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P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Today at 12:43

I was planning on doing the Chester Half but given that I have broken down after 3 of the maras I'm gonna give it a miss as its too early. Will look for som shorter stuff mid to end of June. Am currently toying with Berlin 25th September, would make day 1 of P&D 23rd of May if following an 18 week schedule.

x post - give it some welly Tricia!!

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Today at 11:49

Interesting Westy that yours is the most complete P&D Training plan , everyone is bouncing around at 75%-90%  and you are probably over 100% so do you feel you may have overtained a bit? I seem to remember your taper week miles were still quite high, as ive mentioned in my report I am going to spend more time recovering through the programme next time.

Age isn't a factor, well I hope not as I am older than you and plan to go quicker next time out. You not thinking of capitalising on your current fitness and running an Autumn Mara?

Re gait - I have hopefully swung a full gait vo2/LT analysis at the Biomechanics lab at local uni in Wrexham who will deal with the whole chain/body alignment etc. Im just waiting on their quote

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Today at 09:31

Tom, Ive had adductor issues before, I think you should get to a physio and you will be able to get the right treatment/stretches to get back to tip top form.

Interesting stuff HA and Madbee, I did absolutely no races or park runs which contributed massively to my uncertainty of target time right upto race day.

I am also not certain re the specificity of the VO2 work, which seems very high risk running for little return - these may be largely dropped in favour of MP tune in sessions. I also got my Carbo loading spot on this year, started Wed night, stopped sat dinner and had a light pasta meal sat night is the way for me.

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 18:37

Tired today, maybe Sundays finally caught up with me.

Spent a bit of time looking back at my training to see what was good what was bad etc, heres my findings in case theres something of interest for anyone'

Monthly Totals;

Dec(21st onwards) - 61

Jan - 253

Feb - 263

Mar - 129 (ill)

Apr - 208 inc race


PnD 55-70 programme is 1099 miles, so The difference is my ill month.

I ran 5 nr 20+ miles lsrs in training.

Training was brilliant up til illness in March. After the layoff (almost all of march) I really pushed the hills and distance whilst on holiday( 117 miles and 12K ft in 11days) and had a reduced taper of 10 days on the logic that Id already rid my body of the training load by reduced running in March.

I genuinely feel that the double taper actually had a positive effect on race day and  I also think that post illness I felt that I was underprepared and not tuned into MP so spent quite a bit of time at MP or 10 secs faster than MP. 

I am looking to follow P&d again but two tapers, one before the intense weeks of wk 8 to 4 and then a short one pre race. I am also going to start throwing in MP sections into more runs and run more hills harder, but maybe not all at the same time. I'm also going to spend more time on flexibility and try to go circuit training with the missus once a week.

Whos next??


P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 15:37

How are the Milton Keynes crew feeling?

I am also never going to run another marathon without a pace band. Lesson learned.

Starting to ponder on my next campaign already....

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 15:11

Millsy - good running mate, to suffer for 11+ miles takes determination and to dig in for the last two miles as you did takes some determination Great stuff

Madbee - living up to your name racing after a couple of days, Im not even thinking about it just yet.

Keep it up Tom & SCott, back into the groove.

Back into normal shoes today so I must be on the right track..


P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: 27/04/2016 at 16:28

Can they not do anything to help with the Bone density Chick? Maybe ask to see an orthopedist? 

Reg - Just looked at the photy Ive posted and we look like we are having a pleasant stroll on a sunday afternoon rather than sprinting to a finish. Next time we must try harder, or at least look like we are trying harder

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: 27/04/2016 at 14:37

BR - Not really sure, have promised the missus that I might start running in more exotic places, but she likes London to be fair. And yes to the carb loading, although I think on endurance events you have more opportunity to graze and reload during your down time.


Reg -  Cant argue with that logic, I could only have been Westy!!Before putting my report up I was going to ask you to send a photo of the back of your shirt and post it up as looking at that was effectively my race report for the best part of the second half. And 2.44.59 is defo my next target, although I may try and get a bit more breathing space this time.



 Reg telling Westy hes better looking in real life than his Forum Photo

Re the fight, yeh, the protagonist was crazy Mad, wacko , lost the plot for a few seconds, but he didn't take much calming down. What a way to start a Marathon.

I passed 154 and 3 got by me.


