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P&D autumn marathon 2016

Posted: 10/08/2016 at 13:50

Alan, I'm not really doing anything at the moment, but no-one's told me to go away yet  

Overdone it?

Posted: 02/08/2016 at 07:17
DT19 wrote (see)

I asked my wife to sort it for me for 2014 London marathon, imagining she would get it across the chest where I could then benefit from crowd support. Unfortunately nobody noticed!


I noticed.  But then I was staring at your back for about a minute so had more opportunity

Overdone it?

Posted: 01/08/2016 at 07:14

Morning all.  Been away for a week getting fat in Skinny-land.  Lots of mileage on foot - 104 in fact, a mix of walking and running.  It's amazing how relaxing it is when you don't have to fit work in as well. Will be back for a catch-up when I get bored at work later on

Overdone it?

Posted: 21/07/2016 at 07:07

2.2 miles, very fast, straight up a hill, straight down again in 25 degree heat.  Best not to talk about it (except that our team was a v creditable 5th out of abut 60, which is good considering we were without our best runner.  And I was third fastest female out of everyone there, which was also nice.) 

Did I mention that I hate short distances?  

Overdone it?

Posted: 16/07/2016 at 07:19

Charlie, good choice.  They're yellow so they'll be fast.  They sound like my XC spikes which failed to make an appearance last winter and are therefore still brand new and bright enough to knock your eye out.  Glad to hear you're enjoying it again.

Have a great time Skinny.  Time to chill out before things go mad at work?  Or are the bosses just a routine visit?

Muddy, hope you're feeling better.

I glazed over reading about all the county/national/club champ things but that might be because I have had nowhere near enough sleep this week.  

Lit, km reps are my second least favourite thing, so doing them on the beach sounds like a welcome distraction. Is it harder on sand or is it firm enough not to make a difference in the wet bit?  (I really hope Skinny has already gone because goodness knows what his mind will do with that question...)

I did something a bit different yesterday. Mr Mad and I are planning on running a longish-distance trail near where we live (36 miles) at the beginning of August, so I decided I'd check I was fit for that kind of distance by packing a picnic and some waterproofs and a map and going for a silly length run.  Did 31 miles in 5 and a half hours, stopped to eat, faffed with maps and walked up hills and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I didn't feel any worse afterwards than if I'd done a normal long-ish run, so  I think ultra running might be in my future.  If I manage to learn to navigate.


P&D autumn marathon 2016

Posted: 16/07/2016 at 07:07

Jealous Scott.  We went to the alps with my parents a couple of years ago, fabulous place, terrible company  They complained about the fact it was too hot and their knees hurt all week, but Mr Mad and I had a lovely time exploring.   Enjoy the Tour

Tom, well-earned beer.  Nearly holidays for you

Spoon, I know what you mean about the short sessions not making much sense, but it's clearly heading in the right direction with that much coming off the times.

Macca, well done on the 10ishK - can't sniff at a course PB.  

Ferg, yesterday was just a training run so no hotels last night.  Had to slum it on the sofa with a glass of wine and some sausages.  Make of that what you will Enjoy your 15.

BR, I really wouldn't be disappointed with that!  You've been working your socks off across running long, cycling and swimming and that still a very speedy time.  And fifth!  Amazing!

I thoroughly enjoyed my silly long run yesterday.  31 miles in about 5 and a half hours and just bimbled about, stopped for a picnic, enjoyed the scenery and came home feeling no worse than if I'd done a 15 miler.  I think ultra running is in my future.  Well, if I can learn to read a map, that is.

P&D autumn marathon 2016

Posted: 15/07/2016 at 06:21

Ferg, I think Tommo just implied that you're small and yellow and hiding in a bush Glad to hear things are going well, keep up the softly softly approach...  I guess I could try the dreadmill, but weirdly I find running fast on them really, really hard for some reason?  Probably the fact it's hot in the gym.

Scott, that kind of time is unfathomable to me, so eek at your disappointment - but you're very, very close (I know track is a different animal, but it's still barely more than a second on each lap so you'll knock those couple of seconds off no problem.)

Millsy - cross training...  And productive too.  Not sure I can say the same about golf, but I guess at least it's some gentle wandering around which can only be good for stretching off.

NE, that sounds like a pretty awesome time.  Random distance, mind!  How did it go for you?

Tommo, sounds like your 5K training's on the right path.  Bet you smash the race.  I'm with you on the LT v intervals thing, even though I have no intention of working on shorter distances.  I think I don't mind the intervals in P&D because they're 5K pace, and my 5K pace is...not very fast

Contrary to my plan for half training, I am off on an adventure today.  Mr Mad and I are planning on running (well, sort of running - ultra style) a local circular trail at some point this summer (then staying in a posh hotel!).  It's 36 miles, I'm pretty confident I can do that without too much trouble really, but I did want to just do a couple of long time-on-feet runs in advance to get used to being out for a long time, so I've packed my sarnies and map and waterproofs, and off into the hills for somewhere between 25 and 30 miles.  Will do it extra slowly, walking all the ups and probably stopping for a picnic at some point

P&D autumn marathon 2016

Posted: 14/07/2016 at 11:54

Ah that sounds like a probable cause BS.  I seem to have more or less adjusted now, but when I first changed shoe models not that long ago after several years of one type of shoe, I had all sorts of niggles.  Hope things improve with the changes, enjoy the cycling in the meantime.

Overdone it?

Posted: 14/07/2016 at 10:01

You're hoovering up some good positions there McF.  I do wish we had a few more quick ladies in our club - I love it and I love the social stuff and I am quite happy running with the boys on training runs - but it would be nice to be a competitive on a team level.

DT  You waited so long for a 10K PB and suddenly they are coming thick and fast


P&D autumn marathon 2016

Posted: 14/07/2016 at 09:56

Wow, how did it get to be school hols so quickly?  More consistent running from Tom.  I have occasionally done long runs starting pretty early (5:30am or so - not quite in Tom's league!) and I find being half asleep really helps - it's like I have already done six or seven miles before I'm awake enough to notice I'm running

Macca, I'm sure the MLR plus the 10K can only be good for training, even if not ideal for the inter-club racing aspect...

Millsy, hope a bit of rest does the trick.

BR, I am not at all surprised that you did so well - you are both gifted and hard-working, no reason at all why it shouldn't result in good positions!  Looking forward to reading the blog with a cuppa at lunch time

Scott, yes it was!  Hope your 800 goes well.

Ferg, no.  I really don't like them.   I kind of warmed to intervals a bit during the last campaign but  Bit of a bugger really, as most of the quality sessions in the P&D half plan focus on LT work, but I do think they make a big difference in marathon training, so it will benefit the next marathon attempt too, even if I don't enjoy the next few weeks very much.  Sounds like a good decision to defer the start of the plan a bit and get some easy miles in.  Is everything feeling ok?

Enjoyed my GA on Tuesday.  Another one today, will bimble 8 miles along the river after work, it's nice and flat, if a bit dull.

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