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Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 07:24

Morning folks  Time for a bright and breezy 16 miles

UK Half- and Full Marathons

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 19:13

Chester's probably worth a look, even if you're not keen on big city marathongs.  It starts at the racecourse and goes through the city initially, but it's mainly on small, closed country lanes, and it's a great place for a family getaway - North Wales on the doorstep and a lovely city.

Overdone it?

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 19:00

Are you going back to writing Charlie? 

Long run distances

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 15:02

You sound very sensible JM89, I think you have a good plan of attack, and have been doing the right thing for you at the moment.  If you were to do another marathon, I think I'd be suggesting adding another easy run or two in, but obviously the cross training is working for you in terms of avoiding injury, so well done for listening to your body and having an informed plan.

Things you want to say but can't

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 14:40

That is the most ugly dog I have ever seen.

MBNA Chester Marathon 2015

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 08:50

CSMLFC, this is my data from last year's race.  The hills are really no big deal, but the last one is a bit soul-destroying because of where it is on the route.

Overdone it?

Posted: 27/08/2015 at 08:36

Oh no, that's crap news Tommy  

Overdone it?

Posted: 26/08/2015 at 18:01
(Sorry, just realised that Internet does not convey tone of voice and therefore my post may have sounded judgey - I was in no way suggesting that lit and her coach are making a bad decision!)

Overdone it?

Posted: 26/08/2015 at 17:09
Good lord lit, that sounds most unlike the sort of session you would recommend! What kind of pace are you doing the reps?

Pfitzinger Race Thread 2015

Posted: 26/08/2015 at 12:19

That's a good session AWC.  What's your target again?  Sounds like we are a similar pace from your 800s, is that 5K pace for you?

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