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Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: Yesterday at 17:17

One Gear - that's an amazing achievement! Sub 3 within a few years of taking up running is outstanding at any age!

Steve - wise words as always! I'm sure you'll be fine between now and London. You're in top shape right now and you have the experience to know how to carry that on into April. 

KR - cracking progressive run there. All looking very good for you (sorry, mustn't say these things out loud )

Saffa Mark - that sounds like a great route. 1:22 is a fantastic PB already. Fingers crossed for you. Pressure is on, we're all watching you now

Sorequads - best of luck on Sunday. Sounds like a tough one but also one that will give you a massive mental boost.

Tom - brilliant couple of sessions following those 800's on Tuesday. Clearly you've recovered really well. 

I did 12 on Wednesday at 8mm pace. Right quad was a bit sore though (definitely shouldn't have tried to catch you on that fast 200!)

I decided not to do anything yesterday as the quad was still tight and sore. Don't think it's injured. I just overdid it a bit. Feels like a dead leg only not quite as bad. Today I did a gentle 4 miles and it was ok but still not 100%. Hopefully it'll be fine tomorrow as I want to do the 18 with 9 v.easy and 9 MP that Steve suggested. If it's not 100% then I'll push that to Sunday.

Bit annoyed at myself for doing the 12 when really I should have done a shorter one. Then I might have recovered more quickly and been able to do Thursday's session. Ah well. 

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 04/03/2015 at 23:20

Minni - aha! I didn't realise. Well done Brolish! That's absolutely brilliant.

Sean - wow, is there anywhere you can't get on the web these days?

My eldest is in year 8 and would happily have a night feed if I let him - he eats more than me! 

Did you get the school you wanted btw.? Lots of people we know had ups and downs with the allocation process.

Tim - thanks. It makes a big difference doing a group session like that. Definitely back in the game now.

Tom was absolutely flying. Steve likes to make each 800 different (you may have experienced this on training day1). On rep 9 it was hard 200, then progressively slower for each successive 200. I floored it to try and stay with Tom on the hard 200. I got close but the remaining 600 was agony - legs like lead! Won't be trying that again!

Well done on your session tonight. Great hitting a sub 7! I remember feeling the same heavy legs on the first few faster sessions I did after the flu. Understandable when you're coming back from a lay off.

Also, you did that great 16 at the weekend. Could still have a bit of that in the legs. Anyway, nothing to worry about so don't!

I like to be at races an hour before. Much prefer being early to being late!

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 04/03/2015 at 22:15

Steve - cheers muchly! Felt like the best session I'd had there too

You're right, there's no way would I have been able to run that quickly on my own.

Very interesting re. the Yassos. I certainly don't think I could run 2:57 right now. 

One Gear - many thanks indeed, really appreciate that. 

Like the others, I can't believe you managed to do those sessions back to back. I'd have been in pieces!

Tom - you didn't see me today! Thighs were mashed. I will *never* attempt to catch you again! lol

How did your 14 go? I did 12 at 8's which was ok ish but I could feel my right thigh was sore and tight from yesterday. Nothing a stretch and a roll won't be able to sort though. 

Saffa Mark - ooh, do you start and finish at Wembley? Do you get to climb to the presentation area to collect your medal?

You're in for a treat in Paris - it's a great race and if you're in the front pen (is it red?) then you're really close to the front. Last year Roger was visible in the start photo!

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 04/03/2015 at 22:04

SK - sounds like the treatment of that little niggle will be quite painful but at least you know what it is and how to sort it, that's half the battle.

Ruth - I can't believe we lost another one. We could have been 3 up! Arghhh. I think you're right though, Scotland are crap when anyone gives them half a chance. We just want Bannockburn odds every time we go out and play. 

Or maybe the boys just need to get some jaffa cakes down them?

Aunty Angela - very good set of K reps there. Continuing nicely on your upward curve. I assume the midnight feed was for the nephew and not you?

Sean - blimey, up at 7:30, very nice 10 miler and then you're up all night. Don't know how you do it. You're working right, not doing the midnight feed at Angela's sister's? I hope she doesn't expect us all to take a turn!

Mr P - very good session that. Plenty of speed there - very impressive!

Minni - what is it with you and bad luck these days? Perforated ear drum - for crying out loud! At least with all this triathlon training you have other activities to keep you busy while the pool is off limits.

Great work by your friend. 4th lady is amazing. 

Enjoy the skiing - where you going? Try not to think about the duathlon

chickadeee - web hey, finally some decent weather to run in! I think you more than deserve that

reikirabbit - good luck with the physio tomorrow!

Tim - massive congrats on the NYC place!

Hope the run goes well this evening. Do you feel you're fully recovered now?

Yesterday I met up with Tom and Steve at Palace for 10 x 800. Managed to average 2:57 per rep which I was extremely pleased with. Hard work but very enjoyable. 12 miles today at 8mm pace. Thighs are now in a right state. Bring on the foam roller!

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 03/03/2015 at 22:28

Cheers Steve!

Great seeing you again tonight. Brilliant session, really enjoyed it. As you said, you work so much harder in a group session like that.

According to my Garmin all 10 x 800m were sub 3 except the first one (3:03). Average was 2:57.  

Tom - excellent to meet you. Hope your train journey back was ok.

I can confirm that Steve hasn't been leading us all up the garden path, Tom is in amazing form Absolutely flew round tonight. I tried to get close to him on rep 9 but after 200m my legs were like lead.

With a bit of luck I may see you next week as well. 

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 03/03/2015 at 15:59

KR - many thanks indeed! It's good to know that my experience was nothing out of the ordinary then. 

Was it the Excel 33's they fitted you with at store day?

