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Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 15:30!_0.jpg?width=350

 No mad sprint finishes, but I expect there are several pictures of me grinning like a loon.  Not a bad result for a steady Saturday morning long run

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: Today at 15:27!.jpg?width=350


Not a bad result for a very enjoyable long run round the forest

Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 08:03

Hallelujah, it's p****ing it down!  Bring on the hills and the trails

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: Today at 07:59

It's RAINING!!!  *does mad happy lunatic dance*  Bring on the marathon!!!  

(Carbs make me hyper I think)

Good luck Macca!  What are you going to do with yourself all day?  I find waiting for a 10am start nervy enough

Bike help

Posted: Yesterday at 17:53

Oh.  Just looked up nearest Decathlon store and it's about 2 hours drive.  I think that might be a no

Bike help

Posted: Yesterday at 17:48

Thank you all, good advice

LittlePhyllis, I am in County Durham - anyone in the area is most welcome to mutter about anything they have lying around in their garage!

Thanks Cheerful Dave for advice - I was vaguely aware of the dangers of getting the wrong size - having borrowed other people's bikes for transport purposes and found them very uncomfortable, I will definitely be looking for something that is a good fit.

Cougie, nice idea but no, I work for a tiny charity with 5 members of staff about 25 miles from where I live, so bike to work things aren't very practical!

Lou, thanks, I'll take a peek when they let me into the inner circle 

I guess I need to take LittlePhyllis's suggestion of going to talk to some bike shop people and seeing what they suggest, but are there any particular features I should be looking for eg gearing systems, ideas of sizes etc?  

Things you want to say but can't

Posted: Yesterday at 17:24
Clearly I have got too used to watching runners. These tennis lasses are looking pretty chunky.

Bike help

Posted: Yesterday at 14:08

Hello friendly tri people (don't eat me!)

I'm wondering if you can help out a clueless runner... I fancy a bit of a foray into cycling, but currently don't own a bike.  I've had a couple of goes on a friend's, and enjoyed it enough to think it's worth getting one, but I don't really know what to look for so wondered if anyone could suggest anything?  

I'm looking for something not too expensive - say £300-£400 at most, that will be good enough to make the whole experience reasonably pleasant.  I'm also a fairly small female at 5'2 and about 8.5 stone, if that makes any difference, and not especially strong so don't think I want something too heavy.  Open to second hand options.

If I sound really thick about it, it's because I am.  Any thoughts on what to look for and where?

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:01

Tommy, another amazing run.  Big well done, especially for picking up the pace in the second half - I keep doing completely the opposite and pacing really badly, so particularly impressed with your racing technique.

Well done on making it through week 3 DT.  Are you enjoying this style of training a bit more?  Sounds like you're doing quite well with it.

Muddy, enjoy your long run/10K - sounds even more casual than my plans

Skinny, you are right, I am sounding fairly nonchalant about tomorrow.  Probably too much so, and it'll turn out I've not respected it enough resulting in crash and burn.  It is my local marathon, so I couldn't say no to it, but I didn't want to completely devote myself to it either.  I've kind of kept the long runs and decent mileage going the last few weeks in order not to make it an unpleasant experience, and it's round the forest where I do many of my long runs, so it's basically a case of tacking another 4.5 miles onto a run I've done several times - which doesn't sound scary.  However, as you say, it's still a long way, and I am a bit excited/nervous, even though I'm planning on running it fairly slowly, aiming for around 3:45-4:00.  I have indeed done one slowly before - my first marathon was a well-paced 4:19 at Kielder, and I am sort of half-heartedly carb loading!  /waffle about plans.  Apparently I have thought about it.


Marathon From Cycling Base

Posted: Yesterday at 11:34

Oh, sorry, missed the bit about only a week's taper.  As the others said, you'll want more than that. At least two weeks.  I'd still look for a 12 week plan though, and probably drop into it at week 3 if you think you can manage the long run for that week.

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