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Posted: 28/05/2016 at 22:24

Good evening people,

Firstly apologies for any inane ramblings (well, more inane than normal). I may have accidentally binned off this evening's run, nipped to the pub to watch the 2nd half of the Play Off final, then gone to the chippy for some food and then accidentally bought 6 very large bottles of beer. Ever the athlete

I honestly did read back, but I've forgotten half of it. 

I think padams won a couple of races possibly? Well done if so. Jimbob may have appeared in one too?

Dan - well done on toughing out the Mara. No idea on the shoes I'm afraid. No idea on off-road stuff, but I'm sure you'll sort it out. 

Lovely to see bains back to it, although 16'54 is far quicker than I've ever ran, so maybe not so lovely.

Some proper quick stuff from Alan B too - top work fella!

As RB has stated, it was his Stag Do last weekend. We somehow ended up running the Windermere Mara as part of it. Whatever happened to Spearmint Rhinos and a kebab in Blackpool eh? Anyway, I was a bit hungover and fuelled by curry. I had also only managed 3 runs in double figures since the 16th Feb (the longest of which was 13 miles), so what could possibly go wrong? I genuinely only intended doing part of it (maybe 15 miles?) I didn't have a pace band for this, instead it was the timetable for the 555 bus from Kendal to Ambleside

Anyway, as it panned out I was ok!! Me, RB and njord ran the whole way together, and basically just arsed about. I remember doing the YMCA (with full dance moves), singing lots of Showaddywaddy songs, walking up a few hills and trying to restrain RB from ripping the head off someone who was running with an ipod in when it distinctly said 'no headphones'. I may have told one or two rather un-PC 'jokes' too. Oh how we laughed....... We may have stopped for a pint at Bowness-on-Windermere at the 20 mile point too. Anyway, one of my slowest ever Marathons (3'34) but BY FAR the most enjoyable. It was an absolute blast!! Here we are at the 24.5 mile mark - that part of the race when you're hating life, and really don't want to be there....

 I think the above sums up how seriously we took the race, and also how much fun we had!


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Posted: 14/05/2016 at 21:21
Bon anniversaire TR. 49? Blimey. You'll be on the Werthers Original flavoured gels at next year's London then.

Speaking of fossils - hello wardi

I should have dipped for the line today too. I could have won it if so. The actual winner ran 15'22, so just pipped me.

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Posted: 14/05/2016 at 11:15

SL - sounds a hell of a session, well done!!

Dan - is that a course profile, or a side picture of njord's hair?

LMH - I'm sure you'll get different opinions, but I'd go with what you feel is right for you. I don't think the Kayanos are necessarily that much more cushioned than the Bostons, but they're more supportive in terms of a medial post, pronation control features etc. The Kayano is quite a high support shoe, whereas the Boston is a neutral lightish trainer. So quite different really. I would imagine the grip would be similar(ish) on both though? Just go with what you feel most comfortable in I think.

Decided to have a pop at the parkrun this morn (at Workington, which is a quick course). After so long out I'd have been happy just to break 20 mins TBH, so I was pleased to run 19'01. Would have preferred to be 2 seconds quicker, but we're never happy are we?!?! Still 90 secs or so slower than last time I ran it in early Feb, but it's a gauge as to where I am.

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Posted: 12/05/2016 at 13:35

Dan - about 45 mins at a guess. It's only about 25 miles, but the roads aren't the best. Am sure you're sorted re accommodation etc, but if not there's a nice spare double room at ours. Be good to see you if poss - we'll see how things are nearer the time eh?

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Posted: 12/05/2016 at 12:12

Dachs - nice one, you've picked a lovely spot to stay. Especially if the weather is like it has been up here for the past few days - absolutely stunning! It's not TOO far either really, depending which side of Wastwater you're staying. If you're reasonably near Great Gable and Kirk Fell then Honister Pass is not too far. We live very cose to Buttermere (at the foot of Honister) which is a lovely little village. Loads of options for top days out from where you're staying though

bains - yes, a fair chance you actually cycled past the shop then! We get LOADS of cyclists coming in. Quite a few from the local clubs, who use us as one of the midway coffee/cake stops on Sunday long rides. But we get loads who are doing the c2c too - the route literally goes past the front door. So yes call in next time you're up this way - I'll buy you a Freddo.

Still doing a bit here. A slow shuffle yesterday, and out with the Cocks again tonight for some hill reps. Lovely

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Posted: 10/05/2016 at 14:52

Dachs - a little village called Lorton, about 7 miles NW of Keswick. So right at the top left-hand corner of the Lakes really. Could be viable if you're Keswick(ish) area, but miles away if you're down at the bottom end! We've got a little page on FB if you're bothered - Lorton Village Shop - A Shed with a View

It's been great up there actually. I've only been up there 9 months and I've had visits from lots of runners! And a fair few folk off here too (CW, RB, Stuart Little, njord and Caz, Lord Didsbury, wardi etc - I bet I've forgotten someone now as well....)

Well done(ish) on the crap 10k! Top marks for getting coypu into your post though

CW - glad your legs are reasonably ok!

Off for my second session with the new club tonight. I initially joined Keswick AC when I got up here, but I struggle making their sessions and a lot of the stuff is very fell-oriented (as you'd imagine). I'm inept enough running on the roads without worrying about grass and such like, so I've switched to Derwent AC at Cockermouth. Means my vest is purple with a gold sash, so much more in keeping with my royal routes. Plus I have the word 'Cock' on my back, which is always a bonus. As well as being highly accurate.

