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Posted: 16/07/2016 at 10:09

LMH - ahh ok. Is that the one that was held at Perth? I had a few friends doing that this year actually. RB being one of them actually! Whereabouts in Yorkshire is it next year out of interest?

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Posted: 15/07/2016 at 17:17

Good arfternoon.

Lovely to see TR popping in. I was wondering how you were doing. Nice to see the young TRs still doing well at cricket

padams - nice multi-eventing at the track! Nice one re the gym membership too. Before I moved to the Lakes I used to go to a gym with a pool, sauna, steam room etc. I can't say I really used it much, but I do miss not being able to pop in for a bit post-hard session.

Alan B - some excellent mileage, and some decent pace thrown in too! Be very interested to see how you get on at Frankfurt. And nice one re Fetch too!

LMH - no idea re the Celtic Plate. Is it something you have to be selected for, or can you run it anyway (but not counting for your country?)

bains - glad to hear you're over your various ailments. Onwards and upwards now hopefully!

Jimbob - well done at the track event, and nice video! Reminded me of one a friend posted on FB - he'd been roped into doing the Steeplechase, and the clip was of him and another fella getting to the water jump, stopping, climbing over it, standing on the edge looking a bit tentative, jumping into the water and then carrying on again!

ES - I think doing a half as MP after a decent warm up is an excellent way of training for the Mara. I might try a couple of those myself actually, time-permitting (I work Sundays, so not always easy).

PP - that holiday sounds great!

Likewise SL and CW - very jealous actually. My last holiday was in 2012, but we'll hopefully get away for a week in October.

Sorry to hear about RB's gout - sounds nasty fella. Fingers crossed it's all ok for the weekend.

TT - good to see you getting back to it.

Dan - sounds lovely! Perhaps Xempo could start a range of colour-coded running helmets for such races?


Re me - all ok really. This liver thing I've got is so-so. It's not really treatable so just a matter of getting on with it. But at least I know what it is and that it's nothing massively serious, so running won't make it worse as such. It might make the symptoms worse, but that's for me to manage. I'm tired a lot, and quite yellow! One of the symptoms is jaundice, but not to worry.

Managed a half decent session last night. 13 miles which included 1 x 2 mile rep (target pace was 6'00s, and did 5'56, 5'58), then 12 x 400(ish) - prob nearer 420m actually, on a slopey school playing field. The kids were playing cricket on the field where the (lumpy, boggy and grass) track is, so we knocked our own 400ish loop which included a nice hill! I then did another 1 mile at 6'00 to finish, running 13.5 in total. Left achilles bothering me quite a lot today, which is ironic and annoying. I've had weeks of issues with my right one - I went back to wearing my orthotics in a neutral shoe and that cleared instantly, but now my left is in bits. So God knows. Will sort it out though I'm sure.


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Posted: 11/07/2016 at 10:03

Morning everyone,

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

padams - hope your Mcwedding was good!

bains - hope you're feeling better and that little bug/fever subsided ok.

PP - likewise, and well done on the 5k/3k combo. Agree that when you feel a bit better that 3k PB is history!

TT - glad to see you getting back to it. Shocking weight gain though. I expect you weigh about 7 and a half stone now

wardi - nice long run/cycle double. I look forward to your debut in an Ironman next year. Little tip though - I think you're supposed to do the biking bit before the run.

ES - I wouldn't get too hung up on paces this far out. It's about hitting the right intensity level I think. Do the training and the fitness will come. If you carry on as you are I think you'l be there or thereabouts on race day.


Things a little brighter here. I had some blood tests done and something has come up re the bilirubin levels in my liver (nothing to do with alcohol either!) A thing called Gilbert's Syndrome. Quite often symptom-free for many people who have it, but not for me it seems. It's nothing too serious, but it can cause you to have major bouts of fatigue. They advise you to steer clear of dieting, dehydration and hard exercise - so perfect for Mara training then.....

It's actually no big deal if I can manage the symptoms. The doctor I saw was excellent. He treats someone else who's got it who does Triathlon. It seems an effective way to keep on top of it is to eat a very good diet. Not quite paleo, but cutting out any processed stuff where possible. I've been doing that for the past week or so and I feel much better, if a little tired.

