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Posted: 23/01/2014 at 14:00

Charlie - don't worry about it, suck it up and just run slowly for a couple of days, your legs will soon feel better and it will be better for you than taking time off.

Some awesome training going on, Lev, Dachs, Toro, Bufo, Padams, Jools, Jimbob, DrD, TR, apologies to those I've missed out.  Sure SL will have a suitably smashed BAC session in a few hours.

BigW - welcome, good advice from others, 26.2M is a long way so you need to do enough long runs backed up with midweek 12-15s but I'm another in the "run most of the long ones slowly" camp.  90-120s per mile slower than MP is good.

Tough week so far for me, last week was OK, did 90 miles and a little bit of quicker running which hurt my legs but they seem stronger now.  Both children were ill over the weekend and I got thoroughly covered in vomit which has hit my running this week.  I'm on 2 runs, 9miles, very little food so far this week and will be working late tonight so no chance to run.  6 of those miles were this morning and felt a lot better than the last few days so hopefully the bug is gone and I can get back to proper training from tomorrow.  I will not be posting any 34min 10k tempos any time soon (ever probably!).

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Posted: 16/01/2014 at 10:52

PP - a mate of mine paced at Brighton (evenly) and said that he started off with a group of 30 or so runners.  In the first few miles most of them were complaining (some quite vociferously) that he was going too slowly.  By the end all the moaners had dropped back as they couldn't hold his "slow" even pace.  Only two people stuck with it the whole way round.  He said it was good fun as even the two successful ones needed quite a lot of encouragement in the last few miles and they were both incredibly grateful.  So, agree that even splits are the way forward, ignore any moans at the beginning, enjoy it and keep mentioning how much you like to have a few pints of *insert favourite beer here* after a marathon but have left your wallet at home...

Toro - great session(s).  Flailing.

TR - I'm stunned you can do those big sessions on your own at the crack of dawn, very impressed.  Is your 2 mile strip of road lit or are you under headtorch?

PiMan - be careful, taking that many drugs doesn't sound healthy.  Sounds like your ski trip must have been fun if your ribs feel like that though.

Loads more good training, TT, Al, JH1, Padams, SL (great pace), Charlie, DrDave (you should be looking at least sub 2.45 if not sub 2.40), ST, HR, OS, Postie, Wardi, Jimbob, AW, I got tired just typing all that.

Finding the food talk quite amusing.  Dids, you seem slightly confused in your Point 1.  Still not sure the porridge only diet is going to catch on.  Point 2 makes much more sense although you don't even need to eat a "normal" meal the night before.  I know I've argued in the past in favour of excessive carb loading but I find this low carb stuff pretty interesting now and personally feel that if nothing else it makes you feel more alert and awake and energetic during the day.  There are downsides to it - it's more expensive, breakfast takes longer to prepare, if everyone did it then we probably wouldn't be able to produce enough food to feed the global population (quite a biggie) - and it's not for everyone but the world's more interesting when there are different options.  How good it is for running training I don't know, I'm still experimenting on myself with it, but from results so far I'm not giving up on it yet.

6 + 12 for me yesterday, have decided that I need to do a bit of quicker running in with the easy stuff now so did the 12 as a fartlek in the wind and pouring rain.  Enjoyed running a bit faster, tried to be quite random with the speeds / distances of the efforts and recoveries and averaged 6.30 pace for the run.  Aerobically it was good but legs hurt for the first time in weeks so hopefully they'll adapt and the faster stuff will improve quickly.  6 this morning and 16 planned for later.

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Posted: 14/01/2014 at 11:33

I fuel all my morning runs on blind optimism at the moment.  Worked fine for 22M on Sunday.  Wish I could do commuting doubles but my commute has changed from zero to 35 miles and as my name's not Dan I don't fancy running that.  Instead it's the joys of creeping out of the house while everyone else is asleep and getting a cheeky 6 in before breakfast.  Club nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays have been helping to get the miles in as I did 12 on Tuesday and 16 on Thursday last week but 8 miles of each was with the club so a bit before / after on my own and it passes really quickly.

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Posted: 13/01/2014 at 14:58

Bloody hell, some top long runs by pretty much everyone this weekend!  Well done to CW, Wardi, SL, Postie, HR, Al, CD, JH1, CC2, Luke, TR, Nichs2Old No7STJimbob, PiMan, Bufo.  Hope I didn't miss anyone off.

Happy birthday Charlie for Saturday.

DanA - showing the rest of us how to do a proper long run again, hope the recovery goes well.

PP and Jools - decent training too as you increase the running miles (although PP has been quite the ergomaniac recently with some impressive rowing feats).

Doubles - good idea for me, I run the morning one slowly and especially at the moment have no sweating issues so can wear the same top again for the evening one.  Forcing yourself to do a run when you really shouldn't isn't a good idea though so it's a case of knowing your body well enough to make that judgement call.