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Posted: 09/05/2016 at 16:21


CW - tremendous effort that. Superb stuff! To achieve your stated aim (given the heat and conditions) is a really top effort. Well done. Oh and as an aside I did 6.43 miles at 34.77 pace yesterday, so virtually the same

Nice to see bains and TR getting back to it. Hopefully the start of a bit of consistent training for you both.

Nice racing from joolska, and a tasty couple of sessions from RS.

Solid long(ish) runs from ES and wardi too. Although ES and SL get a yellow card for their lack of professionalism in partaking in alcohol on a Saturday night. Disgraceful.

Sorry to hear TT is struggling too. Losing balance, but for far more plausible reasons than ES and SL

Not much happening here TBH. Just ticking along and trying to get a few miles under my belt. My back is still nowhere near right. Trying to get referred for an MRI to see if that sheds any light. Thus far I've been to see 2 physios, a chiro and an osteo and nobody has really done much to help. It IS better, but it's not right - and feels like it could go any time type thing. The pain/niggle is there constantly really, but running doesn't seem to make it worse (as long as I'm sensible), so we'll see.

Oh and for any of you who do a bit of cycling too - it was the Fred Whitton race yesterday. I think it's about 120ish miles, taking in most/all of the mountain passes in the Lakes. The route literally goes past the front door of the shop, and with it being hot we had LOTS stopping for refreshments, to re-fill water bottles etc etc. Was a good day, but looked bloody hard work!

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Posted: 05/05/2016 at 11:37

Ow do everyone.

Hope everyone is well   Not posted on here for ages. I think this is my first post of 2016 in fact! Glad to see most folk are doing ok, and hello to new(er) people *waves*

I've read back a few pages but not got as far back as the VLM stuff. I know most people's results from speaking to other folk offline etc, so pleased to see most folk have a good day at the office.

Reasonable from padams at MK too. 

Already spoke to RB (pretty much every day in fact!) so am aware of his Fling-related antics. I'm not surprised he fell over. He was probably drunk.

Was sorry to hear of TR's woes (hope you're back to it soon fella). But what year would be complete without TR trying to give his Abo number away in August

Things a bit up and down here. Now living in the Lakes (as I think most people know), and life is good. Running has been a bit shit though. I was supposed to be doing London but then did something to my back back in Feb. At the time I thought 'couple of days off, it'll be reet'. Sadly not - only just back doing a bit. Not running very far, and it's very very slow - so much like normal really.

Have entered Berlin so hoping to be fit for that if poss. Am sharing an apartment with njord and Caz there though, so if I can't run at least I should have an entertaining weekend!

Good luck to CW in the Wings for Life thing this weekend (you sure it's not Race for Life?) I imagine you'll actually be wearing wings for aerodynamic purposes, hand-crafted from fragments of cream crackers and guitar strings. I'll be very disappointed if not.

Hope to see some of you soon, and take it easy

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Posted: 14/12/2015 at 22:21
Dachs - re sniggering at Cockermouth. When I did Brampton to Carlisle I had a mate staying with me. That morning he left Penistone to drive to Cockermouth. That may appeal to your seemingly childish sense of humour. It certainly did to mine!

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Posted: 14/12/2015 at 18:19

Anyway, glad to see lots of the regulars still on here.

Dan - nice parkrunning. Hope you enjoyed your Xmas Do too. And no worries re not ringing/texting. I think the number you've got for me is my old work number actually, so I wouldn't have got it anyway! I'll pm you my new one now.

TR - glad to see you still ticking along. No doubt all in prep for another sub-3 come April! Hope the young uns are still doing well with the cricket

RS - that's a tremendous block of training! I adopted a very similar approach, except my training has been low volume low intensity. So virtually the same. Good luck at Newark. Last time I posted you'd just won Mablethorpe Mara I think, so it would be good to bag another win!

joolska - County Champ! Majestic!

wardi - good to see you training well. Hopefully see you at Brass Monkey again, as I've entered.

PP - another stormer. 2015 has definitely been your year!

padams - superb stuff re the win! Well done!

Hello to HA77 *waves*

Also to Banksy and ES - hope the groin niggle clears up.

Quite disappointed with CW - I was expecting to read about you running 31 miles wearing only one sock, and with an XC spike on one foot and a ballerina's shoe on the other. Whilst carrying 12.456832g of cheese in your ruck sack. Still, good effort at the XC

And hello JCT1

So, not posted for a bit as been a bit mad with our little shop. We opened mid-October, and my running suffered a bit. I did the Brampton-Carlisle 10 mile race in November and was f*cking useless. Actually I wasn't even that good. Still, it gave me a bit of a kick up the arse. 

I just seem to be struggling to get much consistency at present. I'm in ok nick I think - I did 5 x 1 mile reps off 2 mins yesterday as part of a 10 miler, and they came in at 5'28ish - so I'm doing ok. But it's a bit stop-start. Not racng til Brass Monkey in Jan now. Doubt I'll run 77'xx as last year (well, this year I suppose), but it would be nice to dip under 80 if poss. And then London again. Oh, and Berlin too for a bit of sausage waving. Wunderbar.

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