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Whatever happened to.....?

Posted: 18/08/2005 at 13:44
congratulations! who is MM?

Whatever happened to.....?

Posted: 09/08/2005 at 10:03
no, do tell.

Whatever happened to.....?

Posted: 09/08/2005 at 09:43
awwwe, how sweet! dodge, i never knew you had it in you.

thanks for the tip, nic.

everything's fine, i think i just burned out after the marathon. it took over my life so much i just disconnected. so i've been travelling and doing a little running here and there.

meldy, i can tell you where to eat in NY! i'll e-mail you my list...

so, what have i missed?

Veggie Runners

Posted: 28/04/2005 at 18:34
i know, there's probably like 800 calories in it but i can't start the day without it.

Veggie Runners

Posted: 28/04/2005 at 18:18
I'm veggie too. Don't forget the nuts--very important. I make my porridge with soya milk using barley, oats, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, pecans, brazils, maple syrup and top it off with strawberries and ground flax seed. Absolutely delicious and a true power breakfast.

Shaving an hour off my marathon

Posted: 28/04/2005 at 10:30
hi, jaq! my birthday is in novemeber, too. congratulations on your time!

however, i went for my first run last night since the marathon and was so discouraged. 4.5 miles. it was very hard and painful. guess i'm not ready to come back yet. :(

Shaving an hour off my marathon

Posted: 27/04/2005 at 12:11
Thanks for all the speedy replies!

I'm convinced that what really helped me get through the marathon despite the injury setback was all the months of base training I did last year (thanks, Pantman!) So I am totally sold there.

I guess I'll keep the base sessions in and start adding sprinklings of speedwork? What about hills?

The only thing I'm worried about is getting bad shins again (my right one is still not fully recovered). Oh and as an aside I did change my running style per the POSE clinic in October.

Shaving an hour off my marathon

Posted: 27/04/2005 at 11:41
So I did FLM as my first marathon and have now gotten over the never-again phase. I would like to do NYC next year as it's my home town. I also want to get faster--much faster--as I don't want to spend five hours on my feet again. I'd like to shave a whole hour off my 5:05. I don't ever expect to be super fast, I just want to have a more comfortable, faster marathon and not get injured (which I did six weeks before FLM).

My plan is to work on getting faster at shorter races and then try some half marathons. Does anyone have any advice? Is my goal realistic?

Show us your photos

Posted: 26/04/2005 at 10:43
still no finish photo for me, but yours looks great, mitten.


Posted: 25/04/2005 at 17:06
that's better. :)
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