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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 11:07

Sounds like a great weekend Big G. There's nothing worse than running after/wrestling with a dog that has caught a live animal. Moreso if there are onlookers! As you said, absolutely nothing your friend could have done though. I always hope the victim is either (a) dead or (b)able to hurtle off quickly once released. Any more thoughts on getting a dog yourself?

My shoulder is much better thank you. Still sore but range of movement much better and I can actually sleep at night now! I don't need a sling to run - just need to keep my arm bent with my fist around shoulder level (this is actually easier than it sounds)

SK - Fantasic running from you - is that a PB? I'd agree with Shades (Just typed that without thinking... Ha!) - definitely do a bit more warming up before your next 5k. With regard to my dance routine - we are aiming for the school end of year "Spectacle" tp present our piece to the public(!) which will be around the end of June. It will be filmed and I'll try and do a link to a video if you want to see it.... I, however, have no intention of bouncing up and down in front of everyone. The master plan is that the children will know all the moves off by heart and can present a flawless performance on their own. Time is getting on though and I have still about a minute left of music to fill up. Watch this space!

Shades - I thought that's what you'd say about HR training! I am carrying on with it as it suits me, I feel I am progressing gradually and also have avoided injury. I think race wise I may have plateaued (sp?) a bit due to lack of speedwork but I will start to look at that after my 10 weeks of base training. I live in quite a hilly area and really mentally don't like having to slow to walk up hills. Do you think I could slow jog these and let my HR drift up a bit or to base train effectively should I really be walking them?

This week is the "proper" start of my mission to achieve a 3:30 marathon. MFP has started too. Well it has started from Monday to Friday anyway. I'm not going to go beserk eating on the weekends or anything, I just want two days break from tapping everything I eat into my phone!

What's next for you Shades - goals and race wise?

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 18:37

Keith - Toothache is horrendous - gargle some oïl of cloves or something. Really hope that improves quickly.

SK - You'll be so fast on that Bupa run your kids won't even notice you've gone  I hope you had a "tailrunner" tshirt or something to prove you weren't part of the beginners group!

KK - Good luck with the kitchen fit - is that work or for yourselves?

Great parkrunning anniesophie and Big G. Some course PB there too Big G... did you wear your Garmin in the end?

Shades - Thanks for the training advice. I've worked out that 10 weeks from now will bring me up to the beginning of August so I'll base train up until then - that'll leave 15 weeks until Cognac so I'll be pestering you for training/speedwork/plan advice then!

I read an article a few days ago (can probably find link if you want to see it) which recommended NOT using HR for base training unless you were really experienced as there were far too many variables. The coach concerned felt it was much more productive to run on feel and pace. Well I think that's what he meant. This flies in the face of all my base training plans.. I'm going to keep going with my HRM but it was an interesting viewpoint all the same.

I've picked up a sort of running related injury  A few days ago I ran into town (only 7k) to pick up some stuff my daughter needed for her Art project. It was a nice day and she only needed a couple of things.I stuck a small rucksack on my back and going was fine. Coming back, the extra weight meant the straps started to rub the bottom of my neck so I kept shifting it by jerking my shoulder up. My arm felt a bit twingey the next day but nothing serious. However I then did an energetic session with the schoolchildren - I am choreographing (read "making up"!) a dance with them to the Madagascar theme music "I like to move it"... resulting in finding myself completely unable to raise my arm. GP this morning in a right state and have tendonitis in my shoulder. Funnily enough this doesn't affect my running as long as I keep my arm pinned across my body. GP has given me some fab anti-inflammatory medication which definitely takes the edge off the pain. That really is the last time I run to pick something up though. One of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 20/05/2015 at 07:46

KK - Teeth most definitely gritted. Clapping a bit half hearted too

Thank you for that link. It sent an icy shiver down my spine until I realised that it would be too far away for me to do on a regular basis. I can carry on in blissful ignorance as to just how slow I would be on a 5km race. It is a bit close for comfort though. I hope they keep quiet about it and no bright spark gets the idea to start one up around here.

