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Posted: 20/03/2004 at 13:33
Anyone can still call themselves a Physiotherapist, its the "chartered" part of the title that means they have qualified by the aceptable training courses. So if someone is a "chartered physio" then all should be well as long as their speciality is in sports injuries (since many, including myself, have their speciality in different fields). There was a push a while ago for us all to always use "chartered Physiotherapist" so that the public could get used to seeing that and know that a "physiotherapist" may not be what they seemed.
I'm sure you have made the right descision Daz !

Bramley 20 & 10

Posted: 25/02/2004 at 21:32
oh heck!
Could try emailing them, says in info. also says there is a race info desk at race for people who have entered but not recieved numbers. Good luck with sorting out -see ya there hopefully.

Dorking Triathletes, Surrey, UK

Posted: 19/02/2004 at 13:21
Thanks for info. folks
Going on hols soon so after i get back may take the plunge and come down ---without letting my main running club know!!! With you being a running club feel I should do the run bits to entitle me then to do the swim or bike bits.

Dorking Triathletes, Surrey, UK

Posted: 18/02/2004 at 12:55
So the running side is Thursdays, when is the swim coaching? And do you go open water swimming anywhere?
Did link into the web site --thanks Dr Rob.
Roughly how many members are there and how many partake in tri's
--sorry, so many questions!

Dorking Triathletes, Surrey, UK

Posted: 16/02/2004 at 17:29
Is this a new club Dr Robert?
I dont live too far from Dorking, infact is one of my cycle routes to get onto the bike path. Is there a web site, more info anywhere????? Sounds good.

Tickets for Tri,Cycle,Run04

Posted: 26/01/2004 at 19:25
You should be able to pay on door, could last year. The prog. is on their web site
Lots of good things again this year.

How far can we go...........

Posted: 19/01/2004 at 21:19
Havent posted for a wee while so heres my swim and bike and run:

swim 671.6 km
bike 6280.4mile
run 6772.95mile

How far can we go...........

Posted: 04/01/2004 at 16:12
12 miles for me today --running type pace!
Wish it was thro snow like you Ironman, thought it was since so quiet on the hill but not to be.

swim 485.6k
bike 5674m
run 6186.7m


Posted: 02/01/2004 at 18:09
TT = the forum that triathletes link into, some people have a foot in both camps since many started life (and still are )as runners!
We are luvly really, just like RW folk.


Posted: 30/12/2003 at 17:24
Good on ya Daz,
hope your is injury free --and full of "training" -in all its forms! Lots of good times for everyone in 2004

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