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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Today at 16:51

Hi Shadies... I'm sticking my head up too! Things been a bit manic in work in the run up to the summer holidays plus mum has been here and wanted to be out and about visiting things. I have also been looking after a friends livery stables (26 horses plus 3 foals ) for the last four days involving one escaped eventer, one broken down fence and a burst water pipe flooding a whole block... ANYWAY - that's all over with now and the holidays have begun  I decided to do an 11k race on Sunday in spite of not feeling completely on form - I'd had really bad asthma probably due to chucking hay around the stables twice a day and knew at 3km that things weren't good. Felt weird and light headed too, maybe because of the heat and considered stopping after the first 5k loop. Couldn't see OH (apparently little one had needed the loo) so kept going and limped round second loop. 3year old sped out of onlookers towards the end to run with me and beat me by a fair margin. Don't even want to know what my time was! Felt ill for rest of day too. Haven't raced for ages so that little outing has boosted my confidence no end!

Well done to all you other racers - all doing brilliantly.. keep going KK!!

Lots of other things have happened but I can't go on now as 3 year old tugging at leg. Oooh yes we have a "new" car.. a 1981 Toyota celica GT5 which Mr Fox picked up as part payment for a job he did. Mr Fox loves it and is raving on about engine and keeps showing off doing 360 spins in it to the delight of the boys (I think I mentioned this before but he used to be a rally driver in a previous life and is quite good at that sort of thing but naturally I don't tell him that) I like the car as well but the golden question is... is it going to get me to my races on time?!

I've been keeping the mileage up, leaving at 5 nearly every morning - mainly due to time constraints but also due to it being too hot later on in the day. It is beautiful that time of the morning though. Only problem is I can't seem to go to bed early enough as due to the light and now holidays the children are staying up later. Still plodding away and still not decided how my speedwork plan will take shape come August. We are going away the second week in August to the coast and I love all my beach long runs there so maybe I'll put the speedwork off until 15th August

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/06/2015 at 20:01

Hey Big G that's fantastic!  - a big chunk off your course PB too  Brussels marathon here we come!!

I love the idea of carrying that whistle too.

Yes, I am using MFP from Monday to Friday and for once am not lying on it either  I am also using your cutting down on carbs principles - mainly bread and when I do eat bread (I can't completely stop eating toast) I am making myself eat wholemeal as I find I don't go beserk on this as I do with white bread.

ET - Congrats on nearly being as fast as you were 12 years ago! Have you had a complete break from running?

SK - Glad your knee is ok - while I'm thinking about it, what happened to that bump on your foot you had just before VLM.. did it just go by itself?

Shades - Hope that dressing change went ok after all. Interesting about you writing a bit more in a journal. Up until now I have just recorded basic mileage, HR and time stats but aim to put a bit more in a journal. All part of the 3:30 or bust mission!

With regard to the weight loss, yes I have gone down from a 38/40 to a 36/38. I wouldn't say those size 8 jeans were comfortable or something I'd choose for lounging round the house in - but I did get them on without having to hang off the bed backwards which is a definite improvement


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/06/2015 at 05:34

SK - That is a superb 5k time, well done you

Big G - I loved your zoo photos   Willing you on to that sub 1:45 too... hang on in there!

Emmy - Hi! I am just gradually building my base up with a view to starting a plan (as yet undecided) in August for Cognac marathon in November.

Shades - That fall sounded horrible, I hope you are ok now. Great news on your shiny new computer

Nothing v exciting to report on the running front - just plugging in the miles. No niggles, really enjoying it (making the most of not having to do speedwork!) and loving the fresh early mornings to run in here. It's been really hot and it looks as if it will be going up to 39 this week too  I have also bought a running journal (to be started in August at beginning of plan) and am just flicking through it at the moment. How does everyone else record their running? Up until now I have just written my stats on a calendar I keep with my running bumph. This is a proper journal I have now, which has space to write about how you found the run plus your goals, progress notes etc. It is ok but a bit American and brimming with power boosting statements and positive mantras. I know this is supposed to motivate you but on reading it through it just makes me feel a bit weary. Maybe that's because I'm reading it all at once though. We'll see. Other good news is that I've lost a fair bit of weight and managed to get into my daughter's size 8 jeans! She doesn't know this mind you so I hope she doesn't read this thread...

