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mild arch pain - is it plantar fasciitis?

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 23:25

Forgot to add that feel quite a bit of discomfort when wearing trainers. Most of miles covered in Brooks Adrenalins, I only mildly over pronate, and new trainers asics GT 2000 but wearing either just to walk the dog niggle. Strangely shoes for work with heels feel most comfortable. Driving me nuts not being able to run!

mild arch pain - is it plantar fasciitis?

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 23:06

eresting reading. I thought I had developed PF but not matching symptoms entirely, doc said probably PF but more because of what I told him and text book possible cause - increased mileage and change to running surface. Have been training for 62m run, all was going well, sensibly upping mileage gradually training with running club twice a week then long steady at weekend. Leading up to Easter long runs of 15, 18, 20, 22, 24 then 26 on Good Friday which was last long one. This was on different terrain, usually road but race on canal trail so thought best to try it out. Felt fine afterwards, ran 10km race on Easter Monday, good time considering marathon distance a few days before and still feeling fine. Set off for next long one at end of week but after 4 miles in newish trainers felt pain in arch of foot. On a 7 mile loop and it felt easier to run than walk. Thought it was shoes so changed for second loop but pain got worse. Have rested ever since, been icing it and rolling over frozen water bottle. It is bad first thing but not sharp pain, more dull and I can prod and poke without wincing. First week limping badly now just can't seem to put foot flat on floor properly and noticed I am leaning on outer part of foot when walking. Hurts if I am on feet too much. I overpronate, always have shoes 'diagnosed' with gait analysis. So big question, if not PF then what and despite not keeping up with training schedule for race at end of June, if I still have problem can I just try to run through it? Doctor just said rest until it doesn't hurt anymore.  Also, would ultrasound help? Sponsored charity challenge so reluctant to cancel but don't want to do something irreparable. 

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 20/03/2013 at 22:24

Hi all. After three weeks solid rest, well didn't go near the gym but the rest of life had to go on, I did take part in my first race since last year. 10k on quite a hilly course, in quite heavy snow both falling and underfoot but boy did I have a good time despite my leg reminding me at 5k why I had been resting in the first place! First 4k at 8 minute mile pace then came a whopper of a hill, well, not the steepest hill I have ever tackled but it just went on for a bit and that is when it started to go downhill figuratively speaking! Pain up into groin and down into calf which worsened on the uphill sections of which there were a few. My stubborn gene coupled with the fact that I didn't fancy walking home in the snow made me carry on to come in at 56 02 which is 9 minutes over my pb for a similar course on that distance. Grumped for a little while but then had to remind myself that at least I had completed it and in not the easiest of conditions so bucked up pretty quickly. Still don't know what is wrong with leg as it felt fine at the off but as I said, I was really buzzing just to be taking part in a race again. Did have a blonde moment at the end, or actually it was really at the beginning as i kept looking at my trainers and knew that something wasn't right but just couldn't work out what. They were clean for one which is unusual after the first few wears and it was only yesterday that I realised I had been running in the training shoes I keep just for indoors in the gym and not my proper road running shoes. What a dumbo.

Okay, i'll stop now, just soooooo happy to have got some miles in again. Hope you all get the same high as I did getting out there again

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 06/03/2013 at 20:12

What did the doctor say to the runner when presented with a dodgy leg? Yup, I recommend resting it until the pain goes away. Bet you all knew the punchline to that one!  Maybe it's just my doctor (who looks about 10 and whose medical wisdom has in the past involved telling me to think of my menopausal hot flushes and night sweats as tropical moments), but I wanted just a bit more than "recommend rest". He did say i could self refer to the NHS physio but around 4 months wait... I know I could see a private physio but spent a fortune on one this time last year and feel guilty about spending the family treat money on myself again. Sorry for ranting but it is soooo frustrating not being able to run when my mind and heart really are ready to resume the challenge. To recap, bit of a swelling behind knee initially then pain up through front of thigh into groin and then down calf. Swelling went down quickly behind knee and went from upper leg so ruled out Bakers cyst for knee and IBT. Rested for two weeks then on Sunday went ot gym with no pain in leg, cycled for 30 mins to warm up then tried treadmill only at 10min/mile pace and after just 1km got pain to upper calf. Stopped more or less immediately, but the need for some exercise drove me to 40 mins on cross trainer which didn't feel like it was making my leg any worse. Stretched, went home, smothered calf in voltarol and lilmped for rest of day. Calf pretty tight when I first get up but then loosens off as i walk but if I try to engage in any type of running action off it goes again.Considering going for some ultrasound sessions (much cheaper than physio) but not sure if that will do more harm as I have no idea what is wrong. As I sit here typing I don't feel any aches or pain, its just when I try to run. Have 10km race booked for 17th March and had my heart set on this being my comeback race to give me a benchmark for setting an ultra target for next year. Please someone say something to make all this go away as i'm also comfort eating and not shifting the excess calories

