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Posted: Yesterday at 11:26


SL - cracking run fella, and congrats on the win!! An understated race report too - if I ever win anything (doubtful I know) I'm going for the full Lev length report - 13 pages, and a half-time break for refreshments. You're in great nick. By the way - given what's happened to Race Jase over this past 6 months or so, you must be thinking of similar for next year? You've got to be there or thereabouts I'd have thought? You doing VLM again? If so, run well there and who knows? Exciting times though!

Dan - as I said on Sunday, I think that's a cracking run really. Exactly what you needed. And the last few always hurt, so I wouldn't worry about it. Taper well and you'll be fine.

Al_P - well done again on Sunday. Sorry I missed you at the end. 4th is a cracking result though (almost as impressive as 16th). And I def fell your pain re the solo time-trial nature of the race.

CW - good stuff re Brass Monkey. I think we're making a weekend of it, so coming down Sat going back Mon tea time. Just sorting accommodation now - prob looking at Premier Inn Blossom St North. Caz/Kelv already booked in there for info.

joolska - thank you, and yes, these last few weeks haven't been textbook! I'd been ticking along as best I could but struggling quite a bit. I then got sorted at the Docs so did 2 x 80 mile weeks and a cut back week for Berlin (hence me saying I thought it came round a bit quick). I then did about 30 miles the week after, 2 x 70ish mile weeks and then another cut back before Abingdon. Not sure it was ideal, but I'm more than happy with the times I ran.

jooligan - see above to joolska. I did 2 in 4 weeks so it's doable. But I'd just do quite easy running between now and the next one personally. Maybe a parkrun 8 days out, and maybe a few strides here and there. I personally wouldn't be racing or doing any proper sessions between now and then though. 

Legs feel ok here, other than a bit of a niggly left hammy. Had a proper look at my splits last night too. Only 8 seconds between my fastest and slowest mile (6'27 quickest, 6'35 slowest), so happy enough with my pacing again. No idea re heart rate cos I didn't wear my chest strap again (on purpose this time!)

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Posted: 24/10/2016 at 10:35

x-post - well done to padams and Alan B on the XC too - top results fellas!


And it chopped the bottom of my last post off! All I went on to say was that I've not got a 2'53 and a 2'50 to show after 18 months of pretty poor stuff. So happy enough. My 9th and 10th sub-3s too.

I'll be a London I think, but a bit of downtime first. 2 raced Marathons within a month take it out of you. I feel physically and emotionally wrecked today - prob made worse by the 5 and a half hour drive back home last night!!

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Posted: 24/10/2016 at 10:34

Morning all.

Firstly HUGE congratulations to GBRM for nailing the sub-3 - excellent stuff, well done!!

Well done to piscator too - an excellent run that!! Superbly well executed.

And then the flip side re jooligan - that's really terrible luck to have your race affected by something out of your control. I guess all you can do is to try again - you must be gutted though, so really sorry your illness took it out of you.

Good to see PP posting again. I had a quick look at your Marathon plan, but it looked very scary so I closed it down straight away and ate a pork pie instead

RS - SPO stands for 'Sports Prevention Officer' - a reference to people's wives/partners/boyfriends etc, and the challenges we all face balancing training with family life! Just a light-hearted thing. I think TR coined the term? He certainly used to say it a lot anyway. 

CC2 - take your point re Brass Monkey, but I've always used it as a target, and then done a 12 week specific Mara phase from there. That works well for me. If you're in any kind of shape it's a nailed on PB. Even I've ran 77'xx there, and I'm shit

Anyway, Facebook peeps will know this but I was at Abingdon yesterday too. Long time posters will remember when my brother died (over 4 years ago now!) - that was in July 2012. To help me deal with it/give me something to focus on I decided to do Abingdon - I got selbs' number actually. If you're lurking selbs I hope you and the family are well mate. So the race is quite special for me, just for my own reasons. Not sure if it's because I've moved away from my folks now or whatever, but I decided I'd like to do it again this year - again, just for me personally to mark my brother's passing in my own way. No big deal, just me doing my own thing and dealing with it in my own way. That's why I just kept it to myself really.

I managed to get a number back in August I think, and I'd ran Berlin 4 weeks ago anyway - so getting round wasn't going to be an issue. I actually felt Berlin came round a little bit early for me in a way too - having 4 more weeks *could* help, but I full-on raced Berlin so I had to balance training on with recovering sufficiently and then a mini-taper.

