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Hyper Mobility Syndrome (HMS)

Posted: 07/10/2012 at 17:44
Thanks Jenn - I didn't go - it's the whole walk before I can run thing - I can't walk that far without pain so I know running regardless of the pain is not sensible - I just want to run!!!

Hyper Mobility Syndrome (HMS)

Posted: 06/10/2012 at 20:14
I was running 5k couple of times a week last year - my back siezed in November and then a few days later a disk popped out. After a long time being bounced around trying to work out what was happening I eventually saw an osteopath in August. She is fairly certain I'm hypermobile and looking into this and my history of joint issues since age 14 and looking at my children this all seems to fit. My hypermobility is general through my spine - I'm not an extreme case - but my Osteo says my ligaments are not supporting me so my muscles have to be super strong

The Osteo has prescribed Pilates for life to get my chronically fatigued back muscles strong - this has been tough as I'm not able to exercise when my disk is aggrevated so a long recovery. The problem is I need to run - I have been really good and not run - but I need to to be able to cope with stress of normal life - busy working mum etc with a tough job.

I'm tempted to give running a go tomorrow on a treadmill so a little more cushioned than my old run. I wondered whether anyone else was running with a wobbly spine?
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