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Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 04/05/2016 at 08:41

sense - I had hoped to get a reply in earlier but such is life!

Massive congrats on a perfectly run race at the weekend! You haven't had it easy through training but you've stopped and adjusted and you got yourself to that start line.

Even if training had gone perfectly that performance would still be an incredible achievement so to run a massive PB with everything that you've been struggling with makes it even more special. That's only a fraction off your A target as well! Must give you huge confidence going forward.

Gotta take my hat off to you on the pacing - absolutely spot on! Your fade was minimal as well so you judged things perfectly. That's really hard to do. Very well done to you! 

Re. the speed work, I can't see how you can get faster without it. I'm sure that running slower but longer mileage helps with speed but I can't see how that can produce raw speed on its own. I'm not an expert though - just going on experience. TR is very much more experienced than I am. I'm sure Angela will have a view on this too. 

I think it's only an injury risk if you're tired or not warmed up properly. I wouldn't do a hard speed session straight after a tough long run and I would always warm up for at least a mile (more is better) with some strides. I've felt more vulnerable at the end of longer runs than on any of my speed sessions!

Another thing I've found that helps with speed is weight! I dropped below 70kg for the first time since I started running on this campaign. It may well be that I'm not getting any faster, just lighter (I'm certainly not getting any younger!) We all know that One Gear lost loads of weight and I'm sure he said that had a big effect on his times.

Have you also thought about strength training to help keep the niggles at bay? As I said before, it's something I always seem to be 'planning' to do more of but never quite get beyond the 'planning' stage

I do do some - a bit of core once a week on a rest day and before most sessions I do a set of walking lunges. I do the a leg strengthening circuit every now and again and because of the glute issues I've had I've been doing a fair bit of work on those. This I'm sure has helped.

Your post race recovery strategy sounds very sensible. Those mini-niggles are something I've suffered with in the past so I now have a complete week off, or at least the mid-week after the race with no running whatsoever to allow things to settle. 

I don't see the point in trying to run the day after a marathon (or even the day after that). You just feel sore and stiff and can't move properly. Whilst it may help to get things moving more quickly I think there is more risk of something getting inflamed because it's tight or you end up overcompensating and irritating something else. Unless there is a rush to get back running I say leave it.

I've done exactly that this last week. By Saturday I felt great and ran parkrun with Malcs Jr. at a medium pace without any issues.

So take your time and bask in the glory of a brilliant result. Really impressed and I'm sure this will lead on to even greater things! Thanks for the excellent report too - always, always love reading these! Enjoy the rest!

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 30/04/2016 at 21:43

Away at the moment but just wanted to wish sense the very best of luck for tomorrow! I like the fact that you've been pretty relaxed about this race. I reckon that could really work in your favour. 

Have a great race!

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 28/04/2016 at 14:16

One Gear - your half conversion is amazing! As you say, it's probably down to the way you train but it may also be down to your personality. You seem very determined and I'm guessing you are pretty good at dealing with pain too. I'm sure they are contributing factors.

Sean - if you think sub 3 is beyond you then it will be. That's the first, and arguably the most important, barrier you have to cross.

I see the GFA page on the VLM site has been updated for 2017. Thankfully no changes so VLM next year is on for you! 

Interestingly they are accepting those dodgy pre-2016 Manchester results but they are adding 2 mins. Good that they will at least accept them.

Dave - post marathon blues is a common thing, even if you make your target. If you don't then it can be much worse of course.

I tend to have a good week or two off training. It allows the body to recover and you are less likely to get little post race niggles. I might do a parkrun or a little jog after a week but no training. 

After that the best cure is to get back on the horse again. Book a short race or focus on parkrun. Just be careful that ankle doesn't become more than just a little flare up!

sense - I saw you got your last run in before Salzburg. Exciting stuff! I guess it's the food fest for you tomorrow? Good luck with the eating and have a safe trip over. Looking forward to seeing how you get on. Very best of luck!

Having had time to reflect on my race on Sunday I think I made a couple of schoolboy errors. What’s more annoying is that I was forewarned on both of them!

The first one was running to my Garmin. On the watch I was through 20 miles in 2:16 so on target. However, as I've said earlier, I was about 400-500m behind the mile markers by then. Effectively I was only at 19.7 miles. I’d read about this potential pitfall before and people advised using the lap button to manually register splits at the mile markers.

So basically I either needed to run a better line (very hard in London but easy in York thankfully) or run more quickly. So there’s the second error , I really needed to be on 6:40-6:45 pace from the start.

Now that's easy to say of course but would that have been too quick for me? I guess I will never know. What I do know is that by not doing that I basically screwed up my chances of the sub 3 because there was no chance of me speeding up to claw back time.

For York I think I can be confident that the watch will meet the mile markers as I've done it twice before but I'll be watching for any variation and using the manual lap button for my splits.

Onwards and upwards!

The Middle Ground

Posted: 27/04/2016 at 12:13

PRF - lol Your mate did brilliantly! It is quite amazing that with such a large field and people on different starts that you can run into someone you know. 

