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Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: Today at 20:52

GM - oops, I assumed that this was your first. So you already have some experience, that's great. Will come in handy I'm sure!

So did you get your return to running today? How did it go?

Sense - sorry to hear about the soreness. Any thoughts as to what the cause might have been? Did it come on suddenly or slowly over the 4 miles? 

Do you have any different shoes you could try - ideally with more or less support than the ones you were wearing? 

Hope you can get it sorted for next week's race!

RichN - great to have you here!

Congrats on your parkrun. I've done Dulwich before a couple of times, it's a great course. Is this your first marathon?

I agree with Sense, you are definitely quick enough for sub 3:30 but if this is your first marathon then, as Sense says, endurance is definitely going to be the biggest challenge. It takes time to get the adaptations so correct training is really important. You can definitely do it though. 

I was in a similar situation to you on my first one. I made loads of errors both in training, in pre race prep and in race day strategy.

Are you following a particular programme? Personally I've found that having a good variety of sessions has been a major help in improving my times. 

Very best of luck for the half!

Another successful week of training for me. Trying to manage a little shin splint pain at the moment - so far so good. I'm altitude training in Scotland this week Interesting weather up here!

Hope everyone else's training is going well!

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 11/02/2016 at 08:38

My first post since January - shocking! 

Strava has me completely hooked which doesn't help

GM - first off huge congrats to you both on your big announcement! That is amazing news. It's going to be an epic, I'm guessing 6 or so months, and the big day will be like nothing you have ever experienced before so brace yourself!

We know you're from Cambridgeshire (Posh), run ultras (Scary), are very active (Sporty) all we need now is some tenuous link to ginger and babies and we can shout 'house' on girl band bingo!

Back to the running though. Haven't seen anything on Strava lately so does that mean you're still resting up? I hope things are improving. 

To answer your question, yes sub 3:30 is definitely achievable. What do you think is causing the doubt? You still have loads of training time left. Your endurance base is excellent and that doesn't disappear overnight. 

I was looking back to last year when I had proper full on flu - 3 weeks out doing nothing (literally nothing, not even moving around). I did 10 weeks training and just had a go on the day. Ended up with a 10 min PB. If I can do that then a sprightly, young, soon to be dad like yourself can definitely do it!

But you don't need to rely on faith alone. When you're back into it, look at how your fast stuff is going. If you can run around a 1:32 half say (1:34 would be fine) or a sub 21 5K then that's 7mm and 6:45 respectively. Running 1min and 1:15 slower on race day is going to feel soooo much easier!

Do not underestimate the power of the dark side of....oh hang on, wrong line....Do not underestimate the power of the mind in these matters, if you believe it then that's half the battle!

So don't go losing hope now, none of us have lost hope in you!

Bugger, I don't have much time left now

chicksta - great to see you back! Glad to hear you had a brilliant time.  I love that you said you didn't get much running done...just 50 miles on average

sense/Christian - calves are the bane of my life: tops, bottoms, inside, outside, peroneals, pos tib, I've had aggro everywhere.

Stretching, rolling and massage really helps as does rotating shoes. Not shoes that physically rotate (I'm not a clown) I swap between neutrals and shoes with a little support when pressure starts to build in a particular area.

Hope everyone else is well!

Week 6 of training for me. Seems like I've been going alot longer though!

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 31/01/2016 at 20:15

Finally got back on here!

Christian1975 - great to see you back here! You're doing London too - awesome! 

Sorry to hear about the niggles. Sounds like you are over them now though. How is the training going? What programme are you following?

One Gear - wow, just wanted to echo what others have said, that's a phenomenal weight change! I would love to lose half a stone or so. I just seem to stay around the same weight whether I'm training or not - it's really weird!

Stan - many thanks! It really depends who turns up to our parkrun as to whether there's a chance of glory. This week was Mrs Malcs 50th and last week she was 1st lady. My son is pretty quick too so we had dreams of doing a family clean sweep....complete failure! I came 3rd, the other two were 2nd so I clearly let the side down. Ah well

Hope you had a better week this week after the cold. Still can't believe you're not doing London this year

Sense - My weight has stayed around 11-11.5 st. Even upping the mileage year on year hasn't made much of a difference. As I said earlier, I'm a bit confused as I'd have expected it to slowly decrease. As far as I'm aware I'm not eating any more.

How did the MP go?

Sean - I think the others have answered your question. Just wanted to add that the programme is a general one - it wasn't specifically tailored to me. I think you can be flexible with it and swap sessions around to suit you.

For last year's April campaign I just slotted in a half mara when I could find one that suited. Very much like One Gear, I raced it flat out but expanded it with some slower miles either side. It worked well.

Charles - have you got a half booked for this campaign?

GM - Really glad to hear that the niggle is clearing up. That's a huge relief. I know you've now run on it and it was fine - phewph!

First bit of MP for me in a long run this weekend. Was a bit of a killer but I survived

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 26/01/2016 at 23:36

Another apology from another AWOL here

Been on Strava a lot so following most of you there. 

Sorry to hear bout the niggle GM. I'm calling it a niggle because that's all we want it to be - power of positive thinking right! You have some excellent advice from Angela there so all Im going to say is don't rush back. A few runs missed now is better than a load of runs missed later. I dish I'd taken more time back in October!

Great to see some more familiar faces here. I too will catch up tomorrow!

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 19/01/2016 at 10:55

I'm in the Essex 20 too! 

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Apparently my guts are dodgy:

Yes, it's the Daily Fail but I was helping out a friend of a friend, honest!  

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 17/01/2016 at 23:05

Great report GM and very well ran!

