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Posted: 27/10/2014 at 10:21

Wow, just popped in to see how selbs had got on (I'd seen the other 2's amazing times on FB). Unbelievable fella, absolutely superb. I claimed that my run at Abo was the greatest comeback since Lazarus won the Galilee 10k, but I think you've well and truly claimed that prize!! I love a happy ending. Well done son, take a bow.

And absolutely storming from joolska and TT too. I think everyone's reaction on here shows how much people wanted all you 3 to do well - and you certainly didn't disappoint.

Brilliant stuff, just superb

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Posted: 22/10/2014 at 22:41


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Posted: 22/10/2014 at 22:20

Twice in a day *double fist pump*

SPO retires to bed early, so here I am.

Dachs - the Rhythm is a Dancer line was stolen 100% from Jock Itch, so blame him. And speaking of Jock - he hasn't posted for years, yet as soon as I mention 'bald patch' he appears. Amazing that. Let's see if it also works for njord:


Oh and Dachs - the Queen's Hotel is reet posh. You should have a nice time there.

Th R - Rich is in good nick at the mo. Shame he can't run with the dog or you'd be nailed on for a sub-34. And for those who don't know - Rich is my friend who does the odd race and parkruns with his dog. Not a 'fast' dog as such, in that it's a Jack Russell. But said Jack Russell has a 5k PB of 16'40, and he/they finished 2nd at the Tissington Trail Half Mara 2 weeks ago in 1'18'xx. And that was with 3 wee stops! Speedy pooch indeed.

Dan - haha cheers!! And cheers for the new top too mate. Arrived today and fits perfectly!

PP - looking good my friend. Another one who looked doomed forever not so long ago with that hip problem, and look at you go now. Brilliant to see!

TR - cheers and good news re the ankle

wardi - nice one ta. Any further update re Brass Monkey? My Half PB is rubbish (79'59) - looking to try and knock that down a bit if I can, but not the easiest race to get a place for eh?

And selbs - taper madness fella. You've done enough Maras to know that, but always good to be reminded. Seriously don't underestimate how being under-fuelled will have affected that run though. Just have faith, and stick the little 'un in a cupboard til next week.

Anyway, see you all in 6 months

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Posted: 22/10/2014 at 09:22

Think I exceeded the word limit!


Part 3:

So with 300m to I knew I was going to run 2’47’xx, and break my almost 4 year old PB. I tried to enjoy the last part, but enjoy isn’t a word that should ever be associated with the final stages of the Marathon!! Still, I crossed the line with arms raised to record a time of 2’47’16. Brilliant. I was utterly elated, but my body instantly shut down and I couldn’t even stand up. I felt very tearful too. I’d done this race once before in 2012, not long after my brother died. So a lot of the same feelings returned. A very cathartic and emotional experience really, but post-Marathon I always feel a bit ‘vulnerable’ anyway. It’s a race that takes you to new-found depths, and leaves you utterly, utterly empty at the end.

The only slight downside to the whole day was this immediate aftermath really. I’d just run the race of my life and felt a bit wobbly emotionally but I was there on my own and there was nobody to share it with. So I sent Rich a text! And after a cup of Mellow Birds and a couple of Chocolate Hob-Nobs I felt slightly better. It may have taken me 20 minutes to get down the stairs at Leicester Forest Services though. And I can confirm that driving 200 miles post-Marathon hurts more than the bloody race does!!

All in all a cracking day and an event I really enjoy, and one I’m sure I’ll return to again in the future.

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Posted: 22/10/2014 at 09:21

FFS, I never did master the art of copy and paste. Or it might have been caused by my computer crashing whilst I was looking at the gallery at (prob best not to click that actualy, just in case...) Anyway, I have the power of opening up the shop today so have jumped on the work computer. It's chuffin older than wardi. Anyway, rhythm is a dancer....


Report continued:

By now we’d started to lap the slower runners who were still on their first 9 mile loop, so I tried to encourage them with lots of ‘well dones’ etc. It was just like a Wednesday session at the club – runners of all abilities all working as hard as they could and trying to encourage each other along the way. One of the joys of being a runner!

