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Posted: Yesterday at 16:23

Great stuff Moof - sounds like the conditions weren't ideal out there today so to get a big PB is something to feel pretty chuffed about.

Well battled BI - we've all been in that position so great that you didn't throw the towel in.

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Posted: 18/10/2014 at 21:56

PMJ - 64.xx might be a bit optimistic. Macmillan would suggest 65:10 based on my 10K PB but I'm not in the sort of shape I was when I did that. Based on the recent half I did, I'm looking at around 66 and I'd certainly settle for that, especially as it would be more than 2 minute PB.

Rennur - good luck with the carbs. Can you can spread the intake over a couple of meals the evening before?

Poacher - v. disappointing. You'll just have to head back to your room and write up your York report. 

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Posted: 18/10/2014 at 16:51

Rennur - interested to hear how your carb loading plan goes. I'm just under 70kg - does that mean I'd have to have 700-800gr (i.e. 1.5lb) of pasta beforehand. I'm not sure I could cope with that level of loading!

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Posted: 18/10/2014 at 16:20

Fishy - no, I was at the Sun Inn. Basically a pub with rather small rooms but the food was pretty good. Headed out early doors on the south side of the river towards the coast until it got too difficult to see the path then turned round and went over the river and along the other side. Never seen a city with quite so many roadworks though! 

PMJ - there were about 130 finishers in the 10 mile race earlier this year with times ranging from sub-55 to 1:51 so as it's a multi-lap course with, no doubt, a few recreational runners and dog walkers it shouldn't be too bad. I'm sure it'll be busier than the Surrey Hills at 6am!

Good luck to the Abo crew for tomorrow.

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Posted: 18/10/2014 at 12:44

Another good early run (despite oversleeping) from Gul. Have you decided what your Spring plans are yet?

Nice going Leslie - glad you didn't join the ranks of folks on here with injuries due to stumbling / slipping / bumping into things.

Poacher - looking forward to Series 2 (or is it 3?) of "Charleston Girl and her running colleagues".

OO - more good running from Ms OO. I think her PB will go next week!

After a easy 5 miles yesterday morning along the banks of the River Lune, I was back on the hills today with a 16 mile circuit of Box Hill. Obviously involved a few ups and downs so pleased to run it at an average pace of 7:48.

2 weeks to go until the Thames Meander Marathon which I'm running as my qualifying race for Comrades (i.e. with an aim of sub 3:20 rather than shooting for 3:0x) and am thinking ahead to next weekend for which there are 3 options:

- 10-12 miles easy (i.e. the recommended distance if I was shooting for a fast time at the marathon.
- Parkrun as a bit of fun speedwork
- Battersea Park 10 mile race

I'm tempted by the 10 mile race but is this wise only a week out?

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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 20:50

Good luck with that quest BI!!

Marrows - you mowed down a toddler who was out in the dark and the rain?! Where on earth were his / her parents????

Leslie H - I can recommend the Petzl head torch with a battery holder that clips to your shorts. Has lasted at least 3 years (if not more) and only needs a new battery every so often.

SJ - podium finish again!!!

Minni - sounds a brill weekend. Having read RJ's account of the race, I reckon he tried pretty hard!

Up in Lancaster at the mo having come via Wakefield and Bradford. Planning a gentle run along the river tomorrow morning before heading back for younger Lorenzito's birthday. On his birthday wish list? A set of running spikes and an entry into a junior duathlon - that's my boy!!! 

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Posted: 15/10/2014 at 13:31

Congrats on the sub 90 Marrows. Will you be taking up your Champs start place?

PMJ - sounds like a nighttime marathon might be your best bet, or perhaps one that you can weave into a business trip. If Sunday long runs are the problem, perhaps you could say you've listened to her and decided to do them on a Saturday.

Where's Poacher's report from Sunday? Have I missed it?

9 hilly miles in the mist this morning. Had to go cautiously as visibility wasn't great so pleased with a 7:45 average pace.

Will be a 4.30am alarm clock wake up call tomorrow, but unfortunately it's to catch a silly o'clock train rather than the fun of getting out there and posting before Gul gets back.

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Posted: 12/10/2014 at 17:29

I also saw RJ's result - that's got to be an hour less than his first marathon!!! Feels like he needs to re-post his fat biffa photo on here again.

Looking forward to Poacher's report - I'm sure he'll be able to blow his own trumpet (or will it be a trombone?).

Bike It - thanks for the hints and tips. Much appreciated. What was the longest run you did as part of your Comrades build up and how far out did you do it?

Nice gentle 3 mile recovery run for me this morning bringing up 57 for the week - plenty of variety in there as well.

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Posted: 11/10/2014 at 18:51

Looks like a triple double session OO

PMJ - you're keeping very quiet about your podium finish at Nonsuch parkrun - it's my local one and although I wasn't there I get the news via FB. What brought you over to our neck of the woods?

Good luck tomorrow Poacher - how's the arm?

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Posted: 11/10/2014 at 11:45

Good luck to all the XC folks today. I'll be at our local XC league but in my capacity as manager of the boys team, rather than racing, not that I'd be too confident about my chances against some of the whippets anyway!

Especially bon chance to Speedy - you must be desperate to get back into action.

Fingers crossed for you Moof - sounds as though you put your body through it last month.

Gul - Annecy is supposed to be gorgeous for both cycling and running. They keep talking about it on the Marathon Talk podcast and a mate of mine went there a few years ago and raved about it.

21 miles for me this morning - pleasant conditions and a nice mix of roads and a stretch along the canal tow path.

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