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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 03/10/2016 at 07:57

Morning everyone

Cal - I've got the Garmin 620 and I absolutely love it.

Jugula - Well done on that long run.. Achilles still ok after that?

Iain - You are braver than me attempting a double. I might one day consider going longer than marathon distance but never a double. I'm in bits the day after a marathon.

Mowzer - Hope you're feeling better.

Shades/Eleta - If we manage to meet up for Severn I will bring some fig jam with me. I've got loads of it. It's fig time again and our tree outside is groaning with juicy, black figs. I hate waste and, although I'm useless in the kitchen, even I can manage to rustle up some fig jam so no prob to bring some over.

Shades - I didn't realise you were off to Ireland again, glad that you had a good weekend. Isn't Dublin coming up too as well?

Weather at last getting cooler here, lovely and fresh this morning. The hunt season has started and the forest is no longer a safe place to be! I didn't run yesterday as my foot was annoyingly playing up again but I went for a long forest run on Saturday and had the life scared out of me by a very well camouflaged hunter. I didn't see him until I was nearly on top of him.. he was standing still by the side of the path with a type of veil with leaves stuck on over his head with just a narrow slit for his eyes. I honestly thought my heart was going to stop. He did apologise as I was staggering around holding my chest but I still haven't forgiven him 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 09:51
Yes Shades, would love to meet up with you all (meeting you would be a bit like meeting the queen as SK said once!!). Other prob with Budapest is that I can't take time off work outside the school holidays unless it's an exceptional reason.

Goulash and beer sound pretty exceptional mind you!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 09:06

Steve - I really enjoyed your Berlin report. Maybe you still had that ultra in your legs.. maybe you went out too fast..but if you hadn't gone for it maybe you would still have that niggling doubt in your mind that you should have gone faster - who knows? It's all marathon experience and I don't think you can have a great race every time. We need to suffer a bit sometimes, learn from it, pick ourselves up and when we do get a better race next time it's all the more sweeter 

Eleta - You've done great giving up smoking. Hang on in there with the weight loss. I'd agree with Big G on using MFP. It's really good for giving you an idea of portion size  - the first time I realised what 40g of breakfast cereal really looked like was a sad day indeed - and I also like the fact that you can put your exercise in too which makes things much more positive. Make sure you don't lie on it and "forget" things (I speak from personal experience ) and I found it useful to use the app through the week but put it to one side over the weekend. You'll get there

As for me, I've been picking up the mileage gradually, back to running six days again and, although still grumbling, my foot finally seems to be improving. Thank God. I am enjoying training at low HR without the pressure of any race looming and already am noticing an improvement in my fitness. If I keep going like this I MIGHT think about doing Cognac (14th Nov) or La Rochelle (27th Nov) - but in Big G style with no pressure on for a set time. We'll see.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 08:46

Hi everyone

Cal - Sorry I forgot that you were doing another half just the week after your last race.. and what a result! Well done you 

Big G - I enjoyed your Barnstaple report. You sound as if you didn't put any pressure on yourself and had a great time as a result. Fab.

Jugula - You don't sound too worried about losing your job! These sort of things happen for a reason sometimes.. I hope you make the most of the change and find something else you would like to do.

Iain - Well done on your first ultra.. and the proof that your new eating regime works for you. You've quite impressed me by how you've managed to stick to your LCHF plan. Whenever I cut out carbs (or cut down really) I notice a difference but I just can't seem to stick to it (Toast and fig jam being a major downfall )

SK - Horrible news about your dad's friend dying like that. Your dad must be shaken up by that.

Well done on your win  What time did you do? A blinder of a start to your new age category! I almost feel sorry for other London runners your age.. you're going to clean up over there. Must agree that your prize sounded a bit boring though... 

Shades - Thank you for that Severn Bridge link. Am definitely interested in that. I'm glad you had a good race and enjoyed your time in Scotland. LOL at your executive meeting with KK (and the thread dog too!). Not sure about Budapest if I am going to come over in August too.. unlikely that my finances would allow that!

Going to post this now as I've rambled on and I'm scared I'm going to lose it all!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/09/2016 at 17:42

That was a monster read Mowzer! I feel like lying down after reading about all the running (and hard core map reading!) that you've been doing. Hope you've recovered from your fall/painting.. now go and have a rest!!

Shades - Well done on that tunnel ultra.; great medals too. Can you let me know if you hear anything about that Severn bridge marathon. I would love to do that. Got loads of memories of going over the old bridge and I really like the new one too. The timing would also be good.. I can come over in the school holidays and I can stay with my dad as well. Also my bloody foot should have recovered by August 2017 

Nothing much to report here without boring everyone's pants off about my injury. I think it might be getting a bit better.. but I didn't just say that!

A massive good luck going out to Shades, Big G, Steve, Iain and KK. Have fab races and I'm looking forward to hearing ALL about it! 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 06:13

Ian - That must have been gutting to be feeling good and well on the way to your target but getting struck down by injury with only a few miles to go  However, it shows your training was spot on and once you've recovered that sub 4 is there for the taking.