Steve - ah, I see. My foot strength is nowhere near yours so that's probably the difference. Can't see me doing anything long in the hyperspeeds but they could come in handy for a 5K PB attempt later in March.

Thanks for the advice on the long runs. My last 3 weeks were 14, 18 and 20 all at about the same pace. Should I do another 20 at 8's again this week or drop back and do a quicker 15?

Golfer - sensible call to pace it. I have done the Spitfire 20 the last two years and always used it as a training run. Good luck!

Tom - lol, I don't think I will ever be lapping you! And as for staggering, well you'll see me doing alot of that this evening after the 800's are over

It was a shame I missed you at bootcamp so I it'll be great to meet up tonight. 

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 02/03/2015 at 23:46

Mmm....shepherds pie....

reikirabbit - cheers! Sorry you missed your pool session. Hope the parcel arrived ok.

Ruth - wow, 8 jaffa cakes in an evening! Tim is a lucky fella indeed!

chickadeee - ha, yes I'm maybe aiming a little bit too high but I'm hoping that fortune will favour the brave. Being realistic I think it's out of my reach for the spring but it could be on in York in the autumn - we'll see.

I can't believe the conditions you end up having to run in! If it's not a howling gale then it's torrential rain or a blizzard. Do you live in the most weather deprived part of the world or what?

Mr P - sweet baby James, that sounds awfully nice (apart from the mushrooms - I hate those slippery little fellas). 

Martin - lol, ah the memories come flooding back there. Mustn't move a muscle....don't even blink! 

Take it easy on those 20's. Steve was saying on Tom's thread that the early ones are better kept slow (MP+1min say) and only look to build in some MP in the later ones. I should really have kept it at 8's all the way on mine.

Christian - take it easy. Don't push too hard. Good that you are seeking physio. Fingers crossed for you!

Tim - would be great to see you if you can make it up to Palace! Just choose a week where it's not 2K reps

Re. food I did indeed bring a few items with me to Paris. I took Weetabix and porridge for starters. Oh and syrup and sultanas too for the porridge. The rest I got when I was there. Ruth made sure my carbo load was bread, jam and fruit juice based so that was easy to pick up.

If you're in the same hotel (and I reckon you will be) then there's a huit a huit mini market round the corner where you can get supplies. 

The rugby was not so great for me. Mrs Malcs was happy with a Welsh win but I can't believe we lost to Italy at the death. Gutted. We could have won all 3 of our games so far....sorry, Mrs Malcs is correcting me...apparently that's just 2 games we could have won

Update on the food. I just checked my packing list from Paris and there was more than that. Of course when you travel on the Friday you'll be carbo loading so you need to bring all the stuff you need to eat that day (except for dinner). 

So I had with me:

1 x bagel and jam, Cooked pasta for lunch, 1 x slice malt loaf, 2 x 500ml fruit juice

Packed for the Saturday carbo load:

3x individual slices malt loaf, 1x bagel and jam, tube of weetabix, porridge, jam (could have picked that up at the breakfast buffet), 3 x Frijj milkshakes.

The milk, extra fruit juice, bananas and bread I bought while I was there.

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 02/03/2015 at 15:18

Steve - many thanks, your faith in me is much appreciated! I really hope you're right. It was a dream of mine to break 3:15 and I'm still beaming from that little milestone. 

I still have my hyper speeds. Do you find they give you enough support for long runs? They are so damn light, in fact I reckon they have some kind of anti gravity effect

Haven't dare wear them since trying them on a hard 5k and tweaking my foot.

It's still 7pm for 7:15 at Palace isn't it?

Mike - wow, that's an awesome result. What a finish!

Iain - looks like your patience over the injury is paying off. Some good signs there that things are almost back to normal. Hope it isn't too much longer until you're back in full training. Certainly doesn't seem like you're far off.

Tom - great run on Saturday! That's really impressive. Agree with KR, that's gotta be a huge confidence booster.

Glad to hear the training day went well.

I will see you tomorrow then but probably only at the start and end of each rep. In between I'll be eating your dust

I'll certainly pop up again next week if Tim is coming. 

Got my first 20 miler in at the weekend. 8mm pace but then tried to pick it up a bit in the last 4. Managed 7:30 pace but I couldn't get any closer to target MP. Still, very happy with that and, crucially, I feel really good today. 

Great running everyone else, it's quite inspirational seeing how well you are all doing. I'm lapping up the good vibes

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 02/03/2015 at 09:13

Iain - great PB, well done!

Martin - Do you find the ice baths help? I used to use them but I got fed up with the injustice of doing all the work and then having to sit in freezing cold water for 20 minutes. 

So I ditched them and in favour of the relief of a hot shower. Haven't had any problems with DOMS although that may just be because I've got more used to the long runs over the years.

reikirabbit - eek! I know you'll be careful but go easy on that hamstring. Fingers crossed it turns out to be nothing.

Tim - awesome report as always! So glad to hear you are firmly back in the game now. 16 miles at that pace is brilliant. I just wish you's show a bit more emotion instead of glossing over it like it was no big deal

Steve asked me if I fancied going up to Palace on Tuesday for intervals. Would be great if you could make one of the sessions once you and Sam feel it's safe to engage the afterburners again.

Re. the km thing - I had enough to worry about without fanning around with another measurement system. I just stuck with the Garmin in miles and ignored the km signs.

My first 20 at the weekend in 2:38. Steady 8mm then picked it up to 7:30 pace for the last 4. Couldn't manage MP though. Still off the pace for sub 3 but things are improving.

Any news on Spitfire?

Sub 3.30 Tim: #asics262

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 07:56

Have an awesome day Tim (and everyone else). Victor is an ex-Jedi master so if there's any issues with the grey matter he'll sort 'em out for you

Be gentle with him Sarah! 

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