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/06/2015 at 06:03

Mowzer - Only you can describe a 36 mile run as "the middle bit"  Well done -  again sounds a bit feeble for such a run... you are amazing. I hope you're feeling better soon, look after yourself.

Big G - That's a cracker of a time to get on a training run - Can you find a flat parkrun near you to see what you could do in a race situation?

KK - Holiday sounds fab.. Worth one early start to get a Turkish run in though

SK - I can't believe you.. another PB and you weren't even on form?!! Brilliant  Hope your knee is ok - what have you done?

Please don't be impressed with my son's teeth brushing... he has an orthodontisit appt looming which always seems to galvanise him into action!

School spectacle done and dusted thank goodness. Got some early morning running done over the weekend too and everything ticking along nicely. Saturday morning I ran past a big car boot sale and enjoyed watching early birds leaving with a real selection of odd bits and pièces

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 19/06/2015 at 20:48

Hi everyone - life getting in the way of my thread posting this week but I have been stalking you all on my phone! Can't comment on everyone just a virtual hug for KK for Liverpool - go and enjoy your holiday and come back ready for the next one!

I have been doing a bit of overtime in work - it's our end of term "spectacle" tomorrow and there's been loads to prepare. I'm starting to develop a twitch every time I hear the opening refrain to Madagascar's "Move it" theme tune and after tomorrow never want to hear the bloody thing again.

I've managed to keep up the mileage, getting in a 30k last Sunday and doing all this weeks runs really early. Mornings have been beautiful and I've seen loads of wildlife - graceful deers with their young and quite a few hares. I also had a heart stopping day when I lost my Garmin! I came in from my early run and was convinced I put my watch on the kitchen table after recording my data. Got all children up and off to school as usual then couldn't find watch before going to work. Home late pm and turned house upside down - looking in washing machine, fridge etc and was on the point of emptying bin when eldest son came through door brandishing said watch. He'd used it to time cleaning his teeth then shot off for his bus with the watch still in his hand. Before getting on the bus he worried that the alarm would come on whilst he was in class and get him into trouble so, with my daughter, decided the best possible option was to hide the Garmin UNDER A BUSH AT THE BUS STOP until they got home in the evening!!! I nearly passed out when I heard this... Anyway, watch none the worse after its ordeal and everyone banned from touching it. Especially my son. He can count in his head to brush his teeth from now on.

Will stop wittering on, hope everyone has a good weekend - good luck to any racing Shadies


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/06/2015 at 07:04

Hi everyone

Big G - That is an impressive amount of money to raise from your race. I love that idea of a garden in Claire's memory too.

Well done on that speed session (which I don't completely understand either KK) - that sort of session would be pretty impossible on your own I guess so good to be part of a club to get that under your belt. Is the Achilles ok?

Louey - In hindsight maybe "watering hole" was the wrong choice of wording for what is actually a large rectangular ditch the hunters have dug for the forest animals. I live in SW France so nothing very exotic unfortunately! (SK you're on for that life swop by the way )

Mowzer - Well done on another whopper of a race.

KK - Good luck for tomorrow... will be wishing you on for that sub 4!

Shades - Are you going to be looking for another ultra to replace that race? Hope you've recovered from last weeks racing.

Running Wise I have absolutely nothing interesting to write. I'm just keeping on getting the (slow) miles in and trying to inch up a bit again this week. I think I'm going to have to get a good long one in tomorrow as it is my daughter's birthday this weekend plus mum has arrived to stay with us so we have had quite a lot on and I haven't had time to get the mileage I wanted in. I picked mum up from the airport yesterday and she was absolutely exhausted. Apparently the airports had been really busy and she had not been able to leave her bags to go and get a cup of tea or anything. When I asked her why she hadn't asked the people around her to keep an eye on her suitcase while she nipped off to get a drink she replied that it had been impossible as there'd been nobody "tidy" sitting near her - Ha!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 08/06/2015 at 11:22

Big G - That 10k sounded like a really professional event and one that will be a permanent fixture too. A real living mémorial to Claire. I think that's perfect.