Shades - The idea of an ultra is kicking around at the back of my mind but I want to gat my marathon time down first. I really REALLY want to get under 3:30 and I'm focusing on Cognac in November to try and do this. I am useless at following a plan but if it means achieving my goal than I'll just have to. How can I get faster? I'm looking at your level 2 plan and thinking of doing all the speedwork sessions but I'm not sure of paces and I also like to run pretty much every day so how would that tie in? I also need to lose some weight. Looking at the girls who came in before me on Sunday, they were all sinewy looking  - which I'm not  I'm 58kg which is about 4kg too much. I'm starting to use MFP again and some of Big G's cutting down carb ideas. That should make a difference but it's not going to be easy.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 08:55

Big G - I was harbouring a few doubts to be honest.. you've reassured me nicely there, thank you 

KK - Well done.. you came so close to your target! It's so frustrating when you fade at the end, especially when the start has gone so well. I was exactly the same at Royan - I felt invincible at the half way point, as if I'd had loads in the tank.. to then lose energy after the 30k point is infuriating! I guess that's the marathon for you.. onwards and upwards for Liverpool

Jocelyne didn't race on Sunday. I thought it was a bit odd that I didn't see her name on the inscription list as it's one of her local club races. However, just as we were about to set off the starter asked us over the loudspeaker to applaud the recent achievement of a club runner who could not participate in today's trail - Mme Jocelyne T... who had the day previously completed her first 100km in a respectable 10h34. Thus I found myself smiling and clapping along with everyone else.  The woman obviously hasn't come to terms with her last crushing defeat against me and has now decided to change the goalposts. I'll have to leave her where she is for now as I can't get past 42km without being convinced I'm going to keel over and die. Later, Jocelyne, later....

Keith - Well done on a mammoth weekend. I hope you haven't got any races coming up soon.

Shades - That's interesting about your shoes - I would love to have some proper advice but there's nothing really round here. I just stick to what I know but would like to try something new. I like the idea of a lighter, more minimalist shoe but am too wary of picking up an injury - especially with distance running. My trail race shoes are light and I love them. LOL at you keeping your new shoes dry this morning. During Sunday's race I made some massive leaps over muddy bits - nothing to do with speed but to protect my beautiful, favourite shoes!

Hamstrings still tight but been out for a recovery hobble and everything still working.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 09:36

That sounds like a good weekend away for you Shades, if a bit tiring with all that driving. Are you buying more of the same model of Hokas or do you change models?

Big G - Great that you had a good time in Aberdeen and got some scenic running in too. Did you manage to stick to your Paleo eating when you were up there..?

SK - You were FIRST! Brilliant - and from where I'm coming from 21min for an off road 5k sounds pretty good too. Hope your legs are ok after all the racing you have been doing.

I did my 23k trail race yesterday. If I hadn't already posted the entry I wouldn't have gone but I'm glad I did. I finished in 2:19:29 lopping off a whole...wait for it...4 seconds off last years time. I feel ok on the whole about that, not brilliant, but ok. The course is extremely steep, climbing up and down the valley sides of a river along tracks a mountain goat would look twice at. I tripped and really jarred a nerve or something behind my thigh around km15 but although I could "feel" it, the pain didn't get any worse so I kept going. Just a dull ache now when I stretch my leg out. I fell flat on my face at km19 but that didn't hurt much even though I had a fair bit of blood running down my leg which impressed the three year old no end. Not much left in the legs for the last few km but overtook a couple of people at the end when I realised how close I would get to last year's time and, on principle, I really wanted to beat that! Finished feeling fine and enjoyed a couple of Cognac Schweppes sitting in the sun. hamstrings bit sore today but can get down the stairs facing the right way which is a good sign

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/05/2015 at 14:35

Hope your dog's not ill or anything Mowzer.. maybe at this time of year there's more wildlife around to sniff after.. or maybe he's heard on the dog grapevine that he's getting above average exercising and it's his way of slowing you down!

Shades - My HRM turned up in the three year olds sock drawer 

Loch Ness sounds a fab idea but if I do London next year not sure if finances would stretch to two trips away. Definitely on my list though now.

Not a great couple of days running for me. Had been planning to get out on Thursday for a long run - bank holiday again here (Ascension) but didn't manage it and I'm blaming OH. He found an old mobilette buried in the back of someone's barn, brought it home, took the engine or whatever apart and got it going again. This thing is ancient (circa 1962),looks like an old black bike and is really noisy. The boys tied a cushion around the parcel shelf and with the 12 year old driving and the 10 year old clinging round his back they have been off round the track and fields having loads of fun. Thursday, OH has to go to work, boys are up and out on the bike soon after when the inevitable happens... they take a corner too fast, (apparently a chicken got in the way ) and it all ends in tears.  Nothing swabs of gauze and germolene won't sort out but two dying swans lying on the settee for the rest of the day and me playing nurse meant I couldn't get out for my run  Went out yesterday morning and awful run. Needed my ventolin a lot and had to walk most of it even the FLAT bits  Fabulous.

