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how to return from injury

Posted: 11/10/2014 at 18:07

I came back from a 6 month lay off from an achilles injury by running half a mile and building up from there. Better to go slow and be safe, don't want to be out for another couple of months for the sake of pushing yourself.


Aviemore Half October 2014

Posted: 07/10/2014 at 19:25

Awesome run, my parents live up there so I ventured up from London last year to run it. Most fun I've had on a half marathon.

There is a shocker of a hill in there, but push through it and you can bounce down the rest of it.

Not sure I'd want to count a PB here though, you might never beat it ever again!

Running Trainers

Posted: 06/10/2014 at 19:02

Go to sweatshop (other running shops are available) and try on as many pairs as you need to find the ones you like. You can run in the shop on a treadmill or up and down the shop to try them.

Then take them home and run in them and as long as things haven't changed you can swap them no questions asked in 30 days.

waterproof jackets

Posted: 05/10/2014 at 20:42

Layers are the way forward, keep you warm and the top layer takes the brunt of the water.

Waterproofs to run in are in my experience awful. You just end up sticky and sweaty and horrible. The feeling of sweat running down your arms and things that collect in the coat is just grim!

London next year: my first marathon. Advice on time please?

Posted: 05/10/2014 at 20:37

In all honesty I think it is really hard to predict your time at this stage (although you can have a ball park idea).

I was looking to get just under 4 hours in my first with a 1.42 half a few months before, but an injury put me back a bit then the training later on accelerated faster than expected then again I wasn't quite fit when the day came. I did a 3.55 and was ecstatic with that, but I have always had a little nag that I was quicker than that when I did my last long run.

So it can ebb and flow quite a lot as training moves along....

London next year: my first marathon. Advice on time please?

Posted: 05/10/2014 at 19:59

Once you have reached a half marathon you are happy with I'd build very slowly. Due to time constraints I ended up upping my distance quite quickly towards the end of my training and it starts to find you out around 20 miles!

I'd also be honest with yourself, are there areas of your body that are weak? Particularly around your core muscles? If so make sure you work those areas to get you well balanced and strong overall.

Good Luck


Posted: 04/10/2014 at 14:49

The idea that over pronation can just be sorted by a pair of shoes is starting to look like it might be a falsehood. In some cases controlling the movement of your feet can  cause as many problems as it fixes!

If your old worn out shoes feel better then it might be that control shoes are the last thing you need.

I thought I needed loads of support being a bit overweight and having not run for years, as it turned out my body much prefers a neutral/minimalist shoe.

You can also look at doing some feet strengthening exercises to help build strength in the arch and support your lower legs better.

London Marathon 2015 GUTTED...need advice no lecture!

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 14:29

Could do a race that is just as good and go see somewhere new at the same time. I did my first one in Hamburg instead of doing London and it was fantastic!


first half marathon lots of people passing out, is that normal??

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 13:52

If I'm honest I can't remember the exact numbers and how they relate. But from my own experience I have done more Cardiac Arrests than I can remember and despite some really positive looking scenarios I have never had one of the letters telling me someone has survived.

But as I say we are one of the most successful in the world....

London Marathon Charity Places Pledge

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 12:40

I think the hardest thing with all this is that we are at almost complete saturation where it comes to people fund raising.

I offered to take a place at this years Royal Parks half as the charity were on the verge of losing the place all together.

So with a week to go and £400 to raise I'm barely half way, but I'm competing with several other people on my facebook page and it is just not going any further.

I cannot imagine trying to raise a couple of thousand.

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