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Posted: 27/09/2016 at 23:48

Fab stuff G-Dawg - you clearly deserved the PB you achieved and when the weather's cooler in the spring, I'm sure you'll go even faster. Sub-20 parkrun should be a walk in the park - I presume that Woking is your local one?

Great HMP blocks there Gul.

Sounds like a fun double there GM.

Odd session this morning - was staying in a hotel near Lichfield which had a 1/4 mile long driveway but it went down to a busy dual carriageway with no pavement or grass verge which felt a bit dangerous running down with no hi-viz vest or head torch in the dark. Ended up doing 8 x 400ish up and down the driveway starting at 1:30 and finishing with 1:17.

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Posted: 25/09/2016 at 23:29

Woo hoo - great stuff from both MsE and G-Dawg. Congrats to both. Sounds as though G-Dawg's carb replenishment has gone well. 

Sounds like rest and recovery is on the cards for both of you - what spring marathons will you both be doing?

Very pleasant 13 miles for me this morning - had to change the original plan when my mate wasn't able to make it, but bumped into another mate after a couple of miles so joined a group of 4 for a yomp up Box Hill and a couple of hill sprints (not on Box Hill!) to finish with. Took me up to 45 for the week, so getting some consistency in there.

Had promised younger Lorenzito that we'd go out on the bikes (for him it was his first time with cleats) and unfortunately he remembered so I had an hour's rest before heading out for 23 miles including an ascent of, er, Box Hill again. 

Travelling a bit this week so will be looking for runs near Lichfield, York and Taunton at some point in time.

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Posted: 24/09/2016 at 21:11

Quiet day today - does that mean that everyone's been glued to the darts on TV?!

Nothing much to report from me - 6.5 miles commuting yesterday and then Ruhsmoor (Aldershot) parkrun this morning in a rather disappointing time of 19:47 having done 19:22 on the same course a couple of years ago. Taking a positive out of it, it's a bit of a kick up the backside to make sure that I do some more speedwork.

Highlight of the run was the appearance of Ben Smith on the 390th of his 401 marathons in 401 day (http://www.the401challenge.co.uk/) - a quick 5K before heading off down the Basingstoke canal. Hats off to a guy who's raised close to £150K for Stonewall and Kidscape so far

Cuba tonight on the Random Country Generator so I knocked up a rather good Ropa Vieja and Cuban-style rice.

Heading out on the trails with a mate tomorrow morning - looks like it'll be perfect weather for it.

Viele gluck to MsE and G-Dawg.

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Posted: 20/09/2016 at 23:22

Are you up yet Gul? Can't believe you've passed up the opportunity for a pre-train run.

Equally unbelievable is GM's admission that he's never been to God's own country. What's stopping you?!!

Hope OO recovers OK and that PMJ's back treatment works out OK. 

Good to hear from you Abbers.

7 miles first thing today on one of my favourite midweek circuits through the woods. Almost headtorch conditions already. 

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Posted: 18/09/2016 at 23:15

WDfDE - sounds like you took a very sensible approach under the circumstances. There will be plenty more opportunities in the future.

OO - great stuff given the last minute decision to take part.

Poacher - chapeau to you as well sir. Given the lack of training 3:15:xx is highly commendable. 

Funny you should mention the Moldovan red as I bought a bottle of that as well as the white. Worth drinking for the experience, but I'm glad I only bought the one bottle. 

The train set next to the Thames Trot course was my first thought reading PMJ's post. Amazing house if I remember correctly.

Have you got any Ultras planned over the winter? I'm tempted to have another crack at the Country to Capital - it was my first Ultra and a great lesson in how not to manage the pacing over 45 miles.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you MsE - sounds like you'd benefit from plenty of rest at this stage.

Impressive lumbar vertebrae count PMJ - amazed that no-one's spotted that before.

