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Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 27/01/2015 at 07:57

That's a tough call Iain.........best wishes for a full recovery inside the initial timeline.


Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 26/01/2015 at 09:04

Great run Tom & just about everybody else....

re High5 gels, you don't need to take those with water. When I am on those I take gels and water about 10-15 mins apart, and then only a sip of the water........

I also"front-load" the gels i.e more in the first half of any long run - when running hard the digestive system tends to shut down in the latter stages, which is why you hear the familiar wail - " I took my 1st gel at mile 18 and felt sick ....." etc

Take 'em early

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 11:55

Interesting CC2 - my Tuesday effort was 2 mins on; 2 mins off and I focused on the time not the pace. When I checked my watch later, I was at 6:18's pretty consistently which I was happy with as a solo run in the dark.

Good practice to dial into a pace without constantly looking down at a watch and I noticed my form improved as I ran more upright.

Thursday was straight tempo stuff - 4m at 6:33 - 6:44 + w/u & c/d another 4 miles. Ran on a gravel pathway round an old airfield and I think averaged out at 6:48 or so......this was a freezing run, literally I thought I was going to get frostbite on my nose, -3 degrees C and running fast into an easterly wind, no idea of the windchill, but it was certainly character forming.

The things we do........!


Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 10:20

Re hybrid training/racing runs: you're right Steve, there has to be a compromise in that approach and I usually subscribe to the idea that each run should have a specific purpose.

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 20/01/2015 at 10:44


Last year I had exactly the same problem (Goring 10k).....my solution was to arrive early, run the 10k route in reverse direction slowly, have a rest of about 30 mins, a quick drink & gel, then the race, followed by the remaining miles required for the day......

Seemed to work - three of us beat the age-grade + 60's, course record in the race, sadly I was the third.....must try harder.

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 19/01/2015 at 22:02

To clarify a couple of points re weights since I introduced the topic!

1. We don't work single muscles in isolation

2. Re legs - as a runner these are the "tools of the trade" and so we are very cautious about adding weight/reps etc. I do 6 reps, 10 secs out, 10 secs back (all under load) and have only just gone above my body weight for each leg.......so this really is controlled.

3. All the other weights are for upper body/core on the same basis - 6 reps etc and here I have made much more significant gains in strength.

4. I am lighter than when I started so I am not in the least bulking up, and my present bodyfat % is 10% with skeletal muscle just over 40%. I guess I could claim the "frame or build " of a Brownlee without the talent! 

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 19/01/2015 at 11:41

Thanks for the "shout out" - Steve, CC2 & Malcs.

Re early start yesterday: the guys I ran with, go out at 5:00 am on weekdays so 7:30 was a lie-in for them.......I wanted to join them because our group was then made up of a 2:47:xx, a 2:59:xx, a 3:03:xx and a 3:11:xx marathon runners. Great group to run with.........

Malcs - re weights. I started doing a programme twice week ahead of the Berlin mara and my leg press is now over  2 x my body weight with 4 other upper body exercises. Defintely helped strengthen my core, hips & pelvic area therefore carried better form deeper into the race.

Going into the training I had a persistent "runner's hernia" - a mystery ache in the groin after each long run. After just six weight sessions, that had disappeared and I think the leg press put my pelvis back into alignment.

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 18/01/2015 at 19:08

Impressive riunning there Tom, just after a race as well....phew!

I had a more relaxing 14 miler - half along a muddy towpath and then back along a main road.

Hardest part was getting up at 6:00am for a 7:30 am start ......

Rest well tomorrow  - you've earned it.

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 09/01/2015 at 15:07

Iain - ditto, 90 secs slower for me too.

MP + 90 secs is my default, easy loping pace.

I ran a 2nd half HM and 10m PB in going sub 3hr in Berlin - save the pace for when you really need to turn it on..... 

Sub 3 Tom: #asics262

Posted: 29/12/2014 at 22:59

Tom - High5 gels for me.....slightly smaller than some of the others and so easier on the stomach. I usually take a caffeine version on the start line and then every 5k or so to about 30k when the stomach starts to shut down.

I've run 6 marathons on this schedule each one faster than the last, and not had any issues with stomach or the "dreaded wall".

My theory is to take the supplements on board early, so that you top up the carbs as you go. That way, you start the hard part of the race (mile 18+) with well stocked tanks (compared to the people who take their 1st gel at mile 18) - too late, IMHO. 

Bottom line - you have to experiment and I ALWAYS use gels over 13 -14 miles in training, not because I need them (in training) per se, but I have to train my digestive system on the move......you can't do it on your last long run....

Good luck on your journey. A big leap, but I improved my mara times by 22 mins in 2014 after two training blocks (with a coach), so you are in a great place.......

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