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Posted: 27/08/2016 at 13:50


Nice to see SL gracing us with his presence. How's it going fella? Sounds like you've had a well-deserved break after your mountain exploits. In terms of getting into Mara shape - is that for London or are you looking at a late Autumn effort? (Luton is absolutely beautiful, especially in December).

CW - thanks for telling us you did 6x0.5M (@5:43/M),7.7M@6:33/M, and total 13.4M@6:33/M avg, but to be honest that's all completely meaningless cos you didn't tell us how much your rucksack weighed. Or what colour socks you had on. Up your game in terms of reportage if you can - otherwise don't bother. Still, well done anyway I suppose

RB - ah yes Chester. Are you still running it with a lollipop stuck up your arse? Actually I think it's a badminton bat at Chester. If anyone starts dropping off the pace smash them over the head with it and call them a cock. 

TT - by the sounds of it we're both going to be shit. Magic. Still, at least I can swim.

Speaking of shit. I did the parkrun this morning as a full-on effort. Quite a quick course (out and back, slightly up going out, down coming back). I ran entirely to feel and actually ran ok. Well-paced, working hard, nothing left at the end etc. I was hopeful of something around 18'00, but sadly I was 40 seconds slower than that. Slower than the one I did about 6 weeks ago actually, and I feel I've been working quite hard during that time. All a bit demoralising really. All the stuff I usually do to get myself back into decentish nick isn't really working. I've lost about 20 secs a mile across all distances, and I can't seem to make inroads into it. Not really sure how to play it with 4 weeks left to Berlin. I honestly don't think I'll break 3 hours at the moment though, compared to 2'43 the last time I raced one. Just go and enjoy the weekend I think, and the time will be whatever it is. 

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Posted: 24/08/2016 at 15:55


Cracking day up here in Lake District-cestershire - the ice-cream is flying out! 

wardi - sorry to hear about the cat, but 19 is indeed a fine age for a feline. Looks like you're clocking up some decent mileage/sessions too, so fingers crossed for you for York.

LMH - good luck in the 10/50k!

RB - well toughed out on the 20 at the weekend, especially after finding it a struggle the day before. I can't actually remember if you've got any target races coming up, or whether you're just ticking along type thing?

Alan B - tremendous mileage again, and cracking mile reps too! Super stuff.

Nice mileage from Charlie too (and glad things seem ok on the domestic front).

Not much to report here. Still plodding along and still running every day (albeit slowly). I managed my first 20 for a long time at the weekend. Blimey it was hard work! I was absolutely on my arse for the last 30 mins or so. I had a real bad spell around 7-9 miles but I was pleased to push through and get it done, especially as I had to run past the car during that phase. The temptation to bin it off was huge! I think I'll get round Berlin ok but I really don't think it will be very quick. I seem to struggle hitting even 7'30 pace at the minute, and my beats per mile thing on Fetch has suddenly gone upwards of 1100 again. It's only ever done that when I've been really unfit before, so God knows! All you can do is keep at it really, and hopefully I'll turn a corner. Still sleeping on the floor too, even though I've had the house to myself for a few days (my missus and the little 'un are in Whitby). Means I've been able to do some training without time pressure though - 60 miles and a couple of gym sessions in the last 4 days, so hoping that will be of benefit in 5 weeks' time!

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Posted: 20/08/2016 at 15:19

Ow do,

Bit quiet in here at the mo, but I hope everyone is ok.

Nice to see TT getting back to it and hitting some decent paces in training. Nicely done re the weight loss too. 5 weeks now chap, and then it's sausage time

Dachs - cracking stuff on your respective race wins and PBs. Superb! Not to worry re not calling in when you were up here too. Maybe next time eh? And re giving up pretending to be a fell runner - I've never even tried to start with! Roads and easy-going trails for me!

CW - well done to CW Jnr on getting into York Uni. Good luck with the Mara training, and well done on your races in the US!

I've had a bit of a weird week. The old body is still creaking but it's not too bad. I've been sleeping on the floor and my back seems a lot better. I may be jumping the gun here but this back thing started 10 days after we moved into the new house back in Feb (and I started sleeping in a different bed). I'm wondering if this may at least be part of the issue (and possibly even the root cause?) Something I need to sort really, but it does make sense (even if it turns out not to be that).

So along side sleeping on the floor I've been doing a lot of strength/stability stuff, a few drills and stretching a bit. It seems to be helping. I've ran every day thus far this week (with a long run still to come tomorrow) and I feel ok. Quite slow and hard work at times, but progress at least. I've got 5 weeks now to Berlin. My thoughts are just to try and keep doing what I think is best really. Mostly easyish stuff but with some harder running a couple of times a week. Genuinely no idea what MP is/might be, but I'm not that bothered really - I feel closer to making the start than I did last week, so I'm getting there (slowly!) I still feel it could all go awry at any time, but there we are. I'll just play it by ear I think.

