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Monday 11th June 2012

Posted: 11/06/2012 at 22:47

Belated thanks for the birthday wishes, and the well wishes for my dad. He's still in hospital but recovering well, and the most important thing is he's finally getting some rest! It's not been the best week or so... my little hamster passed away the day I got back from London. G was looking after her and said she seemed fine until then (apart from behaving a bit oddly by moving her bedding), so it appears to have been quite sudden and was probably just old age.

Anyway... have had a quick read back so some catching up...

Alehouse, glad your son found somewhere

Excellent PB 7daughters, well done!

Stickless, really sorry to hear of your DNF, but good that you're already thinking ahead. Take care.

Hello and welcome, LBL, Pink and Max's Mum

Glad the Christening went well Alex, and well done on the weight loss! My mission starts again today, after a shocking week of very little training and too much cheese.

LMH, good to hear you're starting to build up again.

Well done on the swimming breakthrough, Blisters! Sounds ace to me.

Nice 2 miler, Wabo! Well done.

Good result for Germany, Chickadeee - I was cheering your guys on!

What: 4 miles steady
Why: My behind was threatening to move into another continent
Last hard: Everything at the moment
Last rest: yesterday
Lyrics: familiar

Was on the other side of the fence yesterday watching G run a local 8.5 mile event. He ran very well - finished in 1:18 despite the congestion (and hills!), and still managed to bake me some Italian biscuits when we got back

Crap at relationships

Posted: 11/06/2012 at 22:06

Belated thanks for the birthday wishes, and for the well wishes for Papa MO He's still in hospital, but being treated and recovering well. He'll be in another week or so, but doesn't mind so much as it coincides with Euro 2012!

Was thinking of you and your mum Nam - hope she feels much better soon.

Hello Mima, sorry to hear your sad news When things were really crap for me, a friend told me to do something nice for myself every day - so I did. Whether it was a run along the canal, getting myself some nice chocolate, or a DIY pedicure, I made a conscious effort to do things that were purely for me and no-one else. It won't stop the hurt, but it will be a small way to take some of the time out you need. Take care x

Hello SP, hope you're enjoying Jersey!

TP, I hope you feel better tomorrow and that the conference goes as well as possible.

Last week was generally a nightmare here. Dolly the hamster sadly passed away the day I got back She was quite old for a dwarf hammie (over 2 years), but had seemed fine when I left, and G said she was ok when he saw her the day before, as in active and eating... although he thought she was acting oddly by moving her bedding to a different spot. Very sad to lose her, but she was already about a year old when we got her and was the friendliest little hamster I've ever met, so feel very lucky to have had 13 months with her.

As for the running, have barely done any to speak of in the last couple of weeks! Hope everyone else is faring better!

Friday, 1st JUne 2012

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 09:32

Have a great trip LMH! Re iron, I have reduced the supplement I've been taking so that might be it... probably not a good idea the month after a marathon!

Emzap, , sorry to hear your marathon debut didnt go as smoothly as it should have, but if you still achieved a time you were happy with then you should be very proud I can recommend VLM or Amsterdam - fantastic organisation and lovely races, although very different. Also Abingdon, but you need to get in quick for that one.

Well raced the other night, Wabo!

Well, today is my birthday - I'm a year off vet age, but the trauma has been displaced by my dad being taken into hospital with an infected leg ulcer. He seems to be doing ok, but I'm going down today to spend a few days with him and do some stuff around the house etc. Probably won't get to post over the next few days, so hope you all have a fab long weekend - and good luck to any racers!

What: Nothing
Why: No time!
Last hard: Fitting 4 days worth of stuff into a small bag
Last rest: Wednesday
lyrics: No

Enjoy the Crunchies and chat soon!

Crap at relationships

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 09:17

The trauma of turning 34 today has been well and truly overshadowed by my dad being taken into hospital I spoke to him yesterday and he sounded ok, just hoping they can sort this ulcer out once and for all! I'm off to visit him for a few days so probably won't get to post... hope you all have a lovely extended weekend!

