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Beginner Triathlete - Advice needed!

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 14:02
ohhellolisa wrote (see)

I can only do two lengths before needed a short rest. 

Generally, my endurance is okay, I run 10km races and half marathons but I'm dreading this sprint triathlon as I'm looking to get off to a pretty rubbish start! 

Well thats no fecking use is it!

You know its not endurance or aerobic capacity related (unless you do a 10km in 200m sections). So it is just technique or absence of it. If you can't or won't get lessons then you need to work at technique/breathing yourself. Slow down and focus on exhaling underwater and breathing in above water. Go so slow you don't need to stop after 2-lengths. Speed comes later. Removing stops is going to result in a quicker swim time than trying to speed up with stops.

Chances are you just need to relax, and not hold onto to C02 between strokes (the bursting/burning lung thing). And Breathe.

Note: do not leave T1 without your bike or T2 with your helmet on!


Elbow/Arm Injury

Posted: 13/03/2016 at 09:29

Yes it does catch the unwary out when supporting a race!

As for the arm. It was OK. On land the normal use of bending the elbow was fine. Swimming seemed to create some lateral/twisting forces to the elbow which was a bit more tender but on a scale of 1 to ouch it was OK. It has another weeks rest then its the 5k swimathon which will either make me cry or get me a medal (which will make me hero - officially). Its on my b-day so can't not to do it plus the kids are swimming.

As for training. Yes I am doing something akin to training. I can comfortably-ish run 5k in under 30-minutes and uncomfortably run 10k in 60 minutes, did 7.5 miles the other afternoon at same pace (so I could wing a half marathon and therefore also wing a HIM). Will probably do Helmsley 10k at Easter and have also entered Tour de Yorkshire.So hardly on top form (10k 48 minutes) but some progress at least.

And I know the difference between a 60-minute shuffle and close to a 50-minute run isn't massive in terms of fitness for me. Not that there is a defined definition but I seem to go from a jog to a run and drop about 45secs/mile quite quickly. Something to do with pushing off and increasing stride length I presume. But lets not get ahead of myself.

At the moment I'm happy to be finding the time and getting out there. I have my eye on the LDWA 100 coming to Yorkshire in 2017 after pulling out of the LDWA 100 in Surrey.

Rumours of an IM comeback in 2018 are unfounded.


Open water swimming

Posted: 09/03/2016 at 15:53

Lakes/Rivers are horrid dirty places, pools are worse! We don't feel the need to fill lakes with Chlorine before swimming unlike pools. No issues at all with open water swimming.

Weils disease is pretty rare and pretty hard to get. Its not impossible to get but plenty of things are worse and easier to get (not swimming/water related). People just obsess about Weils as it involves the word rat - note to self wife mentioned dead rat by stables must pick it up and pop it in the bin.

Season Blues

Posted: 09/03/2016 at 15:47

 No probs. It isn't one or the other, and our rewards change over time. Clearly performing well in races is a reward that even the most intrinsically rewarded person would be pleased with.

Races can help qualify the success of training that we are enjoying, this can bring reward due to the effectiveness of training. And we all have training sessions we don't enjoy.

We have all had less motivated seasons - injuries, work, life can all suck motivation.

Dark 10k?

Elbow/Arm Injury

Posted: 09/03/2016 at 14:53

So I fell and hurt myself whilst doing something magnificent that would leave you all in awe (going down the stairs).

This was a couple of weeks ago, it swelled up something chronic and was x-rayed a few days later - not broken. (I had previously fractured my ulna some 20-years earlier and thought it was OK for three weeks so x-ray was probably wise). Swelling has gone down and no issues with range of movement or pain from movement.

It is now heavily bruised (my body telling me something), with bruises down the inside and rear of the forearm, about half way to hand and above elbow on inside/back of upper arm. The bruises are sore if poked but fine if left alone and everyday arm use isn't hampered.

I've been running a few times since with no problems but contemplating swimming again. Obviously if it hurt I would stop but there is no movement pain and only normal bruise pain from poking some parts of the bruise.

Any idea if I'll be slowing recovery from training with nasty bruising or am I good to go as swelling has gone.




HEVER - Bastion or Gauntlet????

Posted: 02/03/2016 at 23:00

You can wing a half. If you have done a couple of IMs then you can wing a full as well but not sure you can wing a full as your first.

Chances are your arse will give up on the bike leg. That leaves multiple sets of standing on pedals/stretching which is harder work. This will slow the bike a lot towards the end leaving a pitiful crawl to the line. If you are happy with that then fine. In my view either get training hard now for the full or go for the faster half.

But note that 2-hours into the bike on half leaves you an hour to go. 2-hours into the bike on a full and you have 4-hours (or more) left. Unlike Lance - IT IS ALL ABOUT THE BIKE.

Season Blues

Posted: 02/03/2016 at 22:53

I suspect you are motivated by extrinsic rewards (the braggerry-avardo), and therefore repeating the eminently doable (on the basis you have done it before you can do it again) isn't motivating you as much. 

The other main option is Intrinsic reward related, doing it because you love it, and would;t mention you had done it to a sole. Of course we are all somewhere on the scale.