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Posted: 18/09/2016 at 11:55

Hope the Hull lads are all going strong at the moment - it's a bit like Election Night sitting here on tenterhooks waiting for the first report to come through.

GM - TBH the Moldovan white was so-so. I'm a member of the Wine Society (a present from my father-in-law a while ago) and I'll probably be sticking to the NZ Sauvignon Blanc and the Chilean (Casablanca Valley) Chardonnay in future as far as whites go. WIll have to wait and see what the Moldovan red is like. On the other hand, the food turned out very well - fish in coconut sauce will certainly be reappearing on the menu.

Decided not to do the trail race and decided to head out on the bike for a couple of hours. Underestimated the distance and ended up doing 45 miles - as I'm something of a fairweather cyclist, this may have been the last ride until next spring.

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Posted: 17/09/2016 at 16:11

Forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PMJ!!! 

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Posted: 17/09/2016 at 16:05

GM - given that you thought you'd be in the 20:30 - 20:40 range, you've got to feel good about 20:13 in your first parkrun in 6 months. Won't be long before you're back sub-20 again.

Poacher - of course it counts as a smack down victory(ish) 

Another crazily early stat from Gul, but good to have the whole of the day free.

Keep the faith MsE - sounds like taper madness is taking hold.

After getting drenched on one of the commuting legs yesterday, I went for a run-bike combo this morning: 12.5 miles along the North Downs Way to the bike shop to pick my bike up after it's 6 week check up, then 10 miles or so home on it. If I count the puddles on the way there, can I claim an early morning triathlon?

Toying with the idea of doing a local trail/XC race tomorrow but will see how I feel after a combination of Ecuadorian food (thanks to the random country generator) and Moldovan wine (thanks to an impulse purchase) this evening.

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Posted: 15/09/2016 at 23:17

Lit - I remember that race as well. I think it was of my highest ever WAVA performances but I also remember you beat me hands down the following April in London! 

Drunken Euphoria on tour wrote (see)

On that note best of luck with Hull on Sunday OO53 and Poacher. You two got any recognisable features, kits, traits? 

WDfDE - please don't suggest to Poacher that he wears something recognisable and memorable. You never know what he might turn up in!

Gul - hope things sort themselves out for MrsGD. Very frustrating that it hasn't been picked up before.

Vassos used to be on 5 Live as well - I recall him doing the sports update on the Breakfast Show. 

Hope the scan goes OK GM - how quickly do you get the results? (If they're instantaneous, forgive my ignorance!)

G-Dawg - you are in red hot form at the moment. Are you manage to relax and rest well? Critical to don't try and do too much in the last few days.

Couple of decent midweek runs for me as I've been working from home for the last couple of days. 7.5 easy (albeit hilly) miles on Weds and 9.3 miles including an uphill stretch through the Surrey vineyards this morning, in both cases before it got too warm. 

Have set myself a target of finishing off every run (with the exception of a reps session) with a faster mile or so.

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Posted: 13/09/2016 at 23:21

Lit - welcome back on here and thanks for that link. I'm there at 609, one place ahead of PMJ  . The only difference is that I've got the letters PB next to my name (at the grand old age of 48) whereas his PB puts mine to shame. 

MsE - not sure I'm a natural Ultra runner, unless that's a euphemistic term for plodder. I've just been very lucky with the lack of injuries down the years. No Ultras planned at the moment although I did hear of one in Wales that involved 3 consecutive days of 50 mile runs. I might be tempted by another one in 2017 but the focus is seeing if I can get close to sub-3 despite knocking on the door of being 50.

Poacher vs OO - sounds like a classic smackdown to me. Just need to persuade Gul to enter Beachy Head now.

Haven't listened to RJ's interview on MT yet, but hope to later this week - genuinely nice guy and a great story of someone who's gone from beer drinking biffa to top notch athlete. 

Managed some reps this morning in the shape of a 1min/2min/3min/2min/1min/2min/3min/2min/1min set of ladder intervals.

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