Brilliant to see our thread romance progressing so well by the way *waves to BDB and SP*

Chat soon! X

Crap at relationships

Posted: 30/05/2012 at 22:52
X-post - thanks for the info TP

Crap at relationships

Posted: 30/05/2012 at 22:50
Flirting... hmmm, a funny one. I have many male friends and we're always making filthy jokes, but I wouldn't look upon it as flirting because it's done in a purely platonic way. G seems to accept that too, especially as he's met the guys in question... but to be honest, I don't know how I'd be if the situation were reversed. He doesn't really have female friends other than wives/girlfriends of friends, so I don't have an equivalent situation to compare. I like to think I'd be absolutely fine with it (after all, I know I can trust him), but I also know that I have some pretty vicious insecurities that can surface now and again if I'm feeling low.

I agree with TP though that there has to be a mutual understanding that it's not 'real' flirting - otherwise it can get messy. (Metaphorically I mean... literally doesn't bear thinking about!).

Crap at relationships

Posted: 30/05/2012 at 22:38
They are indeed TP - this one's failed to respond to several courses of antibiotics! Thanks for the well wishes... and oooh to Hotel Chocolat! Enjoy

Hello there Corinth, has it really been a year already...? Congratulations on your Leeds anniversary! It's so funny to look back at first impressions - when I first got talking to G online, I thought 'he's very pretty, but will we have anything in common?'... and he thought he'd blown it on our first date when he slipped on a patch of ice and almost knocked me over (having worn 'proper' shoes instead of trainers in the snow, because he wanted to make a good impression).

Hope this week goes as well as these things can, SC. I've been there and it really wasn't pleasant, but I've never once regretted the decision. Keep looking forward xx

Wednesday 30th may 2012

Posted: 30/05/2012 at 21:54

Hey Emzap, can't believe I missed your marathon debut - how did you get on??

Take it easy on the calf Birkmyre, and hope things improve soon Alehouse.

Hello Chickadeee, know what you mean about the heat! Don't worry about taking rest if you need it - better to miss a few sessions than to wear yourself down, and it'll come back.

As for the German phrases, the only ones I know are from Rammstein songs... have been advised by a German-speaking friend to not use them willy nilly

LMH, I know that dog well, although for different reasons. Take care.

Glad you had a nice time at the garden party, Stickless. One of the reasons I love getting glammed up is that it provides such a pleasant change from the lycra and sweat... it's almost like having an alter-ego!

Blisters - on the contrary, a naked angry person would possibly scare me more than a clothed one

Hope the race went ok Wabo.

What: Rest
Why: Legs aren't coping
Last hard: Sunday and everything after
Last rest: Friday
Lyrics: Oh yes! Classic!

Crap at relationships

Posted: 30/05/2012 at 21:18
...It works both ways of course - as much as I wouldn't lose weight for a man, I wouldn't gain it either if he suddenly announced he had a fetish for those 'squasher' women

Crap at relationships

Posted: 30/05/2012 at 21:15

It's quiet on here at the moment! Is everyone on holibobs?

Hello Nam/Pea Not too bad here ta... still pootling along, although found out this week that my dad may have to go into hospital, as he's having problems with an infected ulcer on his leg Waiting to see what's happening so I can arrange to go down for a few days and help with general household stuff. Always something going on these days!

I know what you mean about running - my motivation is largely dependent on how well it's going, hence struggling when I find myself stuck in a training rut or not racing well (like now). Sometimes it helps to just take a step back and focus on enjoying running again... it'll come back.

Pea - maybe you could do a couple of slow miles either side as a warm up and cool down? That said my legs were destroyed after last weekend's 10k... having an unscheduled rest tonight as they felt like they were falling apart on my last two runs.

As for weight, there's a lot about it in the media at the moment with all the body image stuff... again, it's one of those things that varies for me depending on how well I'm training. When I'm running well I care less about what I look like, which makes me think there's more to it than just appearance. I agree though, any changes should be purely for ourselves and our own health, and not to please anyone else.
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