A guy I do parkrun with pulled up alongside me just after Greenwich. He started on green and I was on red, what are the chances?!

I'm sure our paths will cross again, if not in York then somewhere else. I'll get my brain into gear a bit quicker next time! Best of luck with your forthcoming races.

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 26/04/2016 at 21:04

Sean - tvm! I wasn't supposed to be on FGFA, they moved a load of us onto there because they had so many GFA entries. I believe anyone targeting sub 3 was moved to FGFA. The same may happen next year but if not then we'll all be on Green. That's still a great place to start I believe!

I don't see any reason for you to target 3:08 if your ultimate goal is sub 3. You're in the same position I was in a year or so ago. I think your idea of getting your raw speed up on 10Ks and Half maras is perfect. That has been the key for me even being able to contemplate that target.

Re. the half time, they usually say 1:25 but I did 1:24 and really feel I need to get 1:23 to be confident. That would be a flat out hard race to get the 1:23 of course - no holding anything back. 

When I did 3:04 I had a 1:26 half. If speed endurance had been better I may just have been able to convert that so there are no hard and fast rules.

Angela has suggested that I try and do a few more longer runs to to help with the speed endurance. Either 22 milers or back to back runs on the weekend (10 Sat, 20 Sun) or two runs in a day midweek. So I'm definitely going to give that a go. 

Strength training I should be doing anyway. I don't know how much that will help with endurance but it should definitely help with form and injury prevention. I say that I'll do more of this every year though and then fail miserably

sense - your turn next then Not long to go now. Hope you're looking forward to it? Salzburg is meant to be a beautiful place. 

I guess you won't be doing much this week? That should give you time to work on your maths  

Hope you don't suffer from any maranoia this week. If you do, just shout, we're all experts here now!

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 26/04/2016 at 21:00

Thanks peeps, I love a good ramble as you know

Brolish - many thanks, you are too kind! Was great to see you there. It's always disappointing when you know there are people you know in the crowd and you can't spot them so when you do it does give you a big lift!

Looking forward to see you smash that half PB in a week and a bit!

Fairyclogs - much appreciated, sometimes I wish I didn't remember so much! I think Mrs Malcs definitely would prefer it that way! She has perfected the art of sounding like she's listening whilst completely ignoring me

That really was an excellent time and without the blister issue you would probably have gone even faster. You could surely target 1st place for your age group in most other marathons? Just looked up York for last year and the VW55 came in at 3:28:48. You could do that! Second place was 7 mins or so behind your time on Sunday so silver at the very least!

Christian - cheers! You'll be back, I just know you will I bet you get a ballot place for next year now!  

Certainly worth having a spell at shorter distances though while you come to our senses  Focusing on getting 10K and half times would really help with your marathon experience. Very best of luck to you! 

One Gear - many thanks, and a very good point about the pain. I guess if you coast in then you've probably not run your hardest. 

I've heard it said that a positive split is in fact the best way to get your fastest race. If you hold back too much in the first half and run the second quicker you always wonder if you could have squeezed more out of the first. It's a delicate balance. I'm like you - I think I need 3-4 mins as well. 

Make no mistake, I will be absolutely gunning for sub 3 in York! 


The Middle Ground

Posted: 26/04/2016 at 20:22

PRF - sorry to pop up out of nowhere but I think you were behind me at some point on Sunday around the 1-2 mile mark. You were running with someone else who asked about HO and you said she didn't feel up for it so hadn't started. He used her first name and it rang a bell. 

I was trying to recall your name (forum or real world) in order to say hello without looking like a nut job. The only thing I could remember was runningonaraisin but by the time I'd managed to dig that out of the grey matter I'd lost you

I remember speaking with you a few times last Oct on the 2015 York marathon thread and was looking forward to following the mohawk to my first sub 3 as you'd kindly recommended. However, a foot injury the week before meant that I never even got to travel. 

Well done on an excellent negative split and well done to HO too! Are you doing York again this year? 

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 23:58

Thankfully it eased off within a couple of minutes - why do these things happen?!!! It was absolutely fine then and I was back on track. Luckily I hadn’t lost much pace - a 6:51. However, I’d failed to notice the watch and mile marker offsets getting bigger and bigger and by now I was a good 40 seconds out.

Worse still my legs and hips were really starting to feel it. Next mile (22) was 7 mins - slowest so far. I could feel the goal slipping away. Two miles back it was game on, now I was worried.

I knew it was around here I was supposed to look for sense. I did try but I was struggling now to keep on pace so sadly I missed him.

Managed to speed up a bit for mile 23 (6:55) but there was a fair bit of downhill there and as things levelled out I knew I was fighting a losing battle for sub 3. That was my low point and my pace took a nose dive. I went from 6:55 down to 7:40 over the course of mile 24. It was a 7:26 average for the mile and I thought that was it. However, I had a quick chat with the guy next to me and he said we could still make it if we pushed on. Only one of us did

I tried but the legs were killing me now. I had plenty of puff but was so, so sore. I could feel the onset of cramp in almost every muscle and so the final stretch became a case of just taking the pain.

