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is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Today at 15:22

Gideon Levy- I don't think that anyone thinks you are this kk character. In fact your style reminds me much more of another banned character but I am sure you couldn't possibly be him.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 15:19

I have had a good year with targeting 10k and then 5k. This has left me with plenty of fat in my 10 mile and half times. Had a good couple of months training for the 10 mile race which has had more focus on tempo runs. Got the vague idea of tapering the week before the race on the 16th November but not sure whether to follow 10k taper or something a bit easier to leave legs fresher.

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: Today at 15:15

If he fails to win a majority would Cameron favor UKIP or Lib coalition? I would assume Lib cause they will be less troublesome than UKIP. Though I expect Lib vote to decline I still think they are likely to hold the balance of power.

What happened to the thread

Posted: Today at 14:51

She also had a comment about guys having wee stains on their trousers after going to the toilet but I think that was directed at all the guys on the thread rather than just you. I can honestly say that it had an effect on me as I didn't know ladies checked such things out so I have made a real big effort today not to have any leakage.

What happened to the thread

Posted: Today at 14:40

Wasn't it you she said had to strap down your man boobs before you leered at the young girls in the office whilst in turn her stomach churned? It was her comments on the TUC pay rise threads last night I think.

What happened to the thread

Posted: Today at 14:29

Think the offensive comments aimed at Mutley crossed a line even by my morally dubious standards. Never ever have a go at a man's moobs, that is to far, way to far.

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: Today at 14:12

Maybe circumstance was against Lab and has favored the Tories but I really don't think that come the election that will cut much mileage with the general public. Whatever cards either had the result was Lab ended in a period of doom and the guys in charge are tainted by it. If you can list 3 things the Tories have done badly that would register with the average man in the street I would be really impressed.

In the scheme of things the Scottish aren't that relevant but up in the north west I would say that he struck a chord with his 'English votes on English issues' phrase. Not sure how it plays out down south but up here people seem sick of concessions to Scotland that seem to favor them over the regions. Ed has been very weak on this and his not want to create two tiers of MPs means nothing at all to anyone not very well versed in politics.

Moraghan Training - Stevie G

Posted: Today at 13:46

Hi Phil

I was wondering if you could share the plan you followed in the last week up to Cabbage Patch 10. I have a 10 mile race I am targeting on 16th November and have never seemed to get the right balance in the week leading up to a 10 mile or half race (though ok with 5 and 10k these days!).

TUC-led 'Britain Needs a Pay rise' march

Posted: Today at 13:40

Con-UKIP is the worst scenario for me and though I expect sense to kick in at the election it is starting to look a realistic option. Given I am from a northern working class town originally (Leyland) and my Dad was a shop steward I find it hard to say but really the Conservatives have played it safe enough, maybe checked by Libs, and it is really hard to think Lab could have done better. Even my old man is saying he won't vote Lab with this shower in charge so I really can't see how they can get back in other than by coalition.

is flat running much faster ?

Posted: Today at 11:02

mark 47

My personal best times for 5 and 10k have both been done on flat courses when I have been able to set off slightly quicker than target pace for first kilometre then settle into a consistent race pace for the middle part of the race and then hold on to pace at the end, with a collapse after the finish line

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