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Advice on starting up again

Posted: 28/08/2013 at 09:17

I'm in a fairly similar position, although I had another go at starting again about 2 years ago, with a slooooow run through the GNR.  I really loved the experience of training for the 2008 FLM, but really failed to keep up the momentum.  I think I need a goal to get back into regular running and I've signed up for the Brighton Half in February.  However, my real goal is to get back into running regularly 3 or so times a week.  I'm in the process of doing C25K at the moment and trying not to press ahead too quickly, building up without injury, hopefully.  Good luck to everyone starting again!


New to running and registered for the Great North Run 2011!! Yikes!!

Posted: 19/09/2011 at 19:16
PS - After my run in with the A1300, I limped home at 2.28, but that's a lot better than I could have hoped with my wonky leg!

New to running and registered for the Great North Run 2011!! Yikes!!

Posted: 19/09/2011 at 19:15

Hello everyone! 

Macks - I am so sorry to hear your news.  My mum passed away around this time last year and was in dreadful pain at the time, so I have horribly mixed emotions about it. I send you and your family all the very best wishes and big hugs. 

The whole day yesterday was a roller coaster of emotion from start to finish.  I crossed the line and almost burst into tears.  If someone hadn't stopped and asked if I was alright and said "its ok love, you've finished now...", I think I'd have been sobbing uncontrollably and missed the tail-end of the Red Arrows. 

My run was long and painful due to the gammy leg.  I tried to get into the green pens, but when I got there, they and pink on the left were so rammed that it looked uncomfortable.  I wanted to do the warm-up so went back to pen F where there was loads of room.  I just went at the back and started as slow as I could.  The run was going really steady until about 10 miles, and plodding to around 2.15/2.20-ish, but the John Reid Road defeated me and I did the last 5k in 50 minutes!  I had cramp in my hip and thigh pretty much constantly between around 10.5 miles and the Marsden bank, when it seemed to go, but my legs decided to play like lead! 

It was sooo nice to see Ecky!  At that point, I was feeling really grumpy too - and your cape just looked fantastic!  As for recognition, I'm not sure that I'd recognise my best friend at that point in a HM!! 

My other half is convinced he saw me on the live BBC coverage, right time for where I would have been etc, and he says I looked like I was about to be sick (about 800m from finish), so it all fits.  Didn't make it into the highlights show (I can't imagine why...)

I hope everyone's aches and pains resolve themselves soon!  My gammy leg is fine when moving, but hellish when its been sitting around for a bit...  Got a nice Radox bath planned tonight with a large glass of vino, so lets see hope for the medicinal effects of the alcohol to kick in for a lovely long night's kip!



New to running and registered for the Great North Run 2011!! Yikes!!

Posted: 15/09/2011 at 14:52

My leg is just about was feeling rotten until Wednesday, when after a pretty punishing Yoga class, something just seemed to have popped or stretched back into place.  Since then its been feeling pretty normal (just watch it all go wrong sometime around the first underpass now...)!  But for now - Yay! - best not tempt fate, so just a quiet one (yay). 

I'm also convinced I'm coming down with something.  Prone to ear infections and have the start of an earache.  Woke up this morning feeling truly shattered and my other half started sneezing (must be the flu...) I've been called all sorts of hypochondriac by my darling significant other this week - it must be taper fever!  Mind you, this has been a long enforced and unusual two week taper of healing...nothing much but swimming and non-impact exercise classes for me!

Really looking forward to spotting some of you on Sunday - I'll be wearing a White Epilepsy Action (with a big blue and bright pink logo) shirt with my name (Angela) printed on the front and I'll probably start in the first or second Green pen on the left hand side. 

We are driving up tomorrow, but I also have an (ulp) job interview tomorrow morning, so its all go! 

Have a great weekend everyone and a fantastic GNR  on Sunday!

New to running and registered for the Great North Run 2011!! Yikes!!

Posted: 10/09/2011 at 12:55

I'm on my tod this time round, as my other half is extremely bored by the whole support-team thing, having done the GNR and the London marathon...

He is however coming up to the North East and will stay with his parents in York over the weekend.  I'm coming up from York late Saturday night to crash at the Uni and would definately be up for some company before the start if people want to catch up!  I think that there are some other forum runners meeting under the bridge on the baggage bus side of the start, they're all planning to wear green ribbons...  I like starting on the left side of the carraige way though (no idea why...just have everytime...probably because they tell you to go to the left if you think you might need to walk)...

I'll probably get to the start between 9 and 9.30 - what is everyone else planning? 

