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Posted: 18/12/2014 at 09:08

Oh and has anyone looked at the Asics Mara app thing out of interest? According to a mate, it claims he can a sub-3 off less than 30 mpw, event though his 10k PB is 39'xx. What a quality training aid that is. Perhaps Asics are sponsoring the medical tent at around 30k at the Paris Mara?

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Posted: 18/12/2014 at 09:04

Morning everybody,

Hope we're all well

Some good stuff on here as ever I see. Th R's 5 miler particular stands out, as does the runner up at Harrogate parkrun following perfect prep!

Glad to see padams' calf(ves) are seemingly ok. Sorry about the dog too. We've got a very, very old dog too who somehow is still going. I didn't think he'd make it til last Xmas let alone this, but he's still going!

Not much happening here tbh. Running pretty much every day and doing a lot of base stuff (lots of commute doubles at 8'00+ pace still), but little else. Working pretty much every day too, as to be expected in retail in the run up to Xmas! Got Xmas Day off and that's it I think, until the 5th Jan. In til 11pm tonight too - lovely. Especially when i then have to run, get the train then run again to get home. Still, it's not like I have to leave the house at 7am to open up again first thing.....

Next race will be Brass Monkey for me I think, then maybe VLM.

Oh and it was my little girl's birthday at the weekend. For anyone else thinking of doing a 'Frozen'-themed party - this involves more than simply turning off the heating apparently.

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Posted: 11/12/2014 at 08:48

27 people had been dq'd for a short course and it was their responsibility. Turns out according to the paper we were 700m short.  For me that would have meant 2.29.30 I reckon at the same pace. However if i really knew the PB was on I could have given more towards the end. How frustrating.  

The really great thing is they were making out that the first 3 elites ran the right route and it was position 4 to 30 that didn't before they realised the problem. So if you look at the results and the splits they went from 21.1km to 22.5km in 2,49 or something daft. Work that one out if you can? So it seems they want to keep their course record to attract future elites, a complete fraud. These first 3 have walked away with i think 5,000, 2.500 and 2.000 euros but the guys in 4th and 5th who were local runners saw their prize fund go to the the new 4th and 5th who ran 2h40, fantastic.

Don't get me wrong I know it's hard to organise a race and things happen but they should just apologise and offer a refund or place next year. It's not hard for 27 people. Moreover they obviously realised there was a problem after the 30th runner went through so why couldn't a message have gone out and then you could just step off or jog in? Anyway thought i'd fill you in.

Time for a beer!


(Sorry about the formatting there - it lost it via pasting in, and won't let me edit the main post above now)

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Posted: 11/12/2014 at 08:47


Sorry for the quick post but off to work very shortly and wanted to share this. Anybody done/thinking of doing the Malaga Marathon? Well if so don't!

Mate of mine ran it on Sunday. His previous PB was 2'30'xx so he was targetting sub-2'30. He ran 2'27'17 and was then DQd for being sent the wrong way by a marshal. Everyone between 2'18 and 2'42 was DQd for the same reason - yet the top 3 weren't, despite running the same course! What a complete shambles, and a disgrace by the organisers. Yes mistakes happen re marshalling - no issue re that. it's the attitude of the organisers post-race that grates the most. Anyway, quick cut and paste of his race report:

The day started well, as forecast 10 degrees early on, blue skies, warm sun and a slight breeze. First 20k were nice straight lines up and down the coast. I was own my own straight way about 8th or 9th i think but ticking over nicely. I was keeping any eye on K splits but focusing more on keeping consistent 5k splits 17.34, 17.29, 17.22, 17.29 and feeling good. At around 18k the crowd support thins out and area is pretty quiet heading inland near where the expo was the previous day. Here it was quite exposed and pretty blustery so the focus around 20k was just to work a touch harder to maintain the pace knowing that soon we would turn back again. Every Mara I have done the Halfway is normally well marked with quite a bit going on, I think the 21k sign had blown over then we came to a timing mat with two guys stood there which I presume was halfway. So I continued up the road a bit further and then came to a point I think with two or three marshalls who told us this was a turning point so naturally, I turned and headed back down the road. Then a bit of the way down I hit the 22k mark pretty suddenly. I clarified with a person stood there if this was 22k or not. He confirmed it was. Difficulty being when you are doing 3.30 per km its quite hard to stop and make rational decisions. My thoughts then were that 22k was 21k and they had messed up the signs and i had run a very slow km in the headwind or had blown up. So I started to think that at some point we would probably see two of the same km markers or something would happen to make it work out somehow. Unfortuanately being on my own I didn't have the chance to discuss with other runners what they were thinking to gain some clarity. My instinct was just to stop over analysing and trust the organisers. I started checking my splits again and although I had slowed a touch was still keeping 3.35 per km in general and feeling ok and the confusion was probably distracting from normal marathon thoughts. With about 10k to go I started to realise that according to the distance we were at I was probably going to run about 2.27 comfortably even with my pace slowing a touch. I knew I had done the 1st half if it was accurate in about 1.13.40-50 so knew in my head this just can't be right and the last few km I felt really flat. If I really thought I was on for 2.27 with 2k to go I would have been putting it all out there and arms in the air down the finishing straight. I saw Geraldine at 41k and told her my own suspicions. At the finish the Polish guy in front of me was giving it massive and nobody was saying anything, just usual t-shirts, medals etc. I started to try and convince myself that it was one of those races where the km markers are a bit skewed and everything was alright but deep down I knew. I had no GPS just my timex as a watch but physically I felt really good which I knew wasn't right. I thought I had 2.27 in me if i ran well and put it all on the line on a good day. But I knew I would have felt more shitty afterwards if I had done a real 2.27.    I spent the afternoon checking for updates and nothing was mentioned until 19.00 when the results went up saying 27 people had been dq'd for a s