Anyway.. wittering on.. Shades, KK and Keith have a fab marathon at Windermere tomorrow! - looking forward to those reports already

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 14/05/2015 at 09:52

Big G - It sounds like you need a reporter to keep you all up to date with internal "goings ons" at your club  How much do you use your club now.. I seem to remember you used to do their weekly speed sessions. Have a good time in Aberdeen (flying there?)

Pegasus -I've just googled the Loch Ness marathon and it looks fab. I was almost tempted to enter it myself! You've left yourself plenty of time to train and a half in July sounds perfect timing too.

SK - I've only ever messed around on those park gym machines when I've seen them so hats off for getting a proper workout too. Bet you'll beat that dad easy. Just make sure he gets to hear of your London performance and he'll be too scared to turn up

Shades - My McMillan easy pace was only achieved because I wasn't wearing my heart rate monitor  I couldn't find it before I went out (and spent the run worrying that I'd shoved it in the washing machine) so just ran on feel. I was surprised to find that around 6 min/km actually felt ok. Well for a bit anyway....

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/05/2015 at 08:15

Big G - That was such a moving post, all those little détails that make up a person but we just take for granted every day. The routine of work without Claire around must feel so hollow. My heart goes out to you (()) Keep going as you are and maybe see later on about changing something about your job, if and when you feel ready to do so.

Shades - That's your hill and tempo work done for this week then! My hay fever does make me feel groggy and I often need my Ventolin inhaler which I don't use for the rest of the year so that doesn't help either. Even though I'm the queen of excuses can't blame pants running all on that though.

Mowzer - I'm just going to copy and paste SK's post there  Machine!!!!

KK - LOL, it was a risk but if I hadn't posted that entry it would have been entry on the day and that would risk me making an excuse on the morning (hay fever, parrot attack etc..) as to not to turn up. I haven't got a choice now!

Pegasus - Good news you're on form again.. which marathon are you planning on doing and any ideas about what sort of time you are going to aim for?

SK - My two main runs are a 14k trail one and a 15k road one. The distance hasn't felt too much post marathon but what is weird is that I'm well on form for the first 12/13km - I'm even running comfortably at Mr Macmillan's easy pace  but then it's as if somebody literally pulls the plug out at 13k. It's almost funny. Almost. Think KK right and marathon still in legs. (Unlike Mowzer!) Might have been a bit ambitious entering a 23k race this weekend mind you... 


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 12/05/2015 at 06:10

Good run this morning. Well it was good until about 13k in then felt as if had nothing left in my legs for the last 2k and slowed down a fair bit. Same thing happened yesterday too. First part of the run feels great though

Lovely countryside here too Shades. Only problem is I am appreciating it through bleary eyes and a wodge of Kleenex (hay fever - I'm not upset or anything!)

You motivated me to get out and post my race entry for Sunday's race after reading your post about entering races the other day. I had been putting it off, then realised I had to get it in before the postal cut off time. This saw me driving off to the post box at 11pm dressed in fetching combination of dressing gown (pink with white stars) and crocs (blue).

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/05/2015 at 15:11

SK - Interesting info on polls. I've had a look at that link too as my understanding of polls etc is extremely vague  (Lol at you 'fessing up!) I'm not surprised you feel as if you've lost some speed. It might feel like a long time ago now, but it's still only 3 weeks ago that you did that blinder of a marathon performance and those miles are bound to be in your legs.

Pegasus - I live in the Charente region of France (Just over half way down on the LHS) Cognac is my local marathon and I can highly recommend it

Big G - You must have been oozing smugness coming in from that run

Shades - I haven't got a very strong welsh accent, though most people can guess where I'm from after speaking to me for a bit. That is probably due to expressions as well, for example I say "lovely" a lot (!). I think I may have lost a bit over the years but as soon as I'm on the phone to friends or family I definitely start going up and down a bit more!

What races have you entered now? Anything new?

Interesting to hear your thoughts on resting. I've never taken a week off like that before but I've never felt that I didn't want to run before either.. First run out today - a steady 14k in the forest and I loved it. Felt on form, HR stayed easily within range and feel much better for it too. Back home and was reminded by my daughter that it is Kenzo the parrot's birthday today. Bent down to wish him happy returns, got a bit close and was rewarded witha big peck on my nose  I mean it drew blood and everything!! Apparently this was my fault... Anyway - that's my Sunday for you - hope everyone else having a good time

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