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Posted: 17/08/2016 at 15:23

Sub-5'00 pace? You need a new Garmin son - that one you've got is clearly faulty

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Posted: 13/08/2016 at 13:36

Ha, cheers all. I notice nobody picked up on the 5'53 I did for the first one! Sadly I haven't ran since - my back isn't good at all. I've kipped on the floor for the last 5 nights (much to the delight of my better half) but it hasn't really helped. Berlin is hanging by a thread I think, but not to worry. I think I seriously need to look at my form etc if I want to continue running Marathons, but not sure I do really. Getting a bit fed up of it all of late (probably the working hard to get fit, injury, over-eat and drink too much, get fat and slow, start back again and work hard to get fit, injured etc etc - not overly enjoyable tbh). Will give it some thought though.

Nice to see Al_P popping in - sounds a hectic few weeks!! And good luck with the Abingdon build up

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Posted: 10/08/2016 at 11:39

Hello all

Glad to see everyone seems to be do rather well, in either a running or training capacity. 

Nice to see Toro popping back in. Enjoy Perth. I was lucky enough to visit there once - almost 20 years ago now! Great place though.

ES - great stuff re training and the Half. You seem to be nailing this campaign. Be interesting to see how you do if you can maintain it til race day. Well done!

RB - nice to see you back and glad you had a nice time. 

LMH - superb stuff (and very modest) again! Mind you, given you're a drugs cheat it's hardly surprising. You're not Russian are you? Little Miss Happykov has a nice ring to it. Fantastic stuff though. And I agree with the others - I think you could do pretty well regardless of the race. 

wardi - solid week there fella. Looking good for the Mara!

CD - good stuff. Never been to India but it sounds like you had a good time.

Alan B - fantastic week again (stomach issues aside). I think that's a problem for most (all?) of us on occasions. Good luck trying to sort out what works for you.

padams - hopefully by now everything is sorted, and you've got a little padams to cuddle. Hope everything is ok.

TT - good stuff re Berlin prep. Hopefully you can keep on that track and get a bit of fitness back.

And a cracking weekend from joolska - not a bad run given the mileage you'd already done!


Things still a bit rubbish here, but not too bad. I was struggling with my achilles as I said last week, but then (perhaps more worryingly) my back started playing up again. It seems to come from the back of my ribs and then I get a constant dull ache around my SI joint, and bad nerve pain in my glute/piriformis. And it's often at its worst first thing in the morning. Anyway, said back thing flared up quite bad at the weekend. So I carded zeros for both Sat and Sun. I then rang the osteo and managed to get a cancellation for Mon.

My pelvis was out of line a bit and he re-set me (so to speak), but he did say he thought it would go straight back out as soon as I ran again. Bit of a chat re Berlin, and he said to try and get through that as best I can and then maybe have a re-think re my training. He didn't say to stop running (nothing of the sort), but I perhaps need to mix it up a bit as my body can't seem to cope with the constant 60+ mile a week. I need to do a bit more gym work too - just to get a bit more robust and to try and balance out all the imbalances I've got. So I've since done a couple of gym sessions and I managed a run last night. I did just over 10 miles actually, which included our club session (4 x 1 mile reps off 3 mins). These were on a grass track up at the school. Pretty windy and the track isn't exactly flat, so I was quite pleased with 5'53, 5'32, 5'42 and 5'45. I was working hard but not at 100%, and although my back was tight I was ok. My achilles was fine, so that was a bonus!

I've then been swimming for the first time in ages this morn. I ended up doing 2k in a bit of a pyramid session - lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10 and 5 again to finish. I'm useless and slow, but not to worry - that never stopped me running. Back aches a bit now so will see whether to run, gym or eat pies later. Hoping the x-training helps - I need to do something though. If I carry on as I have been then I may as well pack in, cos my old creaky body can't cope anymore!

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Posted: 02/08/2016 at 10:56
Aye that's the younger one. The older (Michael) lives in Singapore. Came back to do the Clyde Stride. They're a pretty similar level actually.

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Posted: 02/08/2016 at 10:34


padams - ha, yes fair point! i'd worked hard to get some decent base stuff done, but I'm at that point where I want to start ramping it up a bit now and I can't really. So yes, prob in ok shape (hopefully a sub-3 will be doable), but I was hoping to sneak closer to 2'50ish with some hard work and a bit of quality. We'll see though.

LMH - no physio etc at the minute no. I did see 2 physios, a chiro and an osteo re my back (in a desperate bid to still make London) and none of them really helped that much, or seemed able to diagnose exactly what I'd done or what the problem was. still, it only cost me about £300 to be none the wiser so that was ok...!!

