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Posted: 20/10/2014 at 09:37

So going into Abo I KNEW I was in sub-2'50 shape. So I gave it full beans from the off and just had one of those days. I felt invincible, like I could run through a brick wall. I know it was windy but I genuinely don't think it affected me at all yesterday. I felt really strong on the sections into the wind, and my pace didn't drop at all. Don't get me wrong, the last 8 miles or so were pretty tough (as always), but I managed to hold it together.

So, chip time yesterday was 2'47'16 - 15th spot and 4th elderly gentleman. Oh and a new PB. Lovely.

Caught up with Dan after which was great, and also met Al_P in the shower. I've never seen someone have so much fun with a loofah


Like a numpty I drove down, and can confirm that driving 200 miles post-race hurts more than the bloody race did. It might have taken me 20 minutes to walk down the stairs at Leicester Forest Services too.

Anyway, will try to at least pop in more often and not be a J1P. Looking forward to meeting up with folk at the Red Lion again too (I won't have the family with me next year ) Although I've promised jock Itch that we'll get utterly shitfaced at Chandos post-race, so we'll see.

Hope everyone's well anyway, and thanks for the well dones etc. Much appreciated

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Posted: 20/10/2014 at 09:36

Ow do fellas (and joolska and CC2  )

Yep, still alive as you can see, although not sure I quite feel alive this morning! Firstly a quick explanation of my absence for the last 6 months or so. I got made redundant in April, and also lost my company car and all IT stuff. So I haven't got a PC anymore. The SPO has got a laptop but I hardly get chance to get on there as she uses it for all her work stuff. I'm actually on the computer at the local library now! I have got a phone but it's only one model up from the one Alexander Graham-Bell invented, so it's shite for web stuff. And texting. And ringing people actually. **makes mental note - must buy a new phone**


Anyway, since the redundancy I've been working at Sweatshop in Meadowhall (Sheffield) selling over-priced shoes to fat women. I would say it pays the bills but it doesn't! Always a temporary thing though, as I've used my redundancy money (and the money I got from selling my old flat) to buy a little Village Shop/Deli type thing in the Lakes. Little village called Lorton, just the other side of Keswick. It's being sorted now, so hope to be there soon. Plan is to keep the shop thing and also have a little Tea Garden etc. We won't make a fortune but I don't care TBH. Just as long as we make enough to live. I'm still the most unmaterialistic person ever, still haven't got a TV, walk/run everywhere etc. So we won't need to make much money to keep up our frugal lifestyle!!

Running is going well. I ran 2'51 at VLM and then 2'53 at the Flanders Night Marathon with Lord Dids, njord and Caz. So I was in decent nick and had a pretty big base to go off. Struggled a bit in July/Aug with the recurrent achilles niggle, but spent a LONG time videoing myself on the treddie at work to try and work out what was happening. I've pissed about for ages trying to land more forefoot, quicken cadence, wearing more minimal shoes, eating Tofu, burning Catholics etc. all to no avail. So I binned all that off, cooked myself a nice Rib-Eye and reverted to my 'bandy legged, lumbering oaf' style. It's a truly special 'technique'.....

Anyway, after much self-analysis on the video I went back to wearing clompy support shoes for training, and DS Racers for racing. I over-pronate a fair bit, so got some bricks. I know virtually everybody else on here does the exact opposite to this, but racing flats and more lightweight shoes just aren't for me. They destroy my achilles, whereas a Kayano or similar don't. The DS Racers are pretty good support-wise too, and are less than 200g so sorted really (I wore these yesterday with no problems). And in training – well I don’t care how light or heacvy my shoes are really.

So, once I'd sorted the shoes I just cracked on. I had a pretty much pain-free 6 week block where I trained my bo11ocks off (technical term that) and got myself into fine fetlle. 

Best specialist shoe shop?

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 11:00

Firstly to say that stores recommend what they get most mark up on is pretty insulting TBH. I work in the trade and I don't know one single retailer who does that. Not one. Pretty much any specialist running store will be staffed by runners. We've all been injured we all hate being injured, so if I recommend a shoe it's done with genuine belief that it's the best shoe for that person, and the one that will help him/her the most.

Secondly gait analysis is not an exact science. In an ideal world you should run for about 6 or 7 minutes BEFORE anyone starts videoing/analysing you. And even then you're only getting a snapshot of how you run. Does you form change as you get tired? What about if you run at different speeds? And you can show 3 people the same video and all 3 could come up with something slightly different based on their experience.

