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P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Today at 15:57

Well done Vicky, SK and Westy.  I'm pretty glad there is only one LT session left (although it's a total bitch).  I might just do it as a club run but chase the fast boys around for an hour like at school.  I'm not chatting though.  Not at that pace.

Thanks for the site Lou.  So I should have just asked the person who lives in my house (and I am married to).  I'm sure there was one with even more to choose from though?

That one puts me frighteningly close to the big target goal for half.  Plus what SK said.  I'm afraid of half times that start with 1:2X though.  And I'm also afraid of what those calculators say about marathon times.  Lalalalala.  *Puts head back in the sand(bag)*

Overdone it?

Posted: Today at 15:34
muddyfunster wrote (see)
It was quim or bust, so to speak.

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Today at 11:36

I had a shocker at Kenilworth half.  Was just coming back from injury and simply not fit for it.  Set off a little bit too enthusiastically and had an utterly miserable back half, coming in at 1.45!!!   Those hills find you out if you're trying to blag it.  

I'm doing Cov half at marathon pace but racing Retford Half and hoping to get close to 1.30.  But we will see.  

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Today at 10:43

Does anyone have a link to that calculator that took the results of loads of other "guess your marathon time" calculators in the one place. So you'd end up with 10 or so predictions based on various algorithms?  And then you could use it to pick the guess you were happiest with depending on how bombastic or otherwise you were feeling.  I'm sure someone posted it on here last year.  

I have no recent half marathon time to use but I fancy extrapolating from potential half marathon times that I may or may not run in my goal half marathon.  I may then revisit my goal time so you can all stop accusing me of sandbagging 

Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:06

Could you do the MP run earlier in the week?  If you did it on say Tuesday you'd have 5 days of recovery before Cov half?  

This thread is a place for all manner of random witterings, sometimes even running.  So I don't mind talk of heart rates and things. Good to learn about different approaches.  

12 miles with the buggy today on very tired legs.  Last few miles were a struggle.  I always find medium long run day hard.  Guess because I always do it the morning after a tempo run the night before.  I suppose it's having the desired effect of compound fatigue though.  

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 22:56

So interesting to hear everyone's war stories!

LT session this evening.  11 with 6 at LT.  Came out ever so slightly quicker than last weeks which was only 5 so pleased.  6:42 average and reasonably consistent given it's an undulating course.  Knackered now!  Looking forward to tomorrow's medium long run 


Overdone it?

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 22:37

Did my 6 miles at lactate threshold tonight.  With warm up and cool down 11 miles overall and the LT bit averaged at 6:42.  Knackered now.  And glad that there is only one more LT run in the schedule as feel they are tough.  

Refuelled with a ton of pancakes.  With chocolate spread.  Mmmm.

Foot didn't feel too bad but I made sure lacing around the problem spot was very loose.  Hope yours is a short-lived issue as well, DT.  

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 13:27

Interesting.  My second half at London was run 2 mins 15 secs slower which is about 1% positive split.  About right then.  Also probably accounted for a bit by that downhill bit in the third mile at London.  

Not sure what I did in my first marathon as don't think I have the Garmin data.  I suspect I slowed more but not horrendously...and I followed a Runners World plan in haphazard fashion so was much less well trained for that one.  

Overdone it?

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 11:16

Also the best thing to deal with injuries is rest.  But you probably don't want to take as much rest as it would take to uninflame naturally as you'd start to detrain.  

Overdone it?

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 09:40

Lit, Madbee, Marrows!  You should do this and earns loads of cash!  I'm too old  (and not speedy enough).


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