Really got a great appreciation for what it's like to run one of these mental races

Take it easy this week (I'm sure you will) and enjoy the refuelling!

Sean - sounds like an excellent run there. I wouldn't read anything into any minor struggles on a run like that at this stage. That was great for this early stage. I'd be more worried if you struggled to make all the MP the fact that you hit it means you are definitely on target. Well done!

Great weekend for me - first ever Parkrun victory on Saturday followed by my longest run since Sept on Sunday. Roll on week 3!

Parkrun was over 2 mins faster than last week thanks in the main to the firmer ground but also my new Fellraisers - absolutely awesome trail shoes!

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 15/01/2016 at 21:58

One Gear - blimey, you're really going through it at the moment. Hope the MRI is conclusive and that you can get some treatment asap. 

For the hip, do you have any kind of diagnosis yet or are you still at the stage of trying to get someone to look at it? I know Minni had some horrible issues with her hip a year ago but she got an op eventually and now she's back in business. Fingers crossed you can get the same outcome - but sooner hopefully!

I think we all feel your frustration. Just come back from a lay off myself and that was horrible but only a fraction of what you are having to deal with.

GM - very best of luck for C2C this weekend. Remember your coach's advice and take it easy!!! 

Looking forward to hearing how you got on.

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 12/01/2016 at 21:55

Sean - lol  

If running that pace feels ok right now then I reckon that's a great sign, particularly given what One Gear has said. Just trust that all will be well on the day. Even when I set off in York I was wondering how long it would be before I'd have to slow down. Just have to stick to it and see what happens - if you don't you will never know. 

One Gear - hey there! Great to hear from you! Can't believe you haven't been able to shake off 2014 yet - that's such bad luck. Have you not seen any improvement at all since then? What have you been up to?

chicksta - it's never too late! Happy new year to you too!

Many thanks - it is soooooo good to be back in the saddle. One of the longest lay offs I've had.

Minus freakin' 10 degrees! Are you serious? Your Florida trip couldn't have come at a better time then Have a great trip and don't even think about posting weather reports here while you're away!!!

PS. are you on Strava too? If you are I won't be following you until after you get back   It's bad enough having all Sense's exotic runs pop up at the moment!

Sense - gotcha! I did wonder who this mysterious Mr Morison was

Enjoy the rest of the trip. I'm afraid it's starting to get colder here now so you'll have that to enjoy as well as the rain....may even be snow! 

GM - noooooo! We don't want lurgy right now! Get the drugs down you. Heck, cut off your head if you have to - just be rid of it by the weekend!

Weather is looking cooler but dry - you may even have some sunshine. Fingers crossed for you!

200m reps for me today. Totally loved it. Managed a few at sub 5mm pace - can't quite believe that! Hope I'm not peaking too early it's only week 2!!!

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 08/01/2016 at 09:51

lol - love it Sean. If you could fashion some kind of giant spindle and handle to mount it on then maybe you could kill two birds with one stone? Think how quickly you could decorate the spare room with a roller that size! You might even have Dom Joly knocking on your door to borrow it

Your point about sub 3 pace is very interesting. Regardless of what pace you're aiming for most people seem to have big mental issues with stepping up to the next level even if their short speed achievements would indicate that they are clearly capable of it. 

For years I was too conservative. I think that was mainly because I was assuming that pace was the reason for my failings when in fact it was inadequate preparation that was to blame. I was aiming for 4hr marathons off a 1:34 half for crying out loud - that's just ridiculous! 

The problem is that past issues can really cloud your judgement going forward. After a few painful marathon experiences (including one London where looking back now, I was probably close to collapse) it took a big leap of faith for me to up my pace to what it should have been at the time. That leap of faith was only possible after discovering the forums, meeting people like DS2 and Minni and following Ady's campaign. 

What are you thinking about your 3:15 attempt at the moment? That's about 7:25 pace which is still damn quick. It's only 45 secs a mile slower than sub 3 pace! 

Looking at Strava it's estimating a 19:45 5K for you so that's about 6:20 pace. You can run over a minute a mile slower and still make your target. That'll feel much much easier, particularly on race day and after taper.

For me, the best indicators of whether you'll make the pace are the two MP long runs on weeks 8 and 11. So that's 18m and 20m half slow, half MP. If you can manage those paces (even if it feels a little hard) then you can be really confident you're in the right shape.

I struggled with those in the run up to April and sure enough couldn't quite hold it on marathon day (came close though). In the summer though I was fine with both. I reckon I would have had a great chance at sub 3 if the foot injury hadn't come along.

So 6:50 does look quick right now but I no longer worry about marathon pace. Obviously if it's the same as your 5K pace then it's clearly too quick. However, 40-50 secs above 5K and I'd feel ok with that as a target. I'd then wait and see how the week 8 MP session went and take it from there. 

Don't let MP scare you. If you do both those MP sessions easily then it's game on! Hell, you may find that you should be aiming to go faster? You've done 3:08 before. With a good spring campaign you could definitely look at bettering that. 

Blimey - I seem to have written War and Peace, sorry!

And yes, the rain is seriously p***ing me off too. It's going to be another skid pan again at parkrun tomorrow. Grrr.

Angela - mum's the word!  Hope you're feeling much better now!


Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 06/01/2016 at 23:15

Ha ha I've already cheekily bagged a few CR's just from uploading my existing data! (I know, cheat! )

Thanks, I enjoyed the 800's. Steady 6 today wasn't too bad either but tomorrow has a first sight of marathon pace - always scary at this early stage in proceedings!

Well done on the 5. Makes sense to be very careful with C2C. I just looked it up - very nice route! My mate Nige (Angela knows him from TR) used to live just round the corner from your start point! 

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