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Overdone it?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:45
Ryton 5 was fun in a sweaty, bit unfit kind of way. No PB. Somewhat optimistic first mile rapidly realised not quite in PB shape and dialled it back a touch. Came in at 33.46 I think. 6th lady. Slightly depressingly that was my tempo pace over the winter but happy with it given lack of recent speed work. Really looking forward to adding an extra mile on for 10k in a couple of weeks! You forget how it's actually quite a tough pace for quite a while.

It was a lovely race though, shame to have missed you, DT.

Good luck for your half on Sunday, Tommy.

Overdone it?

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 14:45
I can't say I'm feeling v fresh, Lit, and I'm probably under-performing to an extent. I've been taking an iron and a magnesium supplement as I feel constantly tired. Hard to know what the cause is but it can't hurt.

Tackling hills in a marathon

Posted: 23/05/2016 at 19:07

What training did you do?  Mileage per week?  Long runs?  How far?  How many?  What nutrition should you take on board.

You certainly shouldn't accept "hitting the wall" at 27km as an inevitability and to me just suggests you went into it under-trained or didn't fuel properly.  


Overdone it?

Posted: 22/05/2016 at 20:52
Probably just a bad day, Charlie. I know it's disappointing but I'm sure it will come good. Are you following a plan for Pitchcroft?

I did one of those colour runs this morning. Bit of an eye opener. Can't remember people getting in a quick ciggie before any other race I've run! Ran with my 4 year old as the 8 year old bombed off to try and win (came seventh). Absolutely covered in paint so fun was had by all. Then this afternoon just did 7 miles off road. CBA to do a long run as was full of a v nice burger and sticky toffee pudding.

Overdone it?

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 19:40
So I tried one of the sessions off SGs thread. I picked 4x600m as it seemed easiest to administer (if not actually do). Aimed for mile pace and came out at 5.40 per mile average. Left decent recoveries. Very disconcerting feeling about half way around the third repeat where I felt like the ground had turned into custard or something. Bit like when you're dreaming and you can't run! Then ran home on jelly legs. Amazingly knackered for only 1.5 miles of effort. Good session. Hopefully it will make 5 mile pace feel nice and gentle on Thursday.

Overdone it?

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 12:59
If not then Sphinx 5 is a couple of weeks later but Lou doing that one.

Overdone it?

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 09:07

I'd say so, DT.  It's 3 laps of a country park - one bigger, 2 smaller.  Slight meanderings up and down I think but reckoned to be a pretty fast course.  Surface is not tarmac all the way though - would say it's a bit like Centurion 5 (hopefully not torrential freezing rain like that one though)...  It's the race my club put on.  It will have quite a few fast guy out there as it's in the WRRL so might help you get pulled along. 

Overdone it?

Posted: 20/05/2016 at 22:04
Well done, Madbee. Benefit of a still soft PB is that you get to smash it all over again.

DT - it's Ryton Pools 5. WRRL. Not til Thursday night.

Good luck, Charlie!

Disappointing, Mr V. But I'm sure you'll be back at it soon.

Skinny - that sounds infuriating and exactly the sort of thing I'd do.

7 buggy miles today, was ok. Doing a colour run for my eldest's birthday on Sunday. Only 2.5k but should be fun for the kids I hope.

Overdone it?

Posted: 19/05/2016 at 09:00

Oh, poor Mini-Muddy.  I guess he's a bit big to stick in a running buggy .  

Good luck, Mr V.

I did ten miles with the buggy yesterday, was extremely wet.  I'm thinking that the post-VLM easy running should be just about up now and it's time to hit the track.  In the next month I've got a 5 mile race, a 1500m race and a 10k.  With possibly the classic 9 mile distance at the end of the month.  Not really sure how to approve training for this.  I'm assuming that the endurance/LT bases are more or less covered by marathon training, race itself and recent 10 mile race.  So more focus on V02 max and speed form?  But for the 1500...I know I can't do a lot in the time but should I be looking to do some 400's? Or 200's? At mile pace?  How many?  What recoveries?  Bit clueless here.  Where is Bob when you need him?  


Overdone it?

Posted: 17/05/2016 at 13:23

Think it's sold out rather than cancelled, unless that's a ruse to make you not enter.  

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