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Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 13:28

Afternoon all

Glad to hear you got home alive, Lit and i'm impressed that you are able to quantify your sweatiness so accurately.

Skinny - my boss amuses me in a similar way by stating something like " French sales in the budget are about £1.5 million ( which is perfectly acceptable in the context of the discussion ) But then because she's a complete pedant and control freak will go on to say " Well, actually i think it's £1,499,849 or it might be £1,499,859, i can't remember exactly but i can check ...... "

Anyway, 6 x 750m off 90 secs Tues am. I ran to feel and did them in average 5:33/M which was only a second slower than the shorter reps i did on Friday. I don't think 5:33 is my 5k pace though as i was absolutely FOOKED at the end, so much so that i had to stop about 50 mtrs short on the last rep as i felt i was actually close to dropping dead

Yesterday morning i did 12 miles and it was too warm even with a 6am start. At one point along the coast i came to a hill and couldn't be bothered so i went down some steps to the bay ( a bay i've never been to before ) with the intention of running along the beach. This was bloody hard work running across very soft sand to get to the firmer bits and i wondered if the hill would have been easier. To my horror, i got around the sandy headland and was met by nothing but rocks so had to go back the same way and did the hill after all. At the top i was ready to lay down and go to sleep despite having only been awake for an hour.

4M recovery this morning followed by a bit of prawning down the beach with my son was much more pleasant.

Overdone it?

Posted: 29/06/2015 at 08:53

Marvellous win Lit I did one of those twatty finishes at VMLM but at least you had a tape so can be excused

Family visit to London at the weekend. We visited the museums and then had a wander through Hyde Park. I can imagine running round there for hours and not getting bored. I was very jealous of the many runners we saw despite it being incredibly warm.

Overdone it?

Posted: 26/06/2015 at 10:39
DT19 wrote (see)

Good session, Mace. I have this image of you approaching the school gates with a cheeky bounce in your stride fully expecting them to be closed then falling to your knees briefly in despair!

apart from the "bounce" that's pretty much spot on, DT

Overdone it?

Posted: 26/06/2015 at 09:18

Abbey Dash is a bit far for me as it's more than half an hour

You lot are definitely spoilt for choice

Alarm went off at 5:45am and i hit snooze 4 times before dragging my sorry backside out of bed and forcing it out the door. I had a plan to do 5 sets of 200(200jog) 200(400jg) 400(200jog) on the school running track that my club uses, but only if the school gates were open and i could actually get on the track. This is the first time i've even considered doing this after 18 months or so as a member of the club.

15min jog there and to my horror the gates were open so a few times round the track and some half hearted strides and i was on. Target was 40's for the 200's and 81's for the 400's.

After the first rep my hips and hams felt as tight as a drum and i was ready to jog home but having binned a similar session recently i gritted my teeth and dug in. Had no idea on paces until after the session but the early reps definitely felt relatively slow and hard work. At various times i thought of Big's 60 something second laps and muddy's 16:xx which almost brought a tear to my eye.

43.4  42.7  84.4

42.5  42.0  84.2

42.4  41.9  82.5

39.4  39.6  81.6

39.8  39.7  80.4 

So after a shitty start it got better and felt much more fluid. I need to do a bit more of this sort of stuff i think and sticking a few more strides into easy runs.

X-POST , sorry to hear that, Big I too feel like i'm falling to pieces but in a not injured way. However, i do feel like i have an injury waiting to happen, really don't feel right at all but can't put my finger on it ....

Overdone it?

Posted: 25/06/2015 at 09:00
muddyfunster wrote (see)

Mace - another win clocked up and good interval training but '6m in 60 minutes' ? That right ?


it is indeed ... well, 58 mins to be precise so it worked out at around 9:40/M. We only had the one group ( normally there are 3 ) and I did a lot of jog/chat with some of the club's slower runners.


Lit - are you training for anything in particular ? And what Madbee said


A rather warm but windy 14M last night @ 7:38/M and i think i felt worse than i did at the VMLM finish. Probably not the best idea after Tuesday but it was the only chance this week to get a long run in so was a must having not done one last week. HR Stats churn out 1020 beats per mile so considerably off the 930-940 of 3-4 weeks ago.

I seem to have gone backwards

Overdone it?

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 16:05

Good racing Lou & DT

Excellent racing with pb's/prizes Madbee, Tommy and muddy with a superb sub 17

I've been a bit of a lazy bugger with just 25 miles over 3 runs last week. Felt very tired most of the week and totally lacking in any sort of motivation and really CNBA'd, although it did finish with a WIN and a 17:58 parkrun.That wasn't a max effort but i think i'm a fair bit off pb pace.

This week has started a bit better with 6M in 60mins with the club on Monday and last night i went out for 6 x 750 (90secs) @ 5:42 ave and almost chucked up at the end which was nice.

Overdone it?

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 13:10

fair cop, grammatically poor

I wouldn't disagree but are you saying even though it's a personal thing, good habit = stretch, bad habit = don't stretch


EDIT : McF - that's a shame as you were going so well. Hope you're recovered soon.

Overdone it?

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 10:02
Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)
Mace I didn't report the bullying - this was 35 years ago when you just dealt with whatever shit was going on - anyway life generally was good it was just my running experience that was shit.

I think you're right, kids did just deal with it. I had a particularly unpleasant teacher in my 2nd year of junior school and didn't think to tell my parents about him bouncing board rubbers off our heads for not paying 100% attention in class. And i didn't grass him up the time he stabbed a pencil in my palm 3 or 4 times as punishment for me doing the same to my rubber. " There you go, how do you like it !?" he screamed at me. Infact i only told my Dad about it about 15 years ago when we were visiting my uncle in hospital and that teacher was laying in a pitiful state in the bed next to my uncle.

DT - i can see your reasoning and hopefully it will work for you. Interesting that you " stretch robustly at least once a day " I'm sure you're aware that there's a school of thought that too much stretching may not be good for you, have you considered backing off on it a little to see if that helps ? I don't do much stretching at all and certainly not every day. The last time i did any serious stretching ( about half an hour of it ) i ended up with a calf strain leading up to the Thanet 10 in December.

Overdone it?

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 14:31

muddy - i'm not sure 5:5x is HM pace and will take the HR stats with a pinch of salt for now off just the one run. Especially as, like i say, i'm sure i've put a few pounds on over the last couple of months. I think i have a bit of a problem focussing on anything once marathon training is over. I have good intentions of following a plan for shorter distances but end up getting into a casual mindset and just do as i fancy.

Tommy - good question and i don't really know the answer but i certainly wouldn't ( or couldn't ) do what Big does !!  

DT - i'm biting my tongue very hard All the best with your session


I have a t-shirt from last year's JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in Battersea Park which has " FINISHER" in massive letters across it. I haven't worn that one and hopefully this year's one will be a bit more cool  


Tommy2D wrote (see)


Mace - where's the commitment?! Bob drives for over 2 hours to run round in a circle for 2 mins, surely you can drive for an hour to run a gold cell snatching 10k!  


WTF !!! I think you have me mixed up with somebody else

Overdone it?

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 11:17
That looks to be about 5:40's ish

I have a club champs 10k on 12th July but I think it's a fair drive away ( over an hour ) and I'm not sure I can be arsed with it. Also a memorial 10k a couple weeks after that which is local but I'm not sure if that will be properly measured/ PO10. not exactly spoilt for choice down here.
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