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Fave runners are Brooks GTS & Asics Kayano for distance.

Posted: 03/05/2015 at 20:49
+1 for the ST5s. I ran London in em last week.

Also agree re Fastwitch and look at Asics DS Racer too. I took both the Asics and Brooks to VLM with me. Asics are a fair bit lighter so (for me) prob best suited to a Half Mara or below. ST5 is a great shoe.

And Adizero Tempo (again for me) don't support me as well as the others. What support there is in those is a bit further forward towards the forefoot, so they're not as good as the other options (for me).

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Posted: 03/05/2015 at 08:58
Epic report from Lev! And a cracking from joolska too. Top stuff from the pair of you!

Great victory from Dan at the parkrun too. Speedy time that chap. Very similar to my parkrun yesterday actually. Except I finished 58th in a tine of 24'52, so I'm clearly much betterer than you are

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Posted: 01/05/2015 at 09:34
Strangely Brown wrote (see)
LS21 wrote (see)

Oh and if anyone is 100% sure they're running next year, you can get some very cheap deals if you book now (before the hotels cotton on it's Mara weekend). Me and same friend (Rich) are staying Fri, Sat and Sun night at Ibis Docklands - 3 nights has cost us £103 each in total (less than £35 a night). That will prob be £503 once they realise what date it is.

So am I to assume it's assured to be the last Sunday in April then?  Sorry, bit green when it comes to London and it's organisation,

Well according to the official site it's the 24th April next year -

Not sure if they'll change it now TBH, despite the passover thing. I'm hoping not anyway, otherwise that's £103 down the pan for me!

Oh and padams - re Charlie's phone. I wouldn't worry - Charlie's only little. About 4'6 I think. In fact if he'd had to use that phone his biggest issue was getting someone to press the buttons for him, cos I'm not sure he's strong enough to do it on his own. Surprised you've not invented one actually Charlie - made out of ping-pong balls and half a pigeon's beak. We were discussing you over our evening meal actually, and the best description of you was a young Magnus Pike. I think Kelvin came up with that one!  

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Posted: 30/04/2015 at 11:30
selbs wrote (see)

just entered Florence....


Did Zebedee not mind?

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Posted: 30/04/2015 at 10:13

Did think of you on Monday CRAB, as Bournemouth's 3rd goal went in. I know you've supported them through thin and thin, so to be welcoming the big boys to Dean Court (or whatever it's called) must make you smile!

Does Eddie Howe warrant a 'reasonable' yet. I'm guessing if he keeps you up it'll be the heady heights of 'fair effort son'?

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Posted: 29/04/2015 at 22:29

Oh and if anyone is 100% sure they're running next year, you can get some very cheap deals if you book now (before the hotels cotton on it's Mara weekend). Me and same friend (Rich) are staying Fri, Sat and Sun night at Ibis Docklands - 3 nights has cost us £103 each in total (less than £35 a night). That will prob be £503 once they realise what date it is.

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Posted: 29/04/2015 at 22:27



The mutual shared happiness we had for each other hitting our targets was great, especially for me and Mr. B, who both tried and came up short in 2011. THAT’s how long and how many tries we’ve had at trying to nail it.

And then the Red Lion – superb! So all in all a top, top day. Very much looking forward to next year already!


Oh aye - last 7.2k - I passed 86, 2 passed me. One of those might well have been selbs too? 

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Posted: 29/04/2015 at 22:25

Almost had a fight at about 14.5. Going down Narrow Street. I was running on the blue line following another bloke, when he dropped his bottle of Lucozade exactly where he was running. On the chufin’ blue line. Nice one mate, cos nobody is going to be running there are they? No attempt to throw it even slightly to the side. I was very, very close to going over on it. So I elbowed him in the chops as we went round the 90 degree right before the tunnel at 15. Tosser.

Had another bad spell here actually. Mentally had an argument with the Tunnel DJ for his total lack of imagination in playing ‘Going Underground’ by The Jam as I ran through. Still, it could be worse. I just tried to keep chugging along. Next 5k in 19’26, so still ok. Round that new bit in Canary Wharf, but lost about 25 minutes on that 180 degree turn cos I corner like an Eddie Stobart lorry.

25-30k split was 19’34. My slowest yet, but only 4 seconds. That’ll do. I checked the clock at 20 miles, hoping to see 2’05ish (6’15 pace). I was about 20 seconds in front of schedule (I think), but I was still expecting it to unravel at any time. I didn’t feel great really, but I was actually running very strongly and I seemed to be passing a lot of folk and not many passing me.

Then up ahead I saw my best mate/training partner who had been hoping for sub-2’40. Must admit my heart sank a bit, as I knew he was well outside. That said he was still moving ok as it took me a good mile or so to catch him. As I caught him we had a chat. He’d had stomach issues – had to stop at the toilets at 14ish so jumped over the barriers. All full, big queue. They were the spectator ones! So back over the barrier and on to the runners’ toilets further down the road. Cost him a couple of minutes minimum I think, but he was ok. We ran together for a bit which helped us both – that 5k split was a 19’20, so I just had to hold it together.

