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Shades Marathon Training

Posted: Yesterday at 23:20

I have just read and re read your post Big G and I cannot take the words in. I am in tears here.

Sending you both all my thoughts and love.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 13:40

Emmy - Fab pic!! That is one serious cactus - LOL at the thought of getting on a plane with THAT

Thank you - I will be fine soon - just being a bit of a drama queen!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 11:52

Emmy - Fabulous running from you - I know it's a cliché but I honestly don't know how you do it  Congrats on your prize - I'm guessing it was the Cowboy themed mara to have a prize like that!

Iain - Eye wateringly fast running from you as usual. Amazing - and great to hear you felt comfortable and enjoyed that sort of pace. Just don't do it again and risk buggering it up for Chester!

Big G - You must be on a roller coaster there - so exciting - Hope Mrs G is getting some well earned rest.

Mowzer - Thank you for your congrats re my PB (and Jocelyne!) but I feel a real humbug next to your achievements. Well done - That must have been incredibly challenging and to top it all it sounds like you were camping as well. You are an inspiration.

Shades - That's going to be a disappointment if you miss Hereford, it would have been a good opportunity to see if your foot holds up too. However.. it would be unthinkable for Shades to DNS the Shadies marathon at Chester!

Still not feeling great so no running today. Was supposed to be doing a HM on Sunday but at the moment just the thought of it makes me feel tired so I think I'll be giving it a miss.


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 07:47

Jugula - Not long to go then.. and a night marathon is going to be well exciting!

Lily - LOL with your long run looking like two!

SK - Well done on hanging on to your trophy! Were the other runners slower too? Great helpful comment by OH there  I bet that longer grass had a lot to do with it.. do you see Mo etc getting blistering records on long grass? No?.... well there you are then

Shades - Can't believe you nearly fell over - last thing you need. Hope that hamstring doesn't start up again. Dare I ask... foot ok?

That's a shame about Khani.. is he alright?

Worst run ever for me yesterday. Started off ok then just faded away. Absolutely nothing in the legs and walked/ran the last 6k home. Haven't got over thispoxy cold properly and think I'm still feeling effort of last week's trail too so day off today. Think I might try S32's recovery plan.....

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 13/09/2014 at 17:21

SK - Hope your club challenge went well - what exactly does that involve?

Terribly sad news regarding your colleague. So young and leaving a little one too.

Shades - That sounds like a logical explanation for your injury and a better outcome than the arthritis option. If it can be managed by strapping and you can keep racing then that is positive too. Fingers crossed.

I have absolutely no idea what sort of deer we have. They are just normal brown deer with no particular feature that stands out. I asked Mr Fox on the off chance he might know but just got one of his shrugs so no help there either.

S32 - Hope you're not coming down with something.

Well done Jugula on another long run under your belt - when is your marathon? I seem to remember it's in Spain but I've forgotten which one.

Wasn't going to go out today as still feeling a bit groggy but had the chance and it's a perfect day so I went anyway. And I'm very glad I did


Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 09:34

Hi everyone

Big G - That is great news regarding your Achilles. All that cycling you've been doing is obviously paying off as well. Fab.

Lily - Thank you for your comments! The saucisson was actually ok - if you could try and forget what you were actually eating..

Shades - Yes, prizes are a bit different here. I think the prize for originality goes to a HM I did last year where I was awarded a carton of pink grapefuit juice and a balaclava!!

If you are going to have to strap your foot up for racing does that mean you have worked out what the injury was?

Out this morning after two days off. I have come down with a stinking cold and have felt too groggy to get up and run. Just a head cold though and today managed to bumble round a 13k forest trail without keeling over. Saw two deer. It is the "Bram" at the moment. I don't think I've spelt that right but it refers to the time of year when the stag is calling out to the deer (Starting to wish I'd googled this before posting). People come to visit the forest just to hear the stag calling out. It is quite an impressive noise but to be honest I sometimes cannot be sure it is not the cows up the road that we are hearing instead. Obviously this sort of comment goes down like a lead balloon.

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/09/2014 at 12:13

Emmy/SK/Big G - Thank you for your comments. No, I didn't speak to Jocelyne as I passed. I sort of glanced sideways at her but she was staring stonily ahead so I didn't feel she was up for any recognition. Afterwards, she was standing by the side of me but, although I gave her my best toothy grin she didn't respond at all. In fairness the woman probably doesn't even know I exist!! However, it is a far cry from the smiling, encouraging person who cheered me on to finish the last time we crossed swords.. The other girls were great though. I don't know why she was so far behind. She didn't do this race last year and I've only ever raced against her on distances up to 23k. Maybe it's not her favourite distance or she was coming back from injury or something. Whatever - this time I finished in front and I am enjoying the moment while it lasts!