I was glad to hit the 20 mile marker soon after this, as I now knew I was into the final 10k. I was hurting though. Badly. I tried to pick myself up a bit by asking the people at the water stations for a Gin and Tonic, and found myself frequently replying to any spectator who shouted ‘Well done, looking strong’ by saying ‘I feel bloody awful’. I genuinely think it helped to distract me from the pain a bit, even if only fleetingly!

At 20 mile I took my last gel and that picked me up a bit mentally – probably the whacking great caffeine shot in it I imagine! Before long I was onto my favourite trail section again too. Except someone had clearly lengthened it since lap 1, cos I seemed to be on it for ages this time! My pace was starting to drift slightly now, so I just focussed on picking off the runner in front. It was almost always a back-marker, but I didn’t care. It gave me something to focus on.

At 23 miles we turned right, and the slower runners turned left to start their 2nd lap. So I was on my own again. Just me and my creaking body. The wheels were wobbling a fair bit, but were just about staying on. Come on lad. 3 miles. A parkrun. Just keep going – one foot in front of the other. At this point I remembered all the solo sessions I’ve done over the past few weeks before work at stupid o’clock. The mile and KM reps, the 10k reps at Mara pace. The dragging yourself out of bed when it’s cold, wet and dark outside. THIS is what that was for, so come on! I didn’t consciously draw on this – it just popped into my head, but it definitely helped.

It was now mind over matter, so I reverted to my usual trick of counting the number of times my left foot hit the ground until I reached 500. I’m not sure it helped to be honest, but I kept going! The marshals and spectators were great for the last few miles too – they really helped, and somehow my 4th 10k was another sub-40. So 8 consecutive sub-20 minute 5Ks left me with just under a 1.5 miles to go. By now I wanted to hit the 25 mile marker in no worse than 2 hours 40. That then gave me 8 minutes to do the last 1.2 miles – 6’25ish for the last mile, and 1’35ish for the last 400 metres. I panicked a bit when I checked my watch and it was almost at 2’41. So I asked a marshal where the 25 mile marker was, and he said ‘about 400 yards behind you’. Hurrah! I barely know who or where I was, so I’m not surprised I missed it……

To be honest I don’t really remember the last mile either. I was in full-on survival mode. It was a bit twisty again going through a residential estate, but before long I could see the floodlights of the stadium. I just got my head down and pushed as hard as I could. I hit the 26 mile marker just as we entered the track, so virtually a full lap of the track to finish. Just me for this too – nobody else in sight, either in front or behind. I glanced over to check the finish clock which read 2 hours 46 mins. So w

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Posted: 22/10/2014 at 06:37

Race report I did for the club website. Format for this stolen from Jock itch - cheers fella. 

Race Report - Abingdon Marathon

Time – 2 hours 47 mins 16 secs (new PB - *fist pump*)

Position – 15th overall and 4th elderly gentleman

Prize – solid gold trophy, Freedom of the town of Abingdon and a Knighthood in the New Year’s Honours List. Or it might have been a carrier bag with some leaflets in it.


Abingdon. A lovely little town just south of Oxford, where people called Rupert row boats and drink Pimms and stuff. It’s also where Radiohead first got together, and is the original home of the fine tipple that is Old Speckled Hen - so not all bad. It’s also the home to a cracking Marathon, which is why I found myself there this morning, greasing up Tiny Tim and the Twins ready for another 26.2 miles of pain!!

The race started at 9:00am, so I naturally made my way to the start pen at 8:58am. A quick piss next to the starting gantry and an elbow to the chops of some skinny bloke to move him out of the way and I was lined up at the front, mainly cos I’m an elite athlete and what not.

The plan today was simple enough – set off at sub-2’50 pace and hang on. This was my 3rd Marathon of the year. I’d already ran 2’51 at London and 2’53 at Flanders. I knew I was in sub-2’50 shape and I couldn’t see the point in running another 2’5x. I saw this as a race to experiment. If it went tits up then so be it. So it was either a 2’4x or something like a 3’30, when I’d completely blown myself to bits in a car-crash TV stylee. Fortunately it was the former!