Those intrinsically focussed tend to enjoy the training more, as it is the same as race if you tell no one. I talked to a runner once, he ran 3-5 times a week, he didn't really know how far or for how long, he had never entered a race. How cool was he! Of course he had rough idea in terms of time and distance but rarely wore a stop watch and certainly no GPS.

Neither motivation is wrong but understanding you own motivations may help with the focus. Comrades and MDS are more exciting as they are badge not yet earned and still have a fear factor.

HTFU and get out there.

Pirate kit order opinion poll

Posted: 22/02/2016 at 09:47

To some extent I believe the slightly quirky kit ordering process ensures people have something invested in 'being a pirate', rather than just ordering kit.

However as kit orders, number of selections etc have grown this relies heavily on individuals which is appreciated but may not always be available.

Yes you have to wait to order kit - imagine waiting!

This means they will have been hanging round on the forum for long enough to be known to at least some when they race in yella 'n' black. 

You can't beat LG kit for quality. You can match it, you can have preferences, different experiences but LG kit is top notch. As for fit, all suppliers are different and therefore preferences are to be expected but LG fit is within norm. Yes sizes are small but if you read the tables the sizes match adverts and more sizes are available. So as far as  can see quality and fit aren't reasons for a group change only a personal preference.

  1. Quality
  2. Quality 
  3. Quirkiness of ordering (postal orders would be ace)
  4. Stretchiness - so it fits in the off seasons as well!



Talkback: Biggest weight loss myth revealed

Posted: 27/01/2016 at 00:39

1958 So What. Has 1lb of fat changed composition since then? They burn it in a lab it is 3,500 then and now. How do they calculate kcal in food? They burn them. So same measure.

Note he doesn't state that the calculation for kcal in food is wrong because we eat them not burn them. Odd that.

He uses Mifflin St Joer to calculate the calorie burn, which is only an estimation, as we are all different. I prefer Harris Benedict it works better for me. But he only gives a start and end calorie deficit, it needs to be calculated for every new weight. His model worked out about 4000kcal per lb of fat. But that is using the average of the start end deficits. But we lose more at the start (the clever man says so). So the average deficit would be less than that. Reducing the actual kcal per lb of fat to roughly 3927 based on 1/3 at the higher rate and 2/3 at the lower rate.

I wouldn't give him a PHD for that.

Of course its complicated, we are all different and some burn more some burn less.

I wonder how long the steady state calculations were done to create a bespoke RMR for the participants of the study where they maintained weight in a lab for say 6-months. I suspect this didn't happen and the first assumption is they fit the Mifflin or Harris models perfectly.

I'll give him a A overall for his report. Assuming it is an A-level project.

Cant get rid of this itch! Another zero – Iron Man post

Posted: 27/01/2016 at 00:28

Oh and I spotted this one on the RW home page tonight.

Some clever bloke says the 3500 calorie per lb of fat rule is wrong. But then goes on to say it is broadly right for burning it in a lab. Either wrong or broadly right but not both.

He has constructed a much better model than Harris Benedict Or Miflin StJoer presumably. Well if you follow the link the model is Miflin StJoer but it only calculates the figures at the start (when you weigh lots) and thus as you lose weight the apparent deficit contributing towards the loss will reduce.

So for me it gives a maintain of 3,256, a diet of 1,813, and an end of diet maintain of 3,009. (3256+3009)/2=3132 for the average kcal burn.

Subtract 1813 of 3132 = 1319 per day deficit for a 90 day period to lose 29lbs.

Well that works out at 4095/lb of fat. Or a difference if 4lb over the 90 days.

But he states that you lose weight faster at the start so just averaging the start and end calorie burns will give a figure that is too high. So the actual calorie deficit will be less than 1319 per day averaged across the period. This will bring his result closer to the 3500kcal per lb of fat.

So he uses Miflins calorie burn model but adjusts the deficit for the duration compared to the 3500kcal estimate. So what, we are all different. He also doesn't mention that the calorie burn should be recalculate daily as you lose weight (which my excel tracker does).

And the difference from 3500 to his figure. Is probably within the margin of error of the Miflin model which differs from Harris Benedict (maybe mifflin was wrong and Harris was better), the calculations of kcal in food (which aren't exact anyway), and the calculation of exercise loading.

So he doesn't like the method to calculate 3500 kcal in 1lb of fat, as they just burn it  in lab. Well guess how they calculate the kcal in food?

He does make some valid points. It gets harder later, the last albs os tougher than the 1st etc. Yep common sense. He also uses some very long term timelines. We all know adaption takes place in running, cycling and swimming. We get more efficient (a better runner, a better cyclist, a better swimmer). We therefore do the same stuff more efficiently which burns less calories. We are human our bodies are lazy. So if you walk 5-miles/day at the start of the study and the end the calories burnt will be less partly because you weight less but also because you have adapted.

Oh and the longer the diet goes on the more lax you will become unless you have the will power of the captain of the will power team from will power university.

He's not wrong but don't think there is much to say he is more right than before. 

Do you own research.




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