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a few runs in a month???

Posted: 19/10/2009 at 17:13

Hi All,

 Our baby was born 13 weeks early on the 30th September and she is now in the Warrington Neonatal unit, she will be in there for 3 months until her due date, when she comes out i am looking to do a good few runs to raise money for the department.

 I live in Warrington, Cheshire and am looking to run a number of races, 10k,. half marathon and maybe a full marathon!!

 I have never done a full marathon before so will have to see how the trainig goes.

I love what Eddie Izzard has done with his running and although with time constraints of a new baby and work i cannot do what he has done i would like to do something similar.

I have tried to search for races on here but am finding it difficult to find them, i would like to do maybe 4 half marathons over a number of weeks, some 10k to warm up and maybe a marathon to finish?  All over Jan, Feb and March?

 It may be too much but for now i would like to plan what i will be running so i can put some time aside and start traininig.

 Any info you can give me will be fantastic, thank you everyone


2008 TrailPlus HellRunner: Hell Up North

Posted: 09/06/2008 at 09:32

I think i will be doing this, i have never heard of it before this forum but it does sound good.

 Am i right in thinking that there are no showers at the end?

 My Dad in Law is an ex Station officer, he said there may be a posibility the fire brigade could come down and set up a decontamination unit, it will dilute anything on the body 2000 to 1 so all the mud and crap will fall off.

 Does anyone know who i would need to speak to here in order to sort that out? 

I bet if we had something like that people would be more inclined to do it!

What times have people done this in, i can run a 10K comfortable in 50 mins so i was thinking 10 miles comfortably as 1.5 hours add mud ad hills so this will be completed in between 2 and 2.5 hours?/

 What do you reckon??

Sound vs Silence

Posted: 05/06/2008 at 12:58

Stick the rocky balboa sound track on and anyone will increase their speed, with that on in your ears you will be on course for a 2.5 hour marathon, you have seen them on the TV, Paula Radcliffe has Balboa running along side her all the way!!

Your Best Shoe

Posted: 05/06/2008 at 10:35

I didnt think of them before i tried them on, i wanted asic or brooks.

 Saw them and thought they are ugly but as soon as i put them on they fit like a glove, they are a stability shoe as my feet roll a little to the outside, when mine knacker i will definately buy a 2nd pair!

Starting back

Posted: 05/06/2008 at 09:26

I have been running for a good few years now and have never had pain, i always run on the road but yesterday the exact same pain you described happened to me.

 I have some fantastic trainers, fit perfectly to my feet but my right knee was very sore (after 5 miles), it still hurts today so i will be interested to see what people think this is.


Posted: 05/06/2008 at 08:25

The 10% will do me nicely, currently i exercise 6 days a week but i alternate so:-

 Week 1

Monday, Wed, Fri - Weights - hard an hour and a quick 5 min cardio burst

Tue, Thurs Sat - Weights - different muscle groups and normally a 2 mile run at the end

Sat/Sun - between a 2 and 10 mile run depending on how fit i am feeling

Week 2

Mon, wed, fri - the same but a longer gym session covering all muscle groups but not hard just light weights and more reps

Tue, Thurs and Sat - Between 3 and 6 miles

Sat/Sun - 5-10 miles

I do it like this so i dont get board, my problem is i do a lot of distance at a steady pace, a comfortable pace which i enjoy but i need to get some quicker sprints in there.

My knee was killing on Tue, yesterday i thought ill do my cuircuit, i did a 1 mile warm up then started on the 10K course, half way round i had done it in 23 mins and had done it pretty comfortable so i was confident and carried on (still thinking in the back of my head the knee is a little painful!) got about half way round my second half and my knee started to ache so i walked home to not add more injury, problem is the thing is killin today.

 I am fairly confdent on my time because if my knee was 100% i could have completed the 10K in the same pace maybe a little quicker so i will be close (i hope) to the 45 min time.

 Can anyone suggest what to do to :-

 1 - Fix a poorly knee! - Seems to be a dull ache and feels like it is twisted

2 -What exercises can i do to strengthen up my knees, legs and body are strong enough but it is just the right knee.

 Cheers guys


Posted: 05/06/2008 at 08:18

Completely agree with the above, my first race was a 10K about 3 years ago, i got round it and surprisingly didnt stop!  since then i have done loads of them and with constant training it gets easier and easier.

 I found that on my first race i was able to sprint the last 600 years when normally i have not got the energy to jog quick!  Adrenaline will definately get you through

Good luck and let us know how you get on

Your Best Shoe

Posted: 05/06/2008 at 08:14

Anyone who is about to buy a new pair of running trainers have got to try out these, they are by far the best trainers i have ever ran in, they are a stability shoe.

So good that i tried them on and wanted them, my wife tried them on and said they felt like slippers and wanted them so we ended up buyin 2 pair!!

Puma Magnetist

They have come down in price as well, i paid £90 (but they have me 10% because i bought 2 so £82)



Posted: 04/06/2008 at 08:09

Well i went out last night, got to the end of the road and twisted my knee!!  Ha ha!!

Excellent, so i thought balls to it, went to the gym and worked out o the weights instead, i think it is feeling good today so ill make sure i am properly stretched and start again tonihgt!

 I am glad in some ways because it is sunny today, makes running that little bit nicer!


Posted: 03/06/2008 at 13:34

Wow this thread really has gone all pete tong!!

 Back to the pants i cant wear nothjing as i had an accident with the lad dropping out and the shorts rode up, as you can imagine it was not the best of looks as you are sprinting to the finish line for a photo finish!!

 Has anyone else ever used the underwear mentuoned about, i did the great north in standard boxers but i was a tad sore towards the end, if i run in my licra pants that is better but more sweat = more chaffing in my experience!!

 Has anyone got an online link for the cheapest pair of mens underwear (a reccommended pair of course - oh and new, none of your used rubbish!)

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