So, the race. I settled into a nice rhythm early on, cos rhythm is a dancer, it’s a source of passion. The first 10k went by in circa 39’44, and it felt ultra comfortable. The heart rate was pretty low too, so a perfect start. Lovely jubbly. However, I was now on the first of 2 x 9 mile loops and I knew there was a pretty exposed 4 mile stretch coming up that was straight into the wind. I found myself in No-Man’s Land a bit too. A fair gap to a group of runners ahead, and nobody that close behind me. I reminded myself why I was here so pushed on to close down the group in front. Mile 7 was a 6’11…..oops! Still, it worked as I could now shelter a bit in the group, but I made sure I took my turn at the front to help the others out too. I had my first gel and just cruised along, really enjoying my run. I went through the second 10k in 39’44 and hit halfway in 1’23’31 – quicker than I’d envisaged but all the signs were positive. Come on my son, let’s ‘ave it!

Just after halfway we hit my favourite part of the course – a shortish section on hard, compacted trail. It felt just like a hard training run at home, and I was feeling great. By now the group I was with had broken up a fair bit, and by pushing the pace on the trail section I found myself running alone. At 14.5 we started the second 9 mile loop, so I knew the exposed section into the wind was coming up, and this time I had no group to work with. So, time to zip up the man suit!

I had to up the effort level a bit over the next few miles, but the pace remained solid with mile splits coming in between 6’19 and 6’25. I then had my first real bad spell at about 18ish. The next mile or so hurt, but I was still ok. Just. I think. 39’47 for the third 10k so the pace was still good. The course went through a Business Park at this point, and it was a bit twisty turny so I lost my rhythm a bit. Which wasn’t good, because as you’d know if you were paying attention earlier, rhythm is a dancer.

By now we’d started to lap the sl

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Posted: 22/10/2014 at 06:28

Blimey, I'm back again   The lengths I go to to post on here though - up before 6am so I can nick the pooter before the SPO buggers off with it forthwith.

So, cheers for all the love etc. Marvellous it is. Once news spread re my result on Sunday my phone (and Facebook wall thing) went a bit mental. I even had an email of the long-haired antipodean. Actually, does marders still look like a roadie for Nickelback, or has he cut his hair yet? Speaking of haircuts - being a tight-fisted sod who couldn't care less what I look like I've started cutting my own hair. generally it looks tremendous. Except for the bald patch to the side... Still, at least it's not silver - how's it going Dan?

Anyway, I see a few others were approaching 'reasonable' status on the CRAB scale at the weekend. Some top performances at the Cabbage Patch 10 as well as Abingdon. And I see taper-madness is setting in for a few pre-Frankfurt - lovely stuff.

Actually re Frankfurt - I'm particularly pleased to see selbs running again  Last time I was in here you were in a right tangle I think. Either on, or recently on crutches and the diagnosis didn't look good. So really chuffed to see the times/training you're knocking out.

Th R - looking good for the Dash my friend. I think Rich is after a sub-34, so maybe a little train there?

Nice to see TR talking about swimming and admonishing people for running too quickly. Still, at least the cricket season's over...

Oh and someone asked about an Autumn Marathon. I hear Wolverhampton is truly idyllic at this time of the year. Or Jungfrau if you're after a time.

Anyway, I'm going to dig out my Abo race report now, cos it's reet interesting and stuff

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Posted: 20/10/2014 at 09:37

So going into Abo I KNEW I was in sub-2'50 shape. So I gave it full beans from the off and just had one of those days. I felt invincible, like I could run through a brick wall. I know it was windy but I genuinely don't think it affected me at all yesterday. I felt really strong on the sections into the wind, and my pace didn't drop at all. Don't get me wrong, the last 8 miles or so were pretty tough (as always), but I managed to hold it together.

So, chip time yesterday was 2'47'16 - 15th spot and 4th elderly gentleman. Oh and a new PB. Lovely.

Caught up with Dan after which was great, and also met Al_P in the shower. I've never seen someone have so much fun with a loofah


Like a numpty I drove down, and can confirm that driving 200 miles post-race hurts more than the bloody race did. It might have taken me 20 minutes to walk down the stairs at Leicester Forest Services too.