P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: 27/04/2016 at 09:00

Look down the road to see if the 2.50 train has formed so catch and latch onto a gaggle in front of me, but quickly realise that they are slowing already, which I found weird, was expecting metronomic pacing ‘this far’ up the field but found it quite chaotic, anyway, push onto the next group, latch on and realise that they aren’t maintaining the pace either, so off and round them.  A guy in luminous green comes through so I latch onto him for a few miles, still feeling good as we go over Tower Bridge and through halfway, 1.25.12. on the clock, ive clawed back 12 secs over 3-4 miles running at sub 6.25, all I now need to do is keep on keepin on, hold my pace and I’ll have a small neg split and a result. Simples.

Its about this time a group starts to form including someone running really fluid and well in a TVT top, the chap in the green has been dropped so this guy is my mark now. I still feel unbelievable although running with what turned out to be Reg meant I was 5 secs per mile faster, I showboat through the dogs and then settle in for the business end of todays affairs. 18 comes in no time  and I still feel totally on top of it.

Reg and me work in tandem without talking to each other, just working through people, sometimes I would get a few yards, then he would, but always moving forward. By mile 20  we’ve put a sub 40 10k behind us. No clock on the 20 mile marker sends me into a slight panic, Was hoping to see 2.09.3x, but tTurns out Im still over by a tad.  21, 22 and 23 come and go with a slow down that comes with the terrain. Then Reg asked  ‘ Are you Westy?’, ‘no’ I replied slightly a taken back,’ who are you?’, ‘it doesn’t matter’, he said’ are you on the forum? I’m Andrew G’…. ‘Aahhh, Reg, Its Menn’ .Why he asked the second question I don’t know, he still needs to explain that one to me, I clearly must look like a PnD forumite

We exchange a few words then quiet normality returns, back down to business. On telling me his calf is staring to go, Reg then puts a spurt on and disappears down the road doing sub 6miles down the hill and I decide that’s too rich for my blood. For the first time I get one of those tired leg foot slaps and realise that Ive got to earn it still,  I’m tired and legs are starting to numb but its just too close to let go now, less than 2 miles so dig in and get back to low 6.20s. At this stage ive lost track of where my time is but know im a touch behind so push on as hard as I can, turns out to be 6.20 pace, get to the 800m to go mark and ive got 2.47.15 on the clock, cant remember if my 800m time is 2 or 3 mins, so tell myself after 18 weeks it all comes down to 2 laps of the track at LT pace, round the corner to the finish and ive got 30 seconds or so to cover the ground, its tight, but I catch reg on the line and we both go through with clock on 2.49.59. Job Done.

P&D spring marathon 2016

Posted: 27/04/2016 at 09:00

Travelled down from Chester on Sat am, had to stand up all the way down surrounded by a bunch of Everton fans who hopes were high but expectation low, they weren’t alone.

We didnt book the tickets or apartment till 2 days due to shingles, so I never got the nerves or the buzz this year - until I stepped out of the apartment at 7.30 race day and walked down to Cannon street. It was going to happen.

Met some Wrexham runners who asked me my target, I gave them four,. 2.49xx, 2.53xx, 2.58xx and GFA.  I would start on the A* target pace and go from there. Anything else I would step off. I even took a tenner taped in my shorts in the event of a DNF.

Race time - Pushed my way to the front of the pen, felt relaxed and off we went, usual hustle and bustle of a first mile, I always run the first 3 a couple of seconds slower than target pace to just settle myself down. Some guy starts to unload big time at another runner next to me for pushing him about, thought they would come to blows, so I jumped in and tried to talk some sense into him, eventually he settled down, I got them to shake hands and get on with, all conducted at 6.33m/m.

 I think the entire FGFA pen over took me in those first few miles, 6.30-6.33 ish for the first3 or so and I am pleased with how easily I’ve got into this rhythm. Its at this point I realise I haven’t set my watch up right and I have average pace not average lap pace showing, settle into some mental maths and start adding up my clock time for each mile marker . Figure out that I am about 9-12 secs off 2.49 pace due to slow start and think about slightly upping the pace  over the next 4 or 5 to recover it, But I don’t, I get the watch showing 6.25-6.27 but then theres always a hill or a weave and Im trying to be consistent so splits stay the same. In fact I lose a few seconds, No biggy, everything is fluid, my legs are definitely under me and  I am going far better than I ever could have hoped,  lets see where I am when I get to 9 then, time to chill and let the miles unwind -  I am having a bit of fun with the crowd who are relentlessly shouting Jonny (there must have been a few of us) getting them to cheer then demanding they cheer louder, must have been a really annoyance to  those around me trying to get on with the serious business of running a marathon. Im sure their thoughts were less charitable then Reg’s.

At 9 I realise I’m around 20-25 secs off and realise I now need to push, not too hard, but push never the less. I laugh and allow myself a smug smile, because Its at about this point I realise that I have one hell of an opportunity today.

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