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Posted: Yesterday at 10:56

Poacher - great report. At least it was only a trombone - a tuba would have been far more painful.

Good to hear of the progress BI - how are you getting on Minni?

State of shock alert:

I'm running the Reigate half marathon tomorrow morning as it's part of the club Grand Prix and I headed over to Reigate this morning to pick up my number, chip etc to save joining the queue tomorrow.

As I was there I thought I'd do the Reigate parkrun just to keep the legs ticking over - 5K at HMP would be a good preparation and as the course is a nice undulating run, it would make a nice change from a Satruday road run.

I wasn't wearing a watch or a Garmin - just running on feel but having settled into a nice rhythm for the first mile I found myself in about 5th or 6th place and then started overtaking people. I kept going steadily on the wooded ups and downs and having gone past another bloke about 1K from the end I was looking ahead to see where the next person was.

I crossed the line without going mad and got handed the no.1 token!! In reality, I suspect that the fast runners were taking the day off prior to tomorrow's HM but it's still my first victory in a race (OK, I know it's a run not a race) since I was about 15 and I still haven't stopped smiling. 


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Posted: 17/09/2014 at 07:35

Gul - makes sense. I sometimes feel like that but it's normally to extend from 5 to 6. After 10 I would imagine I would have had more than enough,

Another intervals session for me this morning - probably the first time I've had the inclination to do two in a week. 6 x 3mins with 1min recovery. 

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Posted: 16/09/2014 at 23:03

SJ - back to back meeting with a cheese sandwich? Did you get any response out of it?!

Reminds me of the question as to which is better: complete happiness or a cheese sandwich? Obviously it's the cheese sandwich as nothing is better than complete happiness and a cheese sandwich is better than nothing. 

Marrows - I do hate them but I also know that they do me alot of good. Planning another interval session tomorrow morning.  

Nice length of commuting run BTW. Aren't you in Surrey somewhere so do you head into London?

Gul - 11 lots of strides is an odd amount! Any reason for that as opposed to 10 or a nice round dozen?

GM - a tad envious of you having the possibility to go for a dip in the sea after a lunchtime run. Funnily enough the Thames isn't all that tempting at the moment!

2 mile commuting run each way for me today with 5kg worth of rucksack bouncing around on my back. Was running a bit late for the train on the return leg so I don't think my fellow passengers were impressed by my sweaty state when I got on the train - at least I'd just about had enough time to change my top.

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Posted: 15/09/2014 at 22:49

Wow Moof - that's a tough old session. You must be pretty pleased with that one.

Gul - I'm not sure I'd have the patience to do 13 super slow miles like that. 

Was that a commuting double run Marrows?

Ladder intervals for me this morning - concentrating on fast cadence during the reps.

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Posted: 13/09/2014 at 12:37

Where's Badbark gone? I haven't been able to sleep because of the suspense!

Impressive progressive long run there Gul - are you ready to publicly declare you aspirations and expectations yet?

Bon chance to Poacher - suspect it'll be a pretty emotive one this year.

Glad the mojo is back PMJ - which one were you running?

BI - thanks for the post on your new diet. I'm experimenting with various things at the moment (no pre-fuelling, no Garmin, building up to a higher mileage plan) but I don't think I'm brave enough to make such a radical change to my diet. I need to have a look at the Gary Taubes book.

Start of mini taper prior to next weekend's half + various domestic duties prior to a family get together to celebrate (amongst other things) our 20th wedding anniversary so only 9 hilly miles this morning. Happy with a 7:23 average pace given the terrain so will see how it all ends up next weekend. Will be satisfied with anything around the 1:30 mark

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Posted: 11/09/2014 at 13:13

Hope you enjoyed the butter BI!! What would be a typical day's set of meals look like under the new regime?

Good early morning running going on out there at the moment. Not quite Gul o'clock for me but it won't be long before the head torch gets brought out of hibernation. 9 hilly miles including taking a wrong turn as a result of trying a new route which meant that I took a bit longer than anticipated and had to drag elder Lorenzito out of bed to give me a lift down to the station.

Does anyone have any experience of doing VO2 / lactate threshold assessment tests? I'm thinking of asking for one for a birthday present but would be good to know whether they're a. very useful to help optimise training b. an interesting snapshot of fitness at a particular point in time or c. a complete waste of money.


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Posted: 10/09/2014 at 11:25

Gul - I'm surprised there were any shops open at the time you were out running!!

I'll have to give some thought to alternative suggestions for Minni. How about athletics coaching of some sort?

Intervals session this morning(courtesy of Marrows?): 1600/1200/800/400/200 with 1 min recovery. Tried to focus on shorter strides and higher cadence. Felt good having done it so I may convert to loving interval training over time although I'm not holding out much hope!!

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Posted: 09/09/2014 at 13:51

Minni - really feel for you as it sounds as though it'll be a tough few months. Is there anything else that you've always wanted to do but haven't had the time becuase of all the running?

Poacher - I've booked a room at the City Lodge hotel from Thursday through to Tuesday, but I'm now having second thoughts as to whether somewhere nearer the beach would be a better bet. Flying out via Joburg on the Weds evening and back the following Tuesday.

Chickadee - welcome. I'm sure you'll find it even better on here than on the sub 3:30 thread. What's your marathon PB?

9 up and down (the terrain rather than emotionally) miles for me this morning. 

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Posted: 07/09/2014 at 21:06

Great stuff OO - fab time and a podium finish to boot.

Flights and hotel for Comrades booked - no turning back now!

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Posted: 07/09/2014 at 18:38

Definitely swimming caps off to SJ for a monster performance. We don't want to lose you from this thread but given the troublesome parts of your body, would you be better off concentrating more on the swimming and less on the running? Not sure cycling fits into that equation though.

Fishy - what's your target for Nottingham? Can't say it was my favourite marathon having had a very bad patch going round the rowing lake when I did it a few years ago.

PMJ - hitting the two main goals for the event sounds like a good return to me!!

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