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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 07:56

Ian - Well done for getting that long run done and back on track with your training.

Mowzer - That's a massive improvement on last year's time for that race!

Shades - Good job that the weather has got milder and the dreaded ice has held off. I wouldn't have thought that Brie would be a good substitute for Reblochon.. maybe Raclette if you can get hold of that instead?

On a french food note it was the "Repas des Anciens" in our village yesterday. Every year the mayor puts on a meal for all the people in the village aged 65 or over. I was roped in to help and was amazed by how much these people are capable of eating. Apologies for going wildly off subject but this menu has to be seen to be believed...

Aperitif: Soupe de Champagne (Lethal blend of Champagne, Cointreau and lemon) plus nibbles

Starter(s): Cresson soup followed by a plate of oysters, prawns and shrimps, plus deer casserole (honestly)

Redcurrant sorbet with cherry liqueur (To refresh the palate)

Main course: Fliet Mignon of pork in a mushroom gravy, purée of carrot and sweet potato plus green haricot beans and garlic

Four different cheeses (mixture of goat, sheep and cow)

Chocolate and rasperry cake 



Digestif of Cognac and blackcurrant liquer

Naturally there ware all different sorts of bread served up as well as different wines with each course. Somebody got an accordéon out and thay all had a good dance as well before wobbling off home. Unbelievable!

Anyway, on a running note nothing to say..I still haven't run as my ankles are still hurting a bit and I'm not going to risk it. I hope they get better soon as I really want to go for a run now, I'm going up the walls!


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/12/2016 at 18:17

Hey Big G.. Happy Birthday! 

Wrap up warm everyone 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/12/2016 at 04:51

Thanks for all your comments everyone.. sorry I couldn't get back straightway.

Big G - Glad you had a good weekend up in London. Wonder what that light headedness (sp?) was all about.. maybe the cold?

SK - Hope your calf is on the mend too. My foot SEEMS to be no worse but to be honest I've been too scared to run. Not even a tiny recovery run (Don't tell Shades). The worst bit seems to be sore ankles which I haven't had before. I think that may be down to sprinting over the cobblestones of the old port in the last kilometer. I'm waiting until they're completely better before venturing out. Completely paranoid about post marathon foot injury now. I have come down with usual post marathon cold though which is quite reassuring 

Cal - I have five dogs but choose which one to run with as if they're all over the place it's a nightmare. My one eyed Belgian Shepherd is the best one, runs a certain distance in front of me, anticipates my directions and doesn't move. Just had his 14th birthday and sadly he's too old to come with me now. 

(On a dog note, have you got a dog yet SK?)

Shades - I really think my marathon was proof of what the effect of a good base training period can have on your race performance. Looking back over my running since August, my average training speed was only around 6:20/30 min/km and running around 125/130HR. In my race I averaged at 5:03min/km and HR 166, which seemed impossible in training. I know you've always advocated lots of long,slow miles (and using regular racing as speedwork) and I think, for myself, Sunday's results just confirmed that. I will try and get a report up but, if my Carcassonne report is anything to go by we're looking at January before I manage to post something. I just can't manage to write a concise one. I start off then I think "Ooooh that was quite an interesting/funny thing to happen.." and off I go on a ramble. Anyway, I can't seem to just post the splits here  so I'll just post the link to the whole lot of stats. If you click on the "intervalles" bit you should be able to get them up. If this doesn't work I' do something else...

*looks hopefully in Big G's direction*

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 29/11/2016 at 05:38

Jacky - Great you've got that mojo back.. def go for London!

SK - Another sub 20, fab 

Cal - Well done on getting that sub 26 that you've been after, great start to your Spring marathon training.

Shades - Not surprising you found that run tough if you were talking at HM pace! I can't talk no matter what speed I'm running at. That's a sobering thought about stetching. It's always last on my list of exercises and often gets left off 

Thank you all for your good wishes for Sunday's marathon. They must have worked as I had a cracking race. The weather was perfect, no (major) dramas before I got to the start line and I followed Marco's plan to the letter. I started off at a HR of 150 for the first 5k, went up to 160 for the next 10k, up to 168 to get to 30k before climbing to 175 around 38k. After that everything went out of the window and I didn't even look. I haven't had a chance to study my stats properly but my peak was again 191 which was probably in the last km as I had a fab sprint. Average for the race was 166. I felt strong throughout and really enjoyed myself. I didn't even look at pace, it was what it was. I crossed the line in 3:34 and, all things considered, I am very pleased with this. My foot gradually tightened up a bit after 20k but nothing that I couldn't cope with. It's the first time I've run a marathon just on HR and I'd definitely do it again. Thanks Shades for the spot on advice (as usual) and all you Shadies for your support 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/11/2016 at 11:18

Cal - I've just googled the glute bridge exercise... you managed 120 of those!! 

Shades - I wish I hadn't asked how you keep track of those shoes... 