Anyway, will try to at least pop in more often and not be a J1P. Looking forward to meeting up with folk at the Red Lion again too (I won't have the family with me next year ) Although I've promised jock Itch that we'll get utterly shitfaced at Chandos post-race, so we'll see.

Hope everyone's well anyway, and thanks for the well dones etc. Much appreciated

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Posted: 20/10/2014 at 09:36

Ow do fellas (and joolska and CC2  )

Yep, still alive as you can see, although not sure I quite feel alive this morning! Firstly a quick explanation of my absence for the last 6 months or so. I got made redundant in April, and also lost my company car and all IT stuff. So I haven't got a PC anymore. The SPO has got a laptop but I hardly get chance to get on there as she uses it for all her work stuff. I'm actually on the computer at the local library now! I have got a phone but it's only one model up from the one Alexander Graham-Bell invented, so it's shite for web stuff. And texting. And ringing people actually. **makes mental note - must buy a new phone**


Anyway, since the redundancy I've been working at Sweatshop in Meadowhall (Sheffield) selling over-priced shoes to fat women. I would say it pays the bills but it doesn't! Always a temporary thing though, as I've used my redundancy money (and the money I got from selling my old flat) to buy a little Village Shop/Deli type thing in the Lakes. Little village called Lorton, just the other side of Keswick. It's being sorted now, so hope to be there soon. Plan is to keep the shop thing and also have a little Tea Garden etc. We won't make a fortune but I don't care TBH. Just as long as we make enough to live. I'm still the most unmaterialistic person ever, still haven't got a TV, walk/run everywhere etc. So we won't need to make much money to keep up our frugal lifestyle!!

Running is going well. I ran 2'51 at VLM and then 2'53 at the Flanders Night Marathon with Lord Dids, njord and Caz. So I was in decent nick and had a pretty big base to go off. Struggled a bit in July/Aug with the recurrent achilles niggle, but spent a LONG time videoing myself on the treddie at work to try and work out what was happening. I've pissed about for ages trying to land more forefoot, quicken cadence, wearing more minimal shoes, eating Tofu, burning Catholics etc. all to no avail. So I binned all that off, cooked myself a nice Rib-Eye and reverted to my 'bandy legged, lumbering oaf' style. It's a truly special 'technique'.....

Anyway, after much self-analysis on the video I went back to wearing clompy support shoes for training, and DS Racers for racing. I over-pronate a fair bit, so got some bricks. I know virtually everybody else on here does the exact opposite to this, but racing flats and more lightweight shoes just aren't for me. They destroy my achilles, whereas a Kayano or similar don't. The DS Racers are pretty good support-wise too, and are less than 200g so sorted really (I wore these yesterday with no problems). And in training – well I don’t care how light or heacvy my shoes are really.

So, once I'd sorted the shoes I just cracked on. I had a pretty much pain-free 6 week block where I trained my bo11ocks off (technical term that) and got myself into fine fetlle. 

Best specialist shoe shop?

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 11:00

Firstly to say that stores recommend what they get most mark up on is pretty insulting TBH. I work in the trade and I don't know one single retailer who does that. Not one. Pretty much any specialist running store will be staffed by runners. We've all been injured we all hate being injured, so if I recommend a shoe it's done with genuine belief that it's the best shoe for that person, and the one that will help him/her the most.

Secondly gait analysis is not an exact science. In an ideal world you should run for about 6 or 7 minutes BEFORE anyone starts videoing/analysing you. And even then you're only getting a snapshot of how you run. Does you form change as you get tired? What about if you run at different speeds? And you can show 3 people the same video and all 3 could come up with something slightly different based on their experience.

And finally, after viewing lots of people running in certain shoes then some of these shoes don't really offer the levels of support they claim to. E.g. - the new version of the Brooks Adrenaline is nowhere near as supportive as you'd think, yet the Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost is more supportive.

So by all means identify a store that you have the most confidence in, but just remember any recommendation is not a cast-iron guarantee that you won't have issues. I hope you get sorted anyway - good luck!!

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