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Posted: 19/11/2014 at 20:28

Th R - re Liverpool Half. No i've never done it, and haven't got a clue what it's like. Hope that helps mate

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Posted: 19/11/2014 at 06:57

Nice one! I've only been working there since April this year, but have known Mark for a while. He's a top, top fella. He's actually in Spain now - his partner's contract came to an end in Lyon, she had a few other offers etc but ended up going to a Language School in Spain. Mark being Mark was just 'yeah, whatever' and went with it. I was speaking to him last night actually! He's doing a Mara in just under 3 weeks and is in decent nick I think - maybe the sub-2'30 might be broken finally. Fingers crossed for him.

vlm good for age query

Posted: 18/11/2014 at 22:25

No ideas on the thief but yes, all I've got is the acceptance thing. You'll get another similar magazine/letter in March time with final instructions, info re the race, expo etc. You'll need to take this letter with you (along with ID) to the Expo to collect your number, timing chip etc. That's all you'll get - the initial 'you're in' thing in Oct, the follow up thing in March.

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Posted: 18/11/2014 at 21:59

Oh and well toughed out at Valencia Banksy - it was always a big ask given the build up but you gave yourself a shot at it. The man-flu and conditions didn't help matters either so well played fella. Got a feeling you run for Sheff Tri too? If so I run for the orange vested lot from Barnsley. Also work at Sweatshop at Meadowhall if you ever fancy any shoes which are £50 more expensive than anywhere else

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Posted: 18/11/2014 at 21:55

Well so much for my 'rest' day. 24.76 miles with 34,986 feet of ascent. Not running, but the distance I covered at the swimming pool when I took my little girl to play on the big slides. I had to have a couple of gels just to keep me going.

Welcome to Finish Gantry too   As others have said, just keep doing what you're doing. If you'd done a flat, calm race on NY Mara day you'd have possibly already bagged the sub-3 anyway. Given your choices I'd do VLM too. Absolutely no doubt re that at all. London isn't a slow course. Unless your name is Dan A and then you're fecked.

Speaking of which - when's your Mara Dan? This weekend? If so good luck mate. The running gods haven't been too kind to you really (other than allowing you to meet me obviously) - so you're due a bit of luck. Non essere merda fella

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Posted: 18/11/2014 at 10:45

wardi - I missed wardi!! Sorry chap! Hope you had a cracking holiday climbing mountains and drinking Keo. Nice start to the campaign too (you doing Barcelona? I've forgotten!)

Anyway my stuff. I was in Glasgow at the weekend (arrived Thu eve, back Sun). Staying with the SPO's friend, but I did meet up with Running Bhoy on Friday and stopped at his new pad Fri night. Sadly he's got a bit of an injury to his knee at the mo so isn't running (maybe 6 weeks out by looks?), but he came along to Victoria Park for the parkrun on Sat morn. Pretty quick course this - pretty flat with one small incline per lap (it's a 3 lap course). I had a good run, finishing 4th in 17'42 which is the quickest I've done a 5k for about 2 years I think. So I was happy with that. The 3rd lap sounded like ES's 10k too - lots of weaving, jumping onto grass verges to lap people etc but I don't think it really cost me any time.

I then rounded that off with another 13 miles back to the SPO's friend's place, and then did just shy of 20 on Sunday! I ended up doing about 73 miles last week including a speed session and full-on parkrun, so I'll be taking it a bit easier this week! I felt completely fine TBH, but do feel tired today and my legs are a bit achey. So I'll prob take the little un swimming later and have that as my 'training'!

Still struggling to fit any races in due to work, but have bagged a number for a quickish 10k near me in 3 weeks time. It starts at 9:30, so I can do that and still get to work for 11 (at a push) so I'll do that. Not ran a 10k since March 2013, so will  be interesting to see how it goes!

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