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Posted: 14/12/2015 at 22:21
Dachs - re sniggering at Cockermouth. When I did Brampton to Carlisle I had a mate staying with me. That morning he left Penistone to drive to Cockermouth. That may appeal to your seemingly childish sense of humour. It certainly did to mine!

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Posted: 14/12/2015 at 18:19

Anyway, glad to see lots of the regulars still on here.

Dan - nice parkrunning. Hope you enjoyed your Xmas Do too. And no worries re not ringing/texting. I think the number you've got for me is my old work number actually, so I wouldn't have got it anyway! I'll pm you my new one now.

TR - glad to see you still ticking along. No doubt all in prep for another sub-3 come April! Hope the young uns are still doing well with the cricket

RS - that's a tremendous block of training! I adopted a very similar approach, except my training has been low volume low intensity. So virtually the same. Good luck at Newark. Last time I posted you'd just won Mablethorpe Mara I think, so it would be good to bag another win!

joolska - County Champ! Majestic!

wardi - good to see you training well. Hopefully see you at Brass Monkey again, as I've entered.

PP - another stormer. 2015 has definitely been your year!

padams - superb stuff re the win! Well done!

Hello to HA77 *waves*

Also to Banksy and ES - hope the groin niggle clears up.

Quite disappointed with CW - I was expecting to read about you running 31 miles wearing only one sock, and with an XC spike on one foot and a ballerina's shoe on the other. Whilst carrying 12.456832g of cheese in your ruck sack. Still, good effort at the XC

And hello JCT1

So, not posted for a bit as been a bit mad with our little shop. We opened mid-October, and my running suffered a bit. I did the Brampton-Carlisle 10 mile race in November and was f*cking useless. Actually I wasn't even that good. Still, it gave me a bit of a kick up the arse. 

I just seem to be struggling to get much consistency at present. I'm in ok nick I think - I did 5 x 1 mile reps off 2 mins yesterday as part of a 10 miler, and they came in at 5'28ish - so I'm doing ok. But it's a bit stop-start. Not racng til Brass Monkey in Jan now. Doubt I'll run 77'xx as last year (well, this year I suppose), but it would be nice to dip under 80 if poss. And then London again. Oh, and Berlin too for a bit of sausage waving. Wunderbar.

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Posted: 14/12/2015 at 18:04

Hello again,

Thanks for the welcome backs/glad you've not drowned comments etc.

Another quick one on the floods then I'll do a proper post. But the thing that got me the most was the speed at which it all happened. I run very regularly early morning in Cockermouth (before I pick up bread, meat, pies etc from various suppliers). Anyway, I ran on the morning of the floods (the Saturday) and it was generally fine. Not even a puddle TBH. Here's a pic of one bit that flooded. I ran through that far archway that's pretty much full in this pic only 12 hours or so before this was taken. And said archway must be about 7 or 8 feet high. Very frightening re how quickly it all happened


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Posted: 11/12/2015 at 17:56

No celebrity needed when you look this good in a small child's Easter bonnet


Oh and I managed not to lose either my house or business in the recent floods up here, but Keswick and Cockermouth are in a terrible state

May try and post a bit more often again now. Been a pretty full-on few weeks.

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Posted: 05/10/2015 at 14:43
My pacing method yesterday:

Press 'Start' on the Garmin as I set off.

The next time I looked at it was as I entered the track with 200m to go and I thought 'oooh, I'm going to run an 80'xx'.

I couldn't have gone any quicker, so I really didn't want to know how well/badly I was doing!

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Posted: 05/10/2015 at 09:38

Morning all,

Ryan - I agree with the others. A tremendous run that, and the sub-2'40 is a definite once you get a good group to work with. But you've got to be happy with the win! Winning a Mara, not many people can say that! And I remember when wtgy won that same race in 2010 - I don't think he'd mind me saying, but his time was a bit slower than he'd hoped. But like you, he had a long, lonely race with nobody to share the workload. So I really wouldn't get too hung up on the time. You WON man, superb! Oh and as an aside - I almost got wtgy DQd for giving him a bottle of Lucozade! Outside assistance. They did speak to us both about it, but decided to let the result stand. Pleased you didn't fall foul of that one too! Enjoy your r+r in Norfolk by the way, and well done again

joolska - looking good for Frankfurt! That was a stonking run yesterday, well done!!

Nice parkrunning from Dan - what a washout at the rugby though, so enjoy Abingdon!!

wardi - great stuff re the shin. You may as well give it a whirl next week then eh? I know you won't be fully fit, but you may as well go and enjoy it. Maybe wear the smoking jacket if there are any nice fillies to accompany?

padams - tasty session! And yes, shame you missed that race as you'd have been £200 better off this morning by the looks!


So, my weekend. I had a Half up in Carlisle as mentioned. Quite a lumpy course this one, with a few long climbs. It was a bit hillier than expected actually, so I was pleased to run 80'44 for 16th spot. Not sure how many other elderly gentlemen there were in front of me - maybe 3 I think, but I'll check once the full results are out (everybody listed as a Senior at present). Enjoyed the race though - the Road Relays aside, it was my first proper race since London!  

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Posted: 03/10/2015 at 06:52

Morning all,

Sorry for the lack of posting (or even lurking). I'm just mentally busy at the mo, and am only posting now cos I got up at 4:50am (unable to sleep) so have done a bit of work and a monster read back.