I think i did an ok job in hindsight. Scores on the doors was a 2'50'31 for 16th place. Pleased with that, but also a little frustrated I couldn't dip under 2'50. I ran entirely to feel again and hit halfway in 84'56, so I gave myself every chance. I just lost a couple of seconds a mile in the second half - so a very solid run but I'm still feeling a bit 'if only' this morning. Must admit I found it tough at times. I effectively had a 16 mile solo time trial. I was entirely on my own from 4-20 miles. Nobody anywhere near me. I couldn't even see the group in front, and the group behind were a fair way back. It was quite breezy in places yesterday too, so a bit frustrated re circumstances but that's just how it was. I ran the best I could and I genuinely couldn't have gone any quicker. I started to pass people in the last 10k - probably passed 12-15 people at a guess, so I ran well.

Was great to see Al_P beforehand and have a chinwag. I also had a nice chat to Dan, both before and after the race (and in the starting pen in fact!) I also think I might have said 'well done' to piscator based on your description, but I'm not sure? I had a purple vest with a yellow diagonal stripe across it (nice!) - with DAC in big letters on the back.

Anyway, 2 raced Marathons in a month was tough, but I've now got a 2'53 and a 2'50 to show

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Posted: 19/10/2016 at 08:53
Little M.iss Happy wrote (see)

Are you all fixed now then LS21? Stuart's link is on the previous page.

Ah yes, so it is. TBH I tend to find SL's posts a bit boring, so I don't really read them properly

And re me - sort of (ish). The bilirubin thing isn't really treatable. It's just a matter of trying to manage it as best I can, and a bit of trial and error re certain things that make it worse. I'm mostly having good days, but a few bad ones too. But I'm getting there.

Dan - muy bueno. Supposed to be a nice race, so hopefully all goes well

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Posted: 18/10/2016 at 17:03

Afternoon all,

Nice to see CC2 popping back in, and even better to see you running again! Fingers crossed re getting the fitness back.

Likewise TT - you'll be in pretty decent nick very soon I think!

Dan - cracking stuff at the Half. Bodes very well. I know you're having a pootle round Abingdon, but have you got a target race? Florence maybe? Sorry if you've previously mentioned it.

CW - just take it easy chap. Nothing to rush back for. Likewise wardi - you both know what you're doing, so just be sensible.

padams - nicely done at the parkrun. You were just quicker than me. By about 2 minutes or so

SL - excellent stuff. I can probably stretch to 1p per km, so get the link posted. And re my 'retirement' - ha, yes, all good ta. In all seriousness since I got my bloods sorted I feel 100% better. Just in myself, not really to do with running. But then feeling better means I've got back to my old self a bit, so I've wanted to go running type thing. So yes, all is good at present thanks.

LMH - really sorry to hear that Abingdon is off. Hopefully you're back to it properly soon. And re London - I wouldn't worry too much. I was right at the back of Pen 1 last year, and still ran a 6'20ish first mile. 

Alan - taper well!

Not much happening here. Just ticking over for a bit really.

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Posted: 15/10/2016 at 20:59
Jooligan - yeah whatever. Nobody is bothered about stuff like XC. Just the proper races, like parkruns innit. Still, decent effort I suppose Have a Tune (do they still make them?) and tuck up warm. Be a brave soldier and you'll be reet.

Wardi - fair point well made. I had to elbow an 8 year old in the larynx coming down the stretch to ensure victory. Still, she needs to become more battle-hardened. I won a Fruit Shoot and a Freddo for my efforts, so it was worth an afternoon spent in the cells for GBH.

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Posted: 15/10/2016 at 19:26
I won the parkrun today cos I'm magnificent and stuff.

The end

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Posted: 13/10/2016 at 09:57
Padams wrote (see)


I've PB'd at Chicago twice and Boston once, so maybe I'm just a good traveller! Although that was early in my running career when I was on a rapid improvement curve.


That's because you're so tiny, so you don't need any leg room on the plane

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Posted: 12/10/2016 at 20:34
Oh and I agree with TR re the US races. There's no way I could run well less than 48 hours after a long-haul flight. I'm bad enough at London after 3-4 hours on a train!!

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Posted: 12/10/2016 at 20:32
Wardi - yes, the plan is to make a bit of a weekend of it. Close the shop Sat (mid Jan so I doubt we'd be busy), and we're closed Sun and Mon in Winter anyway. So maybe head over Sat, then back Mon eve. Coming over with my missus and the little un, so we can all have a nice weekend away. The biggest challenge is getting an entry! I'll have to talk nicely to one of my clubmates - he's one of the main men at Results Base, so I'll see if he's open to bribery!!
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