Shades - You must be made of stern stuff to have been able to keep going for that extra 10k when you'd mentally finished at the marathon point. Whatever distance run I'm doing I'm always counting down and willing myself to hang on until the magical last kilometre and the thought of someone telling me to do another lump on top of that is just unbearable! You must have given it all too as it sounds as if you are really suffering now. I hope you've got a bit of a rest period planned. If you use your Hokas for training, why don't you use them for races?

Pegasus - Most marathon training plans are 16 weeks aren't they? - you've already got a good base so I would have thought a marathon should be fine then but I'm no expert. Have you completely recovered from that injury?

SK - Well done again on a fab performance - to be at nearly prize winning level in your area is a real achievement too. Lol at my idyllic lifesyle.. anything but! I only write about the odd interesting bit, the rest of my life is very boring really  Hay making may sound lovely but in reality it was boiling, there were loads of horseflies and other biting insects plus dust everywhere so I ended up all itchy, sweaty, red and wheezy and also knackered from lugging bales around. I was actually glad of the excuse to organise the food and THAT'S saying something! Funnily enough, I am always envious of your lifestyle - it sounds so varied and you always seem to do interesting things with your children!

An average steady run this morning. Stopped at a water hole to let the dogs have a swim. It is really dry here, we haven't had rain for ages and the ground is hard, cracked and dusty. The watering hole has really shrunk and is really swampy and full of flies.  I hope it rains soon.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 07/06/2015 at 05:38

Morning everyone - Sorry been a bit AWOL this week, life getting in the way a bit plus we've been getting the hay in too.

Big G - Hope Claire's race went well and it wasn't too difficult for you to give a speech.

Louey - Hi again  Great to hear you are up and about running again. With the support and advice of Shades and the Shadies I achieved my GFA time last November so hang on to that goal - you can do it!

Iain - Running slowly... brilliant progress!

SK - Are you racing again this weekend?

Shades - I loved your Cork report. I felt like I was there with you - but I'm glad I wasn't, those last miles sounded awful. Well done on hanging on in there and getting under 5hrs. I hope yesterday went well too, looking forward to hearing how you got on. I can't take in how quickly you seem to recover from these races. I feel I need at least two weeks before my legs have recovered and I have got some endurance back.

I've managed to keep running in spite of loads of stuff going on this week. However, it's only been runs averaging around the 14/15k mark with one of 18k so I haven't managed to increase my long run from last week  Going out now but not enough time to do a long one as people coming round to help with hay and then I've got to bloody feed them afterwards so need to prepare food  On a positive note my weekly mileage is continuing to increase so that's something at least!



Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/06/2015 at 22:39

SK - I can think of one speedy lady that turned up at that race.... well done, that is FANTASTIC!  There's just no stopping you at the moment - brilliant running

KK - That is a course PB though isn't it?

Shades - Hope you're enjoying your Irish weekend and your marathon went well today.

Fair comment about speedwork. I really need to concentrate while doing it as as soon as I start drifting off mentally and thinking what I'm going to have for tea or something I slow down and find myself swinging along at usual eay pace. I'm having a lovely time but that isn't the point really is it.

Nothing really interesting to write about running wise. Getting the miles in and sticking on a bit each week.  Am going to stop now as I'm on my nose. Hope everyone's getting on ok.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 30/05/2015 at 10:23

KK - Pie day at work.... love it!

Mr B - I don't like doing speedwork so races are ideal for that. Also motivates you during a plan and will give you some PBs to work on

Shades - That's reassuring that you don't think complicated speedwork is a must.

Planning a long run tomorrow and hamstrings a bit tight so taking today off. Good job as I have loads of cooking to do. It is Mothers day here tomorrow and all Mr Fox's family are descending on us. I am lousy at cooking so am doing everything in advance. That way I don't get stressed and can avoid MiL breathing down my neck and offering "helpful" advice

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