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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 01/01/2017 at 10:07

Brilliant effort so far Big G.. keep going 

That was a great year for you Ian, this years targets sound achievable too.

Hope a days rest sorts your back out Shades.. what races are you looking to enter?

I have really cut down on off road running as I find it definitely makes my tendon problem worse. Was actually thinking about your foot injury this morning whilst running. Didn't want to bring it up as am conscious of turning into an injury/foot bore(!)

Out early this morning. Was determined to do a longish run so managed to complete my mid week long run circuit of 24k. On a positive note my HR stayed at 70/75% of max HR for the duration.. only going up a bit on the hills but coming right back down after. On a not so positive note my ankle was playing up and really hurting towards the end  In spite of my bloody foot I really enjoyed my run.. saw a couple of people coming home after last nights parties (I assume) and also surprised an old man who was opening his shutters while I ran past. After the initial surprise we wished each other a cheery "Bonne Année" and I carried on with my run.

I haven't really any fixed goals for this year. All very much depends on trying to get rid of my tendonitis. I'm starting to think it's something I'm going to have to live with. Anyway... I'd ideally like to do two marathons including one I haven't done before and also be more consistant with my home strengthening/ push ups etc routine. There's also the matter of trying to lose then maintain my ideal weight (54-55kg) instead of briefly touching it before careering wildly upwards again 

There you go.. Happy New Year Shadies 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 31/12/2016 at 15:57

That face mask looks nice and warm Shades.. bet you'll look a bit like a bank robber in it though - albeit a warm one!

That's great that you've manage to shake off that chest infection Big G. The new parkrun on your doorstep is a handy speed session to work round too. I find it really difficult to run fast on my own. When I USED to do speed work that is 

Good point about trail runs Shades. I've actually done very little off road running this year as it seems to make my foot problem worse 

You can all add me on to the Shadies weight loss list. I find a big difference in my running when I'm a couple of kilos lighter and definitely need to shift about 2/3 kilos at the moment 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 09:16

That cartoon thing pretty much sums things up for me too Big G! Hope you shake off that bug soon.. you too Ian.

Cal - I find the first run after a break is often pants but things pick up quickly afterwards. On a taper note, personally I find that a shortish taper suits me too. Although my last 30k plus run was two weeks before, in terms of my "usual" running I only cut back a bit in the week before La Rochelle and felt great on the day. 

That'll learn you to start slacking and take a day off Shades 

My ankles/feet have been a bit tender - obviously not out of the woods yet  - so I took a day off Wednesday and did a shorter run than intended yesterday. Today I wanted to do a longer run but my feet are still quite sore so I'll do a shorter one again. It's most annoying.; I just want to crack on and start building my base mileage up again. Bloody injuries.. why didn't I start running when I was 20? 

Corsica would be expensive in terms of travelling, time off work, accommodation etc Shades. There's another trail in the Spring one not too far away in the Dordogne that I'm looking at which would be more practical to get to. As it's a trail one too I could just do loads of base running to train for it and if my tendon problems improve then look at doing a proper plan involving some speedwork for an Autumn race.

On another off subject note I was round my sister in laws last night and she had made her own pizza with PRUNES on it. They'd caramelised and tasted really nice with the ham and gruyère cheese toppings that she'd put on too. Never tasted that before.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 27/12/2016 at 10:49

Enjoy your time off work Jugula.. I hope it lasts as long as you want!

Cal - You seem to have kept up with running over Christmas so a couple of days off isn't going to make that much of a difference.

Ian/Shades - I remember EVERYTHING so have got loads of ammuntion on the rare occasions that I start flailing in an argument 

BMW subject is a personal favourite at the moment though 

Same circuit for me as yesterday with a beautiful sunrise here too. My injured foot was still a bit tight but other one is thankfully back to normal. Am going to start to sniff around for a Spring marathon soon. Would like to do something different... quite fancy Corsica but highly unlikely my finances would allow it 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 26/12/2016 at 15:52

Hope everyone recovered from festivities.. Impressive not to put any weight on Shades. I ate far too much. This morning found myself Googling how many calories are in an oyster (only 10 thank God)

SK - Sorry to hear about your hamstring injury. Hopefully you can continue with easy running and recover at the same time.