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 19/02/2013 at 22:55

Well done 3.30 - feels good doesn't it

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 21:27

Thanks for info and link 3.30 - I don't want to have anything that has a name, makes it more serious!  Pain seems to have moved up my leg today, like a tight band around my upper thigh leading into groin and also a tiny bit of sensitivity going into top of calf muscle. How does one get confirrmation of a cyst - docs and an x-ray? No visible lump as such, just a bit of a swelling as far as I can feel, can't see back of both legs together and OH very helpfully saying 'look the same to me' (maybe they do!). Haven't really gone from not much to too much, circuits been a constant for about three months and have been running on treadmill. Yesterday was first run outside but took it steady really, just should have stopped when ache started. Resting I guess for a few days so no circuits, no upperbody work at my just started 1:1 sessions and no running          Soooooo not happy so you all have to spare a happy thought for me whilst you put your miles in please and I'll try not to sulk and get too jealous.

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 17/02/2013 at 13:45

Hey all. Made myself do it and went out for a trot around the local reservoir this morning. Started off feeling pretty good but by mile 2 a niggle I've had for the last few weeks kicked in - back of my knee, not behind knee cap but the bag of my leg at the knee area felt very tender and ached and had to stop. Stretching didn't help but managed to keep going but stop/startng all the time. Each time I stopped it took a while to build up pace again, then once I was settled again and tried to pick up pace, off it went again and leg kept stiffening up.Any thoughts of what it could be? Did wonder if all the planks, press ups, burpees, thrusts etc at circuits put undue pressure on back of legs. Felt absolutely fine  before I started running. Carried on, perhaps foolishly so and completed 6.77miles in second under the hour so know that lung capacity okay at least and did enjoy running out doors again, just would have preferred it without the limping. There might be a slight swelling in that bumpy bit behind the knee but that just might be me 'thinking' there is as both legs have got lumpy bit really. Have put freeze gel on as not much time to sit about with ice pack today.Now I have a willing mind but a weak body...

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 15/02/2013 at 00:31

Hello everyone, hope all is well with you all and the miles are clocking up nicely.

Have not had chance to do much of anything at the moment, massive restructure to the library service = comulsory redundancies = staff team needing lots of support = very long work days. Not a time to put myself first really and even though I know a good run would probably clear some of the crap out of my head, I don't seem to be able to fight mental exhaustion as much as I can physical exhaustion and have been shying away from getting trainers on for nearly two weeks. 10k race four weeks this Sunday and as much as I am happy to just compete in it for now there is the demon sitting on my shoulder reminding me of my pb for distance (47 36). Free weekend coming up and plan is to do circuits on Saturday morning and then a steady of about 7 miles on Sunday around local resevoir. Permission to all to give me verbal roasting if I don't report doing as planned - sometimes it's what i need so please feel free.

Finished Scott Jurek's book and haven't eaten meat for nearly three weeks now - has it improved my running? Well I'll never know if I don't get my lazy x!@# out there!

Belated well dones to B2B for new 5k pb. Keen to hear on how your 'long one' goes this weekend, good luck with it.



Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 31/01/2013 at 13:50

Hey Chimney - there is always a break in that circle, it's just that sometimes you have to do that hamster thing and go round and round it a  few times before you find the way through. Loved the sound of your route this morning, and I know you would probably be better having a regular sleep but I always find a walk or run as the day breaks quite settles the soul, and a bit of a treat for the too I should think.

can empathise with Grendel this moring as had an hour in the dentists chair today - got there quite early because they have Running & Fitness and also 220 Triathlon mags so get to have a bit of a free read. Actually, not quite free considering the charges... and have got to take car to garage later as have a 'motor control system failure' warning - basically my salary could probably be shared between the dentist and the garage this month!

So, circuits tonight followed by a few steady miles, schedule says 2 @ 9 26 but most likely tuck a few more in as long as circuits trainer doesn't blitz legs too much. Learning to do what feels right for me. Cheers Grendel.

Sorry for the earlier ramblings - you all might need to learn to speed read over some of my posts!

Starting again from the beginning!

Posted: 30/01/2013 at 22:00

Not too far B2B. Grendel recently pointed me in the right direction regarding not needing to stick religiously to the numbers on a schedule but more so to the pattern and it was a 'ping' moment for me after many years of on off running and getting hung up in not doing what a schedule said I should. I think that used to be one of the  factors which contributed to me starting and stopping at times as well as a dodgy knee! But I have started again, and I am going to remember that I run because I want to, not because I have to.

Having said that, am chuffed when I do manage to mee the challenge of my current schedule so pleased with yesterday's speed session of 5 miles with 3 x 800m reps at 7 08 pace with 400m recovery. Faster than I have ever managed before but I figured nothing ventured...

Over halfway through Eat and Run - what a great read, my heart rate speeding up along with Jurek's as he describes how he felt whilst racing. Also finding his journey from  MuckChicken burger diet to a vegan one enlightening worth a bit more thought.

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