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Sub 1:30 Half Marathon

Posted: Today at 22:03
Hmm, I have a 3:10 marathon and haven't yet cracked 1.30 for a half... Your shorter times are similar to mine though, so maybe you just needed more of an endurance base. I'd be inclined to keep the long runs going and put in a couple of tempo runs in about weeks 2-4. No harm in having a go, but as lit says, be careful at this stage, you'll not be recovered yet from the marathon.

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Today at 21:57
I'm all about the vest. I do think girls get away with it more easily though.

First marathon- is sub 3 hrs going to be possible?

Posted: Today at 08:21
Madbee wrote (see)

...I did not do it by running 3 seconds faster than race pace on my long runs...  

And by faster I obviously mean slower, but the point is the same.

Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 08:18

Tommy is in for a great summer, I am convinced (knew he was One To Watch )

Nice to see you Bob, great casual running there - definitely sounds like more to come off if you spent half the run nattering.  I can barely breathe running that kind of distance let alone chat.  

McF, hilly buggy running  Ouch.  Nice to have exposed limbs though - I was thinking the same on Tuesday.

Velloo, your inattention made me chuckle, but interesting theory.  I have a bad habit of clenching my jaw a lot, especially when a bit anxious, so will keep that in mind and try to relax a bit while running. The physio I've seen also seems to be an 'everything comes from the foot' man, but would be interesting to investigate the idea that it could be the other end.

Spinning sounds torturous  I did one class once, and was distracted by the instructor's very shapely backside, but used to hate being in the gym when a class was going on, cos the music was loud and they all used to screech over the top of it.  I don't miss the gym.

I have been doing some easy plodding, especially last night when we did an off road club run.  Spent about as much time standing around waiting to go over stiles as I did running, but it was very enjoyable.

I have entered a 10K in a couple of weeks  No specific training for this one, but for our club points competition I have to do two, so thought I'd just see what I could squeeze off the back of marathon training - should be recovered enough by then to have a go.  And my current PB is ridiculous.

First marathon- is sub 3 hrs going to be possible?

Posted: Today at 08:04

OK, so I haven't run sub 3, so possibly not qualified to answer, but I have taken an hour and ten minutes off my marathon time over the last 2 years, so think I must be getting something right, and I can promise you I did not do it by running 3 seconds faster than race pace on my long runs...  The long and medium long runs are MEANT to feel easy - if you get to the end feeling like it was too easy, then that is what you want to achieve, not tiring yourself by adding another mile at lunatic pace

It sounds like you are actually, if you had the long run endurance, in better than sub 3 shape, but you stand a very good chance of blowing up in the last six miles if you have already left your race out there in the weeks before by doing all your training too fast.  21 miles is fine and good for a long run, but for heavens sake slow it down.  Ideally you want to be covering the distance of your longest run (21-22 miles) in approximately the time you expect to be out doing the marathon, so around or just under 3 hours - which is around 8 minute mile pace.  It's a very long time to be on your feet and running at a moderately hard effort (which it is by the end of a marathon, even if you are really capable of faster) if you haven't done long runs slowly to accumulate the time on your feet.  

Summary: Seriously.  Slow down.

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Today at 07:17

Shazmo, I took about ten minutes off at Chester after Edinburgh in 2014.  It isn't completely flat, there are two hills of note, though neither of them are very long.  It is a nice course, friendly and well organised, and not at all crowded.  You get a good start as well, as the race course is nice and wide and everything thins out nice and quickly.  I'd definitely recommend it.  

Well done Scott, sounds like a...varied course!  

Tommo, I'd also recommend joining a club if you're wanting to race - most aren't that bothered whether you train with them regularly, but everyone will welcome a fast runner who's prepared to race in a club vest, so you'll be embraced I'm sure! It does also open doors for more races (unless you're in a little, social club like mine who don't have league races or anything).

I have entered a 10K.  

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 15:12

No  I miss Ferg.  

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 07:07

How did the interim training go AWC?  Did you just keep ticking over, or did you put in some sessions?   It must be incredibly hard to invest all your energy into a training programme, do the race you were aiming towards, and then have to fire yourself up for another one.  I think Shazmo may have a point about iron levels, but I wonder if there is also an element of having done months of training and then having to extend it, thus being, basically, knackered.  No harm in checking though.

Tommo, where are you based?  I use this site to find most of the ones I end up doing, if not by talking to club members. Might there be an equivalent for where you are?  I think the same people do one for Oxfordshire and Sussex but if I'm remembering right, you're not in either of those places.

8 miles wombled along the Tees yesterday.  I am actually enjoying the purposeless running at the moment.  Also got out on my bike at the weekend, which was OK.  Want to do a bit more of that I think, but I need some road tyres on it, the MB ones make it much too much like hard work, and I'm basically in it for the downhills and the flats, so would like to be able to go faster

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: 03/05/2016 at 21:52
Wow, AWC, that was some digging in! I'm dead impressed. I had a sort of similar experience in a half once, where I got to 3 miles and didn't want to carry on though decided to push through, but I can't imagine doing it with so many miles left to go. Amazing mental strength!

Lit, you are probably right. I guess it's just that if I focus on 10k or something, the training is stuff I don't really enjoy, and I love the long runs that are the basis of marathon training. Guess I could do a half plan and just keep the long runs going, or maybe I should be looking for an ultra...

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: 03/05/2016 at 19:25
I haven't decided. Wasn't going to commit to another marathon, but for the above reasons I might do so...
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