First up great stuff from the Berliners - I really enjoyed reading the various reports, and there were some outstanding performances. RJ, Lev, PP, SC2, Mr. B, muss and Jock - take a collective bow, fellas! Must admit I quite fancy Berlin next year, so will see how things go domestically re whether I can swing it.

Great to see a few old faces popping back in too - Al_P (congrats on the new addition!), selbs (good luck at Florence!), Dachs (nice win!) and Bains (a torrid few months for you fella, really hope you're over your issues now).

Good luck to Ryan this weekend. And yes I tried to follow the runners as best I could back in 2010, when wtgy won and another good friend ran his first sub-3. I can't really comment too much on the course as I only saw a few bits, but if it's a calmish day you should be fine.

And speaking of wtgy - good to see you coming back mate. You know what you're doing, so just keep at it!

Also very pleased to see wardi back running. Hopefully the Mara is still on for you. Be nice to do a race of that magnitude on your own patch so to speak.

Nice race skills from joolska, Al_P and ES too.

I know lots of others have posted too, but I've had 200+ posts to read and can't remember the rest!

Anyone else Marathoning tomorrow? I know Lord Didsbury is doing Chester, as is njord as a sub-3 pacer. Any others?

 I'm doing a Half tomorrow (which reminds me, good luck piscator!) - mine is in Carlisle, the grandly titled 'Great Cumbria Run'. I genuinely don't know how it will go. I took another 15 secs off my Keswick parkrun time last week (18'24), which indicates something like 84'00ish. But a friend who I beat by 2 secs at the Northern 6 Stage ran 17'15 for a 5k at Lancaster last Sat, so I dunno! Keswick parkrun isn't a quick course, but it's not THAT much slower. Anyway, as usual I will run 100% to feel and totally ignore the Garmin. I do like to look at the stats afterwards though!

Good luck to any others racing!


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Posted: 21/09/2015 at 11:05

Hello everyone,

Hope everybody had a nice weekend. Some cracking performances at the various relays by the looks - great results (and bling) from joolska, PP and Ms PP - hearty congrats all round! Sorry to hear TT's day wasn't so good.

TR - as has been explained, the Spring ones are the longer format really. 12 legs for the men compared to just 6 in the Autumn. So more clubs seem to muster together 6 pretty quick people, but the Spring version favours those with a bit more depth type thing. Really cracking days out though. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Northerns (see below). It's often a full day of a job though with travelling etc, so not sure you'd be able to do them even if you had any vague interest in them anyway. Oh and nicely done on getting back out there this week.

Gutted to hear of wardi's injury. You seemed to be really getting it together too. Bugger. No consolation at all, but I guess it's a matter of re-focusing on another (shorter) race in Nov/Dec possibly? Good luck anyway.

Sorry to hear of CC's woes too. 2015 has been a bit of a write off for you hasn't it?

A couple of cracking final long runs from Ryan (nice win!) and RJ2 - and yes, I always feel a little bit sad/empty etc when the long, hard stuff finishes and you start to taper properly. Funny, cos at times you can't wait for it all to finish, yet when it does you feel a bit empty!

Nice sharpener from Lev too - looking forward to how it all goes next week!

Anyway, as mentioned I was at the Northern Road Relays on Saturday. I was in our B team which I was more than happy with as I'm still getting my fitness back a bit. Funny cos 3 of a similar standard were vying for 2 spots, but being the new boy I went in the Bs. Anyway, as it turned out it didn't matter a jot - the 3 of us ran 23'37, 23'37 and 23'39, so evenly matched indeed! 23'37 for me on a mildly undulating 4.1 mile route. I ran pretty well actually. I'd hoped to be nearer 23'00 but I couldn't have gone any quicker, so job done really. Our A team qualified actually, but not sure we're bothering with the Nationals as it's the day before a big mountain/fell relay event that the club have been targeting for a while. Still, not to worry.

I really enjoyed it on Sat actually - caught up with njord (and Caz), Stuart Little and Race Jase, as well as a few other folk I only see once or twice a year. We were in Blackpool for our event too, so we had the obligatory Fish and Chips on the promenade before getting the mini-bus back. A top day!

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Posted: 17/09/2015 at 14:43
WTGY - nicely done on the lunchtime run! And yes, the Kirkstile is very close to us!! We're not licenced (yet), but when we are we're hoping to stock Cumbria Legendary Ales (Loweswater Gold is one of their brews, which you might have had before?) The brewery has expanded a bit and is now at Hawkshead, but they started off brewing at the Kirkstile and still produce some stuff from there now. And yes, now at Keswick AC. I know which campsite you mean too - I pretty much run past it 3 or 4 times a week!

And good call re PP's epic beard! I remember doing VLM in 2011 and some vagrant type hanging over the fence shouting 'Come on Lee'. At the time I thought 'who the f*ck was that?'. Then about a mile later I was proper belly laughing cos I realised it was PP!! A quality moment!!

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Posted: 17/09/2015 at 12:55
Charlie - the lay-by I used is the one right next to where you do your stuff! One end of the road is about 100 yards from the Portinscale turn, and the other end is where the Braithwaite turn is. So pretty much exactly where you did your stuff, just the other side of the road (one end of the lay-by goes to the field(s) where the Keswick Show is held, if you know that? And interestingly that stretch of the cycle path is marked every 50 metres from 0 to 800, so a couple of good options there.

And good luck on Saturday!
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