elder Lorenzito but he's working during the day. It's one of the cheap ones up at the top of the stand but still great views and the opportunity to see Jess E-H, KJT and Mo in the build up to Rio shouldn't be missed so if anyone is interested, PM me (and let me know on here that you've done it) - first come first served!

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Posted: 19/07/2016 at 12:56

Fishy - sounds like an ideal day. I bet the scenery was stunning. Hope your eye is OK.

More great reps from you there Leslie.

OO - does the 5:20 refer to the time or the pace of your reps? Either way, it's impressive.

Gul / G-Dawg - can I join the gang as well, even if I can't think of a suitable GD-type alias?

Managed a decent effort on a 7 miler this morning: 7:0x pace on a loop with a few ups and downs, getting back at about 6.30am to grab a bowl of cereal, put a fresh top on, pack my backpack and run down to the station before completing the commute with a 2 mile run into the office. Already pretty warm by the time I got in so don't envy anyone who's out there on a lunchtime run.

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Posted: 17/07/2016 at 20:05

G-Dawg - it was deceptively warm yesterday so not surprising you found it hard going.

Nice smackdown win from you OO

Improssive mileage Gul - good idea to take it easy today.

8 hours on the bike Fishy - where did you a mange to get to?

Just over 13.5 hilly miles for me first this morning before it got too warm, taking me up to 41 for the week. I stayed on the road to give my new Hitogamis a run out - there was a deal on via Amazon and I managed to pickup 2 pairs for just under £100 all in. Should keep me going for a few months.

Spent the afternoon over at Bromley as uounger Lorenzito got a last minute call up to the Surrey squad for the Intercounties match and managed just under 9:19 for the 3000m in his first outing at that distance this season. I'm putting it down to me lending him my pair of running shorts. 

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Posted: 15/07/2016 at 23:36

Welcome back to GM - great to hear from you.

Great reps there G-Dawg - you're on fire at the moment.

SJ - thanks for that link. I'm now in a bit of a dilemma. Part of me agrees with Moof's approach that it's worth paying a bit extra for the bike down at the local bike shop so that it can be fitted properly and part of me likes the look of the Planet X bike. The clincher may be the availability of the Giant Defy Advanced - the 2 isn't in stock any more and the guy in the shop needs to check whether they've got the lower spec'd 3. Won't find out until Monday though.

Back on two legs, it was a rest day this morning but planning to get out for a medium length off road run tomorrow.

Younger Lorenzito was keen to tell me about the session he did down at training the other night: 5 mins at 6m/m, 5 mins at 5:50, 5 mins at 5:40, 5 mins at 5:30 (consecutively with no interval), 3 minute interval and then repeat for a second lot of 20 minutes. Made my nose bleed just thinking about it. Turns out his coach had asked him whether he wanted to try this sesh with Georgie Bruinvels (sub 34:30 10K and 2:38 marathon runner) who he used to coach and who'd come back to the club for a one-off visit. 

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Posted: 14/07/2016 at 18:58

Getting excited about another thread smackdown! Good luck both.

Disappointing news on the bike in so far as Giant seem to be out of stock of the one I fancy so need to decide whether to wait until October, in other words for use next year,  or go for something different.  Might have to have another look on the Planet X website.

Up in Edinburgh at the moment, but staying out near the airport, so managed 6 miles along the canal this morning.  Will be a rest day tomorrow as I've got to get an early flight. 


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Posted: 11/07/2016 at 23:32

Good to see Gul doing his humming bird impression again!

What's the Hanson plan like VTr? I've heard of it, but no real knowledge of how it compares to say P&D. 

G-Dawg - yes, it's the one in Guildford. They really seemed to know their stuff in there and I was very impressed. Planning on going for one of the Defy Advanced bikes but trying to work out whether it's worth the extra £150 for a 105 set on the Advanced 2 or sticking with the cheaper model. The various reviews I've read (plus SJ's comments) suggest it's worth shelling out that little bit extra.

10.5 miles of various commuting legs today - felt tougher than normal but that might have been because I was a bit tired.

Just seen the results from Saturday's 1500m - ended up with 5:18.4 for a 2.3s PB - every little bit counts!

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Posted: 09/07/2016 at 19:16

SJ - you keep your bikes in your dining room?! Also, despite looking on the interweb, I haven't fathomed out what TCR stands for - I thought it was some kind of Scalextric set!!

Seriously though, thanks for the recommendations - it might be pushing it a bit to head up to the Planet X store but there look to be some cracking deals on line. On the other hand I've got a Giant shop about 10 miles away so I'll be popping in there tomorrow morning!

6 miles easy first thing this morning and then 1500m on the track this afternoon - because of a couple of late drop outs, I was B scorer (gulp) with younger Lorenzito as A scorer - at least he didn't lap me although I suspect that him having run a 2:03 800m a couple of hours beforehand worked to my advantage. Not got the official time yet, but I think it was around 5:20 so a bit of a so-so but at least I picked up a couple of points.

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Posted: 08/07/2016 at 22:00

Awesome stuff all round from:

Leslie - after a 12 hour shift I would have just decided to sit down

SJ - going from the sublime to the unpleasant

G-Dawg - 15 miles in evening the day after a decent track sesh

GD - don't be too hard on yourself. Relax and enjoy it.

That said, I was struggling to enjoy myself in the pouring rain this morning on a 6 miles easy run near Beverley. Very flat, very wet. 

WIll be another easy run tomorrow as, due to the shortage of some of the decent young middle distance runners at the club, it looks like I've been roped in to do a track 1500m tomorrow afternoon. As I'm the Team Manager I've only got myself to blame.

Will also be bike shopping this weekend as the latest estimate for the repairs is coming out at £425.  Any recommendations for a (preferably carbon frame) bike in the £1,000-£1,250 range?


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Posted: 03/07/2016 at 21:40

Jools - excellent result in the 3000m. Looks like I may have to do one next weekend and if I could get anywhere close to 11:00 I'd be delighted.

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