Just a quick post from me.. Sorting out children and animal care and I've also managed to get Monday off work so we're making a long weekend of it .A goal of a marathon seems to push me into organise doing things, like going away for a weekend, that we normally wouldn't do . Due to *cough* car problems (I'm not even going to go there) we will be going up to La Rochelle by train tomorrow. I think it's for the best really. Anyway, will be lurking on my phone and will try and give a quick post afterwards. Good running everyone.

Forgot to say plumbing now working 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/11/2016 at 10:08

Mowzer - Another epic from you.. was that an ultra?

SK - Bet that week off has done you good, you"ll come back even faster!

Big G - That's lovely that Claire's race is turning into a permanent fixture. Regarding your speedwork I think it's probably the same for me. In the run up to Cognac last year I was doing one speed session a week then pulled all the stops out for the marathon and was struck down two weeks later. This weekend's marathon will be an interesting test of what months of slow running without a sniff of speedwork will result in. The only problem is I have no real idea of what pace I am capable of maintaining, which is partly why I'm going to try and run it completely on heart rate. Should be interesting 

Shades - For a moment there I thought you were actually going to do a parkrun  Those weather conditions look awful - and not good news for your shoe collection either! How on earth do you keep track of 19 pairs of shoes?!! Your yoga classes sound really good. I have kept up with my fitness classes. I avoid Zumba nights like the plague but enjoy Step and last night we did a good cardio-box plus stretching routine, quads and glutes took a pounding!

Had a great run yesterday. Did my usual 15k circuit and chucked in a couple of Marco paced HR kms to see what happened. I was surprisingly nippy and it felt ok too. There is obviously no guarantee that I could keep that pace up for another 40km but it gave me a confidence boost all the same. The Marco race plan is pretty detailed and there is no way I can remember specific km advice so I am planning on putting target HR rounded up in blocks of 5km and writing them on my hand. Just hope it doesn't rain and was them all off.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/11/2016 at 09:31

xpost there Shades.. We've had a fair bit of rain here but no flooding or anything. I have got a new pair of trainers that I should really use at least once before Sunday but I can't bear to get them wet and dirty. They're the same as my usual ones but in a lovely blue colour. I'll wait for a dry spell then have a tiny jog round on a clean bit of road just to put my mind at rest!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/11/2016 at 09:25

Big G - Thanks for that info. You are definitely made of sterner stuff than me.. the idea of doing laps round a lake for 42km just brings me out in goosebumps. I wouldn't underestimate walking either. I seem to remember Iain getting his sub 3 mara on a fairly low running km but loads of walking done in his job.

Jugula - Hope something comes up in the new year that suits you. Have you got any outside job in mind that you'd like to do?

Shades - You're loving your year off aren't you!! Making the most of every minute too. Do you think you'll be able to eke it out for a while longer?

We still have blocked pipes and I am still washing up in the bath. I should clarify that I'm not exactly in the bath myself, just bent over and yes Shades, not great for the back. I'm trying to discourage the family from using cutlery/dishes if not absolutely essential. OH is trying to sort the problem himself. He has broken the pipe in several places and fishes out objects (bits of lego/aquarium pebbles etc) which he then waves in front of my nose as an example of what "people" are shoving down the plug and demands how "people" expect the plumbing system to work. He has stomped off today to hire an industrial cleaner or something to suck the blocked bits out. I think I may phone a plumber.

Anyway, sorry for going on a bit there. Thank you very much for that link Shades. Really interesting and it's given me an idea of how to try and run the race on HR.; I think I'm going to give it a go. La Rochelle is a reasonably flat, tarmac course, the only dodgy factor is the final 5k or so round the sea front and marina where a strong wind could put all HR plans out of the window. I'm making some notes and going to write basic figures for each 10k and try and stick to it. The only query is what goal to aim for as I haven't raced since June. I'm guessing if I start out at 150 then work up to 173 for the final couple of km then the speed will sort itself out.

Good run this morning. Went out with the uneasy feeling I'd forgotten something and it was only when the moon went behind a cloud that I realised I hadn't my hand lights on. It was only a half(ish) moon but it was still fairly light. Wasn't a problem to run without lights as I normally have them off anyway. Just had to chuck myself to the side of the road when a car came past. 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 21/11/2016 at 11:06

I've had a few good runs, all low HR and foot bearable. Didn't want to get out of bed at all yesterday due to howling wind but when I did it wasn't as bad as I'd imagined. I'd wrapped up to the eyeballs but it was actually quite warm in spite of the wind so ended up running with all layers wrapped round my waist. I hate running laden down too. Last long(ish) run done of 24km and felt fine. Not sure at all how to run next weeks marathon. Think I might try running it to HR but I've never done this before. What do you recommend Shades? My max HR is 191 (measured after near death experience on the finishing line at Carcassonne) so I guess I should try and run around 160?

Other news is that all the pipes are blocked in the kitchen and I am doing the washing up in the bath after hosing plates down outside. Nightmare.

The 5yo also went AWOL this weekend. Well I thought he was in his sandpit or tree cabin but he wasn't. When he was finally found he'd only gone and covered the front of our old VW camping car in bloody TOOTHPASTE. I kid you not.



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