I saw Brolish (from Minni’s thread) at Embankment and that gave me a nice lift but it didn’t last long. Those last 800m felt like an eternity but crossing the line was a huge relief. Official time 3:02:59 - a 1:30 PB. Can’t complain

I was hurting all over though. Even my mouth was tingling! I hobbled my way up to our baggage truck - it just had to be the last one in the line!

I was getting cold fast. By the time I got my bag I was starting to shiver. Even once I got a massive 5 layers on (vest, ss tee, ls top, winter top & jacket) I was still chilly. The guy next to me helped me get my trackies on - very much appreciated! My calf cramped up horribly at this point but it would have been much worse if I hadn’t had help.

By now all I wanted was fluids and electrolytes. I couldn’t stomach food. It’s just so hard to get these things in - what do the rest of you do and is it effective? I tried lucozade - too sickly. I added a zero tab into my water and started sipping that but it was going to take ages to get that down at a rate that wasn’t going to make me vom.

Eventually I felt ok enough to exit the baggage area and look for Angela. Thankfully she was in a far better state than me and seeing how cold I was she nobly cut her post race R&R short so we could search out somewhere warm. The pub just wasn’t going to do it for us now so we decided to find a coffee place instead. Starbucks came to the rescue and within 10 minutes all was well again

Sorry we didn’t get to see you Christian. It’s a good job you didn’t make the pub as we obviously didn’t either. I just didn’t think to try and post here to let you know!

Shady Ady then joined us which was great and then my lot arrived to drag me home.

Despite the pain and the slight disappointment it was a fantastic day and I’m really looking forward to having another bash in York. Roll on summer training!

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 18:38

First I just want to say how awesome the Fast GFA start is. One Gear had told me about this before. Just as he said we were right next to the start line and got led out to the front by the marshals - I have to say I felt like a bit of a fraud but it made for an amazing start to the race.

The gun went and, despite having taken a position towards the rear, I was still over the line within a minute - wow!

So far so good but no sooner had I got going when bang, out of nowhere - a huge freakin' stitch! Couldn't believe it!

Breathe and relax, breathe and relax. It wasn't improving. I just tried to ignore it but I could feel myself starting to panic a bit. I’ve had these before and the only solution has been to stop for a few minutes and let it settle. I couldn’t stop now, I’d only just started!

The good thing was it wasn’t getting any worse so I just pushed on trying to focus on the amazing crowd and a guy dressed as Braveheart who kept shouting “FREEEEEDOM!” at the top of his voice every 30 seconds

Finally, after 2 miles the stitch finally began to subside and by mile 3 it was gone completely - such a massive relief!

Now attention turned to pace. I was using the Garmin on auto lap and looking at lap pace together with my average pace for the run. Aim was to keep to 6:48 (2:58 speed) for the first half and re-evaluate after halfway.

I think I more or less managed this. However, I noticed that the auto lap was starting to beep further and further away from each mile marker. I convinced myself that it wasn’t a big issue and that by following the blue line more closely I’d not make things any worse.

This is one huge advantage of setting off from the FGFA start - there is much more room. Certainly by the time you’re 6 miles into the race you can begin to follow the racing line quite easily. But of course you have to remember to follow it and looking back now I don’t think I did as good a job of this as I thought I had.

By the time we got to 15 miles my legs were starting to feel quite sore. This I wasn’t expecting. I don’t know if it was because of the increased pace (most long runs I’d done had been run slow for the first half at least) or some other reason. The good thing was I could feel there was still power there and I also had plenty of energy so no major concern.

It was much warmer than I expected it to be given the weather forecast. There was far more sunshine and although it was in and out when the gaps in the cloud came the sun felt very warm. Let's just say I had no second thoughts about using the on course showers!

This was the first time I’d gone for a pure gel nutritional strategy. No jelly babies this time. 5 SIS gels, two with caffeine. It seemed to be working well as I put the 3rd one in (a caffeine) at Mudchute.

Coming round the roundabout and into Canary Wharf between 18 and 19 was just brilliant. I think I did my fastest mile after that - 6:41. As I approached mile 20 I felt sore but strong and I dared to dream that sub 3 could happen. It was certainly a possibility but I then had another wobble. My left foot started to hurt quite badly.

I think my shin was cramping but I could feel it in the foot. I couldn’t believe it was happening at this stage in the race with just 10K to go. I tried to run on different parts of my foot to get some relief but it wasn’t working. I just couldn’t stop now!

Sub 3:30 Gingermagic: #Irunsuccess

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 18:35

Christian - massive congrats, that's a seriously impressive performance given all you've been through. I'm so pleased you got to run the race!

Great write up too - I love reading these! Very well done once again and so nice of you to help out that first timer like you did - runners are such a great bunch! 

Fairyclogs - wow! What an immense achievement! You must be so pleased with that! That is absolutely brilliant running - 14th place!!!!
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