PS - Leg still gammy.  Intensive weekend of stretching, poking, icing and hoping ahead.  Have decided to ditch the idea of running tomorrow, but will go for a swim instead.  They have lane swimming for adults only at our local pool on a Sunday afternoon...

New to running and registered for the Great North Run 2011!! Yikes!!

Posted: 09/09/2011 at 10:39
Apparently he's going to run it too, so will he hit the button then hare off... 

New to running and registered for the Great North Run 2011!! Yikes!!

Posted: 09/09/2011 at 10:38

Far, far better than JLS (in my opinion)...

My leg is still playing up.  I can't decide whether to chance a run on Sunday or not...  Hmmn.

New to running and registered for the Great North Run 2011!! Yikes!!

Posted: 08/09/2011 at 11:24

Pixie!  Your packing strategy sounds a lot like mine!  I am taking the iphone though, but only because I'm coming on my own this year and I don't want to leave it on the baggage bus.

I also like some crisps for the end, because there are always sweets in the goody bag but no salty things...

Someone asked about where I heard about JLS for the start - on another forum thread on here, I think...

If you have got family coming, it is good to get them to take your bag, provided you arrange a good spot to meet them afterward, so you can get something warm to put on quickly.  My lot were shocked about how long it took them to get from start to finish on the packed Metro.  My father in law ran in 1.35 and they got to the finish just in time to see him come in! 

New to running and registered for the Great North Run 2011!! Yikes!!

Posted: 07/09/2011 at 14:45

Odd rituals...hmn.

My father in law is a veteran runner of the Great North.  Before the first time I did it, he pointed out some must see (and some must not see...) sights you need to look out for....

- At the start, you need a bin bag, particularly if you're a woman.  Its principally used for keeping warm, since your kit is on the baggage bus.  However, if you're a girl, it has a second purpose...maintaining your modesty while you...

- Go for a sneaky pee in the bushes on the motorway sidings.  No matter how many times you queue for a pee in the portaloos, you're always going to need another one when you get to your pen.  Everyone ducks out for a quickie in the bushes (Oh-er).  The bin-bag/modesty protector is useful if you're shy about these things... (Google and you'll find reports from the year the runners performed a citizens arrest on a peeping tom taking photos of the women runners answering the call of nature...)

- At the start, try to slap the random celebrity who has pressed the button to start the race.  They're high-fiving people as they cross they line.  The last year I did it, it was the Ashes winning England team.  This year its JLS.

- Also watch out for discarded jumpers as you're making your way to the start.  There are signs telling people to chuck them over the barriers, but they don't.  You don't want to trip up while moving at less than 1mile per hour....

- Just after the start at the first motorway bridge get ready for two things:  (1) your first shout of "Oggy oggy oggy" (there will be more later...) and (2) the overwhelming smell of pee as all the men who didn't visit the motorway sidings stop here for a go under the bridge...

- Since we'll be at the back, just before the Tyne bridge, watch out overhead for the Red Arrows....  They go over just as the start of the mass race hits the bridge....

- First roundabout into Gateshead - the first band - always gets a cheer....

- The long stretch of road just before the Whitepool Roundabout has a row of houses alongside it.  This is a brilliant source of high-fiving, orange quarters and jelly-babies...

- The big roundabout at the start of the John Reid Road has a brilliant band on it.  They are legends apparently and do the same spot every year...  Long hair, leathers and definately nuts.

- The last downhill.  Really.  It's steep.  Watch out for random plastic bottles and try to keep your feet.

- Watch the time.  Since we're all at the back of the pack, the Red Arrows are likely to be going over just after we finish.  I think the timings are in the magazine...

- Also just before you cross the line...the cameras are on the gantry which you run under.  If you want a good snap for the album, take a deep breath, smile and wave like you're still full of oomph...

- When you go over the line, don't stop...they'll cut off your chip, but keep still have to get your goody bag! 

Hope that helps anyone doing it for the first time - I found it really useful when Stu's dad gave me a similar, if slightly less enthusiastic run down...

New to running and registered for the Great North Run 2011!! Yikes!!

Posted: 07/09/2011 at 14:28

Yup!  Did yoga today - that teacher - who is also our gym manager - was much more realistic.  She gave me some more stretches to do for the gammy leg, and said that if I wasn't aiming for a time, just to remember to walk more/slow down more at the start before you get wiped.  I already know that piece of advice well after running my best half marathon time ever during the London marathon, only to do the second half twice as slowly!  Got carried along by the crowds and before I knew it 13 miles were down in 1.50, which for me is silly fast!

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