HR - think you may have misunderstood on the food.  Eating a healthy balanced diet is a good idea.  Just positing that what constitutes "balanced" may be different to conventional wisdom.  A lot of endurance training is based on promoting fat burning so it's not a quantum leap in possibility that getting your body used to this through what you eat could be beneficial also.  Being lighter also helps as long as you have the energy for running.  PP has hit the nail on the head with his response to your question about carrot cake (as for other foods).  Cook your own cake and it will be far tastier and better for you than buying some heavily processed loveliness from a supermarket / coffee shop / chicken based restaurant.  One slice of Costa's famously good carrot cake contains 62g of sugar (15.5 teaspoons) along with some traces of Sulphur Dioxide mmmmmm yummy.  

Mixed weekend for me, had a crap XC race on Saturday where I seriously considered giving up running for ever followed by a surprisingly enjoyable 22M run yesterday with another glorious sunrise.  Didn't throw in any 5.40s at the end but last mile was a comfortable 6.30 which is probably faster than I finished the cross country!  Haven't uploaded any of my runs yet but I think I did about 98-99M last week so mileage is decent now, just need to start adding in a bit more pace as legs are feeling good at the moment.  6M (non-sweaty) for me this morning.

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Posted: 09/01/2014 at 13:25

TT - sensible approach.

Jimbob - as the others have said, it would be nice to have fresh legs all the time but proper marathon training doesn't really allow for that although I find that later on your legs do get used to it pretty well.

SL - good to hear the mojo is coming back, good time of year for it.  Solo BAC sessions will get you in good shape.

TR - cracking session, especially so early in the morning.  Good to see you trying something different and you sound confident at the moment.  As a note of caution isn't it a bit early to be doing those sessions though?  I'm waiting a few weeks to do them in the last few weeks before the race.  Found last year that they're pretty intense and you wouldn't want to be doing them for too many weeks in a row.  

Tmoth - it won't have the same effect if you break the run up.  Doing a double will still be good for your fitness but not as specific as one MLR.

AW - good news on the knee.

Dids/Toro - as a counter to the all carb diet have you tried limiting carbs where you basically eat your normal food but more of the protein and fat and leave out the carbs?  Eat when hungry, eat 'til full.  Noakes is a big fan these days, having developed diabetes whilst training for ultras and noticing that loads of people who run ultras are still pretty chubby despite doing loads of running.  I've found you feel a lot better at the end of long runs etc and there's no need to "fuel up" the night before long runs.  Weight loss was quick and easy.  Haven't been doing much quicker running but apart from maybe Saturday's XC I've had no fuelling issues.  This post is an interesting one

Wardi - impressive 5m race in a 13.

Trainers.  New Balance for me, M3090s are very light and I find them very comfortable and worked well at London last year, feet were unscathed by the 26.2M.

Top training from lots of others....

Shaping up to be another decent mileage week for me, did 12M with some faster stuff in (not quick) on Tuesday and a decent length run planned for this evening.  Have had some painful tightness just above my right ankle since the XC but it's getting better and will hopefully be fine by Saturday.

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Posted: 06/01/2014 at 11:13

Morning all,

Well done to all the XCers over the weekend, especially CC2 for the vest - Bufo, CW, Padams, AW, CD, Toro and Al.

DrDave, as others have said, welcome and you have some good potential by the look of it.  Be careful running more and running faster as if you increase both too quickly you're likely to get injured.  Probably better to increase one until you get used to it and then the other (I'd go distance first then speed, others would do the opposite).

LS21 and Coro - good to see you here.

Lev - good training, you're hopefully over the worst of the injury now then.  I'm going to do London and even though it seems a million miles off at the moment I'm keen to break 2.30 at some point so will be doing my best to get into that kind of shape.  Was starting to feel more confident that training is having an effect but had a demoralising outing in the XC on Saturday.  Still, lots can happen in the next few months (hopefully!).

Wardi - you seem to be in good shape at the moment, plenty of miles and some good paces too.

TT, TR, Luke - good training mileage and long runs.

Well, I was kind of a crap version of Bufo this week, I ran 92M, raced XC on Saturday (poorly) and then ran 20M at whatever pace felt comfortable yesterday (about a minute per mile slower).  Positives are that this is the highest mileage I've done since a few weeks before VLM and that the first 3 of 4 laps at the XC felt pretty good.  Just before the last lap started I totally ran out of energy and struggled to even finish the last lap, very weak and dizzy at the end.  Hopefully Christmas excess of booze and sugar contributed to this and things will go better this weekend when I've got my next XC race.  Our course was brilliant though, it was in farmers fields, constantly hilly and VERY muddy, proper cross country.

Slow 6M this morning.

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Posted: 03/01/2014 at 14:46

Happy New Year everyone.  It's been quite a while since I was last on and I hear I've missed out on some stellar performances including Jools' sub3, TT's sub 2.30, CW's BGR, TR's PBs in the shorter stuff, Padams' IM stuff and many more besides.  Well done to Al_P in Frankfurt, Dachs et al at Abo and two quick marathons in rapid succession from Lev.  Apologies to everyone that I've missed out.