Had a good week's training though. Managed 74 miles with a couple of sessions and a lumpy 19 miler around Ennerdale Water yesterday. The pace is pretty sedate, but I refer myself to the advice given to ES above. I've got 11 weeks til Berlin now, and I feel I'm starting to make a bit of progress. Splendid. I love a happy ending

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Posted: 06/07/2016 at 13:31
Yes that was me - and it was a champagne flute!! However, as I said on FB - it could have been a shot glass and I'd have been ok.

padams - get someone to help you!!

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Posted: 06/07/2016 at 10:53
Morning all.

TT - sorry to hear about the injuries. Healing vibes to you. I must admit I thought the Intercostals were a group of islands off Portugal. Sure I went on holiday there once....

Nice 3000 from joolska, and another great run from padams at the parkrun. You must be chuffed cos you never usually win races, do you?

Alan B - yes I keep tabs beats per mile stats too. Like you (and PP) I'm in top shape when it's about 900. Which explains my current readings of 14,376. For info if you log your training on Fetch it gives you the stat there, so you don't have to work it out. I imagine that's where the blog writers get theirs from? (guessing Marigold and RaceJase? If so both are on Fetch). Cracking week's training too by the way.

CW - legend!! You're having an absolutely storming year fella. Fantastic!!

Nice week's training by ES, and 5k-ing from Mrs. ES.

And very quick reps from the drugged-up one. Well done PP, bodes well for the track race.

Glasgow for me last weekend for RB's wedding, and I can confirm it was reasonable. I met njord and Caz on the train, and got to Glasgow about 6:00pm Friday. Met RB and went straight to the Honeymoon Suite at the Grand Hotel to try on our kilts and what not (basically RB had to dress us both, cos we had no idea what we were doing). Ate all RB's chocolate covered strawberries (he had his with pork scratchings, in the same mouthful). Kelv opted for the wasabi nuts, which proved to be a juvenile error when he came to take his contact lenses out We then went to the pub and pretended to have Welsh ancestry when the footy was on. I had far too much to drink.

Sat morn I had a hangover, which was less than ideal as we were doing the parkrun. Mine was fuelled 100% by Estrella. The starter set us off and I ran sideways straight into a tree. TBH I genuinely feared for my safety, as we had to run round a big lake 3 times. I negotiated that ok as it happened, and also managed to elbow a woman in the face on the tight, narrow section which cheered me up no end. I felt a bit bad in hindsight, as technically she wasn't even in the park - I had to stop and lean quite a long way over the railings, but I managed to land a blow squarely in the chops Somehow managed to drag by beer-filled frame round in 18'35, which wasn't bad considering. We then ran straight to Wetherspoons to start the whole process off again. Lovely.

Wedding was cracking. Didn't get back to hotel til 2, so our Sunday morning long run was 4 miles. Again fuelled by beer, and again a rather sorry affair.

Just done a couple of easy days since, but I did a very early 13 with 3 x 2 miles at 6'30 this morn (off 3 mins). 6'30ish is what I hope Mara pace might be in 12 weeks. May have to re-evaluate, as it's about 10k pace currently!!

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Posted: 30/06/2016 at 10:53

Greetings one and all

A few reasonables in the racing department I see. Very nice.

SL/Dan - hard as nails and totally bonkers at the same time. I stopped for a gel and a little snooze myself just reading your reports. Well done fellas!

PP - well done on the national title!! Same for Ms PP too. You're having quite a year!

Alan B - solid week there, and those reps are very rapid. Nice work!

Nice 10k-ing, 5 mile-ing and 3k-ing from RB, ES and bains - impressive results there chaps.

Nice to see Charlie's training is as bonkers as ever!! Don't ever change mate!

Impressive long running from LMH - when's the next target race out of interest?

Well done to joolska at the Cotswold Relays. Cracking result!

And congrats to padams on the county call up. A fine achievement to wear a county vest (I imagine). I played golf for Yorkshire Boys back in the day (well, about 25 years ago.....) but that's my lot I think!

Anyway, my underwhelming and disappointing run of results continues. I went back 'home' on Tue to run in the South Yorkshire Road Relays. A 3.5 mile loop round a reservoir. 2 miles flat, half a mile up a tough climb, half a mile down a hill and then half a mile flat to the end. I was mostly shit really. 21'45ish, so 90 secs down on when I last did this race. I got eaten alive by midges and it pissed down, so all in all a cracking evening  


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Posted: 21/06/2016 at 21:46


CW - nice long run. You seem to be having a cracking year this year. Great to see!