TT - you probably know this but Caz and Kelv (njord) are going too, along with my best mate Rich (who doesn't post on here but is on FB a lot). We've got a 6-berth apartment somewhere, sharing with a couple more of Kelv's mates. There are also a couple of Scottish guys (the Craig brothers Alan B - I'm sure you'll know them?) who were on RB's stag do. So there'll be a few of us about. I don't think any of us are on for anything resembling a decent time, so we might be up for a few bevvies beforehand too!! Or a sausage.

A sedate 6 yesterday and an equally sedate 7 this morning for me. Achilles as it was really. I think the problem arises in that it (and my ankle) start to swell after an hour or so, and the pain comes from my shoe rubbing it (maybe?) When I've finished I can't wait to take my shoes (and socks) off, and I seem to get instant relief. So I dunno. Will give it some tonk on the eliptical tonight and see how that affects it.  

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Posted: 01/08/2016 at 14:00

Alan B/ES - cheers, but to be fair when I signed up to Berlin I was fighting fit! I had an issue with my achilles back in 2013. Pretty much bothered me that whole year, but then I seemed to get on top of it in early 2014 (by just running in what felt a 'natural' way to me, but what is fact a hideous bounding lummox-esque style) and switching to a structured shoe. I ran 3 Marathons in 2014 - a 2'51, 2'53 and then 2'47 at Abingdon. I then managed a 2'43 at London 6 months later. The achilles was never really an issue TBH.

Post-VLM 2015 was a strange year in that I re-located to the Lakes, so proper training took a back seat for a bit while we tried to establish our business. But I was focused on London this year, and injury-wise I was fine - so I entered Berlin too. However, we moved house (ourselves) in Feb and I did a lot of lifting. I didn't feel my back go at the time, but a week later (following a 21 miler) it wasn't good. I ran the next day anyway (cos I'm a numpty) and it felt ok. Drove home and couldn't get out of the car! Literally couldn't put my right foot to the floor! And it's still not 100% now, although it's my LEFT achilles that's also bothering me. What a finely-tuned athlete!

I was back running a bit and it was ok(ish), but once proper Mara training started for Berlin I thought I'd give some Hokas a whirl (they're all the rage up here!) to see if they might help with my back issue and to cushion the impact a bit. I got some Infinite, which are supposed to be quite supportive. But they don't have a medial post or similar like other support shoes - the stability comes from their width, and they clearly don't work for me. I must admit I loved running in them - they felt great. But 2 weeks (and 150 miles later) I could hardly walk! So it's self-inflicted and I know what will fix it in the long-term, but in the short-term I'm trying to manage chronic achilles pain as well as training for a Marathon. It's that I'm trying to sort. Back wearing my Nike Structures and NB 860s now and it's so-so. I'll be ok though I reckon.

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded waffly bollocks. And unlucky re the track race. As you say, take the positives. An excellent hard solo run, lesson learned and quite a bit more to come next time I imagine. Tasty long runs too.

Nice stats from ES  too

264 miles for me in July, so I'm not in too bad a nick really.

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Posted: 01/08/2016 at 09:49

Hello everyone *waves*

Not posted for a couple of weeks and have read back, but have subsequently forgotten most of it (so apologies if I miss anyone).

Some quick track stuff from padams and SC2 - well done fellas!

Sorry to hear that joolska has been struggling, but it sounds like you might be over the worst of it now.

Some solid training from ES. And wardi. And Alan B

Usual madness from Charlie!

Similar degree of madness from Dan!

Hello to Sue C, and good luck to LMH for this weekend's ultra.

Oh aye and TT - forgot you were doing Berlin. Like you I'm also hoping to be there, and to at least not embarrass myself.

Speaking of which.... - training has been a bit hit and miss of late. In trying to protect my niggling back/SI injury that put me out of London I decided to try a very cushioned shoe. Problem is I'm a heavy-footed lumbering oaf who overpronates quite badly, so 2 x weeks of 75ish miles left me with a bad case of achilles tendinopathy on my left leg (to the point where I could hear and feel it creaking when I walked or moved my foot). It also hurt - a lot! So, revert back to my stability shoes and it's so-so. It's still causing me a lot of grief, but I managed 65 miles last week (after only 20-odd the week before). I'm planning on reducing mileage a bit this week and doing a couple of hard sessions on the eliptical in the hope of it settling down a bit more.

As TT has said, it's 8 weeks to Berlin now. I ran 16 miles yesterday on the trails around Ennerdale and it was so-so. Aware I need to ramp it up, but also aware that if I do I could end up properly hurting myself and not even being on the start line. I did do a 19 miler on that same route 3 or 4 weeks ago, so we'll see. A bit of play it by ear I think. Aware I need to do a bit of quality, but worried it all might go pop.

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