And finally, after viewing lots of people running in certain shoes then some of these shoes don't really offer the levels of support they claim to. E.g. - the new version of the Brooks Adrenaline is nowhere near as supportive as you'd think, yet the Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost is more supportive.

So by all means identify a store that you have the most confidence in, but just remember any recommendation is not a cast-iron guarantee that you won't have issues. I hope you get sorted anyway - good luck!!


Posted: 18/09/2014 at 09:02

Take them back and they'll swap them no problem at all, especially if you've still got the till receipt. I work at one of their stores. Seriously, there won't be any issue whatsoever. You can return them to any store too - doesn't have to be where you made the purchase from.

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Posted: 20/04/2014 at 19:48

bainspj - club places are off blue start as stated. On the form you need to state your predicted time. A lad who got one of our places this year wrote sub-3 and was put in Pen 2. A lad last year wrote 3'30 and was put in Pen 9 (I kid you not!) So you should be ok, but I'd take a print out of your Pof10 profile or something to the Expo, just in case there's an issue - if there is try and get em to upgrade you.

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Posted: 17/04/2014 at 12:19

wardi, HR, JH1, TR, selbs and PP - cheers! That run was a long time in coming!! Three years in fact, so selbs - keep the faith mate! There were lots of times during this past few years that I wasn't even sure I'd run a Mara again, and sub-3 seemed a pipe dream. So to be back running very close to my best is great really. I'm chuffed!

And wardi - £240 at Specsavers, and as she was waiting for them to make the glasses we got a call to say they'd found her original pair after all, totally unscathed...... Great! So that made a quite expensive weekend into a very expensive weekend. I'm almost tempted to drive to Leeds just to get a free burger and bottle of fizz.

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Posted: 16/04/2014 at 16:52

Anyway, my race. I was delighted with my second quickest time ever, running 2'51'50. I've worked bloomin' hard over the past few months to get into that shape, so I'm chuffed!

I was fairly relaxed re the race TBH. I went for a short warm-up on the road outside the FGFA area and didn't get in the pen until pretty late. So it took me 35 seconds or so to cross the line. I just ran to feel, but wanted to set off sensibly and try and crank it up. My first mile was a 6'42, so I was bang on really.

Caught up to TR around the 10 mile mark and had a brief chat, and also passed RB at 17ish. Don't think I saw anyone else though!

I just ran totally by feel and occasionally checked the time on the mile markers.My 5k splits were 20'29, 20'16, 20'09, 19'56, 19'43, 19'59 and 20'14 to 35k. I then lost a little bit of time in the last 3-4 miles (maybe a minute or so?) but I was going as quickly as I could!! I glanced at my watch at the '800m to go' sign and knew I had to run a 3'05 800m rep to sneak under 2'52. As it was I managed a 2'55 rep by the looks, so I was pleased!!

Briefly saw TR, Dan and JH1 immediately afterwards, but couldn't make the Red Lion as I had family with me. I did get out for a beer Sunday evening with njord, Caz (Mrs. njord) and HR which was great.

Oh aye, and I saw wardi out for a little pootle along the South Bank on Saturday morning. Really sorry about you getting clipped

All in all a top weekend away. I really enjoyed it!

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Posted: 16/04/2014 at 16:44

Blimey that was one hell of a read back. It's honestly taken me longer to catch up on here than it did to run the race on Sunday!! I didn't get back til late Monday, and with work and other stuff I've caught up with the thread bit by bit.

Anyway, some superb performances as ever.  Marigold - wow, simply amazing!! Likewise from bufo, Ryan S, LukeS, Spirun, OldNo7, HR, CL and DS2.

But a special mention for CC2 for nailing what the thread is all about. Fantastic!! Really pleased for you!!

Really solid runs from CD, Lev, coro, CW, OS, postie, Al_P, SL and TR too.

And top pacing duties from PP and Bedders!

Sorry to hear that others had a bad day for various reasons - Ode, wardi, sweedo, bainspj, runningeye, Dachs, JH1, AW, Yasanuga, Toro, jonny and Mr. B

And really sorry to hear about selbs' injury woes again

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Posted: 01/04/2014 at 16:27
OS wrote (see)

Do we all get a wee cushion to rest it on too?


Not sure? Are Tena Lady sponsoring this year's event?

London Marathon 2015

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 12:55

Tuesday 22nd April - printed on page 2 of this year's 'Race Instructions' magazine thing

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