About me:I am a 46 year old female who has been running to keep fit for the last three years. I have got into a bit of a rut - running three times per week. I would like to improve my speed to run 10K's with ease in less than one hour, and I would like to lose 7-10 lbs. When I run more, I want to eat more, and then I probably indulge because I think I can. The weight stays on. I love running, really enjoy it and want to continue improving over the winter and running 10k races.
I am a:
regular recreational runner
I have been running for:
3-5 years
I run this many times a week:
1-3 years
My weekly mileage is about:
Up to 20 miles
I do these types of running:
road / pavement
trail / grass / woodland
My most important reason for running is:
to lose/maintain weight
My favourite event is:
My next favourite event is:
My third favourite event is:
I take part in events:
1-11 times a year
I also do these sports: