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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 12:01

Emmy/SK - You girls are clearing up here!

SK - That park run is a fab time - at the end of all those high mileage weeks of your plan too. Glad minikoala on the mend.

Emmy - Fantastic result from you - for goodness' sake avoid germs, wobbly paving stones, banana skins etc for next few weeks!!

anniesophie - I hope that ache goes.. bit more resting up?

Shades - It sounds as if you are on form if you came close to your course record in what sounds like horrific conditions! How is your foot today?

With regard to that puppy - no, I have not cracked and taken him in.... yet  Nobody has claimed him so it seems like he was dumped here on purpose. SK - It is my dream to open my own boarding kennels. At the moment I work in a local school but would jack it in like a shot if I could! Just a small problem of financing my project...

Easy forest running this weekend.. well running through thick mud (weather awful here too) so not that easy actually. Forced day off as three year old up being sick in night so couldn't get out this morning. He seems to be recovering and on the mend though. As opposed to me

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 28/03/2015 at 18:44

Big G - I hope the hospital are being helpful and there is someone (maybe your GP?) who can answer any questions you might have regarding the reports. It must be very upsetting going through it all though (())

Emmy - Hope your "fun"(!) double is going well.

SK - I would not be able to sell on HCBs.. would eat the lot. Personally I would go easy on yourself for this taper - would be a nightmare to pick up an injury now. What did you decide to go for with shoes in the end? Hope mini koala recovers soon - aren't you supposed to eat loads of ice cream for tonsillitus?

KK - French? lol!!! Born in Neath and brought up in sunny Porthcawl me! That is a fantastic goal for your stepdaughter - she is so young too.. brilliant.

Iain - I can't believe you're finally running slowly

Shades - I hope your race goes well tomorrow. I remember reading your report on it last year and how much you enjoyed it. I guess with all those hills you won't be running to HR though?! Enjoy the cake after

I've had a pretty good week running. Things seem to be coming together a bit. I was actually 2min faster on my 10k hills run this week which gave me a bit of a confidence boost. I was going to do it again next week but I think I'll give it a miss now and quit while I'm ahead. Just know I'll have a pants run and be wracked with insecurity again..

Other news is that another dog has ended up on our doorstep! A puppy Springer Spaniel about 2 mths old was found in front of our drive. OH reckons word has got out on the dog grapevine that I am a soft touch.. Anyway, the shelter man came up and the puppy had to be wrenched from my arms by my daughter who told me we have far too many animals as it is. She is right but he was dead cute. (The puppy not the shelter man) I have had a quiet word and we can have first refusal on the dog for 10 days... you interested SK?!


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 25/03/2015 at 15:46

SK - I've been here thirteen years now, hubby is french and children don't really speak english so our family home is really here. There are lots of things I miss about the UK, mainly the sense of humour - our sarcasm and ability to laugh at ourselves - and I would dearly love to visit more often and have a second home by the sand dunes back in South Wales. Financially that looks pretty unlikely though!

The training you have been doing sounds tough enough without even more speedwork in the taper! Are you going to stick to the plan to the end?

Shades - Thank you for those words of comfort regarding crème eggs.  

Emmy - Thank you for now making me crave M+S HCBs (!) You have some serious contact there

I'm not quite sure to do about tapering. I don't like cutting right back but then I'm definitely not going to do any speedwork or long runs either. For Cognac I ran my last 30k three weeks before then trained as normal (but just easy pace) up until two days before which I took off. Seemed to work then so I'll probably do the same this time.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/03/2015 at 08:24

Morning everyone!

Mowzer - 8 hours on your feet  I lose the will to live after 3! I have to keep reminding myself when I read your reports the distances you are running - you make it sound so easy and (most of the time!) your enjoyment in your races comes across and that's lovely.

KK - Don't start me off on old cars. The only time I had a nice car was when I was working full time, single with no kids *sighs wistfully*.. I had a racing green Golf VR6 and she was beautiful.

Big G - Good luck with carer duties! Is your dad managing to get up and about now? From what you've all written about the DD it sounds a race that you need to start feeling on top form so probably best to defer that until next year.

Emmy - Thank you very much but please don't send me any creme eggs - I am trying to lose weight (again) and would go beserk if I saw a creme egg in front of me

SK - 22 miles! Well done - I got my last 30k long run done (which I "pretend" is 20miles) and there was no way I was doing another 6 k! You are right about getting faster with lower HR... unfortunately I timed myself on the same route and I was actually slower. Marvellous  Town coucil duties not too bad. Generally there to discuss projects and how to spend our commune's budget. I also get roped in to help with conflicts between french and english speaking résidents. Had a good one a while ago involving a dispute over an American's Wisteria and a Frenchmans' chickens. At one point the American lost it and said.. (in drawly accent) "The problem with Mr. Du... is that he's just.. so... FRENCH!!" This went down a treat as you can imagine

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 22/03/2015 at 10:52

Keith - I doubt if those eggs would last the week with you... I love crème eggs but cannot get them here. That is actually probably a good thing mind you.

anniesophie - Well done on your race, I bet that has given your confidence a boost. It is completely irrelevant how many other people were in your category... you came first and that is all we are interested in!

SK - I didn't realize the eclipse could have an effect on animals. Good job I didn't cross my neighbor and her Beaucerons then!! You have some quality competitors at your park runs!!! - sure you would have given her a good race though if you'd been running  Big congrats to mini koala too.

Shades - Sounds like you enjoyed your race too - being a bit dim here but how do you run a race to HR.. try and keep at 70% of max throughout? Interesting about HR being lower for my speedwork. I did feel tired and couldn't have done anymore but in spite of that my HR was a good bit lower.

Elections here today, 3 hours of perfectly good running time wasted helping people put envelopes in urns this morning. I am on our town council (said yes when asked as thought it would look good on my CV ) so am obliged to help. I worked the morning and, being France, main topic of conversation centred round what everyone would be eating for lunch

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 21/03/2015 at 15:24

Hi everyone!

Keith - Please don't mention shiny new cars. I am still bumbling round in my ancient cavalier.. as of this week one windscreen wiper doesn't work, the one in front of the driver naturally - so I can't drive if it's raining unless I lean over to look out of the windscreen from the passenger side. I have short arms so this is not a very safe option as it involves leaving go of the steering wheel. Good job I am married to a car mechanic!

Big G - Hope you are ok and not too shaken up by those events in Tunisia.

KK - I enjoyed your race report and just loved that RICE photo!.. Brilliant

Emmy - Oooooh, now you have found a Jocelyne you will be sprint finishing all your races! I think you must be the only person to use "sprint finish" and "quad" in the same sentence... nutter!

SK - I can't believe you have been bitten by a dog too.. and in the last stages of a P and D plan as well! Hope you are ok. My next race is the marathon itself (at Cheverny, Loire) - it falls on the same day as Paris, the 12th April.

Shades and anniesophie - Hope your races go well this weekend and you get to meet up.

Managed to do my dreaded speedwork on Thursday - 20s longer than last week. Great. My HR was actually lower but my legs were tired. Putting it down to having bumped the mileage up a bit but whatever.. it's done anyway. One more of those sessions and another 30k left before I start cutting down a bit.. thank goodness!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 18/03/2015 at 15:14

Jugula - no idea about taping whatsoever I'm afraid.

Shades - good news that your foot does not seem to be any worse after your marathon.

Mowzer - another double epic from you - I know you're not number crunching but, as a matter of interest, how many marathons have you done now?

Any news on how Emmy got on with that quad?

Mostly easy running from me - hills progressive run tomorrow though... might throw a sickie .... Got in another 30k which went ok too. Took it at a comfortable pace and managed to speed up (relatively speaking!) for the last 10k. Thinking about it, my long runs should really be 32k to convert to a 20 miler. However as I "work" in km I always stick to a nice round number. Have no plans to change as I already find 30k training runs drag on enough as it is!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/03/2015 at 11:21

Go Shadies! - Fabulous running from all of you this weekend 

anniesophie - Just 10s short of a PB... on form for another stab at that sub 2 then!

Jugula - Great result (A PB for you too?) - and your knee didn't play up either

KK -  14min lopped off your mara time is amazing

SK - glad your HM went well, you got some MP miles in and foot seems to be holding out. All good

Shades - Bet that Chanel bath was wonderful after that experience! - Ireland sounds wonderful too.

Great one liner for that nosey bloke Big G - I imagine anniversaries, especially first ones, are particularly difficult and all credit to you that you seem to be getting through them in your own way. You are doing great. I pictured you running along a Tunisian beach with the locals and it made me smile.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/03/2015 at 17:14

Emmy - That was just the sort of answer I would expect from you.... a quad...with two days in Milton Keynes to boot  All the best with that!!

Big G - Your holiday sounds fab..enjoy - you'll come back all refreshed and any extra weight will drop off once you start cave-manning it again

SK - Put those feet up NOW!!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/03/2015 at 11:39

anniesophie/Emmy  - x post - I kept getting distracted writing so took ages!

anniesophie - Bet you'll be relieved when your mum finally moves! Hope the park run goes well.

Emmy - I have lost track of what you are doing this weekend..what are you racing? Bearing in mind I have just wimped out of a HM I am dreading your response!

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