I just tried to break the race down into chunks at this point. Get to Tower Bridge. Get to Blackfriars Tunnel. Get to Big Ben etc. I was hurting a fair bit, but I still felt ok. I also seemed to see quite a few people in the crowd down this stretch, which was odd, cos up until here I hadn’t seen anyone! At circa 23.5ish I seemed to push on a bit from my clubmate, so it was just head down. When I turned onto Birdcage Walk I was flagging. So I just counted my steps up to 100, continuously until I reached the 400m to go sign. I really tried to just focus hard on counting, and it kind of helped as it didn’t seem to take that long to reach Buckingham Palace. I remember checking my watch here – can’t remember what it said, but I knew I was going to run 2’43’xx. So I just tried to enjoy the last bit down the Mall as much as I could. Had to restrain from the arm circles sadly, as I still had pretty limited movement in my right arm, but I did manage a few feeble fist pumps.

My rippling torso broke the tape in a time of 2’43’39 – new PB, and I’d finally nailed a Champs start! As I staggered across the line the first person I saw was Charlie – I said my well dones etc to him, to which he replied ‘err, sorry but who are you?’ Haha!! I then very quickly saw my club-mate Rich (who ran 2’44’2x), selbs and Mr. B – it was magic to see those 2, and bizarre that we can’t have ever been more than 100 metres apart for the entire race yet we never saw each other out there. We were quickly joined by njord, Lord Didsbury and a few other people I know, and those few minutes immediately after finishing will be some of my best memories ever of any race I’ve done. The mutual shared happiness we had for each other hitting our targets w

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Posted: 29/04/2015 at 22:23

So my race. I'd actually got myself in good nick for this. But then I got hit by that car just 4 days out, so things didn't look great. TBH I wasn't even sure I'd be able to run, but I tried a little test run on Sat afternoon and it felt ok, so off to the Red start I went. And it was f*cking freezing. Not even my stylish foil blanket skirt could warm me up, so I resorted to going for a free cup of tea - doubtful it was Tetleys too - Brian Glover would be gutted. Anyway, it wasn't until we got into the start pen and I had a cuddle with CRAB and Lord Didsbury that I warmed up a bit.

Customary piss into a bottle of Powerade before the off, although why I went for that is anyone's guess. I could have easily made do with one of them pipette thingies from Chemistry, such is my ample girth. No dick measuring going on there. Anyway, Powerade bottle three-quarters filled, a quick swig from said bottle for good luck and we were off.

Not sure if it was just me but it seemed to take much longer to get across the start line this year, and the pace was pretty steady. Maybe cos I was hoping to run at 6'15ish this year rather than 6'30s, but nevermind. I just took my time while loads of others pegged it through bus shelters and up grass verges and stuff. I still did the first 5k in 19'21 so that was spot on.

My arm was actually ok pain-wise, but apparently I was holding it a bit awkwardly. This possibly explained the stitch-like pain I got a few times on that side, and this was made worse when I had a few mouthfuls of water about 4ish. I had a gel at 5 and it came on again, so from that point on I was nil by mouth. Not even a mouthful of water after this point, and the stitch was largely ok.

Through 10k in 38’22 and I felt ok. Heart rate was quite high but I tend to run on feel anyway, so I ignored the gadget and cracked on. Quite a risky strategy so early in a Mara, but I trusted my body as I generally tend to do ok when I do that.

Had a bad patch about 7-9ish, but pace was still ok. 3rd and 4th 5k both in 19’30, halfway in 1’21’31. Which is actually the third quickest Half Mara I’ve ever ran! Fortunately I followed that up with my fourth ever quickest Half Mara!

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Posted: 29/04/2015 at 21:28

Evening all

Think I'm the last to check in? Lovely. Mrs. LS21 only lets me use the laptop on special occasions, so tonight is clearly one of those. Top weekend eh? I know I'm bound to miss out a load of folk, but there were some awesome performances on Sunday.

Different gravy from the fast boys at the front (RaceJase, padams, SL and Lazarus Lev)

Great runs from Luke S, CD, marders, OS, Joe Hawk, DS2, Spirun, Al P, Dan, PP, Charlie, Ode, TR and Andy P (and no doubt countless others who I've missed, but the read back took longer than it did to run the bloody thing on Sunday...)

Special congrats to ES, SB, Mace, Ballesteros and JimBob (for Boston) for getting it done!

Commiserations to Banksy for getting SO close - next time mate!

Great to see wardi and MtR in the pub after too!!

Also a top, top performance by CRAB to run that time off such a limited build up. Engine almost bigger than eyes there!

But last of all a HUGE well done to Mr. B for FINALLY getting it done, after so many 'almosts', blow-ups and setbacks over the past few years. 
selbs for pulling another one out of the hat!
And joolska who continues to amaze! After taking about 46 years to break 3, to be now sitting with a sub-2'50 is just fantastic!! Lovely stuff.

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