Alan B - well done on the 10k! Really good run that, and more to come by the sounds.

Well done to bains too - 4 solid runs there, and a very impressive series position. Glad to see you getting back to form.

Pug - blimey, how's it going fella? Another comeback on the cards? Chester Marathon. Go on fella, you can win it!

PP - top 5k-ing for a Senior Citizen. Nicely done. Nice cycling skills too (and CD).

LMH - good stuff re the 100k. I meant to ask too - what happened to the Salomon-sponsored lady at the Denmark race? Did she race in the end?


Thanks for the comments re my malaise too. I'm ok, just a bit fed up. Trying to get into a proper routine (a la bains' suggestion). Managed 2 days, but it's a start! Had a strange one this morning actually. I went out on the trails, one that runs adjacent to the Lakes Wildlife Park. So for the entire run I didn't see a soul, but I did see 3 zebras! They definitely were zebras too. Not horses in pyjamas. And I hadn't been drinking either.

I was thinking of cycling to Brighton and back tomorrow, seeing as that seems the thread thing to do. But it's a 810 mile round trip if I avoid the motorway, so I'll probably give it a miss. 

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Posted: 19/06/2016 at 13:38

LMH - I've just emailed Mothercare, so I'll see what they come back with

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Posted: 19/06/2016 at 12:37

Hello all,

Not even looked in here for a couple of weeks or so, so just had a read back. Some cracking racing as ever - highlight being LMH's overall win!! What a performance, and so understated too. If I'd have even finished that race I'd have given it the full War and Peace treatment in my race report, let alone WINNING it. Absolutely superb stuff, well done!!

Nicely done on by padams too, in the 87 races you seem to have done in the last few days. Bit rubbish finishing 2nd in one of them, but nevermind. Just run faster next time and you should be fine.

Cracking win from CW too!! You''re on fire at the mo!! Great stuff mate.

Top 10k-ing from AlanB too - again good to see someone getting their fitness back.

Nice to see bains having a strong series in the 5k - nice to see you back at it after a bit of a lay off.

PP - I think I commented on the birthday and 3k combo elsewhere, but well done (despite the juvenile error re the watch!)

Some impressive (well, bonkers) stuff from Dan A and SL - good luck in your race. Sounds tough!

Oh and loved JimBob's race report for the 1500m! Well done chap!

ES - hope the foot injury is nothing serious.

Nice to see TR back doing a bit too.

RS78 - nice to see you again! Although you've had a horrible time by the sounds. Glad to hear you're (kind of) on the mend - fingers crossed for you. And for info my shop is in Lorton (just off Whinlatter, between Keswick and Cockermouth). We live at Lanthwaite (couple of miles from Buttermere). Nice place to live.


Anyway, running. Bit shit to be honest. Not sure what's the matter with me but I just can't seem to get going of late. Been like this for ages truth be told, pretty much for 15 months or so. I can't seem to even muster a 50 mile week without feeling absolutely wrecked. Every run feels like a massive effort, not much enjoyment etc etc. I've had the odd run where it's been fun (the Stag Do Marathon as an example), but it's very much been the exception rather than the norm.

I actually did a 10 mile race on Wed. I was bloody awful! I was disappointed with my last race (an 81'2x Half in Jan) but this was on another level. Raced it as hard as I could and was expecting to finish in about 63'00ish. I ran 66'00! Hated every bloody step too. Could easily have called it a day as we looped past the finish at about the 0.8 mile mark. It then got worse. I was like a mobile hazard on the course for the first 6 miles. One of the marshals tried putting amber flashing lights on my back  Just as well I didn't look at my watch at any point, cos I'd have probably just walked home. Got caught in a torrential downpour at 6ish which seemed to cheer me up a bit (well, made me smile at least) and I then passed a few folk. Somehow finished 7th and 1st Senior Citizen, but that was more due to the complete lack of decent runners rather than a slow course etc etc. Bizarre that I went through 20 miles in 2'05 at London, yet I can only muster 66 for 10 miles now. I wouldn't mind if I was quite enjoying it, but I'm not really. Hey ho, it's only a hobby eh? I might just have a bit of a break for a while I think, and see how things pan out.

Or I'll just become LMH's agent. Easy money that

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Posted: 02/06/2016 at 09:43

That was the one wardi! My Romeo Challenger impression (the big black fella who sings 'Come on little darling take my hand') needs to be seen to be believed

RB - indeed chap!

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