Emmy - Bet that was Boyska who has hidden your bib!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/09/2014 at 10:18

Just realised I missed a bit of my first post - Just wanted to say that I appreciated the difference in using my new trail shoes which really seemed to stick to the ground instead of sliding around like i normally do with my road shoes on. The most difficult part of the course involved then dropping down into a semi cave and climbing back up the steep rock face using plastic handles attatched to the rock itself. Infuriatingly I found myself in a queue of about five people at this point and to start running again after was really difficult - like one of those nightmares when you want to run away from something but you can't!

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/09/2014 at 10:07

Sorry - going on AGAIN..

Started the final 12k with an army bloke running alongside me - and we stayed together for around 5 or 6km. We didn't speak much but it was quite nice to have someone to run with as the field had really spread out by now. At around the 20k mark we dropped down into a valley and had to climb up steep steps cut into a rock to get back out again. Once at the top we had to keep on running uphill  through a grassy forest path. At this point it was like someone pulled out the plug on my chiseled face friend and him and his camel backpack just faded away behind me. The last few km were tough - I was trying to hang on to my marathon pace to keep going and kept taunting myself with visions of Jocelyne overtaking me.. Counted painfully off the kilometres and finally crossed the line in 3:14:34. Well pleased with that.

I was 5th woman and Jocelyne was sixth. She ended up being a good 20min behind me too. I know I'm sad but she is a very good runner who I've had in my sights for a year or so now and it felt good to get in front of her. The girl who came first (who was first woman at Cognac marathon last year) finished in 2:51 and the guy that won it wins everything so he doesn't count  I can't remember what he came in at. I had  recovery fuel of chocolate milk followed by four Cognac Schweppes  My prize was a bottle of organic apple juice and a saucisson made from donkey meat.

I went for a recovery hobble the next day - today is Wednesday and my quads are still grumbling a bit.

It was worth it though

Shades Marathon Training

Posted: 10/09/2014 at 09:52

Thank you everyone so much for your lovely comments - My improving times and this course PB is largely thanks to all the advice and wonderful support I get from you lot!

Big G - I think that is a really positive outcome from your first run. I would have thought it unlikely that it would be completely pain free after so  I personally would try another similar run and if more pain after - stop - if same or less, keep going. (Just my opinion mind you - I know absolutely nothing about Achilles injuries)

S32 - Well done on getting through that GNR  - The more I read about big events, the more I realise I don't want to do them..

Emmy - Lol at you with Boyska's bib on!!

SK - That made me smile to think of you missing your tube stop too!

Shades - That injury sounds like it's on its way out - thank goodness for THAT.

Right, will try and rattle out a quick report - apologies in advance for any rambling.

The "Trail de la Braconne" takes place in a large forest not too far from where I live. It is organised between a running club and an army unit as much of the route goes through land owned by the army and used for their training. There are three courses; a 12k trail, a 20k trail and a 32k which involves the 20k plus the 12k loop afterwards. Last year I had not been prepared for the challenging nature of the course. I don't know about you but when something is described as "undulating" then in my book it doesn't really involve ropes... (In hindsight I may have made a small error in translation *cough*)

Anyway - I absolutely loved doing this race last year, finishing in 3.34, dead on my feet but with a great sense of achievement. This year I was planning to shave a bit off that time - hoping for around 3:15/3:20 if everything went to plan. I was aiming for splits of around 6.05/10 per km but this was going to be hard to stick to as the trail was extremely variable.

I ate my two cereal bars in the car on the way (I really find it difficult to eat before a race - I never do in training even for long runs - so cereal bars seem to work for me), arriving in enough time to pick up my number and do a couple of half hearted stretches. Atmosphere was great, with around 500 entrants including a group of Nordic walkers who would be leaving after the runners for a short circuit. I don't get Nordic walking. I can understand using poles if you are crossing the Arctic or something - but a stroll through a forest..? I was feeling great and managed to set of in the first part of the group as opposed to near the back where I usually find myself.

The first couple of km went by quite easily - I was under my target split time but figured this would slow down later with the steeper parts of the course. Sure enough, Jocelyne (My nemesis) skippetty skipped past me at km 3. I was torn between wanting to follow her but not wanting to burn out too soon. I compromised by trying to keep her in my sights whilst staying just under my goal time. This carried on for around 10k - the terrain was undulating, short and steep in parts but I was coping fine. I stopped at the feed stations each time to knock back a cup of coke and a piece of melon. I fuelled this way throughout the race and it was perfect. Around the half way point I realised I was gaining on Jocelyne.. I was wracked with indecision... should I take her?? Could I keep this speed up after?? In the end I though "Sod it" - and went for it. In my head I was absolutely determined to keep my lead and thus now had to hang on to my pace.

The second half of the course was tough. In our part of the world we have "Gouffres" (Great big holes in the ground for no apparent reason) and the trail took us right down into these and up the other side, pulling yourself on ropes. For the descent down I really found a differen

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