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Overdone it?

Posted: 25/10/2016 at 08:02
Fug me, one minute I'm posting about muddy being injured and the next he's snuck 2 seconds inside my 10 mile pb !!!

Hello Rich, I seem to have missed your arrival what with my absence of late.

McF - London will be my target but at this stage a GFA of 3:20 seems like the equivalent of climbing Everest.

Good to hear that Big is on the comeback trail.

Tend to agree that it's rather pointless posting in here if not running at all. I only do it so that Lit won't totally forget me

Overdone it?

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 16:15
Muddy - good luck with the injury, hopefully it won't be 12 weeks.

Lit - I knew you were running a marathon but have had to do some stalking to find the result. Well done and thanks for slowing just enough in the 2nd half to drop off TTT pace, leaving me with my prized gold cell I'm sure one of you will take it before long though

I'm on a family holiday in Turkey at an all inclusive resort. So you can probably whack another 10% on my humungous weight, Skinny. The PF seems to be totally cleared up now but I'm incredibly unfit having been out for the best part of 4 months. Even climbing the steps in the Aquapark today were a mission. Been struggling badly for motivation and to do 15M a week, and a 4 miler @8:50/M seemed ridiculously tough yesterday morning even though it was at easy HR.

Hope everyone is enjoying their running

Overdone it?

Posted: 24/09/2016 at 08:20
Muddy, that's an outstanding debut !! Do the 70 mile P&D plan for London and you're nailed on for a championship qualifying time I reckon.

DT - well done and another amusing report.

I managed 2 runs this week for the second week on the spin, a 3 and a 5 which is my longest run since about June I think. Pace/HR stats tell me I'm about 2 mins per mile slower than I was in April.

What's happened to BIG ?????

Overdone it?

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 13:24

Ha !!!

Do you think i'm being a tad impatient ?!


Overdone it?

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 11:52

Morning all

Sorry, but i've been avoiding the thread as it's rather painful to read how well everybody is running

I do seem to have had a breakthrough though and after a bit of a setback i went to a podiatrist who says it's definitely PF. He didn't say my physio diagnosis ( locked up hip/pelvis) was wrong but raised his eyebrows when i told him. Anyway, after a week of calf stretching 4 times a day, heel drops, foam rolling etc i managed 25mins on Monday then 30 mins this morning and all seems to be ok. So, i think the physio sold me a red herring and i spent 4-6 weeks of doing inappropriate exercises.

Happy to be on the verge ( touch wood ) of a return but mystified as to how 4 years of consistency can be smashed to smithereens in 3 months.

PS. where's Big got to ? Still injured ?


Overdone it?

Posted: 02/09/2016 at 12:17

DT  -  that's the one

365 is a nice offer but unfortunately that's the one bookie i'm gubbed on as i got a bit carried away with their 4/1 offer when i started all this and didn't appreciate fully that bookmakers get pissed off if you take too much value

You do need a separate bank account to make it easier to track what's going on and a decent spreadsheet


Overdone it?

Posted: 02/09/2016 at 09:54
literatin wrote (see)

(edit: though a guy from my training group won a Selkirk bannock as a spot prize for having a race number ending in 5. I was quite jealous)


Haha this reminds me of something i've got into since i've been running ( a lot ) less. Long story short but i've started matched betting I was sceptical at first but in my spare time have made over £1500 in the last 7 weeks and all of it is risk free. A group of my friends are all doing it and making similar amounts. I have a link if anyone's interested in looking into it but suspect it's against forum rules to post it on here so if interested, send me a pm and i'll forward the link.

It's basically FREE cash

Overdone it?

Posted: 02/09/2016 at 09:48

DT - i think i remember you have a similar niggle/injury a while back ?

Tommy - good luck for the weekend

Lit - Nice !!


Thanks for the support folks, it's given me a bit of a push and i've avoided the symbolic bonfire and got out for 2 miles this morning, first proper run for 6 weeks ( and the 4 weeks before that were 1 run a week of about 3 miles per run ) It reminded me of when i first started running. Was quite hard work and HR was nearing that of MP towards the end for an average 8:30/M

On the plus side, my foot feels ok so it's a start.



Overdone it?

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 09:31
Excellent running everyone and good to see a pb from Pete

Im not sure what amuses me more - the thought of Lit's Olympic qualification depending on Skinny's father's country of birth or the Madeira cake joke. I think the former just about shades it for me.

i jogged about half a mile to the pub last night and my ankle/heel is a little stiff this morning. Over the last week I've been seriously considering not bothering anymore and today's reaction to a tiddly little jog hasn't done anything to make me change my mind unfortunately.

Overdone it?

Posted: 22/08/2016 at 12:18

Skinny - i did a lot of booze and burgers, thanks It's definitley improving but i haven't felt like i could run on it without jeopardising recovery. The fear is that i could do a 20 minute run and it would put me back a couple of months. My fitness is shot to shite anyway so no real benefit in risking it. I had a massage last week and could feel some discomfort with some pressing around the inside of the heel so there's still something there so will carry on with the exercises and may shell out a few quid and see what a local podiatrist has to say.

On the plus side i did manage to do a fair bit of walking in the week ( including a 7-8 miler ) with no problems and in the morning now i just have a slight stifness ( phnaar !!) that wears off within seconds of getting out of bed.

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