The second half of 2013 was busy for me although not much of it spent running unfortunately.  We had our second child 5.5 months ago, a little girl, so we have the full set now which has been great apart from nights like last night meaning I've now been awake since 3am.  I've also changed career and bought a business in November which has altered my routine and meant getting up much earlier in the mornings to run and I rarely see the sun on runs these days.  Had a brutal 6 mile run in the dark this morning and almost turned round at 1.5M as the rain and headwind were so strong that it was hurting my face and I had a really bad ice cream headache.  By the time I'd finished the sun was just coming up and it was quite nice.

I've been having recurring calf problems pretty much since VLM which has resulted in lots of time off and false dawns and some 50-60M months which aren't great for marathon training but I've built up gradually, my legs have slowly toughened up a bit and have hopefully kicked things into action recently by making use of the Christmas break and have done back to back 20s on both of the last two weekends which is something I've never done before even once.  They've been done slowly and I've found them a lot less difficult than I first thought when I decided to try the 40M weekend idea out.  County XC this Saturday will provide a good test of if they've done any good, think it will definitely be a spikes day!  

Having all the time off and frustration and then getting back into it in the dark and in this weather has reaffirmed how much I enjoy just being out there running and I'm looking forward to trying to get into some decent shape for London this year.  Hats off to everyone who's been getting out over Christmas.

Good luck to everyone racing at the weekend, it might be miserable out there but at least it will be miserable for everyone...

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Posted: 10/07/2013 at 17:49

Happy Birthday Jools.

Padams - not bad for an easing down effort whilst still recovering from Nice.  Good luck tonight.

Dan - holy crap that is a long time for 5k, this ultra running thing doesn't sound the most enjoyable at times!

Clearly - you're right, I had considered doing another short run today as I feel good after yesterday but I've decided to stick to the original plan and rest today with another short one tomorrow.  Good to hear that your running is improving.

MrB - likewise, some consistency after a frustrating injury must feel good.

Spirun - The old conundrum - to run it off or rest?  Most of the time if you just keep running it'll disappear, it's just annoying with hindsight when you run and struggle and make it worse and waste time that you could have taken off to get it better.  Hope yours is the former.


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Posted: 09/07/2013 at 16:54

TR - great result beating the national champs, the IoW champs shouldn't cause too many problems hopefully.  Kent/Surrey have a bit more cricketing pedigree though...  Sprinting in the county champs sounds good, especially with a free vest, good luck to him.  

Al - good run this morning, your training sounds pretty decent at the moment.  I guess my injury hasn't really changed, it just didn't seem like it was going to be much of a problem at the start but then refused to get better.  I've had the same problem on both legs but on the left it caused a small tear in the calf.  Run this lunchtime told me that it's not 100% yet but it's hugely improved over a couple of weeks ago and was the first run I've actually enjoyed for ages.  

Charlie - fingers crossed for your run home.  You've got me interested in doing the BGR at some point.

TT - must just be luck of the Irish then!  I don't think you can actually turn my Garmin off so I always just have to charge it every few days - I only realised recently that any of them could be turned off from speaking to a clubmate.

CD - it feels hotter here now than it did at lunchtime so you may still get a sweat on this evening.

Postie - when I used to wear a HRM it would give strange readings so I stopped wearing it.  


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Posted: 09/07/2013 at 11:17

Morning all,

Good to see people out enjoying the decent weather including some great long runs from SL, TT, Wardi, OT, Dachs, CW, RP, Al_P.

Well done to TB for his off road race PB.

Rare track action too from the girls, good efforts in the heat (even in Glasgow).

HR - well done on the press exposure, hope the book does well.

Speaking of exposure I can't believe the Greatest Runner in the World got beaten at the weekend, good job that Scottish bloke won Wimbledon otherwise I'm sure that would have taken all the paper coverage.

PiMan - it was going to happen sooner or later that you had a slower race - you're supposed to be having a break at the moment anyway.

Padams - good luck tonight.

TR - some big commuting doubles, you must be doing a fair bot more running than normal for this time of year?  Much better weather for the cricket now too, is the cup run still going?

TT - I think you'll find the reason you do better than others racing in the heat is that you do more training than them.

Haven't been on for a while as I haven't been running -  what I thought was a really minor niggle has turned into a much more major one so after struggling on with 30min runs for a while and only 60 odd miles in June I've had almost 2 weeks complete rest now and I'm going to try a short test run at lunchtime.  I've missed lots of races that I wanted to do but apart from that it's been a pretty good time to have off as Mrs LJ is expecting any day now and I've managed to do loads of sorting out the house / garden with all the extra spare time and she's been able to put her feet up.  Brownie points banked.  (Although I have told her not to get too used to it as I should be fit again soon).

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