Cal - Cracker of a result there which you really deserve.. well done you 

SK - Happy birthday for yesterday! Great to get that 15 miler done too. Have you decided if you're going to do London next year?

I know it sounds a bit daft not running and then doing a pretty high mileage week but I really wanted to make the most of my time back home. I only go back about once every two years and love running round my hometown. I live on the coast Jacky, so no hills to talk about really! The "worst " thing about this injury is that I can actually run with it even though I can't go more than 2 hrs without it really hurting. I just took Nurofen in training for that week Shades as I was determined to get some runnung done.. I'm not convinced it makes a great deal of difference though.

Whilst I'm thinking about it, when is that Severn bridge marathon? Not that I'm in any shape to enter it.. just curious and if I do recover then it's something I'd love to do.

Have been cycling and also doing some base training here.. forgotten just how slow that is. I haven't got any races planned and need to be careful not to push things so this seems like a good time to do it.

Been thinking of you too this weekend Big G (()) 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/09/2016 at 07:52

Hi everyone, been lurking away but as I'm not running (let alone racing) not very much to say really 

I'm sorry I can't comment on everyone but just a couple of things.

Jugula - I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your dad - and how you were treated by that horrible woman. try to rise above people like that. I'm glad his funeral went as you wished.

Mowzer - I loved your report of that monster walk you did 

Shades - I really enjoyed your Cork report. It was a real insight on an Irish marathon and I felt I was there with you. A cracking read 

Big G - I loved looking at your Vietnam photos.. good result in that half you did too.

Steve - That was a great race for GNR.. looking forward to seeing how you do i your marathon now!

As for me, my tendon is STILL giving me grief  I actually did run on my trip back to Wales..I just thought "sod it" and clocked up 115km for the week . Couldn't run above 2hrs and took Nurofen but thoroughly enjoyed it. Foot wasn't actually any worse after either. My blood tests came back ok apart from being extremely low on iron, borderline anaemic apparently, so I'm on supplements for that and we're hoping that's going to make a difference. Am cycling a lot and am starting to do some base training.. doc just says to stop or cut down if it hurts too much. 

Enjoying reading all your exploits from the injury bench anyway!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/08/2016 at 07:20

Morning everyone!

Big G - Loved reading about your travels in Vietnam. You're really making the most of your visit.

Cal and Jugula - Great results for you both in your race. That must be really reassuring for you Jugula after all your struggles with your Achilles.

Lily - Have a lovely holiday, hope your mum is ok too.

Louey - I didn't realise sports massages were so expensive.. 20 quid for 30 mins sounds a bit steep to me. What are pokemon that you find by a canal?

Ian - Good luck with your half next weekend.

Shades - I really enjoyed reading your report. It was an interesting read and a great account of the race and your whole weekend. It must be lovely to have a world of running friends to meet up with regularly.. that's a long streak you've got going with Hilary!

I'm off back to Wales to stay with mum for a bit so will be lurking on my phone but will catch up with you all properly when I get back.

I'm taking my trainers

Good running everyone  

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/08/2016 at 09:44

Steve that was an ace report. The idea of an ultra is kicking around at the back of my mind and that was a great account of what it's really like. It sounds a wonderful choice for a first ultra too. Briilant.. well done you. Also, on another epic note.. well done for getting your report done and posted a couple of days after your race instead of taking two months to do it like SOME people 

Big G - I loved reading your account of Hanoi too. Lol at all that rushing in and out from outside those bars!

Mowzer - Fab report from you too. It sounds a good city course as well. that must have been very stressful at the start though.

Cal - Hope your knee is ok. Hope those shorts are clearly labelled as to which is the back and which is the front too 

Shades - Sounds as if you've shaken off that cold quickly. I forgot to reply to you about the prizes at Carcassonne. No, I didn't get anything.. just the first three women finishers were placed. Prizes didn't look great anyway. A bit of a naff glass trophy and some wine for the first woman finisher. Not a pot of paté in sight. Good job I didn't pull the stops out and win it.. I would have been well disappointed 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 08/08/2016 at 15:22

Jugula - Great getting that long run in the bag. Rest up now.

KK - I would say that counts as a long run with a good tempo section.. plus some quality cross training afterwards 

Cal - Thanks...Try some of that white pen "After bite" that stinks of ammonia, I've found it good for itchy mosquito bites.

Shades - I can't keep up with you, forgotten you were doing IOM. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Saw my doc this morning who says it's definitely not normal that I'm still suffering with my injury. My body should have healed itself by now so there is something else wrong. He gave me a prescription for a barrage of blood tests and I have to go back and see him when I get the results. I walked over to the analysis laboratory after, there was no-one ahead of me so before I knew it I had four test tubes of blood taken from me and was back out on the street in 10 minutes. My appt with my doc was at 8:40 and I was back in my car after seeing him and having all tests plus paperwork by 9:10 which is pretty good going, even for here 

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