Shades - No BMW here this year lol. Sore subject.. the car is still half dismantled in the barn and is often chucked in to an argument when I'm running out of something to say. I'm convinced we've paid more in insurance than what the thing's worth 

Couldn't get out yesterday but made up for it with a lovely run this morning. Took my 15k loop up round the wind farm and felt much better for it afterwards. HR stayed reasonable and pace felt good too. Sang Wham! songs in my head for pretty much the whole crcuit. I'm not necessarily a big Wham! fan but being a teenager in the eighties means that those songs bring back a fair few memories 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 24/12/2016 at 06:56

Cal - Good luck with that foreign parkrun! I thought about you yesterday. I was on the phone to my dad, who has had a knee op this year and he was saying that since he's restarted going to the gym he's finding that gradually building up the treadmill work seems really to help. I quoted your "Motion is lotion" mantra and it cracked him up! He loves it and will be chanting it away to himself so thanks for that 

Ian - Working in a supermarket at this time of year must be equivalent to a bit of ultra running!

Shades/Cal - Feeling better now thanks.. quietly confident that something else will come and strike me down soon but all well at time of typing. Got out for my first run in nearly a week yesterday and it went surprisingly well. Don't really feel I've lost much fitness though I must have. Admittedly it was only my 10k circuit but apart from a bit of stiffness in my ankles/feet everything else seemed to be ok.

Not sure if I'll get the time to come on here again now as galloping round, hopelessly disorganised as usual so here's wishing a Merry Christmas to all you Shadies 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 21/12/2016 at 07:42

Mowzer - I have no words.. just brilliant, I am in awe of your incredible grit and determination! Your post really made me laugh too.. a classic Mowzer post 

Shades - That's great mileage. Your plan sounds well thought out and obviously really suits you. Have you sorted out any major goals you are aiming for?

Just a quick post from me as nothing further to say running wise. My darling children have passed me on a lovely sickness bug.

Roll on 2017 

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 19/12/2016 at 07:33

Shades - xpost there. Are your doubles going to be all at base pace or will you do one long in the morning and then a shorter faster one in the evening?

Cal - I also forgot to say I never eat before training runs, even long ones. The only time I take anything with me is orange juice for any runs over 20k. However I ALWAYS eat breakfast before a marathon (It's the only time I ever eat porridge) and I have a banana just before starting the race too. I've tried one gel in my life and cannot believe that people are able to eat something that resembles wallpaper paste.. instead I take some grapefruit flavoured jelly sports sweets in my fitbelt to take from about 10km on during the race. I guess it's finding something that suits you.. but I just wanted to reassure you that, for me, I can't bear the thought of eating before a training run but for a marathon I couldn't imagine not eating before, it definitely makes a difference!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 19/12/2016 at 07:23

Shades - That's great confirmation that your training is going well. Doing the test on the same circuit every time means you can really compare with previous results too. Guess the only variant on your stats would be the weather. La Rochelle was indeed perfect for the Marco plan as it was pretty much flat. Wouldn't even dream of trying that at Cognac!

The schoolchildren weren't that well behaved.. there was a fair bit of squirming going on and the cook had to ring her bell a couple of times but they were resigned to the fact that they had to stay put!

Ian - Very satisfying that a fast pace felt good 

I ended up going out yesterday and had a fab run. Bearing in mind last outing's disaster I just did my short 10k loop.. the one I always have in mind at the 32k point of a marathon when I think "You've ONLY got that to go and you can do that no problem!" Felt great from the start and kept up a good pace at low HR. The last km is a fairly steep climb back to my back gate and I normally slow right down for this. Unfortunately there was a big hunt going on yesterday and there were men in orange jackets standing at 50m intervals alongside this path bordering the forest. Naturally this meant that I couldn't do my usual end of run snail crawl up hill but instead maintain a rapid pretend serious runner pace. I did it but it nearly finished me off. As soon as I turned the corner into my drive I staggered to the letter box and stopped my Garmin to find that I'd done my fastest time on this circuit for nearly two years! My ankles were aching a bit yesterday evening but I suppose that's only to be expected 


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 18/12/2016 at 06:37

Hi everyone - great to see you all getting out there and running. That's some streak you've got going there Shades.. must be a sign that your base training is pitched perfectly if you don't even feel you need a day off. I have come to a grinding halt AGAIN. That cold ended up going on to my chest and wiping me out completely. I made myself go out for my usual 15k last Wednesday as was worrying about all fitness slipping away and I think it was possibly the worst training run ever. The first 10k was ok but then somebody pulled the plug out, HR shot up to 180 and I death marched the last few km home. Awful. Feet were hurting too . Anyway, feeling a bit better now and (scratching around for something positive to say) I think the rest has done my tendons some good as they are definitely less achey when I'm walking around.

Had a laugh at your works do Big G. No scandal on our last day. The last day of school we all eat together and the only thing that struck me was that, as usual, the meal went on for over 2 hours and all the children stayed seated for the whole time, this being perfectly normal for them too

There you go.. absolutely nothing else running related to report I'm afraid! 

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