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2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 05/09/2016 at 21:51
Nice running and training all, just building up miles here and trying to keep,the speedwork going . A busy month ahead.

SM well done sir, great running and determination, glad you enjoyed,it,my second 24 hr race of the summer coming up in two weeks at the Equinox race, hopefully it will be another enjoyable event.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 26/08/2016 at 07:59
Cal good effort in the heat, not easy at all .

Ollie nice couple of sessions there.

Tek still worth the effort in the heat, well done.

SM nice session sir.

All good here, 12.5 m Monday including a pacy club run, Rep sesion Tuesday, 8 m Wednesday and another rep session last night in the rain. Rep sessions no fun but good to take things well out of the comfort zone.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 20/08/2016 at 14:58
Tek nice little run watching the wild life.

Fiona nice run at a decent pade and good biking .

Ollie good 13 done

SM hope you find the right shoes for you and the lurgy clears up quickly.

Gaz nice little run.

Cal sounds lime you enjoyed the run.

Sub 17 nice park run.

15 miles in total today, 10 m pre park run , park run and warm down home , wet and wild for most of it.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 13/08/2016 at 22:27
OH nice swim and run double today.

Cal well done on your race earlier, sounds like a tough one.

Ollie nice second place at park run

SM good little outing, whats the format of the 24 hr race????

17 m @ 7.23 this morning , took a while to get into it but quite content.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 12/08/2016 at 19:36
OH well done on the swim, whats your next race ?

NP have a good park run tomorrow , speed will soon be with you.

Ollie nice sizzler

SM nice hill work, was thinking the same watching the 10,000

Gaz looks a good race to me .

Tek well done on the lunchtime outing , not easy out in the heat and humidity.

All good here, 10 m last night after a disappointing 5 k club race on wednesday night, only managed 19:15 which is some way slower than my PB.

16 or 17 tomorrow morning next up.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 07/08/2016 at 17:59
Not too much to report here, yesterday did 10 m @ 7.28 as pre park run then a 19.22 park run followed by 3 m home. 46 m for the week,
Have decided not race flat out the marathon in Jersey and instead have a go at a PB for the Birmingham half two weeks later.
Before all that Club 5 k race on Wednesday and another 24 hr team race next month .

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 04/08/2016 at 22:41
Cal nice work on the 7.5

Gaz nice work with speed earlier.

Ollie good to have some easy miles.

Fiona still a good run banked

Tek nice easy run.

SM nice little easy run.

8.5 m tonight including club rep session - 6 x 800 m @ 5.55 , tough session but good. Rest tomorrow

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 04/08/2016 at 07:15
Ollie hope your 15 went well

SM well done on the 14 , i am not a great fan of these midweek runs either.

NP nice running back out there.

Tek good effort out with the club

Fiona great work on the hill reps and eyeballs out effort .

Gaz nice easy run, hope it goes well layer.

12 m monday with 8 with the club at a decent pace, 3 m monday plus gym, 6 m last night with 5 at 7 m/m and below.

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 30/07/2016 at 19:51
Ollie good time at the parkrun this morning.

SM well done for the group running, cant be easy keeping a range of runners together.

Fiona good training and a nice run earlier, hope the gym work will help keep the injuries away

Tek sounds like some nice running earlier.

Gaz great weeks total and nice LR.

13 m @ 7:12 this morning, happy with that given the last 7 days .

2016 Marathon Training Thread

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 20:43
Ollie excellent 5 k speed.

Tek shame the 5 k didnt quite go to plan in the end.

Gaz have a good LR, good weeks training so far.

SM nice session last night.

NN good training all round.

NP good news on the injury front.

Recovery week so far , easy run Wednesday then rep session last night which was hard work bit all good. 800 m followed 90sec recovery then 400 m then 90 sec recovery x 4 .
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