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Posted: Today at 11:16

All very quiet on here today!

Sounds like your runs with your daughter are getting to be a regular thing Birch - it's a wonderful feeling to be out there running together.

Great fun at the Velodrome yesterday evening. Followed up yesterday's long run with just over 10 chilly, trail miles this morning with a mate to take me up to 62 for the week.

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Posted: Yesterday at 15:40

How are you feeling now Poacher - hope you're not getting too many strange looks!

Good 15 there Leslie.

My legs felt a bit heavy when I left the house this morning, so the first 10 miles or so didn't feel like much fun but I kept it going to bag 23 miles in total. Garmin logged 750m of ascent and descent as the run included Leith Hill, Box Hill and a sneaky 20% for about 400m after 20 miles. The overall pace was a bit ploddy but I pulled it together for a couple of sub-7 minute miles at the end.

Off to see the cycling at the Olympic velodrome this evening.

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Posted: 02/12/2016 at 18:19

Poacher - unfortunately I only had time for 4 easy miles this morning. I was staying in the centre of Preston so it was residential streets and then a run round the park near the football stadium.

PMJ - I've got a long neck! Long run planned for tomorrow so might sneak ahead of you for 48 hours.


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Posted: 01/12/2016 at 22:57

Finally managed to grab some time and get on here to post - it's been a manic couple of weeks with visits to yet more of the country's cultural hotspots - Colchester and Stevenage last week, Hull and now Preston this week.

Firstly, a bucketload of best wishes to Poacher. As you say, it sounds as though you got off lightly but that can't excuse the driver's behaviour. Don't worry about the beauty contest entry! Hope it all heals soon. Commiserations on the Berlin entry as well - hopefully things will get better now that we're in December.

Nice one SEdan - I can't remember how old you are but I'm guessing you've got plenty of years' worth of running left in you to get the sub-3. Sounds like a focus on getting the GFA for London should be the no.1 focus.

More great early morning runs from Gul - over 2,500 in a year is going some and shows great consistency. Enjoy the weekend.

MsE - I could well have been tempted by the Hogs Back but I see from the website that the online entries have closed and you've got to get there early on Sunday to get one of the remaining entries on the day. I'm also planned a hilly 20+ miler on Saturday so not sure what state my legs will be in. Do you fancy the Brutal run down at Longmoor on New Year's Eve? I've done a few of them in the past and they're great fun if you like what I term extreme XC without all the climbing nonsense that makes up things like Tough Mudder.

200 miles on the nose for me during November (following exactly 200 in October as well, both unintentional but feels nice and neat), the last few days in decidedly Arctic temperatures, although I steadfastly refuse to wear leggings even in the coldest of conditions.

8 moderately hilly ones this morning at Gul o'clock to take me through 2,100 for the year so far so still neck and neck with PMJ. A few easy ones planned for tomorrow although I haven't yet worked out which part of Preston is the attractive bit to aim for.

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Posted: 20/11/2016 at 20:33

Great going GM - sounds like you exceeded expectations. Looking forward to the report (hint, hint!)

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Posted: 20/11/2016 at 17:26

SEdan - do you live close to the Greensand Way? I can strongly recommend running some of the stretches of it, or if not the Greensand Way, then any kind of trail running. Great for balance given the irregularity of the surface, strength because of the undulations and generally far more enjoyable than running on the roads all the time. Add the fact that you don't have to worry about pacing as much as you've got the perfect combo for a wonderful running experience.

Stormy overnight here but the rain had blown over by the time I went out with a bunch of mates around 7.30 this morning. Pretty wet underfoot as we were on trails and tracks all the time - 7.5 miles brings me up to just short of 60 for the week.

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Posted: 19/11/2016 at 18:20

All a bit quiet on here today - good to see that Gul has had a couple of lie-ins recently.

Sorry to hear that the weekend's fun is off GM - at least you'll be able to have some time with your lad.

Super speedy there KR - 5:36 is moving some.

Good luck with the 10 miler tomorrow OO.

PMJ - was very tempted to sneak a quick marathon in there but decided not to, so you broke the 2,000 tape just ahead of me.

A 10.5 mile set of commuting runs yesterday took me to 1,999 for the year which was the perfect incentive to get out for a birthday run this morning.

I'd planned to do about 16 miles on a new route but underestimated the distance and ended up with 21 including Holmbury Hill and Leith Hill, coupled with stretches along the North Downs Way and the Greensand Way. Lovely and crisp morning with frost on the ground in places and clear blue skies - suspect it won't be the same tomorrow.

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Posted: 13/11/2016 at 12:03

I'm just behind you PMJ - planning to hit 2,000 next Saturday.

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Posted: 13/11/2016 at 10:53

Great pace on the XC G-Dawg - I don't think I got anywhere close to that but our results aren't up yet. Sounds you're a natural at it. Hope your legs have warmed up now.

Good weekly mileage Gul - which race is next up for you?

The usual Sunday running group weren't out and about today, so went out on my own for a 13.5 miles with a few ups and downs to get me to 39 for the week. Aiming for more miles next week.

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Posted: 12/11/2016 at 18:00

Great going KR - not surprised you're pleased with that performance.

Never mind GM - important not to beat yourself up. One bad run doesn't make you a bad runner.

Minni - welcome back. No excuses for you not to be posting on here regularly!

How did the XC go G-Dawg? Fortunately the rain held off for ours but I wish the course had been a bit muddier. So-so performance from me, but younger Lorenzito won the Junior race so it was smiles all round. Minute's silence observed at the start - very moving.

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